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Remember that I told you that they probably won't prosecute Hilarious, they will just make her an offer that, if she stops her campaign, they won't prosecute?

A former Obama official said she should "stop her campaign until she is cleared of charges by the FBI". THAT is the offer and now we wait to see if she takes the offer or goes to jail, which is basically, what the official was telling her.

Watch for Princess Chelsea to run just like I told you more than a year ago because power mad, greedy people can never be satiate. They will always want more power and wealth no matter how much they have.

When Hilarious withdraws from the campaign, also watch for Bloomberg, Biden, and Kerry to enter the race.

It is just like I told you, this is a massive power struggle among the power mad Commiecrats.

When they run Princess Chelsea, I expect her to win the nomination because those supporting the Clintstons have such control of the voting system and the fix will be in, just for a different member of the family.


Rubio says that the "Gang of eight" immigration bill was "the best they could do at the time".

Why, because they are so stupid they couldn't think of something better? Or maybe it was because they are all corrupt?

Sorry, I am not stupid enough to buy that bridge but, don't worry, there are plenty of people stupid enough to buy it. In this country, we have a very huge market of stupid people.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy doing with so many really stupid voters who will blindly believe any great sounding lie, especially for free stuff?


Have you noticed that Trump's campaign is subtly turning more and more liberal?

He is increasingly supporting more and more liberal things like Planned Parenthood, attacking Bush for going into Iraq, and blaming Bush for 9/11, you know, just like the liberals do. It is the old bait-and-switch game.

Trump's comment that the GOP must admit the Iraq war was wrong or they can't win the election is a trap, an old fashioned sucker punch. If the GOP admits the Iraq war was wrong, they will never win again and Trump knows it. He is trying to destroy the GOP from within. Keep an eye on this.

I am also getting the feeling that the upper class trash hired liberal Glenn Beck to destroy Trump. His strategy seems to be to use "endorsing Cruz" for attacking Trump. But I notice that he spends much more time bashing Trump than promoting Cruz.

What, is Trump the only one Cruz is running against?

Keep an eye on this.

Pro Sports

Remember the corruption and drug abuse I told you about in pro sports and the problems it is causing?

A few days ago, I woke to a dream telling me that God is going to clean up our corrupt sports. He HATES all corruption or wickedness.

Did you know that, under Sharia Law, sports are illegal? Remember the Muslims using empty soccer stadiums in Afghanistan to execute people? Remember that I told you that, under Sharia Law, using any drugs except hash is illegal?

After they take over, the Muslims will round up and execute those corrupt, dope using athletes by the tens of thousands in their own sports stadiums.

Also, something to keep an eye on with the spring sports season about to start, sports like bicycle road racing are going to be stopped on the road with Muslim protests not allowing the races to continue and they will further attack the very corrupt European pro road racing with things like setting off suicide bombers and IEDs as the peloton passes forcing the governments to shut down many sports. Bicycle road racing is extremely vulnerable to such attacks. The Muslims will drive car bombs into the sides of big sports arenas filled with people or plant bombs filled with shrapnel in them and detonate them.

Remember that I told you that God is going to use the Muslims to clean up our corruption because we won't because we love our sins?

BTW, professional European bicycle road racing starts this month and it won't take long for the Muslims to start detonating bombs in areas with large spectator crowds as the peloton goes by. After the Muslims take over, they will just shut the sport down, not permitting the use of streets and roads for racing.

Christian Theocracy

I feel it is important to make something clear about me saying the only thing that will work now is a Christian theocracy. First, I am not talking about a Christian theocracy run by the very corrupt and mostly pagan Catholic Church, which has done more harm than good for Christianity and has heavily paganized Christianity. Besides, God is already destroying the Catholic Church because it is in a rapid decline, which is one reason it tried to convert to Islam.

Second, I am not talking about a Christian theocracy run by any of the very pagan protestant churches which ALL worship on and recognize pagan holidays like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas (actually the birthday of the Roman sun god, Sol), use a pagan calendar which recognizes and honors pagan gods like Thor (Thursday or Thor's day), Saturn (Saturday), Julius Caesar (July; he deitized himself), Caesar Augustus (August; he also deitized himself), and others, and replacing Biblical Law with church doctrine or manmade law (which is blasphemy because it is elevating ourselves above God).

God told us to not participate in paganism in any way and you think it pleases God for us to just look the other way while we, as a people and nation recognize and celebrate pagan gods' birthdays? Gee, could this be part of why our great nation is dying?

And we don't want to follow the Jews who paganized Judaism, which is why they have been scatter around the world for thousands of years.

What I am talking about is a true Bible Law, in relation to the Noahide Laws, based government like has not existed on this planet since before Babylon destroyed Jerusalem about 2.5 thousand years ago. There has not been such a government on this planet since the Jews corrupted the Biblical system God gave them 3.5 thousand years ago, which was about 3,000 years ago. (The reason God permitted Babylon to destroy Jerusalem was because the Jews had paganized Judaism hundreds of years before Jerusalem was destroyed or by about 3,000 years ago.)

And guess what, God is going to force that to happen by destroying the Catholic Church and all protestant churches and forcing the remaining Christians underground so that, when we resurface, we will be forced to form one new Christian church or Christian theocracy to protect us from the evils of the paganism we have permitted to take over our modern churches and governments. It is called survival. You see, you can't chase Jesus out of the government, if He is the government. Whether you like it or not, that is what you are going to get.

BTW, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy doing?

The people who run for office are chosen by the upper class trash, the upper class trash owned media openly support those chosen criminals against all takers, the elections are very clearly rigged by the upper class trash for the chosen, and even the debates are rigged or stacked by the upper class trash in favor of liberalism and the chosen ones, but, hey, YOU GET TO VOTE!

Gee, wow, that is working out really great! (/sarc)


Obama has been bluffing threats against Putin in an attempt to back Putin down and Putin just keeps calling Obama's bluffs. Obama hit Putin with sanctions, which are the most powerful force Obama is willing to use against Putin and Putin just kept on fighting back. Obama has been using Turkey and Saudi Arabia as threats for starting a war and Putin just kept right on fighting back.

So, now Obama caved in, called Putin, and has made a deal to deescalate things before Putin nukes Washington. We will see how well Obama will keep his end of the deal and how long it will take for Obama to breach contract on the deal.

Oh look, Obama never even started to keep his deal with Putin because he and his Muslim pals continue to escalate the situation in Aleppo, Syria.

Gee, do you think Obama's deal was just smoke and mirrors to throw Putin off?

Obviously, Putin didn't bite. Putin knows you can't trust Obama.

I mean, come on, Obama has devastated the US military so it can't stop Obama from staging his coup and Obama is going to use this severely weakened military to wage war against Putin, who has been building his military?

I think not.

BTW, it was probably Putin using his media to prepare his people for war against the West that scared Obama into caving on Obama's bluffing and trying to fool Putin.

It is beginning to look like Russia is Magog but stick around and we will both find out soon.

Also, Turkey has attacked the Syrian Kurds despite US Biden, not Obama, which will just drive the Kurds closer to Russia and Iran is warning Saudi Arabia against invading Syria.

Have you noticed that everyone else is ramping up for war while Obama is playing silly, childish games?


The liberals have not only invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending but the upper class trash has also invented infinite evil because their evil is never ending.

Commie (A.K.A. socialist) Germany has set up a "government sponsored work program" for the immigrants and, like all commie government sponsored work programs of the past, it is pure evil, you know, just another way to steal money from the people to increase their own wealth. Good old Marxism hard at work stealing from the people and giving to the upper class trash.

Businesses will hire immigrants at 1 Euro per hour to work for them buuuuuut, fear not, the government will subsidize the immigrants' income up to about 8.5 Euros per hour, meaning, you tax payers get to pay the rest of the immigrants' salaries while the upper class trash businesses get to greatly increase their profits.

This is nothing short of government sponsored and financed slavery to increase the wealth of the upper class trash by decreasing their overhead while causing the workers paying for this to lose their jobs because the government will only subsidize incomes for the immigrants. Therefore, the corrupt upper class trash will fire you Germans and hire immigrants.

Hey, while you are off work, you will have plenty of time and reason to stage your revolution and overthrow your corrupt upper class trash!

Gee, you don't think this corruption was all planned out from the very start, do you?

What, you think it wasn't?

Greed, pure greed.

Now, do you believe me when I tell you that the power mad and greedy can never be satiated or satisfied?

They will always find a way to steal more power and wealth at your expense.

Gee, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy working out? Failed, has it? Impoverishing you and returning you to economic slavery, is it?

Ready for a Biblical Christian theocracy yet?

Sometimes the insanity of the left is just overwhelming, especially when I see so many people who don't get it.

Hey, you Germans, just in case you have not figured it out yet, you have been sold out by Merkel and the upper class trash!!!! They have left you with only two choices; revolt, overthrowing and killing the upper class trash, or you die. Your choice.

Yep, evil, pure evil.

But don't worry, we Americans are facing that choice too, along with the British, the Swedish, the French, the Italians, and everyone else. Thank you, liberals!!! Oh, BTW, you liberals have also been sold out because the upper class trash businesses don't get the government subsidy for hiring liberals, only immigrants, so they are going to start firing you to hire immigrants.

Beginning to see and feel the purge I have been warning you liberals about, are we?

And, if you liberals want to continue to worship your Greek gods, just remember that both Aristotle and Plato believed in and practiced slavery.

Maybe you should have gotten the hint when you learned the liberal upper class trash and their liberal academe love Aristotle and Plato?


There is something I have been keeping an eye on. Last week, customs at JFK International Airport was completely shut down for an entire day. There was no protest or strike, nothing. It all just happened very quietly. I watched to see if this was just another government screw up the media would go wild over but nothing has been said except this one article.

The article was written as more of a question, you know, like "what is this?" or "what is going on?" No other medium has covered this very critical event. They all acted like it was no big deal in spite of the fact that the article stated that everyone just walked straight from their planes to their cars without having their luggage or cargo checked, which is a breach of national security. Anyone could have brought anything into the US from anywhere and this was done on orders from the White House.

Did Obama use this to help his Muslim pals bring in nukes from Iran to use on you? Was Farrakhan's trip to Iran to thank and pay Iran for WMDs?

Keep an eye on this.

I hope that you do realize that, even if Obama doesn't nuke Chicago and declare martial law to set up a Muslim Caliphate, no matter who gets elected, there will be a civil war. There is no way out of it. This nation crossed that red line when Obama was reelected. You can thank your liberal family and friends for that.

Supreme Court

Antonin Scalia's death may have been natural but I question everything that benefits the upper class trash and his death definitely benefits the upper class trash. The timing is just another incredible coincidence. Now they are saying the details of his death are "murky", you know, like in a cover up.

After all, Scalia's death may finally make it possible for Obama to gut the second Amendment in an attempt to take your guns away from you.

Why would Obama not murder Scalia?

Obama could get everything he wants.

It seems that quite a few others are also questioning Scalia's death. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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