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North Korea

Obama's legacy continues to grow. Under Obama's watch, North Korea claimed to have successfully tested an H bomb.

Did he?

We don't know but there is evidence that a nuclear test did take place and, if this true, it is very significant because H bombs have significantly greater throw weight or power with the same amount of material than an Atomic bomb has. An Atomic bomb can't be made with a throw weight in the megaton range but H bombs can be up to about 40 megatons. This will make it much easier for North Korea to make warheads which will fit on missiles and even make missiles with multiple warheads.

Thanks to Obama and the liberal commie traitors, North Korea may have just become a significant nuclear threat.


According to the US lead coalition, ISIS has lost 40% of their turf in Iraq and up to 20% in Syria for a total of about 1/3 of their territory but IHS Jane's states that ISIS has only lost 14% of their turf total. After finding out that the Pentagon has been tampering with statistics to please Obama, these statistics look suspicious, to say the least.

First, before Putin entered the fray and began destroying ISIS and the US had been "bombing" ISIS for 1.5 years, ISIS was still growing in spite of losing ground to the Kurds.

Second, after Putin entered the fray, he started doing very significant damage to ISIS and ISIS started actually losing ground in Syria but not in Iraq.

Third, because Obama has been upstaged by Putin, Obama was forced to actually start doing some bombing of ISIS causing ISIS to start losing some ground in Iraq.

And we are to believe that ISIS has lost twice as much ground in Iraq do to the US campaign in just the last few months than ISIS lost in Syria do to Russian campaign in the last half year?

Yeah, right. You are going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I am not going to buy it. It looks way too much like the Pentagon falsified the statistics again, to please Obama, by making Obama look much more effective than Putin in spite of the fact that Obama still has our troops' hands tied with a really terrible ROE. It looks like Obama has been upstaged by Putin so many times and every time that Obama has ordered the Pentagon to falsify the statistics so Obama can one up Putin, though it won't be for real.

When Obama unties our troops' hands, I will believe the US is doing better than the Russians. Mean while, I will believe Jane's 14% and that most of that was taken in Syria.

After all, who doesn't remember when Obama had ISIS contained just before the Paris attack?

Raqqa Terror School

This is something I have been wondering and concerned about for a long time, you know, like decades. It just didn't seem intelligent to permit students from other nations, especially those nations with whom we are more likely to go to war, to study science and engineering in our universities.

For decades I have been wondering, "when are these young people going to use the science we teach them to figure out more advanced weapons systems to use against us?"

Well, it has happened in Raqqa, Syria, you know, the ISIS head quarters. ISIS has set up a high tech school using Muslim scientists and engineers, many of whom were trained in our Western universities, to develop and teach new weapons systems to terrorists from around the world. It was stated that the school's primary purpose is to train terrorists to invade and wage war in other nations like Europe. It seems they train people and send those trained people out with videos to train other terrorists around the world to wage war against everyone.

The Brits got their hands on 8 hours of unedited video instruction from the school and they and the US Special Operations people who saw the video said they were "stunned" (their word) at the level of technological sophistication being taught. We are talking about very sophisticated missiles, electronic warfare and counter measures, and explosives along with training for very sophisticated and coordinated complex terrorist attacks.

I guess our universities have trained the ISIS Muslim instructors well. This will all soon be blowing up in your neighborhoods thanks to our upper class trash and liberal geniuses, especially our liberal academe, and, oh yeah, they will kill liberals along with conservatives. Bullets and bombs don't discriminate, if you are there when they get there, you're dead.

I got this from one of my military sites, which is very dependable. You better be concerned, very concerned. Remember that Obama is bringing these "Syrian immigrants" into our nation.

Get the picture yet?

I am increasingly believing that these terrorists being brought into the US and the 100+ million armed law abiding US citizens facing each other will cause the Mexican standoff after Obama stages his Muslim coup that God showed me in my dreams.

This is going to get real nasty but, hey, it won't be boring, scary, but not boring.

BTW, in Germany, it turns out that there were Muslim "sexual assaults" (nice term for rapes) in every major German city during the New Year celebrations.

I found this at Breitbart by Oliver Lane:

"Dusseldorf, the neighbouring city to migrant sex attack capital Cologne is the first German city to see a new citizen protection league since the new year's attacks, with thousands signing up to do their part." These are private citizens forming militias to protect themselves because the German government won't protect them.

So, how long do you think Merkel is going to keep her head? What, do I hear someone building and testing guillotines in Germany?

Do you know how they say Bastille in German?


Do you know how they say Marie Antoinette in German?


The Rich

I don't have anything against the rich people because there are a lot of good rich people and a lot of bad middle and lower class people but there are a lot of bad rich people too and we have to deal with these criminals because they are the worst criminals.

When I was growing up in poverty as a kid, I quickly learned there were three separate standards in the law based on wealth.

Let me give you an example. If, as a teenager, I had been invited out for an evening of fun cruising by two middle class and two upper class kids, I would have been sitting in the middle in the back seat, where I couldn't do anything, with the two middle class kids on both sides of me by the rear windows and the two upper class kids riding up front in control of the vehicle and by both front windows. That would have been the expected seating based on social status. If the two rich kids decided to start throwing water balloons at people's parked cars with the two middle class kids joining in and me only being able to sit in the back and watch and a cop pulled us over, we would have all been treated differently based on social status.

The two rich kids would have had their parents called, everyone would have said "it was just some kids having some harmless fun" and they would have gotten a slap on the wrist. The two middle class kids' parents would have been called, everyone would have said "it was just some kids having some harmless fun" and the kids would have gotten spanked when they got home or maybe even grounded for a few weeks. The cops and DA would have taken one look at me and said, "We have to make an example of him", you know, to keep the rest of the lower class in line, and I would have gone to Juvie for at least a few months for just being there.

That is the type of social abuses caused by common law where as Biblical Law requires that the law be enforced equally regardless of wealth and power; even Moses was punished for a minor infraction of the Law, proving he was not above the Law. Jesus said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required." Under Biblical Law the upper class, you know, those who have been given much, are required to follow the law more strictly, you know, lead by example and not the common law "do as I say and not as I do" thingy.

Under common law, the upper class regularly go around bragging about getting away with, at first, minor infractions of the law, like speeding, and then, later, more serious infractions of the law. Common law teaches the idea that, if you are rich and/or famous, you are above the law and the more above the law you are (the more crimes you can commit and get away with it), the more significant you are.


Because, under common law, if you break the law, all you have to do is bribe one or more politicians, bureaucrats, and/or judges and you get off with, at most, a slap on the wrist and can go back to committing crimes. The trouble is that the lower and middle classes don't have the money to bribe corrupt officials so they are held accountable for their crimes with the lower class being held more accountable for their crimes (it is really hard to bribe people with cans of beans).

Do you see why the upper class trash hate Biblical Law, love common law, and teach everyone to hate Biblical Law and to love common law?

Under Biblical Law, the upper class are not above the law and everyone is held accountable for their actions equally. The corrupt members of the upper class don't like that.

What common law causes is that, as soon as people become rich and/or famous, they begin believing they are above the law and quickly find out they won't be held accountable for things like speeding, they always get off with warnings. Because of human behavior, when the rich and famous get away with one crime, they will automatically progress to a higher level of crimes and this will continue until the upper class are raping, murdering, and stealing from the other people on a regular basis, you know, like our upper class trash are doing today. If you or I had committed the crimes we see the upper class trash getting away with, we would have been used for tree ornaments a long time ago.

The primary reason for Biblical Law requiring the upper class be held more accountable for their actions than the lower class is because, when a lower class person steals from someone, they normally only hurt one family. When an upper class trash person steals, they hurt cities, states, and nations, they hurt many more people when they commit crimes.

Treason by a lower class person will involve one or more secrets being divulged to the enemy and will get a few soldiers killed. Treason by an upper class person brings down nations and gets millions killed.

Also, it is important for the upper class to lead by example because the last 100 years proves that the upper class trash "do as I say and not as I do" doesn't work and the middle and lower classes will follow the example of the upper class. Therefore, it is critical that the upper class be held to a higher standard than the lower classes, you know, just like Jesus said. They have been given much more so much more should be required of them.

No one, regardless of wealth or anything else, should be above the law because it always leads to corruption and the death of your nation.

A new poll shows that 75% of Americans think the government is corrupt. The rest are really stupid or part of the corrupt government.

Sports Corruption

The liberals have also corrupted sports really bad. They have created a situation in which the dopers don't get removed from sports when busted and now own or control sports. In bicycle racing, I am seeing an increase in young racers dropping dead from heart attacks that are almost certainly caused by them using EPO and it is being covered up to make the sport look clean when it isn't.

Before EPO young marathon athletes almost never had heart attacks and now they are paying the price for cheating. Every now and then, one drops dead during an actual event and the heart attack being caused by drugs is kept quiet "out of respect for the victim". It will get much worse before anyone does anything about it.

If they would expose these young athletes for having heart attacks because of the drugs, it would discourage more athletes from using the drugs and help clean up the sport.

I predicted years ago that the increasing use of stronger and stronger drugs to cheat would start causing athletes to die younger and younger. It is happening right now and no one is doing anything about it with everyone being politically correct and nicey-nice to the athletes and their families, only making things worse. I believe that once busted for performance enhancing drugs, the athletes should be busted out of ALL sports for life.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." If we won't clean up our sports, God will.

I love sports but personally refuse to cheer for athletes I know are using dope, you know, cheaters, and that is almost all athletes in all sports today. Every time you get away from Christian morals, values, and ethics, you screw everything up.

Ready for that Christian theocracy yet?


Hilarious has been nose diving in the polls, just like I told you she would because she is damaged goods, the liberals are concerned she can't win the general election (surprise, surprise), they are saying she may be indicted for at least some of her crimes within the next 60 days, and suddenly medical experts are worried there is something significantly wrong with her health. Gee, what a bunch of coincidences!

I told you that, when she blew up in the polls, because she is damaged goods, you know, all of the crimes she has committed, they would find serious medical problems for Hilarious (so serious she won't be able to stand trial), she would drop out of the race, and Princess Chelsea would run while grandma stays home to watch the kiddies.

It is starting right now. She will soon drop out and won't be able to stand trial because of medical problems and they will run Princess Chelsea.

With just a little insight from God, these predictions are so easy it is incredible but the x-spurts always blow them because they listen to the wisdom of the world, you know, their own heads rattling.

BTW, with increasing focus on Billy Boy's rapes, he will have to leave the US soon (read flee, cut and run, and beat it out of town before the feds get him) and beat it back to Dubai, where he has spent most of his time since he left office until this election brought him back state side.

Remember that I told you that Obama is working to destroy the Clinton power machine?

God said, "be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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