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The Clue Less

The truth about Islam is everywhere so that everyone has to have had plenty of opportunity to view and learn the truth. Therefore, for anyone to not understand that Muslim terrorists are just obeying the Koran and Hadiths can only be one of three things. 1) They choose to ignore the truth and believe the liberal propaganda, which means they are drunk on the liberal Kool-Aid, 2) they are among the stupidest people on the planet, or 3) they are traitors and possibly closet Muslims. This is because the truth is EVERYWHERE but they still don't get it.

Any time you see anyone like Canada's Trudeau say something like Islam is compatible with ANY other culture, you choose which one that person is.

Are they a traitor, are they drunk on liberal Kool-Aid, or are they just really stupid?

I am still trying to figure out which one Trudeau is. He seems to be an extremely intoxicated liberal but he could be a traitor too but then again, if you are a liberal, you are a traitor because you sold out your family, friends, and everyone else for free stuff. OK, so he is a really stupid intoxicated traitor.

Speaking of the clue less, they recently found an ISIS video on the Internet with pictures of Mark Zuckerberg (FB) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) with bullets all over them.

It is a threat for Muslims to kill both of them but do you think those two overgrown spoiled, rich, liberal brats have enough common sense to realize, even with everything available to them on the Internet, that, if Islam takes over the US, they are both dead?

Probably not.

Remember that I taught you that the first requirement for being a liberal is you can't have a lick of common sense?

And how about Apple's CEO?

He actually thinks that unlocking the terrorist IPhone would be bad for America, you know, the FBI finding out about other terrorist threats to Americans and stopping those terrorists from murdering us will be bad for us. Wow, what a genius. He must have gotten one of those right degrees from one of the right universities.

Remember that I told you that having more money than someone does not mean you are smarter than they are, all it means is you have more money than them? Remember that I told you about scientific research in 1936 which proved conclusively that there is absolutely no correlation between wealth and intelligence? Are you beginning to believe yet that there are plenty of really stupid rich people and some are extremely wealthy stupid people?

I found out a long time ago that the four most common ways self made rich people get rich is 1) they work really hard for a very long time to earn the wealth 2) they were just in the right place at the right time doing the right thing (very common), 3) they knew the right people, and 4) they stole it from others or are otherwise criminals. The people who were born into wealth, got rich because daddy screwed mommy and not because of any intelligence of their own. Basically, mommy and daddy got horny and made them, mommy and daddy didn't get smart and make them.

None of these ways for getting rich requires any particular intelligence. You can be dumber than a rock and get rich by any one of them, especially the children of the heavily inbred upper class trash. Listen, the only reason many of the rich stay rich is because of the intelligent people they hire to work for them and make the important decisions...or they are stealing everything, usually via the government. If you just listen to them talk, most of them have about an average intelligence with many of them not even being intelligent enough to pass freshman and sophomore level hard science courses and that includes most college professors, journalist, politicians, bureaucrats, and the x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities. You can have an average intelligence and get a Ph.D. in most college subjects in the soft sciences.

Did you know that better than 90% of college graduates, including almost everyone who gets a Ph.D. in the soft sciences, can't pass freshman and sophomore level hard science courses?

That has been a well known fact in colleges and universities for decades.

Did you know that almost everyone who goes into Psychiatry in stead of Psychology does so because they can't pass freshman and sophomore level biology, much less upper level molecular biology and neurology, and could not possibly know the structure and function of the human mind but are considered to be experts on the human mind and allowed to write prescriptions for drugs they couldn't possibly know what those drugs do inside the human mind?

Talk about witchcraft and voodoo medicine. The next time you go to see a psychiatrist, ask them to explain the function of the sodium pump at the molecular level. Most of them don't even know what the sodium pump is.

If you think I am wrong, why do the upper class trash hire tutors to help their rich brats pass college courses the middle and lower class kids have to pass on their own? Because their kids are smarter than you?

Having more money than someone else does not mean you are smarter than them, it just means you have more money than them. The idea that having more money means you are more intelligent is a really old upper class trash lie used to intimidate people into submission of the "superior intellectuals" and the upper class trash prove this to be true every day with their infinite stupidity.

All you have to do is watch the news to see just how stupid the liberals, especially the upper class trash, really are. Daily, they stick both of their feet in their lying mouths up to their butts. They are so stupid they can't tell the deference between their tongues and a treadmill.

And, all too often, all having the right degree from the right university means is that mommy and daddy bribed the right university with "donations" to the university to give their stupid brat that degree the stupid brat didn't earn. I don't know about you but that doesn't impress me. I had to earn my degrees without bribery.


Remember that I told you that it is the upper class trash who determine who you get to vote for?

The upper class trash just told Kasich to drop out of the race because he "is in Rubio's way."

So, how is that democracy thingy doing?

But, hey, you get to vote, sucker!!!

Why did they tell Kasich to get out?

Because he is liberal just like Rubio and is taking up too much of the GOP liberal vote. The upper class trash want all liberal GOP voters to vote for Rubio.

Gee, the vote isn't rigged, is it?

Yep, obviously so.

Now do you believe the liberals have screwed things up so bad that things can't be fixed without a war?

You can't stop a rat infestation without killing some of the rats and remember that the upper class trash is not all of the upper class, just the corrupt, evil ones.

Many of the people you had thought of as members of the GOP conservative vanguard are turning out to be liberal rat infiltrators.

Rubio said the GOP will lose if they nominate someone half the party hates, you know, a liberal like him, McCain, Romney, Jebberwocky, Kasich, and the rest. This is the problem you get when your party has been infiltrated so that the voters are half liberal (including liberaltarians) and half conservative, half of them will hate anyone you nominate. You see, half the party hates Trump and the other half hates Rubio. according to Rubio, neither can win.

So, why is Rubio still running? Is he too stupid to figure this out?


Remember that I told you that Trump isn't even really trying to win the nomination?

It was just reported that Trump has spent ZERO dollars in ads for the "Super Tuesday" states. Oh yeah, that is really trying. The only thing keeping Trump in the lead is his message angering the media and the media coverage he gets because of his message.

Nice move or at least try by Obama to select Sandoval for the Supreme Court. Sandoval is a Republican, which makes Obama look non-partisan buuuuuuut, he is the most liberal GOP governor in the nation. The man is a super RINO and will probably give Obama everything he wants including your guns, your freedom of speech, and complete control of the Internet.

And you think Obama is stupid?

Well, maybe he is but the puppet masters are smart enough to fool most people and, besides, Obama is a traitor more than stupid.


Good old Marxism hard at work destroying everything. Venezuela is now in flames with an accelerating civil war going on and Argentina has dumped Marxism to boost their economy.

Gee, you think the liberals' beloved Marxism doesn't work?

Oh, I know, the US liberals "will make it work" because the US liberals is are be smarter than dem udder liberal commie Marxist traitors from all of dem udder nations whut failed. That is what the US liberals really believe. Talk about arrogant ignorance. Most of them couldn't think their way out of an empty closet with the door open, light on, road signs, a road map, and a tour guide.

When those idiot liberals tell you they will MAKE IT WORK because they are smarter than the other idiot liberals in other countries where it failed, ask then to explain 1) the details of the mechanics of why it failed in those other countries and 2) the details of the mechanics concerning how they will do it differently to make it work. Absolutely NONE of them can explain that because they are absolutely clue less and grossly ignorant about both.

And they are smarter than the other liberal commie traitors?

Yeah, right. You will have to sell that bridge to someone else.


I have been watching this thing where Apple is refusing to help the FBI to obtain information from the San Bernardino terrorist's IPhone, which actually belonged to a company, which gave the IPhone to the FBI for them to get the information off of the IPhone.

First, it should be clear that Apple is aiding terrorists and they should be investigated as to why they are committing blatant treason.

Second, I thought the FBI and NSA had hackers who should be able to access the IPhone information.

Third, if Bill Gates is backing the FBI on this, can't his programmers hack the little IPhone?

Keep an eye on this. Something is going on here that we are not being told about. It could be that Apple is actively supporting terrorists and is afraid that IPhone will provide intel about it.

Food For Thought

If they are going to replace all of the workers who are doing the jobs they are supposedly bringing the illegals in to take over those jobs with robots, why are they bringing in the illegals?

Just think about that for a while.

Also, if Obama were secretly trying to destroy the US from within, what would he be doing differently?

Answer: Nothing.

Just think about that for a while.

Remember that I told you that the liberals began teaching us that exercise is not important and doesn't have a significant effect on our health to get people over weight so they can't run, hide, or fight in a civil war?

A recent study shows that 30% of the US population is now obese. That is 30% of the people who cannot resist the upper class trash taking over the US in a coup because they can't run, hide, or fight in a civil war.

Just think about that for a while.


Worker's unions started out being good for workers and then they got out of control, were taken over by organized crime, and became very corrupt. The Teamsters Union is failing its members and having to cut the member pension plans by as much as half or more because the leaders put too much of the dues in their own pockets. Add to this that the unions have chased millions of jobs out of country with their corruption and over priced labor because they went too far. I see this as God destroying the unions because they became corrupt, which will free up our new open market for our new nation.


It is being reported that Norway is in a crisis mode and will abandon the Geneva Convention(international law) if Sweden collapses, they will close their borders by force, and are preparing for the worst.

Not scared, are they?

June 23, Britain will have a referendum for leaving the EU, now Holland wants to have a referendum for leaving the EU and Czech Republic prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka has warned that, if Britons do decide to leave the EU, a 'Czexit' could follow, you know, like I told you would happen, if Britain leaves the EU. Serbia's prime minister, Aleksandar Vucic, said that being a member of the EU has "lost its magic power" and other member states have warned of the 'domino effect' of Brexit causing other countries to quit the bloc, you know, like I told you will happen.

Britain and Germany are propping up the already failed EU. If one of them goes, everything implodes and it isn't if but when will one of them go.

Things are getting really bad in Europe but it is going to get worse and they can thank their intellectually superior all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities. The EU is currently blowing itself apart like I told you it would.

As if things were not already bad enough in the EU, Germany lifted the ban on selling Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and it is the second best selling non-fiction book in Germany. Me thinks they are about to have another fascist revolution in Germany. This is going to get nasty. Hey, you know the old saying, "third time's a charm". Think about it.

Do you think Merkel is going to finish the year with her head on her shoulders?

What EU?

Mean while, Britain's Prime Minister, Cameron, is trying to change the subject and direct everyone's attention from the EU mess to "Israel occupying Jerusalem".

Gee, not more smoke and mirrors?

Yep, the corrupt upper class trash are masters at smoke and mirrors or redirection of people's attention to cover up their many, many messes caused every time their great sounding stupid ideas fail. Listen, if the upper class trash were ever held accountable for all of the messes they have made, they would all have been tree ornaments a long time ago, just a swinging in the trees and kicking in the breeze.

Remember that I told you that I expected the Soldiers of Odin anti-immigration group from Finland to spread to other nations in Europe because of the catchy name and the cause?

The Soldiers of Odin just staged a protest in Estonia and have followers in 25 European countries. That was an easy prediction and faster than even I thought.

Of course the liberals call anyone who opposes their corruption and insanity "far right". Of course, the far left liberal whackos are also protesting and wanting even more immigrants to rape their women and finish destroying their nations. It is only inevitable that there will be more conflicts between the two groups. There have already been a few such encounters, especially in Germany.

Mean while, the EU migration head official said they only have 10 days before their beloved and great sounding brilliant immigration system fails.

And the idiot liberals want to keep making it worse?

Man plans, God laughs and just how hard to you think God is laughing right now?


Remember the tens of billions of dollars Obama is giving Iran as part of Obama's Iran deal? Want to guess what Iran is doing with some of it?

Iran is giving terrorist families $7,000 in USD when a member of the family dies murdering you. Remember that Saudi Arabia is also giving the terrorist families $25,000 when a member of the family dies murdering you so that now, the terrorist family gets $32,000 when a member of their family murders you.

That doesn't sound like much but, in that part of the world, it is like you getting about $100 to $150 thousand, you know, as if the guaranteed salvation and 72 virgins thingy wasn't enough incentive to murder you. And, hey, if they have ten kids, the family could easily make $70,000 just from Iran plus another $250,000 from Saudi Arabia or the equivalent of you making more than one million dollars US.

What a deal!!! "Let's make some more babies, mama! Babies are gold! Why work for a living when you can make a fortune screwing? Hey, they can have four wives and four times ten is 40 or 1.28 million USD or, in that part of the world, about 5 million dollars! WhoooYeah, we're gonna get rich working the night shift, mama!!!"

Are you just elated that Obama is giving Iran money to give to terrorist families when a family member murders you? And the really super stupid people still believe Obama is a Christian?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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