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Remember that I have been telling you that Obama and Valerie are subtly working to throw Hilarious under the bus while trying to make it look like he is helping her?

Today, Obama confirmed for the first time that Hilarious had TOP SECRET information on her computer. Just having that information on her personal computer, forget about with it being connected to the Internet, is a breach of national security and a federal felony. It automatically disqualifies Hilarious from ever holding any government office ever again.

Will the Obama administration enforce that law?

If there is enough of an outcry against her, and he and Valerie are working subtly to create that outcry, so Obama will be "forced" by the people to prosecute Hilarious. When the upper class trash drop her like a hot potato, she is dead meat, Obama will screw her butt to the wall.

I like the way Fiorina put it, "Hilary is more qualified for the big house than the White House."

It is very likely that Obama confirming that Hilarious had top secret info on her computer was him sending a message that he is about to have his DOJ prosecute her. Do not be surprised for Obama to offer Hilarious a deal to where, if she will never hold another public office, he will give her a conditional pardon.

Rubio said, "I won't round up and deport illegal immigrants." No, with him as president, you are going to have to put up with these illegal immigrants raping your women, beating you up, robbing you, and murdering you because Rubio wants to increase the number of Latinos coming into the country so he can have more people voting for him. That is Rubio's entire game plan for illegal aliens, they are voters for him. Rubio is not about protecting the American people but Rubio building a voter base for himself and his power madness.

The New York Times said that Billy Boy Clintstone has "lost his magic" (read they are not running interference for him any more). Now every liberal in the nation will believe that because "the New York Times said it, so it must be true."

And you think Hilarious is not being thrown under the bus?

Watch for Princess Chelsea. I have been telling you that for more than a year and it is getting closer to happening. Hilarious is damaged goods, just like I have been telling you.

BTW, the FBI is now talking about also indicting Adedin along with Hilarious.

Get it straight, this election is really nothing more than an upper class trash contest to see who gets to abuse the power of the president and sack the nation even more. That is all it is about. It has nothing to do with protecting the good people from the bad people. The upper class trash are the bad people. They are not going to protect you from themselves.

Next month, members of a Satanic temple are scheduled to give the opening "prayer" at a meeting of the Phoenix City Council. Well, you can kiss Phoenix goodbye. You know God isn't going to take that lightly. I have been telling you this is going to get much worse before it gets better. The reason this nation is in this shape is because of the pagans, especially the Satanists and Luciferians.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, working out? Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and still getting evil? Gee, do you think the lying liberal commie traitors lied to you about a Christian theocracy to get you to hate and reject a Christian theocracy?

It definitely couldn't be any worse than what you have right now. It isn't the type of government you have but who is running your government and, right now, the bad guys are running your government because you voted them into office. Hey, they were the lesser of two evils...but they are still evil.


The NFL says that concussions are way up in 2015 and they will do a study (read get free government money to "check things out") to figure out what is causing the increase in concussions.

Let's do the math, you know I like math. Their helmets and body armor are better than ever before protecting the athletes better than any body armor in history. Their rules protect athletes better than any rules in history.

But they are having worse concussions than ever before in history? Gee, I wonder what could be causing that?

Think steroids making the athletes stronger so they hit a lot harder causing more damage.

Gee, that couldn't be it, could it?

See, I just saved you tax payers millions of dollars in bogus government research grants to line the pockets of the NFL upper class trash.

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash and their organized crime have taken over and corrupted sports too?

You can bet that their "research" will not show what I just said because that would mean they would have to stop selling steroids (illegal drugs) to the athletes and would lose all of that dope money. No, they will come up with some great sounding lame excuse to hide the truth, which will be proved wrong in a few years so they will have to get more free money from the government for more bogus research so they can make up another lame excuse.

Glenn Beck

OK, I figured it out. Glenn Beck endorsed Ted Cruz because he is trying to convince people he is still conservative when he is really a liberal troll and his business is croaking. It was an act of desperation on Beck's part. His CEO just left him.

Good riddance to liberal rubbish. But, hey, don't worry, there are plenty more liberal trolls out there pretending to be conservatives being paid the big bucks to give you misinformation.


Remember that I have been warning about our military relying too much on drones because they are too vulnerable?

It has just been made public knowledge that the UK and US have "cracked the codes" for Israeli drones, meaning we can hack their drone signals and take control of their drones.

Why am I not surprised?

It is only common sense that any nation with professional hackers is going to eventually hack your drone codes and you better bet they are trying. If we can hack their drone codes, they can hack our drone codes. Duh, hello, no brainer.

Now, it should also be common sense that, once they hack those codes, they can gain control of your drones, fly them to one of their air bases, change a few pieces of hardware, reprogram the drone computers, and, whala, they own your drones and you don't have any aircraft.

Let me give you a clue, Iran has hackers, Saudi Arabia has hackers, North Korea has hackers, and every other country on this planet with even a decent sized military now has hackers who can eventually steal US drones and we want to become totally dependent on drones?

This tells me that we have people in the Pentagon who are complete idiots or traitors, you know, like when they didn't put guns on the F-4C.

What, they didn't see this coming? Just how stupid are their analysts?

Listen, the military software for all of our aircraft, including F-35s, F-22s, and even F-16s, can be hacked and the planes taken over by hostile forces just before they decide to stage a Pearl Harbor attack against us. THAT should have you concerned.

What should scare the crap out of you is that the same software makes it possible for our enemies to take over all of our Naval ships, tanks, other weapons systems using that technology, and our control centers by hacking our Aegis.

Hey, wouldn't it be really great for us to suddenly find out they have hacked those codes and can take over all of our weapons and control centers just moments before they attack us?

There would be nothing we could do to stop that attack. It would be many times worse than Pearl Harbor.

It is like I have told you, UAVs have their uses and their place but should never be allowed to become our only weapon systems or even our most significant weapon systems.

Is it possible that the reason Putin is so confident and being so aggressive is partly because the Ruskies have hacked our weapons systems (or were sold the codes to our weapons system by Hilarious and Obama) and we don't know it, you know, when Hilarious also sold the Ruskies a big chunk of our uranium? What else did Hilarious sell to the Ruskies? Maybe it is time for the Pentagon to get a board, some water, and have a little talk with Billy Boy and Hilarious Clintstones to find out what other things the Clintstones have sold and to whom?


Finland has joined Sweden in announcing they will deport some illegal immigrants. They are planning on deporting less than 35,000.

Are their militaries starting to scare the upper class trash? Are the upper class trash just trying to placate their militaries and the people long enough to seize control and set up their dictatorships?

Merkel has said that, after the war, the Syrian and Iraqi refugees must go home. She is under increasing pressure to resign. But mean while, the German people must just be tolerant of being raped, beaten up, murdered, and robbed. Tolerance of other people's crimes against you is just such a good thing.

They are now reporting huge gangs of hundreds of people storming the streets beating up immigrants.

You think this isn't open warfare? You tired of being tolerant yet?


Utah is attempting to take back all of the land stolen by the federal government. Keep an eye on this. This could turn into a war between the states and the feds.


I just saw a video of what they are claiming was successful firing of the F-35 cannon or commonly called the machinegun. If this is true, then they finally got it working and it is about one year ahead of what they said. Now they have to finished getting the rest of the systems working like being able to drop small bombs. It is nice to have good news.

True Poor

When I was a kid in the 1950s, we lived in true poverty, not make believe poverty. We were what I call the true poor, not the poser poor.

I remember my third grade sister, who was 1.5 years older than me, telling me on the way to second grade that she had learned to tell how well mama and daddy were doing financially by our school lunches. She said that, when mama and daddy were doing well, we got a boloney and cheese sandwich, a homemade cookie, an apple, and a nickel for milk. When things started going bad, the first thing that disappeared was the nickel for milk. The next things that disappeared were the apple and cookie. Then the boloney went, followed by the cheese so that we had condiment sandwiches pending the type of condiments mama had. There were only two more sandwiches below that, the first and worst was the lard sandwich because mama had run out of condiments. She always put a little salt and pepper on them so they wouldn't taste quite so bad but they were still horrible and you choked them down because, when you had lard sandwiches, you knew there might not be dinner and you wanted something in your stomach for bed. Then there was the sandwich you didn't get and, instead of going to the cafeteria to eat, you just went out to the playground while the other kids ate.

One day, when my grandparents were visiting and I was in high school, I had seen a middle class "poverty pity party" on a TV talk show where the guests tried to out poverty each other by talking about who grew up poorest and I asked my grandmother what they meant and she said to just think about what they said and what true poor people say.

I learned that the poser poor, who only thought they grew up in poverty, when they were having their pity parties, liked to say they were so poor they "HAD to eat beans" and it was because, most of the time, they had really good food and, when things got a little tough for mommy and daddy, they had to eat beans.

The true poor said "we GOT TO eat beans and beans are good food" because there were plenty of times we didn't even have beans and we were very glad when we got beans.

Later in life I did quite well and had some very good meals at very good restaurants in Los Angeles, California but the meal I remember most was in second grade when we had been doing without, my dad had been gone for some time looking for work elsewhere, and the neighbors and relatives found out how bad we had it so they gave us the fixin's for some good food. That night we got to eat beans on corn bread, fried potatoes, and cold milk AND we got to have seconds, which was really great. It was the most memorable meal I have ever had and I can still see, smell, and taste the food. Beans are good food.

God has blessed this nation more than any other nation in history and we turned our backs on Him and cursed Him, even saying He does not exist and giving credit for the things He had done to false pagan gods like democracy, education, and such, which is one reason why we won't get another democracy. God is about to let us have what we deserve and will drive us back to him. Many of you are about to experience true poverty and some will even have to go dumpster diving to survive because the liberals and Muslims will have destroyed just about everything, including your grocery stores. FYI, I have heard that the best dumpsters for food are behind grocery stores and restaurants.

Where are you going to flee to when the liberals and Muslims start persecuting you in your cities with them owning and restricting your use of most of our land? Gee, I wonder why the liberals are seizing land in the name of conservation; it wouldn't be to control the people, would it? Where will you run when people start fighting those evil liberals and Muslims in your cities, in your streets, in your homes, to get their freedom back and just to survive?

I guarantee that, when the liberals and Muslims have taken or destroyed everything you have, more of you will stand up and fight. Your eyes will open and you will choose sides or die. What we are about to go through will not be pleasant for any of us but will be worse for some. Many people will die, especially the liberals, because we turned our backs on God, cursed God, and followed the teachings of the liberal pagans. This is one reason why I keep telling you that you and your family better learn to fight because you are about to have to fight, if you want to survive. It may be too late in a few months. Lean to fight...quickly. Time is short, getting shorter and the fighting has already begun, people are already dying, and It will soon get to you. These will be the years of darkness.

BTW, with two thirds of the American people obese, it is too late for most Americans to develop the fitness required to fight for their lives and I have been warning you about this for more than a decade.

Do you understand now why the liberals, especially the media, taught you that exercise doesn't really matter for your health and to hate exercise and sports?

You will be much easier to hunt down and kill when you are too out of shape to run and too fat to hide.

Did you notice that most liberal activists have maintained fitness with a variety of aerobic sports like running, cross country skiing, and bicycling? Do you understand why they have been telling you to not eat carbs, fats, and salt? Do you know the diets the special operations, Marines, and Rangers eat for fighting?

They eat very high carbs, a lot of fats, and plenty of salt because a physically active person needs all of that to fight for their lives.

Gee, do you think they talked you into making yourselves easier to kill?

Gee, I wonder if that was why the liberal Christians came up with the lame excuse of not doing what God told you to do, which was to properly maintain your bodies because, after all, your body isn't important and you should spend all of that exercise time working for the Lord but you actually spent it being brainwashed even more by watching TV and movies.

"Oh no, you Christians don't want to stay in shape and eat right so it will be tougher for us liberal commie traitors to run you down and kill you."

Some of you are in good enough shape that, if you start working out right now and get off those low carb, low fat, and low salt diets, you can at least improve your fitness enough to fight for your lives. If you survive this time, next time you will stay in shape and eat right in case we have to go through this again. Yes, maintaining your body so you can fight for your life is important. It is kind of hard to fight for your life, protect your family, and witness to people when you are dead because you didn't maintain your fitness.

Gee, who would have figured?


Remember that I have been telling you that the first to go, after the Muslims take over will be the liberals?

Liberal France has been funding Muslim terrorist groups for years and there is now a cry in liberal France to stop funding terrorists because those terrorists are now attacking France and killing liberals.

Gee, who would have figured?

Mean while, the "great Christian", Obama is going to attend a Muslim mosque in Baltimore, which supports suicide bombings, and "plea for tolerance and religious freedom for Muslims". You know, we are supposed to tolerate Muslims murdering, raping, and robbing us and insulting Christianity. You should also know that Obama chose to attend a mosque which is actively supporting terrorism to send a message to the terrorists that Obama is a Muslim terrorist on their side, A.K.A. traitor.

How about Obama telling all Muslims to stop waging war against the rest of us instead of telling the rest of us that we must tolerate the Muslim war on us? Think that will ever happen?

Probably not.


I just saw a headline which stated that the FBI is continuing to negotiate with the rest of the Oregon protesters.

Who is going to trust the FBI when they just gunned down the last negotiator?

That was a stupid move, really stupid move and they are continuing to escalate things.

The insanity continues.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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