Christian Theocracy 2

In the soon coming civil war, the very first thing we must do is secede from the Union of the United States of America for several reasons. First, you cannot rebuild a nation or build a new nation with the mountain of debt the liberal commie traitors have forced on us. The liberal commie traitors know this which is why they have intentionally run up such a massive debt. These traitors know that such a massive debt will destroy a nation and make it impossible to restore that nation.

Where did all of that money go?

Note that all of that money was not spent for rebuilding the US infrastructure or any other useful programs which benefited the people and most of it went on "programs" which channeled or laundered that money into the pockets of the mega wealthy puppet masters and their corrupt puppets, tens of trillions of dollars of your money went straight into their greedy upper class trash pockets. All of that "spending" was really just a slight of hand which covered for transferring the wealth from your pockets to their pockets while bankrupting the US so the US would be forced to submit to becoming a part of their global communist dictatorship. The United States is now bankrupt, deal with it.

In order to be able to build a new nation, we must first secede from the old nation leaving the commies who refuse to secede stuck with the massive debt they ran up. It is their debt, let them pay it. This requires that the United States must still exist and we must secede while the United States still exists. This is why God has shown me that we must leave a tiny peace of the US still intact with the commie traitors still in control along the Atlantic Coast.

According to my dreams, that will be an area along the Atlantic Coast with a fairly large peninsula in its southeast corner. I have only found two such peninsulas along the Atlantic Coast similar to the one in my dream. One is in Virginia on the southeast corner of Maryland and is the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay. The other is smaller, is on the southeast tip of New Jersey, and is the east side of the Delaware Bay.

I feel that, most likely, it will be the peninsula in Virginia because that would give the commie traitors the US national capitol of Washington D.C., which would stick the commies with their debt. Normally, when you conquer another nation's capitol, you conquer that nation and the nation ceases to exist but a nation can continue to exist by setting up a new capitol, such as in New York City, therefore, it could be the peninsula in New Jersey.

Please note that the commies will only get the eastern half of that peninsula and probably not all of Maryland and Delaware or New Jersey. In the dream, the area the commies kept was very small and I don't know how much they kept to the north but they kept nothing to the west or south of their nation or that peninsula and they were incredibly impoverished. The commies were rationing food while the new nation was flourishing, the new nation's economy was booming.

A second reason why we must secede from the US is to wipe the slate clean of all of the complex corrupt laws the commies have forced on us such as Obamacare. When you start a new nation, you get to build the legal system from the ground up with a fresh start and you are not bound or hindered by the corruption of your former nation's laws.

This is very important because one of the things we must do to prevent this crisis from happening again in the near future is to convert from the current and easily corruptible common law system the liberals converted us to from the less easily corruptible Biblical Law system set up by the founding fathers. One of the first things our traitors did was convert us from Biblical Law to common law because they knew they could only achieve their evil goals with common law and not with Biblical Law.

Common law is based on the concept that the letter of the law is supreme and justice, fairness, and the people are subservient to the letter of the law. That is why our common law attorneys teach us that justice is blind, because, under common law, there is no justice, only the fulfillment of the letter of the law. This permits criminals to take control of your government and rewrite the letter of the law to favor them and punish law abiding people, you know, like our legal system is doing now. With common law, it is only a matter of time until the corrupt members of our upper class will seize control of the government, including the courts, and pervert the law to impoverish and enslave the people, you know, just like now.

Biblical Law is designed to protect good people from bad people and, therefore, the end goal is the pursuit of justice. This means that justice cannot be blind and must be the goal and end result for the courts. You can see why the corrupt upper class trash hate Biblical Law because, if we were still under Biblical Law, they would all be in jail or hung because, under Biblical Law absolutely NO ONE is above the law, not even the president. Under Biblical Law even Moses was punished for breaking the Law. Everyone must live by the same law or pay the same price regardless of wealth, fame, position, race, or sex. Under Biblical Law, the upper class criminals would definitely not be destroying our nation, impoverishing our people, and enslaving our people.

In order to build an even stronger Biblical legal system to protect good people from bad people than our founding fathers set up and to prevent this crisis from happening again in the near future, we must set up a Christian theocracy. This would make it almost impossible for the corrupt members of the upper class to seize control of our government, destroy the government, impoverish the people, and enslave the people.

Note that I said it would be almost impossible and not impossible for the corrupt members of the upper class to seize control of a Christian theocracy under Biblical Law. Remember that God set up a Biblical theocracy in the Sinai Desert 3,600 years ago. It took hundreds of years, almost 1,000 years, for the corrupt members of Israel to pervert and destroy their law enough that their nation finally completely fell. The way they did it was that they started out by breaking the Law by changing the Law because the scriptures say that we are not to add to or take away from the Law. The corrupt members of the Israeli leaders began replacing Law with their customs and traditions which was basically the same thing as replacing Biblical Law with common law. The corrupt members of Israel were able to do this because the people didn't know the Law because only the leaders had a copy of the Law and could read. Again, the success of the corrupt people was based on the ignorance of the rest of the people making it possible for the criminals to lie to the people and lead the people astray, you know, just like now.

So, how do we prevent this from happening in our Christian theocracy?

By empowering the people to manage their own lives which starts with educating everyone with the truth about everything, no candy coating history or anything. Teaching anyone anything which is known to not be true will be fraud and, if it threatens national security, it is treason, punishable by death. This requires teaching everyone the Bible in school and not just parts of the Bible but everything in the Bible based on the most accurate translation. We also must require teaching the truth about history, science, and everything else and not "different versions" of the truth which is just teaching people lies, such as revisionist history. Freedom of the press doesn't mean the right to commit crimes. Anyone in the media who states things which are known to not be true will be prosecuted for fraud and, if it threatens our national security, treason. Absolutely no one should be above the law.

Under Biblical Law we will be able to prosecute the corrupt members of the upper class trash, both puppet masters and puppets, for stealing from the people and other crimes including treason, execute them for their crimes, and take back what those criminals have stolen from the people via the US government to use for building our new nation. BTW, under Biblical Law, the corrupt upper class trash would have to pay back to the people or our new nation from three to five times what they have stolen from the people. With the tens of trillions of dollars they have stolen from the US, this would easily provide our new nation with the revenues required to build a new nation, better military, and rebuild our failing infrastructure and, after that, the government would have to be run entirely on a 10% flat tax with no additional taxes such as land taxes or what I call commie rent. Under Biblical Law our government would not be permitted to function on debt, would be forced to maintain a balanced budget, and would be required to maintain a treasury containing at least 20% of our national revenues in a contingency fund for emergencies and war because borrowing money or debt management is forbidden by Biblical Law so the upper class trash could not use debt management to steal from our government. Now do you better understand why the corrupt upper class trash replaced Biblical Law with common law?

Empowering the people also requires arming, training, and organizing the people to protect themselves because cops are just too heavy to carry around. Did you know that China is trying to get the US to disarm the US people because China definitely doesn't want to have to fight 80 million armed US citizens along with our military? China has even submitted a demand to the UN for the UN to force the US to disarm its people so China can invade.

But just having weapons is not enough. For our people to best be able to protect themselves, all law abiding citizens must also be trained in the use of those weapons and organized into community units for coordinated use of force when necessary. This will require one year of military service or training for every male and female probably at about 17 to 18 years of age. Women should also be trained to protect themselves and their children. Why should women and children be unprotected when the husband is gone? I grew up with pioneering women who could be just as tough and formidable as any man, especially when their children were being threatened.

Every law abiding citizen completing this military course should be issued one combat rifle such as an M-4 and ammunition to use for life which they will be required to maintain and use periodically for training and practice, you know, like in Switzerland. I believe that the first five to six months of our training should be military and weapons training including the organization and function of neighborhood militias all taught by our military. I believe that every man and woman should get at least a few months of police and legal training along with a few months of fire fighting training and a few months of EMT training along with proper fitness and conditioning training to all be included in that one year of "military training".


Who are the first people to arrive at any crime scene, fire, or medical emergency? You, the people, and, if you are trained to handle those situations, you will be better able to take care of yourselves instead of having to watch people die while waiting for the government to change your diapers. Every man and woman over 18, including all government officials and politicians, should be required to spend at least one day every three months and at least one week a year as a volunteer working with either the military, police, fire departments, and emergency rooms to maintain their personal training and keep an eye on those groups to help prevent corruption within those groups. Every neighborhood should be required to maintain an organized militia with one group meeting every three months to keep things organized and current.

With this program, you, the people, will be empowered to be the best trained and organized people in the history of the planet for protecting and caring for yourselves. Absolutely no corrupt leaders will try to seize power of or destroy your nation. No criminals or gangs will try to invade and seize control of your neighborhoods or towns. No other nation will even want to think of invading and seizing control of your nation. Basically, no one will mess with you, the people, because you will truly be a nation of the people, for the people, and by the people, even more so than the US ever was. That is the best national security our new nation can have.

Did you know that, when the Hebrews were attacked in the Wilderness under Moses, they enlisted or "drafted" every male who was 12 and older to fight and the women stayed in reserve to protect the children in the event the men lost the battle?

I believe that building a new Christian theocracy in such a manner will provide the best possible national security and protection any nation can have. Jesus said it best when He said, "The truth will set you free."

So, how is that pagan democracy thing doing? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

We should always....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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