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Now the truth comes out.

Remember that I told you that Putin isn't a good guy and that none of the upper class trash are good guys? Remember that I told you that this fighting to overthrow Assad in Syria is all about the oil and natural gas?

The real reason for Obama's Arab Spring was that they wanted the oil in those countries and the money and power that goes with it. The oil and natural gas wasn't going to Obama and his upper class trash pals. Most of it was going to Russia and China so they destroyed those nations to get control of the oil and natural gas causing this migrant crisis. Well, they didn't get Syria destroyed but were busy stealing the oil and natural gas via ISIS, which is why Obama was and still is running interference with the Pentagon for ISIS. Then Russia came back into the mess along with China with them bombing the oil ISIS was selling on the cheap to Turkey who was selling it on the cheap to Obama and his corrupt upper class trash pals. Russia has been decreasing the amount of oil the thieves are stealing and that is what is ticking Obama off.

Russian engineers are now working with ISIS on a natural gas plant for Russia to get the gas. So ISIS is saying that, "either we sell the oil to Russia or it gets blown up" so they are selling the oil and natural gas to Russia.

You know this is ticking off Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Obama, who were benefiting from the oil and natural gas. Keep an eye on this to see what their next move will be.

Remember that I told you Putin would start helping the Kurds because Turkey is hostile towards Russia and the Kurds and the US gives very little help to the Kurds?

The Kurds are going to and being accepted by Russia. Mean while, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are massing troops to invade Syria, you know, to fight ISIS...except Saudi Arabia is openly talking about deposing Assad with this invasion. This should be an "I Told You So" essay but it is just way too short.

Mean while, ISIS is increasingly turning to using kids to fight, you know, like Hitler did when he became desperate. This means you better be ready to kill children to survive and protect others because that is what ISIS is increasingly sending your way to kill you. ISIS is training children to fight by the thousands.

There is a second reason why ISIS is training so many children to be killers.

Remember Obama's lie about how we should not be afraid of Muslim women and children?

Well, we have already seen the subsequent increase in female Jihadis, with increasing numbers of sweet, innocent, kind, caring Muslim women murdering people. You are now about to meet the sweet, innocent, kind, caring child Jihadis sent here to murder you and your family. Get ready, because of Islam, you are going to have to kill brainwashed murdering children to stay alive and protect your families.

BTW, I just read that three Iraqi militias, who were armed and trained by the US and fought ISIS along side of the US, are now fighting with Russia against the US equipped terrorists in the battle for Aleppo. These militias are using US tanks and small arms the US gave them to fight ISIS. You know this is ticking off Obama.

Sun Ladies

This is interesting and worth keeping an eye on. In Iraq, there is an Iraqi militia fighting ISIS called the "Sun Ladies". It is made up of former ISIS sex slaves. I think ISIS ticked someone off and these ladies won't have any mercy on ISIS. I read there is a full battalion of these angry women fighting ISIS.


I just saw a headline that said, "70% of Israelis believe the primaries bring corruption."

Listen, contrary to what you were taught, democracy in any form brings corruption.

You think I am wrong?

Show me one democracy that isn't corrupt. There isn't one, they are all corrupt, they have all failed. Fact: Every democracy in the history of this planet has failed.

More and more people are waking up to the obvious fact that the US primaries are rigged and your vote does not matter.

Cruz just said that Trump is not a conservative and Trump admitted it. Obviously, Trump is playing the spoiler for the Commiecrats. He is working to make conservatives look stupid and is doing a good job. If you can make conservatives look stupid enough, many will be ashamed to admit they are conservatives.

Trump just played a typically liberal card. He threatened to sue Cruz if Cruz doesn't "clean up his act", you know stop having all of those "negative ads" about Trump, you know, telling the truth. All of the signs are there, Trump is about as liberal as Hilarious.

We now know that, if Jebberwocky is elected president and he has to negotiate with Putin, he will have his older brother and mommy sitting by his side. What a man. He is more like an over grown child.

If you think that Obama has not embarrassed us enough, just think about how much more we will be embarrassed with Jebberwocky, Hilarious, Trump, Rubio, Linen II, or any of these other whackos as our president. At least some of the nuts have dropped out of the running.

Ultra liberal, Kasich, says he "won't launch a negative campaign", which is liberaleese for "I won't tell the ugly truth about any of my fellow criminals."

Why am I not surprised?

That is because he knows that, if he tells the ugly truth about them, they will tell the ugly truth about him and he obviously has a lot of ugly truth to hide.

Rubio tries to justify his "immigration reform", you know, importing more illegal immigrants, by saying, "We are not going to ram it down your throat."

Really? They are going to pass a law requiring this insane action but it won't be ramming it down our throats?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people stupid enough to believe his blatant lies.

Cruz is the only one who is even coming close to acting like an adult. The rest are acting like the spoiled rich brats they are. They only care about themselves, don't care about the people, and are completely out of touch with reality. They belong in a nut house, not the White House.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Here is food for thought; If Jesus returned and offered to run our country for us, most of today's people would turn Him down.

Think not?

Think again, they already have because they love their sins.

Ezekiel 38 & 39

While reading the news this morning, I realized it won't take Obama and his allies six months to move their forces in place to invade Israel. He is already moving them to the area and most of them will already be in place for the invasion when he stages his coup. Just look at the nations which already have moved forces in that area for the US and Russian coalitions and now NATO is joining the mess so that every nation in NATO will soon have forces there for the invasion.

After Obama stages his coup of the US, it will only take him and his allies a few more months to get the rest of the forces they want in that area and into position for the invasion. They are building up for that invasion right now and I think this mess in Syria is just smoke and mirrors to cover up that military buildup. Look at it, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are right now massing forces to "invade Syria" and just one wrong turn and those forces will be facing Israel. Oops.

Hey, some of the terrorist forces are controlling the land right next to Israel's border and don't they have to be taken out too?

Suddenly, one morning, Israel is going to wake up to find guns from around the world aimed at her, including the terrorist forces these nations are now "fighting".


I told you about this years ago. Liberals think that being liberal makes them also black. When questioned about the "lack of diversity" in the Oscars, Meryl Streep said, "We are all Africans really."

The problem is that blacks, especially black Muslims don't agree and hate these white liberals. The blacks are only in bed with the white liberals as long as it benefits the blacks and the blacks are already turning on the white liberals.

White liberals believe the stupidest things.


Hopefully, this will open a few more eyes.

Iran just celebrated their overthrow of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (courtesy of Israel-hating Jimmuh Carhtuh) called the "Islamic Revolution" and unveiled their new UAV, the Shahed 129, and the leader of the Nation of Islam (you know, US black Muslims), Luis Farrakhan, was a guest of honor and gave a speech, as did Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani.

Gee, you don't think that the Nation of Islam is in bed with Iran and is Shiite Muslim, do you?

This is very important because, remember that Valerie Jarrett is also from Iran and is Shiite Muslim AND that Obama stated that Farrakhan is his idol? Also remember that John Kerry's daughter is married to an Iranian Shiite Muslim.

Then you remember that the Clintstones are in bed with the Arabian Sunni Muslims and Obama stiffed both the Arabian Sunni Muslims and the Clintstones.

Get the picture yet?

So, just how many black market nukes did Obama purchase from Iran to use against you with your billions of tax dollars? Will Farrakhan be bringing those nukes home with him on this trip or are they already here?

North Korea

It is being reported that North Korea is ramping up plutonium production following their recent hydrogen bomb test. This is very important because, as I pointed out, hydrogen bombs make it possible to have smaller warheads with greater throw weight needed for missiles.

Also remember that this is all being brought to you courtesy of the Clinton administration because of 1) the technology the Clintons admitted they sold to China and China either gave or sold to North Korea and 2) because of the "great deal" Bill Richardson, appointed by Billy Boy Clintstone, made with North Korea giving them tens of billions of your tax dollars to pay for all of this.

So you get to thank all of your liberal family and friends for another rapidly growing nightmare.

Big Foot

I just saw some videos of "Big Foot" with pictures of human like figures at some distance.

What these probably are is a bunch of Vietnam vets who were treated like crap when they came home from Nam and took to the woods. They either live alone or formed tiny, dispersed communities deep in the woods. I forgot what they called them in 70s and 80s but they avoid contact with anyone except other Nam vets. They just live off the wild and people, even the x-spurts, have forgotten about them. Basically, they are avoiding the people who treated them like crap and just living with their Nam brothers. They are not Sasquatch.

What is left of them are probably in their 60s, 70s, and 80s by now. Leave them alone, they obviously don't want to meet you.


The Supreme Court just stopped the enforcement of Obama's rules to prevent global warming and the House is working on a bill to stop Obama from decreasing military strength any further. They are working to stop Obama from destroying the US any more at a time when Russia and China are suddenly posing a significant threat.

We have permitted Obama to decrease the size of our standing conventional military for waging set battle with the lame excuse that we won't have to fight such battles ever again and need to focus on developing special operations for fighting terrorists. Now we are suddenly facing an increasing possibility of fighting a set battle war against Russia, China, Iran, and/or others who are all currently ramping up for such a war while we continue to decrease our ability to fight such a war.

Gee, could it be that our weakening our military for fighting such a war has encouraged others to ramp up for and fight such a war?

I just read that the Pentagon said that the US is no longer the leader in Electronic Warfare. This is huge and is absolutely critical. It must be reversed quickly or we will pay with lives, lots of lives. If something is not done about this soon, we could easily loose such a war, especially with our continued declining ability to fight a set battle war.


The Belgium unions for police and the military are threatening strikes if their government doesn't cut back on the extra work the police and military are having to do to stop terrorist attacks. Guess whose side they are on.

If the police and military go on strike, the Muslims will go on the open war path and the citizens will join them in open feudal warfare. All hell is about to break loose because of the unions.

If you think it is bad in Europe now, just wait until this happens.

It also seems that there are increasing numbers of missing migrant children and a recent informer says it is because the Muslims are harvesting their organs for money. The Muslims are as evil as Planned Parenthood and that is pretty evil.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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