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Space Aliens

Well, they are still at it. A UFO site just announced they have spotted a monkey sitting on a rock on Mars in one of NASA's photos.

Let's use a little common sense here and, if you are a liberal and don't have any, I will loan you some of mine.

What does that monkey eat, rocks? Have you seen any forests of Martian fruit trees that can feed monkeys? Have you seen even large patches of Martian bushes?

It should be obvious that these sites are set up to make conspiracy theorists look stupid and crazy. They are trying to discredit you. There is no life on Mars because the environment is too hostile to support life. Everything else is a sucker punch and designed to get you to believe in their false pagan religion of evolution.

Please note that it is atheistic evolutionists who believe there are monkeys, guerillas, camels, and mice on Mars (with nothing to eat) and not Christians who believe it.

Which should tell you what?

That atheistic evolutionists are stupid, nuts and have no credibility. Everything they believe is a lie and they love the evolution Kool-Aid no matter how insane it makes you because they love their sins. If you think Christians are nuts for believing in a superior being, you should study science and then look at what atheistic evolutionists believe. We are talking bonkers maximus.

They will also vote for Hilarious to get free stuff.

Supreme Court

One of my site readers said that Obama will probably appoint a Muslim to the US Supreme Court. He was right and it was a very good prediction.

I just read that it is very likely Obama will appoint Loretta Lynch, who is very clearly a black Muslim and you can bet she will give Obama everything he wants including your guns and freedom of speech. Then again, Eric Holder is also a black Muslim and could get the nod. Either one would give Obama everything he wants including being able to take everyone's guns away from them so he can stage a political coup to become the US dictator or Pharaoh.

Gee, you don't think Obama had Scalia snuffed so Obama could appoint a black Muslim who would give Obama everything he wants so Obama can safely stage a political coup, do you?

Yep, probably.

But you know that the guy Obama had murder Scalia will die soon to get rid of any potential witnesses, even though he was probably promised some really great deal. The guy will have to wait to get his really great deal until he gets to Hell.

This is going to get extremely bad because they are already obviously and openly murdering or purging people who are in their way to get what they want. When they are ready to seize control, they will very quickly purge the rest of the upper class trash elites of the elites to consolidate power because power mad people can never be satiated.

But, how do you quickly kill all of the elites of the elites without worrying about them being spread all over the world when you start your purge?

You invite them all to a formal ball for them and then set off a bomb. That way, you get them all in one shot and then start killing from what is left of the upper class trash down. The sudden killing of the highest level leaders will leave the rest in a state of disorganization and confusion long enough to quickly kill the rest off before they can organize and fight back.

This is all happening right now, not next year or next decade. Obviously, the killing is already going on.


Billy Boy proves me right again by saying, "We are all mixed race", strongly implying he thinks he is black because he is a liberal.

The liberals just figured out the fix is in against those voting for Sanders because Hilarious will get all of the "super delegates", which will give her the election.

What, the liberals don't like the election being rigged against them the way they have rigged the elections against conservatives?

The gun control groups are turning to Bloomberg to run for president, you know, like I have been telling you he will.

Delaware gun sales surged in December and January primarily because of first time gun buyers. I guess everyone is beginning to realize they will need guns to protect themselves against Muslims and that we are about to have another civil war. With this being mostly new gun buyers, it should tell you that more eyes are opening.

Trump is threatening again to run as third party, you know, like I told he would to destroy the GOP and hand the election to the liberal Commiecrats. I am getting the feeling that Trump is not trying to win the caucuses so he can have an excuse to go third party. As a matter of fact, he seems to be trying to lose it now because of his comments. You know that he knows better than to say some of the things he is saying.

Gee, you think Billy Boy visiting Trump just before Trump started his campaign had anything to do with this? Did you notice that, suddenly, he isn't even trying to get elected and is spending almost no money in the states where the caucuses are being held?

Hilarious just had another coughing fit that was so bad she could barely finish her speech. Aw, poor wittle darling.

Is she getting worried about going to jail and trying to lay the ground work for her defense of being too sick to stand trial?

BTW, her coughing sounded pretty fake to me and I mean really fake. She could use a coughing coach. But, hey, liberals are stupid enough to believe it because they want to believe it.

Have you noticed that liberal Beck has suddenly gotten religion and is telling Christians what we should?

This is so phony and arrogant he thinks he is now our religious leader.

Have you noticed the latest childish game by our corrupt politicians to prove they are the right ones to vote for?

They are going around saying, "Hey, looky here at me, I can speak Spanish so I must be the best one to vote for." They are like a bunch of two year old children trying to impress me and they don't.

Listen, I have known some really smart people who speak Spanish but I have also known some really stupid ones. I don't care what language you speak, I care whether you are intelligent and moral enough to do the job right. I don't care what color you are, what color your hair or eyes are, how many toes you have on each foot, what is between your legs, or anything else like that. None of that stuff matters. The only things that matter are intelligence and integrity and the pagans are lacking in both.

True, conservative, Biblical born again Christians have the morality or integrity to follow God and God has the intelligence to lead them.

Ready for a Biblical Theocracy yet?


Edogan said that Turkey will not stop shelling the Kurds in Northern Syria and Obama won't do anything to stop him. This will drive the Kurds closer to Putin in desperation and, sooner or later, Putin is going to have to bomb those guns.

Will Putin stop Erdogan? You know what this is about, right?

Erdogan was making the big bucks from ISIS stealing the Syrian oil until Putin came along and started bombing ISIS oil trucks and facilities. Erdogan is afraid of Putin so he is attacking the Kurds, who are also beating up on ISIS in an effort to turn the tide back in ISIS's favor.

It is now Putin's move and he plays this game well. It will be interesting to see how Putin handles this. He could just give the Kurds a bunch of artillery and/or missiles to shoot back, along with Russian advisers, of course. To counter this, Erdogan would have to invade Syria to directly attack the Kurds, which would be an internationally illegal invasion of Syrian and justify Putin destroying Erdogan's forces in Syria.

We will see what Putin's next move is.


I just saw a news item that the EU is going to set up a government in Libya to stabilize the nation and so the new government can invite them in to clean up the mess the EU and US made of Libya by overthrowing the last government in order to stop the migrants flooding Europe, you know, to stop human trafficking.

Wow, that just sounds so noble!!!

Yeah, right, let's do the math.

The current mess in Libya is being caused by ISIS working to take over what is left of the new Libyan government (they already have one) and being financed by ISIS illegally selling Libyan oil to Europe and the US who have been selling ISIS weapons and even trainers for ISIS pilots to learn to fly fighter planes. Soooo, all they have to do to clean up the mess is to quit financing ISIS by illegally buying Libyan oil from them and selling them weapons.

Why do they need to overthrow the current government and set up a new government (read ISIS run government) to invite Europe and the US to bring troops into Libya?

How about to prevent the current government from inviting Russia in to actually clean up Europe's and the US's ISIS mess to stop the illegal sale of Libyan oil to the West by ISIS and help stabilize the current government?

Here we go again with the EU and US illegally overthrowing another Libyan government for ANOTHER regime change.

Are the Western upper class trash international criminals or what?


I was just reading about the Marine who was jumped by a bunch of black punks and knocked out. I even saw a video of it.

The mistake he made and I have warned you to not make is, as he was walking away, he turned his back on them and they attacked him from behind and knocked him out with a cheap shot.

The street rule is that you NEVER, EVER, EVER turn your back on street punks; they will jump you absolutely 100% of the time. You ALWAYS walk away, keeping an eye on them, with a slight sideways walk. You only look away from them for a brief look to see where you are walking so you don't trip and fall and then continue watching them.

Even when you get more than 30 feet away from them, keep glancing over your shoulder very frequently. If you see them following or closing, turn and face them.

He should consider himself fortunate to still be alive. The US military really needs to teach their people some street smarts and to travel in such areas in groups and not alone.


We had a group of angry people who peacefully took over an empty government building, for which the leader was gunned down and the rest are now in prison.

We have mega wealthy liberals commie traitors from Silicon Valley, who aid terrorists by defying a court order to help the FBI access the information on a terrorist's cell phone, which is a blatant act of treason by aiding the enemy, with the rest of these liberal commie traitors supporting them and why are they not being gunned down or going to prison?

Oh yeah, they are the upper class trash working with the Muslims to overthrow the US and own our corrupt politicians who control the government so you can bet they won't get gunned down or even arrested. They are above the law.

Everyone in this country should be screaming about this because these Silicon Valley traitors are betraying all of you so they can sell terrorists more cell phones so the upper class trash can make more money. These "wonderful people" have sold you out for more money, you know, just like all liberal upper class trash do.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."


Hey, you know those kind, caring, peaceful creatures called liberals?

Their glorious leader just bombed Libya this morning, Friday morning,...again. I guess the first time of us bombing Libya didn't work so Obama figures that, if we bomb them enough times, it is bound to work sooner or later. What a great military strategist.

Under Mr. Peace, the US is bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and no telling where else. This guy really loves to blow people up. He just can't seem to get enough of it.

Who is next, Egypt, Russia, China, you?

You can bet it won't be Cuba or Venezuela.


The Pope said that Trump is not a Christian, which is certainly true.

But this comes from a man who was going to convert to Islam until Islam tried to murder him and he claims to be a Christian?

Nothing like a little hypocrisy among our religious leaders.

That pot sure called that kettle black, didn't he?

BTW, if you study His words, Jesus was a capitalist and could not have possibly been a Marxist and the Pope is clearly a Marxist so the Pope could not possibly be a Christian.

BTW, the Pope and Vatican think they are safe hiding behind a really huge wall while forcing everyone else to live with the Muslim terrorists.

Remember what I told you when Israel started building its wall, you know, that terrorists could launch mortars and rockers over those walls? Remember that the terrorists are right now launching mortars and rockets over those walls? How long do you think it is going to be before one or more of those Muslim terrorists the Catholic Church is forcing you to live with starts lobbing mortars and rockers over the Vatican walls?

And the same is true for all of the rest of the upper class trash with their body guards who can keep the terrorists out of their neighborhoods and work places. Oh, their body guards can keep the terrorists from physically getting close to the upper class trash but they can't stop the mortars and rockets from falling on their evil heads.

Can't you just see the Muslim mortars and rockets falling on the upper class trash homes and parliament?

We want video!

Here is something to keep an eye on. How long do you think it will take the terrorists to figure out how to attach remote detonated bombs to UAVs, fly those UAVs over the upper class trash, and detonate those bombs filled with lots of shrapnel?

Let's see their body guards stop that because they only have to get close horizontally but can be very high vertically and still kill.

These power mad whackos at the top are not as safe as they like to think. It isn't if but when will the terrorists start killing them in their homes and offices?

I am convinced that all of the upper class trash are criminals and they all belong in prison or on a gallows. I wouldn't hire any of them to run an outhouse, you know they would steal the toilet paper.

BTW, when the revolutions start, how long do you think it will take the good guys to realize they can much more easily reach the upper class trash with UAV bombs?

Oh, the upper class trash took the guns away from people so they couldn't revolt but those IEDs mounted on UAVs will kill them just as dead.


Remember me telling you about how, with the atmospheric pressure at only 5.5 millibars and the temperature average less than -60 F on Mars, water would either instantly freeze or evaporate on Mars?

I have been seeing increasing numbers of people posting pictures of people throwing boiling water into the air in below zero weather and it freezes instantly.

Gee, who would have figured?

Since water will instantly boil and evaporate at anything less than 6.25 millibars, there is still the question as to whether surface water on Mars will instantly freeze or boil/evaporate first. It is like I have been telling you for years, it is not possible to have liquid water on Mars for more than a few minutes, at most. I don't care what the x-spurts tell you, science says there cannot have ever been liquid water on Mars. The erosion had to be caused by another liquid like methane.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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