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I have been thinking about the reports about "gangs" of hundreds of citizens raging through European streets, attacking Muslim immigrants.

First, a centurion was a Roman soldier who belonged to a military unit of just 100 soldiers. These are groups of 100 or more angry citizens fighting back to protect themselves because their government won't protect them from the Muslims. Those are small armies or citizen militias armed with clubs and knives and not just gangs. It should be blatantly obvious this is a war between Muslims and European citizens. Right now the citizens are using clubs and knives and it is only a matter of time until both sides start using guns. I have pointed out that the Muslims have already started using guns in fights against each other and it is only a matter of time until the Muslims start using guns on the Europeans.

Gun sales in Germany have tripled, sales for all other forms of self defense like pepper spray are booming, and women are taking self defense courses in huge numbers. Germans are learning to fight and arming themselves with increasing numbers already fighting. This is probably pretty much the same throughout most of Europe. The people are angry and fighting back because their corrupt governments won't protect them.

Europe is RIGHT NOW embroiled in a war, once again, because of their traitorous upper class trash. If they ever want peace, they must eliminate this group to stop their evil.

Second, I have not seen any reports of the police moving to stop these small armies fighting back against the Muslims and don't be surprised to find out that many of these people are cops, soldiers, and military veterans fighting for their country and to protect their people.

But the police not moving to stop these small armies only makes sense in another respect. The cops have been complaining they don't have enough cops to stop the Muslims and are being chased by the Muslim groups while these small armies are kicking the Muslim's butts, so it would be stupid for the cops to try and stop the angry citizen groups who are beating the Muslim groups who are chasing the cops off.

I figure that one of two things will have to happen soon, either the citizens will turn on and overthrow their leaders followed by chasing the Muslims out of country or the militaries will have to overthrow those leaders, try them for their crimes, and chase the Muslims out of country to placate the citizens.

The same thing is already starting here in the US with increasing attacks by Muslims against US citizens.

BTW, a German politician, who probably wants to keep his head, is calling for the shooting of immigrants, "if necessary".

Getting a little worried, is he?

Now some of the Swedes are calling for their government to stop funding Muslim terrorists. Eyes are opening and Europeans are beginning to realize they are now getting what they have been forcing on Israel for decades.

The war in Sweden has gotten completely out of control. The cops can't do anything and Muslim gangs are terrorizing the streets. The Muslims are waging open warfare against the Swedish citizens with their media trying to intimidate any citizens who fight back.

How long do you think it will be before the citizen militias start attacking the traitorous media?

Austria is now offering the migrants 500 Euros per person to go home. They also want their citizen militias to guard their border.

Say what? Are they hearing the swoosh-thunk of guillotines in their sleep?

Someone is scared.


When Russia took their S-400 SAMs to Syria, I knew they had the S-500 in service because 1) I had read they had the system and were "testing it" some time ago and 2) Russia has had a policy since after the Vietnam war of not letting their best stuff out of Russia because, every time they do, the US ends up with the Russian best stuff to reverse engineer.

Then I just read that Russia is testing their new S-500 SAM system...again. It is already functional and deployed or we wouldn't see hide nor hair of the S-400 outside of Russia.

BTW, you know the big stink the US and other Western media always make about Russia flying their planes near our countries' borders or over our ships?

You can bet we have been flying our planes juuuuust into their nation's air space to get their S-500s to come up to monitor our planes so we can record the radar and other signals those things create, bring those recordings home, throw them on a super computer with special programs, use those computers to draw diagrams of the S-500 so we can build and test one to see just what they can do.

We have been playing these games with the Ruskies and Chicom since WWII with everyone knowing what is going on except our people. We already know what the S-500 radar signature is along with other intel about it. The reason why they fly so close to our countries' borders is to do the same thing to our defenses buuuuut the lying liberal media love to over sensationalize everything to scare you to increase their viewership to increase their profits.

Can we say "smoke and mirrors" for a profit?

Don't worry about a few "nuke armed" planes flying near our borders, they are armed with electronic warfare recording equipment checking out our defenses. WHEN you see entire wings of those planes flying towards your countries at the same time, WORRY, big time (actually, kiss your butt goodbye and start praying like mad). Until then, it is just cat and mouse games.

This is one reason why I believe EVERYONE should have enough military training they at least know what is going on. Then no one, not even the lying media, lying college professors, and lying politicians, can deceive you. It is because of so much ignorance and misinformation that the lefties have been able to deceive enough people to cause this mess.

Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."


Iran's Houthis have dealt a pretty big blow to Saudi forces in Yemen with a missile attack. They killed hundreds of Saudi and mercenary forces.

I have been watching videos of the Iranian backed Houthis beating Saudi Arabia in conflicts and it looks like Saudi Arabia's military isn't much better than Syria's, which is why they have never attacked Israel. This is important because, if Iran's Houthis beat the Saudi forces back into Saudi Arabia, it will be Syria all over again plus Saudi Arabia will be forced to pull some of their Sunni terrorists back into Saudi Arabia out of Syria, which is what Iran wants.

Also, if the Houthis gain enough ground into Saudi Arabia, they will be able to attack and destroy both Mecca and Medina, which is another goal for Iran so they can cause the rest of Islam to rebuild Babylon as the most holy site in Islam, you know, like the Bible says they will.

In the UK, a Muslim woman was arrested for taking her toddler to join ISIS, you know, one of Obama's sweet, innocent, kind, caring, safe Muslim women with children.

Gee, does that mean we should be afraid of Muslim women with children? Did Obama lie...again?

Mean while, in Nigeria, the Muslims continue to slaughter hundreds of non Muslims and even burning children alive.

Have you noticed the increasing attacks against reporters in Muslim countries?

It is just like I told you, when the Muslims take over here, they will go after the media. The Western journalists will pay for their treason.


Turkey is accusing Russia of invading its air space again and I am wondering if Obama is using Turkey to start a war against Russia while making it look like Russia started the war and the US is only coming to the aid of Turkey.

Now Turkey is provoking Syria and Russia by shelling Syrian and Russian troops from inside Turkey. Obviously, to stop this shelling, Russia has to fly missions into Turkey and bomb Turkish forces. Keep an eye on this.


You have seen me calling Sanders Linen II and there is a good reason for it. Sanders is working to bring down the existing government and replace it with a Marxist dictatorship with him as their glorious leader and dictator, you know, just like Linen did with Russia setting up the Soviet Union with Linen as the dictator.

Linen II just showed his true colors by calling for a socialist revolution. Every Marxist knows that a call by any Marxist leader for a Marxist revolution under any name (Marxism, communism, socialism, and etc.) is a call for the violent overthrow of the existing government to set up a Marxist dictatorship with that leader as the supreme leader or dictator.

Keep an eye on this and you will see.


Trump is "insisting on" the commie single payer insurance program.

Free market?

No way, nothing but socialist big government controlling everything.

Gee, you mean Trump is really a liberal commie traitor sucker punching everyone?

Then there is the smoke and mirrors about Trump posting sexy pictures of Megyn Kelly, mostly by Glenn Beck trying to save his business. My first thought is, who was stupid enough to pose for those pictures, Trump or Megyn?

If you don't want sexy pictures of yourself being seen by everyone, don't pose for the pictures and there won't be any embarrassing pictures for them to see. It is like God taught me a long time ago, if you don't want skeletons in your closet, don't put them there. If you do, someone will be more than glad to eventually drag them out.

Hilarious is disappointed that Linen II has gone "negative". I bet she is, she has a lot of negative stuff to talk about, you know, all of the crimes she has committed.

Hilarious "edged out" Linen II in Iowa.

My first thought is, "Did King Tut vote again?"

After all, he is dead and is not a US citizen, therefore, he must be a Commiecrat.

It turns out that Hilarious took 50% of the registered voters in Iowa, a state with a large number of Christians. Yep, King Tut voted...again and again and again and again...

So, how is that false pagan god, democracy, doing? You still think your vote counts and it isn't all rigged by the upper class trash?

BTW, George Soros, you know, the Nazi criminal who helped get Obama elected, just gave $6 million to the Hilarious super pac. This should tell you that Soros, who works for the Rothschilds, is one of the primary people trying to get Hilarious elected while, Obama, whom Soros has turned against, is trying to subtly throw Hilarious under the bus.

Get the picture yet?

Soros is another power mad lunatic like Linen II who is funding things to try and start an insurrection in hopes of becoming another Linen by turning the entire planet into his commie dictatorship. He has even admitted in an interview that he feels he is some kind of god. (Think Lucifer)

One of Rubio's biggest financial backers, Microsoft, will be counting the votes in Iowa. Guess how that will work out. Yep, he finished third right behind Trump. I guess they didn't want to make the first one too obvious.

Gee, do you think Rubio will get a lot more votes than were cast for him? You still think Rubio isn't part of the problem?

You can't believe anything Rubio tells you. He is just like Obama.

Hilarious is doing the same thing for the Commiecrat primary. She is importing a lot of out of state staffers to help count the votes. It is like Stalin said, "I don't care who votes, I care who counts the votes."

I do hope you realize that, to the upper class trash, this election and all of the "battles" between the candidates is just smoke and mirrors to make you feel good because you got to vote for the criminal you wanted because, no matter who gets elected, they will be in the same bed with the rest.

Yep, being able to vote for the evil criminal of your choice will really clean up this mess, NOT!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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