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In Slovakia, the police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters against the corrupt upper class trash. This is great news and really huge. The police are showing they will not betray the people for the corrupt upper class trash.

Now, will it spread to other nations? Time to oil ye ole guillotines?


In Moldova the protesters broke into their Parliament. They are starting to go after the corrupt leaders and this is really huge. The civil wars are accelerating and they are finally going after the people who have caused their problems. As soon as the police and/or the military take the side of the people against their criminal leaders, the leaders will die.

How much longer will it take?


There is talk of a potential revolt within the German government against Merkel because of the accelerating fighting on the streets. The feudal war is on and increasing numbers of the politicians are fearing a complete German revolution by the people and the corrupt upper class trash losing their heads.


People are now rioting in the Netherlands because of the immigrants. It is growing.


The EU just stated that they have "no more than two months", you know, by the end of March, to get the matter under control. I would call that getting pretty serious. It won't be long now.

My Opinion

With all of the rape, murder, and robbery taking place in other nations because of the Muslim immigration problem, if our politicians bring those same Muslim immigrants into our nation and those immigrants start raping, murdering, and robbing Americans, the leaders responsible for bringing those immigrants into the US should be tried for treason and premeditated murder and publically hung.

Why should the leaders not be held responsible for their actions?


Iran says there is no military solution for Syria. There is always a military solution to any military crisis or war, it is just that they are not willing to pay the price because it will weaken their military and is a drain on their economy.

If you destroy the enemy, the problem is solved. That is the ultimate military solution. It is just that, any more, many are not willing to do what is necessary to solve such problems, therefore, in their minds, there is no military solution. It isn't that there isn't a military solution but that the leaders are not willing use the military solution but they don't want you to know that so they tell you there is no military solution.

I grew up on bad streets dealing with really bad people and learned that, if you cripple or kill the attacker, it stops the attack 100% of the time, it is that you just have to be willing to do what is necessary to survive.

People who are telling you there is no military solution are telling you they are not willing to do what is necessary to survive. They are the people who pull a gun on an attacker but are not willing to use the gun.

There is always a military solution, but some require drastic measures which most are not willing to take.

Mean while, the Russian hating lefties are complaining that there are 1,000 civilians dead in the Russian air strikes. Of course, they are not pointing out that ISIS has brutally murdered more than 18,000 civilians and is still murdering more every day so they have to be stopped, even if it means killing some civilians to stop ISIS from killing many more civilians.

War is ugly and, unfortunately, some civilians must die. You do your best to limit the death of civilians while winning the war as quickly as possible to limit the death of civilians. The most humane thing in war is to bring it to a decisive and quick end to stop the bad guys as quickly as possible. The longer a war lasts, the more civilians will suffer and die.

The best way to fight a war is to prevent the war by having a better weapon, be better at using that weapon, be willing to use it, and make sure the bad guys know you can and will use it. Power and the willingness to use that power is the only thing that deters bad guys.


Israel's new German built sub just arrived in Israel and they put out a video showing just a portion of their navy fleet. It has gotten quite impressive.


Remember that I told you we were in a super depression which would soon turn into an economic black hole?

Our glorious recovering economy has gotten so bad that bankrupt oil and gas companies can't give their assets away. This is because our glorious recovering economy is having an "avalanche" of bankruptcies globally.

They are saying Europe is in a panic because of the economic free fall, you know, from our glorious recovering economy.

This is just in: the number of people filing unemployment increased last week, "unexpectedly" increasing unemployment last week to 293,000.

Hold it, what academic closet are these idiots living in? This is post Christmas season and all of those temporary jobs they wrongly counted as real jobs to inflate the number of "jobs created" are laying off and the x-spurts didn't know this would happen?

I guess really stupid is what you get with the right degrees from the right universities. "Hey, I got a degree in infinite stupidity because my stupidity is never ending."

BTW, to make Obama not look as bad as he should look, they just dreamed up a bit of liberal pagan superstition they are calling the "Eight year curse". They are going to try to make you believe that it isn't Obama's policies and actions that are destroying our economy but a silly pagan superstitious curse destroying the economy, woooo-ooo! The one thing the left is very good at is lying. They can tell any lie and they know that most people are stupid enough to believe the lies. You will soon find out who the stupid people are because they will be talking about the Eight Year Curse.

Even the upper class trash has gotten so concerned about this glorious "recovering economy" that they are meeting in Davos, Switzerland to find a fix to the mess they have caused.

Gee, why would they be having an emergency meeting over a glorious recovering economy?

I could see them having an emergency meeting over a black hole economy, you know, like I told you would and is happening, but not a recovering economy.

Could it be they have been lying to you about a recovering economy and I was right about it actually being a super depression which just turned into a black hole economy?

BTW, this year, the upper class trash has lost 3 trillion dollars from this crashing economy...uh...I mean recovering economy.

Man plans, God laughs.


BTW, did you know that in 1977 Jimmuh Carhtuh said we would run out of oil by 2011?

Not even close.

The liberals, especially the liberal college professors have been saying that we will run out of natural resources within 10 to 15 years since the 1970s when their propaganda began. In case you have not noticed, we are not even close to running out of natural resources and the liberals, especially the x-spurts, college professors, and media keep telling us we will run out of natural resources within 10 to 15 years. They keep getting away with this because liberals have really terrible memories and the kids in college today don't know the college professors have been predicting this for almost half a century.

The truth is that we might run out of KNOWN oil reserves in about 500 to 600 years but they keep finding new oil reserves every year so we are probably looking at more than one thousand years from now.

But, hey, the idiot liberals will keep on drinking the liberal Kool-Aid without question because, after all, they couldn't possibly be wrong, especially not their glorious college professors and media.

The Upper Class Trash

The more I see of things, the more I become convinced that all government corruption should be classified as treason and punishable by death because that is what has caused our current problems and has caused the fall of every significant nation. Government corrupt is the single biggest threat to national security.

There also should be a law that any people who preach any form of Marxism under any name, should be tried for treason and executed. If any rich people preach income equality, all of their wealth should be taken from them and given to the poor.

I am absolutely convinced that the upper class trash are the problem.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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