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You just have to love it when the left eat their own. Linen II's older brother said that Billy Boy Clintstone was a "dreadful president and people don't remember because they were preoccupied with his sex life".

Well, that is part of the reason people don't remember how terrible of a president Billy Boy was and the sex thingy was definitely a very good distraction to keep people from noticing just how bad of a president he was. The complete truth is that most people don't remember how terrible of a president Billy Boy was is because they kept willfully drinking the liberal media Kool-Aid and not paying attention to what was really going on.

That liberal media Kool-Aid just tasted soooooo good! Why think for yourself?

And very few people did think for themselves, making it even easier for the media to fool them but now the truth is coming out and the Linen brothers are getting away with exposing the truth because the upper class trash are beginning to realize that Billy Boy and Hilarious have outlived their usefulness. They are not quite as popular with the kiddies as they were with the old folks so it is about time to snuff those two...unless they run Princess Chelsea and become useful puppets again.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

The ugly truth is that Billy Boy was easily one of the three worst presidents this nation has had and was probably even worse than Jimmuh Cahrtuh partly because of the military secrets Billy Boy confessed to selling to China and probably also sold to Russia, the Arab Muslims, and no telling who else.

Billy Boy admitted to selling multiple stage rocket technology required to get nuke missiles to the US (he said it was to help their satellite program and got away with it) and satellite guidance technology required to accurately target strategic locations in the US with satellites for nuke missiles along with at least four other weapons technologies I don't remember off hand.

When it was discovered that our nuke weapons technology was also sold to China, Billy Boy successfully used Win Ho Lee as the scapegoat by trying to frame Win Ho Lee, even though Win Ho Lee was proven innocent and was only tried for taking a few classified items out of a secure building on a CD but never for selling that information. He was even acquitted on all counts but it was enough of a distraction to not cause anyone to ask whether Billy Boy sold that nuke technology to China in spite of the fact Billy Boy had already admitted to selling the other technologies to China. Gee, what a coincidence.

The advances North Korea is having with its nuke program are because Billy Boy sold those military technologies to China who either gave or sold them to North Korea. You can thank your liberal family and friends for that and most other messes we have today.

The liberal media helped Billy Boy successfully cover up everything he did wrong including his really bad economy, illegal bookkeeping to "balance the federal budget" by moving money around within the government, you know, like stealing from Social Security, the recession he caused (remember the economy was "booming"; it wasn't but they had you believing it was) and many other things, many of which were crimes. Just go back and read my posts from 1999, 2000, and 2001 to get a few of his crimes.

Remember that I told you that I had determined that Billy Boy will be the Antichrist because he kept getting away with horrendous crimes and I started praying to God, "If Billy Boy is the Antichrist, he will get away with this crime and that crime and other crimes" and he got away with all of them?

Well, Billy Boy got away with all of them because the liberal media protected him better than anyone, including Obama. The only reason anyone is voting for Hilarious is because the liberal media are still backing Billy Boy like he is the Antichrist but he is wearing a little thin with Hilarious.

Let me say this to you and God at the same time (I am throwing out a Gideon's fleece here); if Billy Boy is the Antichrist, he will "miraculously" survive this mess (which Hilarious and Princess Chelsea probably won't survive) and beat it back to one of the Arab Muslim nations where they will protect him so he can become their Mahdi. Those are my two sides of my Gideon's fleece I am sharing with you, Billy Boy will survive this coup and the Arab Muslims will protect him.

Now, we both wait for God to show us whether Billy Boy is the Antichrist.

After all, if Billy Boy is purged and doesn't survive this Muslim coup, he can't be the Antichrist, can he? Well, unless he gets a head wound and a Muslim cleric raises him from the dead buuuuut that would be surviving, wouldn't it?

He would still be alive and would still be able to be the Antichrist. As a matter of fact, being raised from the dead by a religious leader after dying from a head wound would make him to be even more likely to be the Antichrist. So, let's wait for God to show us who is the Antichrist because my fleece is publically out there.

Please note that Hilarious has had over 1,000 e-mails from her server released which had confidential to top secret information on them and still has not be arrested. Retired General Patraeus released one piece of confidential information to his mistress and was arrested, tried, convicted, and punished and they are still talking about punishing him more.

Gee, you don't think the feds are afraid of the liberal media, do you?

Listen, with just the 1,730 e-mails that have already been released with classified information, forget about all of the other crimes she has committed, Hilarious should be facing at least hundreds of years in prison, possibly more than 1,000 years (just five years per e-mail equals 8,650 years). But you KNOW that she will never go to trial because her trial would expose the crimes of the rest of the upper class trash. The rest of the upper class trash will kill her before they let her go to trial, which is why Hilarious is going to fake an illness which will make it not possible for her to stand trial, you know, while she jet sets all over the world having fun.

Then the Clintstones will run Princess Chelsea so they can remain useful and not get snuffed, you know, being consultants, advisors, and handlers for Chelsea. Someone is going to have to help Princess Chelsea get away with all of her crimes.

Well, we are finally rid of Jebberwocky, for at least a while, but it has helped super RINO, Rubio. It absolutely amazes me that there are that many people voting for such radical and obvious liberals in the GOP. It reminds me of the Bible where God said that He closed their eyes and hardened their hearts. God is letting these idiots have what they want to punish them.


Russia bombing ISIS has done in less than one year what the US air strikes had not been able to do in more than 1.5 years because of Obama holding them back. ISIS is going broke because Russia has devastated their oil sales to Turkey. ISIS is having to cut salaries in half, is doing away with all bonuses and they are rationing food supplies. It is reported that moral is dropping among their terrorists.

Buuuuut, good old Obama is taking credit for all of this in spite of him tying the US military hands and more damage being done by Russia in six months than the US did in 18 months.

Now you know why Obama is doing everything he can to stop Putin. Putin is destroying Obama's best terrorist organizations and costing Obama and his friends hundreds of millions in stolen oil.

Women & Children

After Obama's infamous speech telling us we should not be afraid of poor, sweet, innocent Muslim women and children, the number of terrorists attacks by women has been going through the roof. I also told you about how ISIS is training up thousands of children to murder you and your families.

I just read a headline by CNN about the "Rising number of children soldiers dying for ISIS" confirming what I have been telling you.

I also told you that you better get ready to kill women and children to keep them from murdering you and your families. This has gotten very nasty, it is getting worse, and to survive, you must get even nastier in order to fight fire with an even bigger fire. I read yesterday that retired General West is saying that we will have to go Medieval to beat these barbarians.

This should all tell you that the Muslims know and are using Western morals and ethics against us. They know that you have been trained to protect and not harm women and children so they are training and sending women and children to murder you. West is right, to survive, you have to go medieval.

Do you now understand why God told the Hebrews or children of Israel to kill all of the Canaanites, every man, woman, and child?

The pagans have no qualms in using their women and children to murder you but they infiltrated the church and brainwashed you to not kill women and children in self defense and to protect your families.

Gee, I wonder why they did that?

The ugly truth is that we have been slowly and methodically brainwashed to not want to kill and destroy the enemy, you know, the liberals, to protect ourselves and families.

Also, I have noticed that every time Obama says Muslims don't do something, ISIS and Obama's other terrorists start doing that something. I am beginning to wonder if Obama is using this to send orders to his terrorist organizations, you know, "here do this, do that, do something else." Keep an eye on this.

I Told You So

Remember that I have been telling you that the truth about the liberal agenda is that they are working to impoverish and enslave everyone else?

One of my site readers sent me an article by Edward B. Driscoll, Jr., "California 'now resembles a medieval society'" or at about e-books written by historian, Victor Davis Hanson, and published at PJ Media.

Driscoll said that Hanson "sees vast feudal poverty and 'an aristocracy of a few", you know, just like I have been telling you is the goal of the upper class trash. Hanson also said, "California is both more poorly managed than any time in its past, more divided between rich and poor, more fragmented by opportunistic ethnic identity politics, more impoverished by massive illegal immigration - and never more naturally wealthy."

Driscoll gave a series of points made by Hanson which are:

1) The "richerals" rule the roost. Hanson coined that term to describe the rich, cool liberals who can afford to preach progressivism because they don't have to practice it. Wealth shields them from the effects of the high taxes and regulation they love to impose on others. "Being a richeral apparently means you never have to say you are sorry about the means you used to get your cash, why you mean to keep and expand it, and how you plan to pass it on to your richeral kids," Hanson said.

2) The state now resembles a medieval society. The richerals comprise an aristocracy of a few million elites who live the high life along the Pacific Coast, from San Diego to the Bay area. They keep the clergy beneath them - the public workforce - in line with salaries and benefits that are 30 percent to 40 percent higher than the private sector. Joining that class, where nepotism is rampant, is "like hitting the lottery." The peasantry in California, meanwhile, is vast. A fourth of the population is officially poor, with the state accounting for one-sixth of the nation's welfare recipients. "The distant others are nebulous, rarely thought-about souls," Hanson said.

3) The agrarian ideal is dead - and the rural work ethic with it. Small farms have vanished, replaced by huge operations that are owned by rich foreigners who live in huge castles secured by gates. Hanson used to know everyone within a two-mile radius of his family farm, but now doesn't know any more than 10 percent of the landowners. The upside is more food production now that decisions aren't based on tradition and morality. The downside, Hanson said, is that California no longer grows "self-reliant, cranky and autonomous citizens, who do not worry much about things like tanning booths, plastic surgery, Botox, male jewelry, tattoos, rap music, waxed-off body hair or social media."

If you have been following what is going on in Commiefornia, you know it is now a Stalin state that is increasingly less free, more impoverished, and more controlled by the upper class trash. This is what the upper class trash are really up to and, in Commiefornia, they are showing their true colors and disproving their own lies about being for the good of the little man. The truth is coming out and eyes are opening.

BTW, I think that, in our new Christian nation, there should be a law that only our own citizens can own land or businesses within our nation, especially our media. We will have to nationalize all holdings from outside of our nation and sell them to the citizens to jump start our government and our economy. You absolutely cannot permit people who are not loyal to your nation to own your nation.


One of a number of reasons why the upper class trash want to get rid of Israel is because Israel is actually running a true socialist government and not just using socialism to impoverish and enslave the people. You should study it very closely and look at the difference between all other socialist countries and Israel. Of course, that is what the West doesn't want you to do because then you would realize they are not trying to set up a true socialist system but using socialism to impoverish and enslave you.

But the other reason why you should study Israel's socialist system is to see what it is like to actually live in a true socialist system. You have almost no freedoms or rights, the government runs everything, including determining what price you can sell something for. You have to get the government's permission to do anything, which you should know requires filling out tons of paper work and constantly messing around with slow moving bureaucrats for everything you do, unless you are one of the upper class trash ruining everything.

Even for doctors to get a pay raise, they have to get enough other doctors to stage a strike to force the government to give them a raise and, even then, it won't be much of a raise. You can't just go to your boss and ask for a raise, only the government can give you a raise and you have to strike to get it.

Which should tell you what?

There are always people on strike to get raises, shutting things down. It seems like every few days another group of people are striking for the government to give them a raise. This, of course, severely limits your economy. You can't even get a job without a work permit and they just passed a law allowing work permits for single parents.

They have laws for everything imaginable telling you what you cannot do, what you can do and how many times you have to turn around while rubbing your belly and patting your head to get permission from the government to do it. It is absolute insanity.

You should see the things they throw people in jail for. It is nuts. If you criticize the government or any government officials, you go to jail, if you state the truth about anything and not the PC required lies, you go to jail, and any innocent but truthful comment can get you put in jail.

It doesn't take much to realize that socialism is fascism by its very nature. Hitler didn't corrupt socialism, he was an avid socialist, of which fascism is a natural part.

Don't believe me?

Watch Israel and the best site I have found for this is Arutz Sheva at You will see that socialism is, by nature, fascist. It is the government controlling you and everything you do and say. Socialism is the book, "1984", and I am convinced the author was writing about a Marxist state.

You are being lied to about socialism by the Marxists. There is nothing good about Marxism under any name. But you can't expect the Jews to change any time soon because Karl Marx was a Jew and the Jewish upper class trash are convinced that, just because Marx was a Jew, he had to be right. In their minds, Marx could not possibly be wrong, even though the evidence proves he was very wrong.

By their same logic, why are Moses and the Bible not right? Because the Jewish upper class trash hate God and God's Law because they love their sins and Marx doesn't require them to give up their sins, you know, just like us Gentiles? It is all about those sins, isn't it?

We humans just love our sins too much to behave and treat others right no matter how much trouble our sins always cause, especially that adultery thingy. Expect Israel to beat that dead socialist horse until God returns and forces sanity on them.

Gun Control

Here is something I have not seen anyone address concerning gun control. For example, Chicago blames its extreme gun violence on it being easy to get guns in Indiana.

But, if it being easy to get guns in Indiana is causing Chicago's extreme gun violence, why is the gun violence in Indiana not worse than in Chicago?

This is true for every city and state which has very strict gun laws, they all have extreme gun violence and blame nearby states where it is easy to get guns but, those nearby states don't have anywhere nearly as much gun violence in spite of the fact it is so easy to get guns there.

Maybe, just maybe the gun violence is being caused in those communities by their own very strict gun laws and not by the more lenient gun laws in other states where there is significantly less gun violence?

But admit they are wrong?

Oh no, you can never expect the liberal commie traitors to do that. The liberal commie traitors will never admit they are wrong about anything, no matter how much they screw up.


A sixteen year old Muslim migrant raped an asylum center worker just two weeks after taking a course on how to treat western women.

Yeah, that really worked, didn't it. It is just another one of thousands of liberal great sounding ideas to fail.

So, Merkel is going to teach the Muslims how to treat western women?

If any of the liberals had a clue, they would know that their pathetic little classes will not change the behavior of Muslims who believe the Koran is the written word of their god.

But, when has any of the liberals ever had a clue about anything?

Well, at least liberals are the most consistent people on the planet because all of their great sounding idiot ideas fail.

Bwahahahaha!!! Germany is threatening sanctions against other EU nations which don't help Germany with their immigration problem they created. There is a huge and increasing amount of tension building between nations in the EU.

And you still think the EU won't blow itself apart the way I have been saying for years?

You could even see a war or two break out between the EU nations before this mess is over.

Gee, you don't think the German upper class trash are getting a wee bit scared concerning a revolution, do you? Do you think that maybe they are seeing guillotines in their nightmares? So, how long do you think Merkel and her bunch have left to live?

As usual, the upper class trash are brilliant enough to cause these problems with their great sounding idiot ideas but not brilliant enough to solve the problems they cause.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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