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I Told You So

The town of Calais, France has been described as a town under siege for the last 24 hours. Parents have been "advised" to keep their children indoors as gangs of Muslim immigrants are roaming through parks and streets attacking people and cops, in riot, gear are hunting the gangs down.

Doesn't that sound like feudal warfare to you?

Soon, this will be coming to the US. Oops, it is already here courtesy of the liberals including the RINO traitors. Thank a liberal for your living hell.

This is open warfare and, right now, the Muslims are winning.

Also, it has been made public that Valerie leaked Hilary's e-mail crimes. I told you Obama and Valerie are throwing the Clintons under the bus.

Glenn Beck

I hope you realize that Glenn Beck is a liberal mole posing as a conservative. He has been steadily moving left with his comments and analyses, trying to drag as many conservatives left as possible, which is why I quit watching him. Now he is paying for it because it seems I am not the only person who has quit watching him and his business is tanking.

I want you to know that I put off saying this about Beck because I was waiting for him to show his true colors even better. Today I read that he is "pleading" with Cruz to accept even Marxist atheists because "they renew us" (only a commie would say something like that). Just in case you have not been paying attention, the Marxist atheists are a very big part of the liberal commie traitors causing all of these problems. Therefore, Beck couldn't get more obvious than that. He is one of those liberal commie traitor moles who got big pretending to be a conservative, put out propaganda to destroy and undermine the conservative movement, and lead conservatives astray.

It is important to note that he knew all of the right things to say and how to say them to gain the confidence and loyalty of conservatives but is a traitor. The liberals know the truth but teach lies.

Creeping Sharia

The Muslims moving to our countries are very slowly and subtly imposing Sharia Law on us, you know, creeping Sharia.

For example, in Britain, the Muslims can get extra welfare for each of their wives but you can't marry a second wife. This virtually legalizes Sharia Law for the Muslims so they can have two wives.

BTW, Muslims see Western Welfare as the non Muslims paying the Jizya tax under Sharia Law, which is another way they are imposing creeping Sharia Law on us.

Some liberal European media are starting to deal with the fact that the current problems with Muslim immigrants is a Muslim invasion of our countries and not what they have been telling us. They are even starting to call it a Muslim invasion. At least they are finally admitting what the problem is, which is the first step towards solving the problem.


I am tired of the media and activist's sensationalism. They are always putting out stories about how someone "slammed" someone else, "devastated" someone, or did some other catastrophic thing to them to get you to read or watch their "news" item so they can make more money. I have never read one of those sensationalized stories where it was even close to being devastating or a real slam.

The ugly truth is that all of this infighting between the criminals is more like a family of rats having a pillow fight. I'm not impressed.

On this blog, I have "slammed" everyone of those people with a far more devastating truth than anyone of them has done to another. If you want "slammed", you come here. If you want an over rated candy butt rat pillow fight, you read their crap.


I have given you an idea of how advanced our military's weapons systems are but our greatest threat is from within, for which such weapons systems are almost useless. To give you an idea of how hopeless the situation is, let me share some more stories from professional sports but keep in mind this kind of corruption is rampant in all parts of our lives. Organized crime and the upper class trash have taken over everything.

Years ago, God gave me a dream about organized crime and I didn't really understand or appreciate what was being shown until recently. In the dream, I had a small group of body guards who went with me as I toured around Europe and the US. Everywhere I went, I ran into the upper class trash and their "hit men", as Hollywood loves to romanticize them, or hired serial murderers, who always did the same little dance when escorting me out of their countries. The little dance was symbolic of the rules or protocol they all use to respect each other's turf. The worst nation I went to was Italy with the Pope and others in charge of the hired killers and their nation.

Remember the corruption I pointed out about how increasing numbers of bike racers are starting to fall over dead with heart attacks caused by their drug abuse?

Years ago, I trained up a Peruvian rider over the Internet from Cat 3 (intermediate amateur level) to good enough he was recruited by a Spanish pro team to spend the summer racing with the team so the team could see whether they wanted to contract him to race for them the following year. He rode for them for about two months and easily finished with the top three to four riders on the team (25 riders per team) in single stage races but lost ground in multiple stage races because EPO greatly increases recovery for stage races. They sent him home because he refused to use dope.

When I told this story to a person I know who spent a few decades working in the European pro circuit and knows it very well, he said, "They saw him as a threat." In other words, the European teams won't let a rider who doesn't use dope even ride on their teams because they are afraid the guy might report them for using dope. Therefore, it is not possible to race in European pro racing without using dope.

The same person told me about a rider who was doing well and refused to use dope until he was paid a visit by a few men who asked him, "How would you like for your daughters to be able to continue to walk to school on their legs?"

It was a threat against his family for not using dope so he started using dope. Organized crime and the upper class trash run the entire pro racing circuit along with all other sports, all governments and everything else and one of their primary reasons for controlling sports is for the profits from gambling...and drugs.

A number of years ago a top pro burned out both of his kidneys on EPO and was forced to do kidney dialysis every day for the rest of his life. This is extremely difficult, especially mentally, he broke mentally, and intentionally over dosed on cocaine killing himself.

The international governing body puts on a show to make it look like they are policing the dope problem by occasionally busting a top rider and giving him a slap on the wrist, it is all smoke and mirrors. But, every year, just before the racing season, the same international governing body hires a top medical team from Houston, Texas in the US to travel to Europe and test all of the licensed pros to make sure they have not burned out their kidneys.

You see, the international governing body knows that everyone of the pros is doping and, instead of busting them all out of the sport so clean riders can compete in the top races, they help the pros manager their drug use so the riders don't burn out their kidneys.

After all, what does organized crime make most of its money from?

Prostitution, gambling, and, oh yeah, drugs, you know, like the illegal performance enhancing drugs like EPO and steroids they are forcing the athletes to buy to be competitive. If they permitted the governing bodies to get rid of the riders using dope, the other riders wouldn't also have to buy dope from organized crime to be competitive. If they permit any rider to keep racing who is being successful and not using dope, the other riders would realize they don't have to use dope to win and organized crime would lose tens of millions of dollars every year.

Let's do a little math. If there are 1,000 licensed pros buying dope from organized crime and their crony doctors at $2,000 to $3,000 per fix on EPO, that comes out to $2 to $3 million PER FIX the riders get. If they average getting 5 fixes each, it comes out to $10 to $15 million per year just for the European pro circuit and that doesn't count all of the rest of the drugs they use or other sports they are making money from along with the profits from gambling, which are even greater than that.

You know, like all American professional football players have to use steroids to be strong enough to hit hard enough to make the team because all of the other professional football players are being made stronger by using steroids, which is causing the increased damage and making the doctors more wealthy to keep fixing these athletes.

Get the picture?

If you don't bust out the dopers, they and organized crime take over the sport, keeping the clean athletes out of the sport.

One thing I am concerned about is all of these doper athletes who have screwed up their bodies, including their sex cells, having children.

What kind of mess will that turn into with no telling what kinds of birth defects we will see and the children will have to live with?

I pray for their children.

The criminals have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, especially our governments and legal systems to the point to where they control everything. I am convinced that, if it were possible to get conservative Biblical Christians elected as president and 100% of Congress to clean things up, they would all be dead within one or two years. Only God can clean up our insane mess caused by the upper class trash and organized crime. In order to achieve this, God has to kill these evil people off to protect our new leaders so they can fix the mess and He is going to use the Muslims to do it.

I have thought about this a long time and feel it is a pretty good probability that the reason Reagan developed Alzheimer's was because he was poisoned by something like lead or mercury, which would cause brain damage. He was doing too much good and costing the upper class trash too much money, you know, like Jack and Bobby Kennedy did before they were murdered.

So, how is that Greek pagan god, democracy doing? Ready for a Christian theocracy to prevent this from happening again?

I don't care what weapons systems you have, when there are that many corrupt moles hiding in your government, it is impossible to get rid of all of them without God doing it. There are just too many bad guys in too many wrong places. God is our only hope.


People are being surprised and outraged at Obama releasing really terrible criminals from our prisons.

Why are they surprised?

Obama told us before he was ever elected that he would empty our prisons and now he is doing it. People are surprised because they didn't pay attention.


I have been watching some combat videos created by terrorists in Syria and they are terrified of the Russian planes bombing them. You don't have to understand what they are saying, you can hear it in their voices.

It is nice to see them getting some of their own. For years they have been freely attacking and murdering in unarmed cities, towns, and villages where the tyrant leaders have disarmed their people and a third world army. Now they are finding out what it is like to take on a true fighting force.

An unarmed people is a soft target for any aggressive force. Therefore, any intelligent leader should keep his people armed and trained so they will deter invasions but that would require the leader behaving and not oppressing the people.

BTW, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Saudi Arabia is pretty much holding the corrupt upper class and their criminal organizations in Europe hostage, probably over oil. The European upper class trash are afraid of Saudi Arabia using its control of oil to wage economic war against them the way Saudi Arabia is currently driving down the price of oil to bankrupt Russia, whose economy is 40% dependent on oil exports. It looks like Saudi Arabia has decreased Russia's total revenues by about 25% to 30% by decreasing the price of oil. The Muslims have become too rich and powerful.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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