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Here is food for thought: It only takes 16 pounds of U-238 to produce one 10K nuke and you think that, with thousands of centrifuges turning for the last few decades, they have not produced 16 pounds of nuke dirt? You still think Iran doesn't have a nuke and is STILL trying to produce enough nuke dirt for one 10K nuke? You still don't believe me when I tell you they have the nuke and are building an arsenal? The lie you are being told about Iran not having a nuke just doesn't make sense, does it?


Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey are showing their true colors by contemplating sending in a "limited number" of troops to help Obama's terrorists against Russia.

First, what good is this going to do when Russia is doing most of her damage with aircraft and not ground troops?

Those troops will just increase the number of targets for Putin's bombers. To turn the tide for their terrorist groups against Putin they have to take the skies from Putin so he can't bomb their terrorists.

Second, here we have Saudi Arabia struggling and possibly being beaten by the Houthis and Saudi Arabia wants to take on Russia at the same time?

Now, do you believe these leaders have been inbreeding too long?

Just because you have more money does not mean you are more intelligent. The upper class trash prove this every day.


Everyone in the Hilarious Clintstone inner circle has lawyered up because they are all being investigated by the FBI.

If increasing numbers of big pocket rich people are giving money to Chelsea with hopes Princess Chelsea will run, you have to ask, what do they know we don't know?

Mean while, both Biden and Bloomberg are considering running.

Hilarious' campaign is in such trouble that supporter, Rupert Murdoch, has proposed running John Kerry for president. Of all things, this should show you who decides who you get to vote for, the upper class trash.

So, how is that democracy thingy working out?

BTW, a poll shows that Linen II is leading Hilarious in New Hampshire 58% to 35%. I guess she is having trouble finding enough dead and illegal aliens to vote for her. She even said she thinks she might not be able to win New Hampshire. I guess she ticked off a lot of liberals by doing to Linen II what they all do to conservatives. Nothing like being brought down by some of your own hypocrisy.

Elisabeth Warren, you know, Fauxcahantus, has turned on Hilarious and is helping Linen II. I guess she smells the blood.

How did you like Albright trying to intimidate women into voting for Hilarious? Gee, how did that work out?

It didn't, they voted for Bernie.

Linen II just crushed Hilarious in the New Hampshire caucus 60% to 38%, almost double Hilarious' votes. I guess Hilarious couldn't get enough dead people to vote enough times. Watch for Biden, Bloomberg, Kerry, and Princess Chelsea to enter the race and watch for Hilarious to be indicted, suffer a debilitating illness, and/or die in an "accident". Billy Boy said, "If I wasn't married to Hillary, I could say what I think." He also said, "Some times, I wish I wasn't married to her."

Gee, you don't think Billy Boy is reading the writing on the wall, do you? You don't think Billy Boy is thinking about snuffing Hilarious and replacing her with a sexy young thing, do you?

Hold it, Bernie got 60% of the vote to Hilarious' 38% but Hilarious got 15 delegates to Bernie's 13? The fix is still in but can it last?

Chelsea is trying to use Christianity to save her mom's campaign, talking about her mother's faith. When all else fails, claim to be a good, faithful Christian. Don't actually be one, just claim to be one.

Don't you just want to know what Hilarious' favorite Bible verse is? How about Princess Chelsea and Billy Boy?

I wouldn't stand too close when asking them because, when they try to quote scripture, fire will probably come out of every opening in their body and the earth will open up and swallow them.

To keep from being pushed outside of the liberal power structure, Billy Boy has to run Princess Chelsea or their power selling racket will go broke and them with it.

Trump said he will call Bloomberg and get him in the race while Bloomberg had one of his people start attacking Hilarious. Bloomberg is trying to drive her polls down enough he will be permitted to join the race.

Right about now, George Soros is regretting spending millions to support Hilarious. He is going to have to go shopping for another puppet.

There is a really massive power struggle going on within the Commiecrat Party and Hilarious is losing ground.


Obama has a bit of a dilemma. He needs to destroy the US military so they can't stage a counter coup against him when Obama stages his coup but he is finding out that, without a strong US military, he can't defend the US against aggressors, much less impose his will on others.

He already had to reverse his actions on nukes from unilaterally downsizing and doing away with US nukes to increasing their numbers. Now he is being forced to reverse course on the conventional military by not doing away with A-10s, F-18s, and the Tomahawk cruise missile because, suddenly, he needs them.

Another problem for Obama is the Supreme Court just stopped the enforcement of Obama's power plant rules.

Man plans, God laughs.


Jebberwocky has said he will not blame Obama for anything.

Isn't that just so kind, caring, and merciful?


Of course, he won't. He plans on doing more of the same.


One interesting thing about this election is that the people dumping the most money into "buying the election" are losing. Too many people are rebelling against the establishment and not just blindly buying into the advertising. Increasing numbers of people have had enough of the crap being fed to them by the "establishment".


Again, Rush defends ultra liberal super RINO, Rubio. This is not looking good.


Breitbart news stated that, "If the president were a Republican, we would call this a depression."

Really? Who would have figured that this is a depression and not a recovering economy?

Oh yeah, I did.

One World Order

I hope you realize that an awful lot of what is going on with this one world order thingy is the European upper class trash trying to get their colonies back under control on a global basis.

Internet Misinformation

I hope you realize that the Israeli news site, Haaretz, is very left wing. When I first started this blog and had not yet realized that the left was already using internet sites to put out false information, I used Haaretz for intel until they burned me twice with bad intel. After that, I watched them for a while to make sure it wasn't just a mistake on their part and then quit going to the site because they consistently put out bad information.

A few of the other sites I don't go to any more include the Blaze, Info Wars, a number of others I don't remember until I get a link to those sites, and I am losing patience with because they increasingly put out liberal and Muslim propaganda. I am very careful about what I use at anymore.

Listen, if a site consistently puts out info that turns out to be liberal biased and/or not true, they are a bad site and you simply shouldn't go there. For example, I don't go to Info Wars because their stuff is almost always wrong and is just super sensationalized right wing misinformation being put out to confuse conservatives and discredit conservatives with their friends. It is based on the idea that, if you continue to tell your friends things that are wrong, they will stop listening to you and only listen to the left or no one, in either case, the left wins.

The only reason I still go to is because they still put out important information and that may only be to keep the conservatives coming so they can brainwash them into liberals. I just bypass the liberal propaganda and look for accurate information. It has gotten so bad that I often go days without getting any quality info from them. On other days, I may get valuable info on two or three topics in one day.

What happens, is that liberal run Wall Street talks these sites into going public to increase their wealth, then rich liberals like Soros buy controlling stocks in these sites, they change the top staff to liberals, and use the site to put out liberal propaganda until they drive the site broke causing the owners who went public for more money to go broke.

Whenever you sell your soul to the Devil, you always end up paying with your soul.


The German people are now demanding that Merkel must go. Others will follow. Keep an eye on this.

I am noticing that, as the police bully the people for the upper class trash, it is only making the people more angry. It is only a matter of time and something will trigger a revolt and people are going to die. If the people are successful, it will include the upper class trash.

The big question here is, when will the police and military admit they and their families are being betrayed by the same criminals they are protecting and join the citizens in the revolution?

This last Saturday, there were massive demonstrations against immigration with significant fighting between the demonstrators, pro immigration demonstrators, and police while the Muslims continue attacking people. It is all but all out warfare. So far, all that is missing is the guns.

The Europeans are finally turning their attention on the upper class trash who have caused this mess and don't have to live in it because they live in controlled upper class neighborhoods. The rebellion and revolution is building with increasing focus on the true trouble makers, the corrupt upper class trash.

You are witnessing the death of nations caused by the corruption of the upper class trash, as usual. As the EU implodes, there are already groups forming to fill the power vacuum and take control with different sounding ideas. That should tell you that the EU is dead but just has not finished kicking yet and the vultures are already moving in.

Even Trump is now saying the refugee crisis could be the end of Europe.


I keep seeing Jews being arrested in Israel for doing what God and the Bible tell them to do. They are arresting these people to appease the pagans in Europe and the US but please note that those pagans are not being appeased because Israel still exists. You know that the politicians, judges, and arresting people are going to face a judgment by God that will be very severe.

The question is, when will the people running Israel stop trying to please the pagans who will never be pleased until Israel ceases to exist and start pleasing God, who will protect them?

I really don't want to be anywhere near these Jews when they stand before God because I don't want to get hit by their splatter.

You also need to be aware that it won't only be the liberals who will join Obama's CNSF to invade Israel. The moderates and conservatives who hate Jews and Israel will glady join Obama's CNSF to invade and destroy Israel, especially after Obama blames Israel for nuking Chicago.


Please pay close attention to the obvious fact that NONE of this current mess is being caused by Christianity. EVERY BIT OF IT is being caused by different forms of paganism, including atheism. If everyone on this planet were true Biblical Christians, there wouldn't be any of this mess on this planet which is being caused by man.

Ready for that Biblical Christian theocracy yet? Tired of the problems being caused by paganism?


I keep telling you that things must get worse and they do. I wish I could quit telling you that but I have to tell you the truth. I just keep reminding myself that God is in control.

Be warned; it is going to get extremely bad.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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