Park the Unicorns

I woke to a very interesting dream very early this morning before finally going back to sleep after a few hours of thinking about the dream. In the dream the military was rebuilding old SAC bases because of the new Cold War or Cold War II Obama and his liberal pals have caused. The liberals can't blame anyone for this one but themselves but you know they will.

But, hey, why change now and start telling the truth, right?

The military will now be forced to rebuild SAC but the liberals have spent us into such incredible debt that it will have to be a toned down SAC which may not be able to win Cold War II. We can only hope it will prevent an actual war.

Yep, the idiot liberal pagans got what they wanted, to rule by weakness and intellectualism, which has very clearly caused Cold War II along with numerous and increasing wars around the world. This is after the conservative Christians won the first Cold War and had the nation in much better health. Now, because of the liberal pagans, the world is once again on the verge of blowing itself apart and is more likely to do so because their idiot liberal college professors, media, and other x-spurts didn't know what they were talking about.

It is very, very obvious that it is the liberal pagans who have caused Cold War II and the rest of the wars around the world with their pacifist ideals and unicorns charging over rainbows, pass the weed, man, so I can stay stupid. It is just like the conservatives warned, military weakness has encouraged every bad guy on the planet to think they can be the next Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, or Caesar and they are all ramping up to go waging war all around the world. Thank you, intellectually superior liberal pagans, for the global mess you have created.

Though there were still wars being caused primarily by Marxism, we are now leaving a period of the greatest peace in the history of the world and entering back into the constant and heavily spread warfare this planet has endured throughout known history preceding the Christian rule of America.

Historians recognize that, during the time of the Christian rule of the US was the most peaceful time in human history, but the liberal pagans have taken over the US, all but destroyed Christianity, set up a pagan theocracy, and the old pagan, barbaric warfare has returned. The fall of Christianity has caused the rise and return of liberal pagan barbarism and warfare.

So, how is that liberal pagan pacifist thingy working out? Not too well, is it? Going to have to return from a pagan theocracy back to a Christian theocracy to regain any semblance of peace, are we?

Yeah, park the unicorns, snuff the weed, and get back to reality. Thanks to all of your liberal families, friends, and others, we are in the biggest mess in history and it has been all caused by the idiot liberal pagans getting what they want. They can't blame this mess on anyone but themselves.

But, do you think they will admit it?

Of course not, liberal pagans don't ever admit to the failure of any of their brilliant sounding idiot ideas, no matter how obvious they are. They just make up a really lame excuse and go on to the next great sounding idiot liberal pagan idea as if nothing has ever gone wrong and this is in spite of the fact that ABOSLUTELY EVERY ONE of their great sounding idiot liberal pagan ideas have failed miserably. This is why liberal paganism under any name should be considered treason, because it always destroys the nation from within.

Today's idiot liberal pagans love the philosophy of the "great Greek thinkers" who destroyed their nation the same as the idiot liberal Roman pagans loved the philosophy of the "great Greek thinkers" and let it destroy their Roman empire.

Why should we not think that the same great sounding idiot philosophy which has destroyed the Greek and Roman empires would not also destroy the Western world? Because liberal pagans don't think very well?

BTW, yes, this is a liberal pagan theocracy we are currently living in, forcing their religion on you and your children via the media, your public schools (paid for by your tax dollars), and in every other way. You will always have a theocracy teaching one or more religions and they will either be pagan (including atheism) or Christian.

The recent mostly Christian theocracy we just destroyed created the greatest culture and societies in history in spite of the fact that there was still considerable paganism infiltrated into the system from the start, which caused all of the corruption and other problems we had.

The absolute worst theocracy in history, until the last 25 years, was the atheistic/Marxist theocracies which butchered at least 100 to probably more than 150 million people in less than 100 years. In the last 25 years, that theocracy has been surpassed as the worst theocracy in history by the Muslim theocracy which has butchered at least 400 to probably more than 500 million people in just a quarter of a century, which, BTW, was also the worst theocracy before the atheistic theocracy because the Muslims had butchered more than 250 million people in the first 1,300 years of their existence.

Now the occult, atheists, and Muslims have unified, regained control, established their pagan theocracy, and have plunged the world back into barbaric times, butchering, enslaving, impoverishing, and oppressing everyone they can as fast as they can with PLANS to butcher from 6 to more than 7.5 billion people as quickly as possible, in the greatest act of premeditated murder in the history of the world.

So, how is that pagan theocracy thingy going? Not so well? Ready for another Christian theocracy yet?

If not, just keep an eye on the horrors paganism is causing and remember the great times Christianity caused until you are ready for a Christian theocracy. If you are wanting to return to the "good old times" caused by Christianity, park the pagan unicorns, get rid of the paganism (including its great sounding philosophy) and return to a true Christian theocracy with Biblical philosophy. To do this, all you have to do is acknowledge your sins, repent of your sins, and accept the forgiveness of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, you know, call on the name of God.

Mean while, we better start rebuilding those SAC bases because the liberal pagans have started Cold War II with their great sounding idiot ideas and liberal philosophies, you know, "we should put that military money into education to brainwash your kids into paganism."

BTW, if you think that another religion like Buddhism or Hinduism would do better, you better study the history of the Buddhist and Hindu warlords those religions caused. Under those religions, there was constant warfare, slaughter, oppression, slavery, and other crimes against the people. The few times they managed to get out of the warlord system into a unified system, they raged, butchered, robbed, enslaved and oppressed everyone they could as quickly as they could, tens of millions died. Just study the warlord cultures of Japan, China, and India, just to name a few. They were really terrible for everyone except the upper class trash and, often, even for them.

No other theocracy in history has even come close to the time of peace, safety, freedom, and liberty that was brought to us by our own Christian theocracy. NONE, not one religion, especially not the pagan cult of atheism. No other religion has treated women and children as well. The ONLY WAY to get the "good old days" back is with a Christian theocracy.

So, how is that hating God, rejecting God, while blaming God thingy going? Not too well, is it?

The idiots, who don't study scripture to understand God, are always asking, "Why would a good God let these horrible things happen?"

The answer is because you want God to let these horrible things happen. You hate His "oppressive Law" God gave you to guide you and prevent you from causing these horrible things to happen, you don't want God "meddling" in your life so you can "do as you will", you know, Satan's law, and God is just letting you have what you want by backing off and letting you do as you will, causing these horrible things to happen. You are getting what you want.

Get a clue, God is not the one causing these horrible things to happen to us. Just watch and you will see that easily better than 90% of the horrible things happening to us are being caused by humans and not God because we love our sins. It is all about our sins. We love Satan's Law, "Do as you will" and hate God and His Laws that teach us to live together in peace. If we would just obey God's Law, we would stop doing the horrible things we are doing to each other and almost all of the horrible things would stop. But we hate God and His Laws so we cause all of these horrible things to happen to us and then blame God for not preventing the horrible things we are causing.

The Bible also makes it very clear that the "natural disasters" such as earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, and tornados are caused by our sins and that, if we would stop our sins, accept God's love, and turn back to Him, he would heal this planet so even those horrible things would stop.

Think not?

Study the end of the Tribulation and you will see that the planet and sun will both be on the verge of blowing themselves apart when Jesus shows up for the Battle of Armageddon but that, afterwards, Jesus will set up an empire and rule for 1,000 years without anyone being sick or dying, meaning Jesus has to heal the planet and sun before He sets up His rule to 1) prevent the planet and sun from blowing themselves apart and 2) to prevent the "natural disasters" which kill people every year to prevent people from dying.

When you get tired of these horrible things happening, you will return to obeying God's Law so you will stop causing these horrible things to happen, accept God's love, and ask God back into your life so He will protect you from these horrible things others are causing. Until then, you are going to keep getting what you want, you know, the horrible things that you cause by your beliefs and actions in violation of God's Law and teachings because you love your sins. Your choice, choose wisely and stop being a fool or keep paying the price.

Mean while, we better start rebuilding SAC. We're definitely going to need it because of the stupid pagan things we have believed and done.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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