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Remember that I told you that the Bible predicts that the planet will be on the verge of blowing itself apart when Jesus returns and has to heal it?

When I first studied geology more than 40 years ago, no one even mentioned earthquake swarms because they just didn't happen. Earthquakes were much more mild and not as frequent as they are today.

Over the last 40 years I have watched earthquakes steadily getting worse and more frequent and now the relatively new phenomenon of earthquake swarms, which better explain what will happen during the Tribulation. This is our planet in its final death throws building up to the two extremely severe earthquakes we are warned about in the Book of Revelation to take place during the Tribulation. If you just pay attention, you can easily see this planet dying. The continuing worsening of earthquakes is proof of what I am saying and the Bible says about the Tribulation earthquakes.

In Dream 9, which I posted in August 2013, I tell about God telling me and me warning you about what they would now call an earthquake super swam which will almost completely destroy the Greater Los Angeles area. This will be a significant step towards this planet continuing to die and will be a warning from God.

Note that the LA super swarm earthquake will be a relatively localized super swarm which will do massive amounts of damaged in the Greater LA area and also do significant amounts of damage along the Pacific Coast, probably from Mexico in the south to maybe as far north as Canada and even Alaska. There could also be significant damage as far east as Albuquerque, NM and Denver, CO. This super swarm will definitely be felt all over North America and as far south as Mexico City.

But, the LA super swarm earthquake will just be a warning of things to come during the Tribulation and should tell you we are very close to the Tribulation.

The first severe earthquake mentioned during the Tribulation will be the planets first global super swarm earthquake. The damaged will be massive globally and the aftershocks will continue for years with very severe aftershocks, especially in some areas.

The next and last earthquake mentioned in the Tribulation will be a global super duper swarm that will level all of the mountains and destroy all of the islands. The aftershocks will be in the 10+ range with indescribable damage everywhere. It will be difficult to stand and walk because of the aftershocks felt globally.

If Jesus does not return before the next earthquake and heal this planet to prevent the next earthquake, that earthquake will be a planet killer global super swarm earthquake which will completely destroy the entire planet and all life on it. There will be no life or "flesh" left on this planet and probably not even be a planet left. There will be total catastrophic destruction of the planet and everything on it.

Chinese Slaves

I was going back through the dreams I have posted and came to Dream 12, which was posted in November 2013. It was about large numbers of people being sold into slavery to China by our government. I realized that what I had previously said about current refugees being sent to FEMA Camps and probably being slaughtered may have been wrong. I realized that those refugees are probably being sold into slavery to China just like the dream said would happen. If that is the case, then that dream is being fulfilled right now.

It is very possible that Obama is getting people from other countries to come to the US with promises of paradise at the expense of the American people and then selling those people into slavery to fill his pockets and the pockets of his fellow upper class trash criminals with cash.

That would answer the question I asked about why are they bringing in immigrant workers to replace US workers whom they already are planning to replace with robots. The liberal upper class trash Commiecrats have returned to practicing slavery, you know, like the Democrats did before the US Civil War...along with all of the Commiepublicans who are also pro-immigration.

Are the upper class trash selling both groups off as slaves while bringing in the robots?

This also explains why the greedy, power mad upper class trash recently had a secret meeting on how to get rid of Trump. Trump is threatening their slave trade with his anti-immigration stance and will cost them billions of dollars.

Gee, could that be why the GOP leaders are trying so hard to get rid of Trump? Is it possible that everyone involved in trying to stop Trump is secretly involved in the US slave trade selling slaves to China and they stand to lose a lot of money if Trump wins?

Remember that Obama signed an agreement with China right after Obama was elected that, if the US defaulted on its loans from China, that China would get US land and slaves? Remember that Obama has been giving China US land for years? Has Obama secretly defaulted on the US debt the way FDR did? Remember that Obama said he would do everything FDR did?

The US has been bankrupt for years.

You think not?

I just read that foreign nations are selling US treasuries at a record pace. They are trying to get rid of them before it becomes common knowledge they are worthless pieces of paper. The net sales for US treasuries were $57.2 billion just in January and increasing. Don't be surprised to see a massive unloading and crash in US treasuries in the near future.

Then remember that Obama said he will do everything FDR did? Do you remember that I told you that FDR confiscated gold in the US and also defaulted on certain US debt instruments?

Guess what Obama will do when US treasuries finish crashing. Yep, he is going to confiscate all of your gold for pennies on the dollar, you know, just like FDR did. Oh yeah, he will also confiscate everything in your banks and your retirement funds to pay his bills, you know, all of his over spending and luxurious vacations.

Then I found out that one of the reasons why China's economy is "slowing down" is because their people's wages are getting too high so increasing numbers of businesses are going to impoverished countries where wages are lower. To counter this, China is "looking to import workers", you know, slaves from America. That will definitely keep wages down.


Obama is trying to dodge the bullet for the mess he helped make in Libya by blaming France and Britain for the mess.

Things have gotten really terrible in Libya and you know it won't be Obama's fault.


Another car bomb was set off in Ankara, Turkey by the Kurds because of Erdogan murdering so many Kurds. The Kurds are fighting back and are being supported by Russia.


Russia has announced they are pulling out most of their troops from Syria and that they have accomplished their objectives with everyone wondering what those objectives were and so quickly?

Remember that I told you that Russia was taking advantage of Obama's truce to make deals with the different terrorist groups, you know, Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels?

It seems those Obama terrorist groups have agreed to quit trying to overthrow Assad and to fight with Assad to destroy Obama's ISIS and Al Nusra. Putin has out maneuvered obama again and he did it in less than a year.

Mean while Obama, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Sunni Muslim lead countries are determined to remove Assad with no current plan to achieve their goals. After all, their last plan was just shot down by Putin.

Note that Putin is removing most of his troops and not all of them. Also note that Putin said he is pulling his troops out of Syria and didn't say where he is sending those troops with everyone just assuming Putin is taking those troops back to Russia. Don't be surprised if they suddenly show up in Libya to destroy Obama's ISIS there.

Also note that it is not the US military failing because the US military has been proposing actions that would have stopped ISIS a long time ago but Obama keeps shutting the US military plans down to protect ISIS. It is Obama that Putin keeps upstaging, not the US military. Get it straight that Putin is destroying Obama's efforts to take over Syria so Obama and his pals can invade Israel.

I have been telling you for years that Obama keeps telling you what he is up to but most people don't listen because they don't want to believe and dare not say that Obama is a traitor. They feel it is more acceptable to call Obama incompetent than a traitor and they know they will be mocked as stupid tin-hater conspiracy theorists if they dare say the truth about Obama.

One of many examples here is that Obama keeps calling ISIS ISIL.


ISIS means Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and ISIL means Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant which includes Israel. They cannot be rightfully called ISIL because they are not in Israel or the Levant.

Then why does Obama keep calling them ISIL instead of the correct name, ISIS?

It is wishful thinking and Obama is telling you that he is trying to build ISIS to invade and conquer Israel but no one is listening. It is just like the rest of the things I have pointed out that Obama has openly warned us about and no one listened to until it was too late.


Merkel's political party took really big losses in this last Sunday's elections in Germany.

Why am I not surprised?

Now the very fact that anyone in Germany is voting for Merkel and her party should tell you that either those people are part of the problem in Germany and are traitors or they are really stupid.

Just how arrogant, stupid, and ignorant are these European bureaucratic integration classes for Muslim immigrants? Do these twits actually believe that they can take people who have spent their entire lives being taught to rape women and hate Jews and just tell them in classes to not rape women and hate Jews and these Muslim people will just stupidly say, "Duh, well, OK.", and stop raping women and hating Jews? Just how stupid are these European liberals?


One thing Trump is doing, whether intentional or not, is showing how violent and mean the liberals really are. They are now massively coming out of the closet and rioting. The liberals are arrogantly showing they are not the kind, peaceful, good people they pretend to be.

Trump is also showing that he knows how to beat the liberals at their own game. Trump's followers stormed a Sanders rally and forced it to cancel.

The question is, will this cause the rapidly approaching shooting war between the left and right to happen sooner?


With it seeming that a criminal investigation is under way and the Feds are closing in on her, Hilarious faked another coughing fit. It is obvious she is faking them because they come and go as per convenience. If such a bad cough were real, she would cough all of the time and during every speech.

Now they are openly saying that the GOP establishment would rather have crony-capitalist Hilarious Clinststone than Trump. It is just like I have been telling you, they are all in the same bed. All of the upper class trash are crony-capitalists selling out the American people while working together to sack the nation from within.

No sane, rational person should want Hilarious running their country.

Paul Ryan

John Boner is endorsing Paul Ryan for president "in the even there is no clear majority or winner in the first round at the GOP convention". Yep, the liberal run GOP is determined to give the conservatives another liberal commie traitor RINO for presidential candidate, you know, like Romney and McCain.

I keep telling you the liberals are so obsessive, compulsively stupid that nothing short of death will stop their insanity and wickedness and they keep proving me right. You know the GOP fix is in for super RINO, Paul Ryan.

Oh, and you don't think the elections are rigged? Has it become obvious enough for you yet for you to realize that the Republic of the USA is dead and just has not finished kicking yet? So how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy doing? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

And, if you think the liberal upper class trash are not planning to purge all of you liberals, the liberal commie traitor rag, the "National Review", said that the "white working class communities deserve to die." They are going to get rid of all of you whities, including the liberal commie traitors, baby.

And, if you want to know just how stupid the liberal RINOs are, they keep hiring liberal marketing x-spurts to run their political campaigns, you know, people who almost certainly want the liberal commie traitor Commiecrats to win.

Is that beyond brain dead or what?

Jerry Brown

Ultra liberal commie traitor governor, Jerry Brown is promising...uh...threatening to build a wall around Commiefornia if Trump wins the presidency.

Now that is good news because we could just send all of the liberals there, close the doors, call it the Commiefornia Asylum.

Mean while, North Korea is promising...uh...threatening to nuke that other large commie traitor community, New York City, with a hydrogen bomb.

And you add to that that the Muslims are planning to kill off all of our liberal commie traitors when the Muslims take over.

See, there is good news.

Supreme Court

There is a rumor that Obama is planning to nominate Judge Merrick Garland, who currently serves as the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. He is considered a moderate, which means he is a liberal. ANY time they say moderate today, it always means liberal, true moderates are called conservatives, and true conservatives are called radicals.

Also he was born in India and is a Hindu so you know he will bring a Hindu bias to his decisions regardless of what the lying liberal media tell you. Of course the liberals will sell this as him bringing "more diversity" to the court, in other words, more liberal, anti-Christian decisions. Just remember that the Hindus are current murdering Christians in India and burning hundreds of churches. Oh yeah, an Indian man was just hacked to death for marrying a higher cast woman. That is a Hindu thingy.

Listen, this guy was appointed to the Appeals court by...wait for it...Billy Boy Clintstone. That should say enough about him. You know the GOP RINOs will sell out and appoint Obama's man.


I have been reading that the crimes in Denver are increasing rapidly and have been doing so since they legalized pot. Now I am reading that the same is true in Seattle.

Gee, who would have guessed?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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