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Power Struggle

I have been warning you about the growing power struggle between Obama and the Clintons. One of my readers sent me information about Chelsea also going on the attack against Obama with Billy Boy. Some are thinking this is the Clintons seeing Obama as a liability and trying to distance themselves from him.

It is also a possibility they are trying to get him impeached and replaced with a kinder Biden to prevent Obama from having Hillary prosecuted. Another possibility is they are priming the pump for blaming Obama for everything they screw up. It could even be some combination of those things and others.

This is definitely a growing power struggle between the two groups and makes it even more obvious the Clintons will blame Obama for any problems they face and cause and they will definitely have Obama killed.

I have been thinking about this some more. I think they are continuing to run Hilarious because they have the fix in to keep Hilarious out of jail as long as Obama doesn't get permission to throw her under the bus. I believe what the Clintstones want is to have Hilarious be the head dictator...uh...president and pillager in chief for 8 years followed by Chelsea for another 8 years, which should give them time to set themselves up as permanent dictators and pillagers in chief.

I think the Clintstones have planted the seed and will water it to diminish Obama and raise themselves up to increase their power and decrease Obama's power. It is definitely a power struggle. This is definitely psychological warfare between the Clintstones and Obama.

Have you noticed that the only people who get along with Obama and company are the Muslims and not even all of them?

Liberal Liars

Sanders commented on Billy Boy's comment about Obama by saying, "Don't know that I'd call President Obama's 72 straight months of job growth an 'awful legacy."

This shows just how twisted the lefty lies are when they call the last 72 months a period of job growth. It is obvious that if someone hires someone else, regardless of the number of jobs lost, the lefties call it job growth.

"Hey, one person got a job so it is job growth; forget about the millions losing jobs."

They conveniently forget to tell you it has been 72 months of negative job growth.

The problem is that there are so many people who are stupid enough to just blindly believe the media and liberal politicians when they just say it was job growth and don't look to see how many more jobs were being lost.

Tell the truth?

Oh no, then everyone would know how terribly they have screwed everything up. These people should be prosecuted for fraud.

BTW, the liberals supporting Sanders are making a big deal out of a sparrow landing on the lectern in front of Sanders at a speech. They are calling it "a sign from God".

Hold it, I thought liberals didn't believe in God? How can they get a sign from someone who doesn't exist? Being a little hypocritical, aren't they? But, hey, what has changed?

According to their logic and beliefs, it was just a bird that got confused by all of the noise and landed on the lectern. If it had happened to a conservative, that is exactly what they would say. It shouldn't mean a thing buuuuut, they are hypocrites and superstitious pagans so it is a sign to them.

So, Bernie has a bird and finally a brain...of sorts. He still doesn't have a clue about economics or reality. He still has not held one real job in his life and will be one of the worst presidents in history, you know, along with Carter, Obama, and Billy Boy Clintstone.

Shish, liberals, they get all worked up about the wrong things and don't care about the right things.


Some are now saying that Europe won't exist in 10 years, you know, it will cease to exist. I have been telling you it will cease to exist for more than a decade.

Isn't it wonderful they have finally figured it out?

A former CIA head said that the EU gets in the way of national security. A former MI6 chief said that leaving the EU will help improve British national security. You know that won't help keep the EU alive.

Poland has recanted accepting Muslim immigrants and is "criticizing" the EU.

This is getting fun, watching the intellectually superior elites running the EU squirm.

Man plans, God laughs.

The idiots are saying that we are not at war with Islam, only terrorists. OK, Europe is now waging war against terrorists, shooting, killing, and arresting them by the dozens.

How many atheists have they arrested or shot and killed?

None, not one.

How many Buddhists have they arrested or shot and killed?

None, not one.

How many Hindus have they arrested or shot and killed?

None, not one.

How many Christians have they arrested or shot and killed?

None, not one.

How many of the people they have arrested or shot and killed were Muslim?

All of them, everyone of them.

Gee, and we are not at war with Islam? Just how stupid are these people?

Get the picture yet?

BTW, the reason why Hindus and other religions are starting to murder Christians is because they know the West is now run by pagans who won't protect the Christians any more so it is now open season on Christians.

And that idiot, ultra liberal commie traitor, Dershowitz, thinks Cruz and Trump are "too radical" for saying we need to fight Muslims to stop Muslim terrorists? Who does that pompous arrogant fool think we should fight to stop Muslim terrorists, fairies...leprechauns...brownies?

I know!!! Klingons, we need to fight Klingons to stop Islamic terrorism!!! Yeah, that's the ticket, we need to fight Klingons!!! If we fight the Klingons, the Muslim terrorism will stop!!!

Ah yes, liberal genius hard at work. It is all of the stupid liberal crap that was pounded up their butts by their idiot liberal college professors when they got those right degrees from the right universities.

Belgium leaders are using water cannons against people protesting the Muslims murdering the people, you know, helping out the Muslim terrorists. You know this won't end well.

Mean while, German universities in Berlin, Dortmund, and Duisburg have closed down Muslim prayer rooms.

Which nation do you think has the best chance of surviving this Muslim invasion?


Different US backed terrorist groups are now fighting each other after being run out of Allepo. Yeah, that worked well.


I am fed up with liberal activists, including attorneys and liberal college professors, and x-spurt intellectual activists using their version of Rules of Engagement to harass, bully, terrorize, and intimidate our cops and soldiers into not defending themselves and protecting others because those activists hate cops and soldiers and want to destroy the nation. At least 80% to 90% of the time they manage to bring legal actions against our cops and soldiers, the cop or soldier is acquitted telling me that this is all frivolous harassment and should be stopped.

Yes, there are some bad cops and soldiers but the vast majority are acquitted of any charges when the activists do manage to bring charges against the cops and soldiers. This harassment needs to be stopped.

I personally feel these x-spurt activists should be handed guns, sent to the front, and be made to "show us" how to do things right.

They are the all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, highly educated, overpaid, x-spurts who know better than our cops and soldiers how to fight the wars, protect other people, and defend themselves; shouldn't they be made to show us how to do it right by example or prove they know what they are talking about because, after all, don't actions speak louder than words?

Their lessons by example would be invaluable to our cops and soldiers in better doing their jobs. Absolutely everyone who attacks and intimidates our cops and soldiers should have to do the job themselves.

I think we would quickly find out who really knows what they are talking about and the rest would shut up. I am tired of these x-spurt jerks getting good cops and soldiers killed.


Iran says that nothing will stop their nuke missile program.

Hold it, don't we think that bunker buster bombs and nukes will stop a nuke missile program? Does Iran know something we don't know? Are they right or are we right? Maybe we should conduct scientific research to find out whether they are right because, after all, we don't want to find out we are wrong when confronting someone like Russia or China, do we?

We need to bomb and nuke Iran's nuke missile program and government to see if bombs and nukes will stop a nuke missile the name of science, of course.


I read this over at Arutz Sheva by a staff writer:

"The Temple Institute on Monday announced a new initiative to identify, select and register kohanim who would be eligible to prepare the Red Heifer, as part of reinstating worship at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem when it is rebuilt."


"Potential kohanim candidates must have been born in Israel to a father of kohanic lineage, leading back to Aharon (Aaron) from the Torah."

If that doesn't get your attention, nothing will.

Kohanim is plural for Kohan, which is a Biblical religious leader ordained by God in the Torah or first five books of the Bible to carry out the religious services in and around the Temple. The US spelling is Cohen.

Me thinks they just might, maybe, be getting ready to rebuild the Temple?

Keep an eye on this.


The Justice Department says the FBI has successfully unlocked the information from the San Bernardino terrorist IPhone.

All of you twits who were so concerned about an invasion of your privacy by the FBI need to thank the Apple geniuses, especially their idiot attorneys, for that because now, instead of Apple owning that software to access your IPhones, the FBI owns it and can do with their property whatever they want.

Gee, Apple denying a court order or legal warrant to defy the FBI in accessing the info on that terrorist IPhone was just bril-lee-yunt, wasn't it, you know, just like I told you?

You can bet that, from now on, the FBI will buy the newest models of everything and hack those things for themselves just in case they need to access them later and you can thank the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, overpaid, intellectually superior, upper class trash fools at Apple for that...and the idiot twits who supported them.

Enjoy your IPhones, the FBI now has access to them.


Liberals prove daily that they are such idiots.

I keep telling you that the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior upper class trash are not as intelligent as they want you to believe and they keep proving me right. Most of them became wealthy because 1) after heavy inbreeding, they were born into more wealth than their inbred little minds can manage without their "people" making the important decisions for them, 2) they stole what they have, which doesn't require great intelligence, just a lack of integrity, and 3) they were in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

All many of them do is sign off on what their "people" bring them and you can replace those twits with a monkey and a rubber stamp.

Most of those little inbred rich brats got the right degrees from the right universities because mommy and daddy bribed...uh...gave a big donation to the university to get their brat accepted, then bribed the universities some more with more donations so their rich brats would pass the courses and get top grades, and then also hired tutors to help their worthless inbred offspring pass those courses that many middle and lower class kids pass without the bribes and tutors, showing you just how stupid and lazy those spoiled rich brats really are.

Most of you could do most of their jobs with minimal training and do a better job at it.

BTW, the reason why they have higher IQs than you is because all of their "intelligence" tests are severely culturally biased to make them look more intelligent than you. For example, the NEA teacher's test is 100% culturally biased in favor of the upper middle to upper class liberal culture.

Before I took the test, I talked to the three teachers whose class rooms were closest to mine and two of them had to take the test at least two to three times to pass all three parts of it. The third one took the test six times and still had not passed one part of it, after studying everything she could get her hands on.

Since no one really cared whether you passed the test and I am trained in testing and test writing, I figured I would just take the test without studying to see what I needed to study to pass the test and then pass it the second time around. Also, I had spent 10 years in Los Angeles, quite a bit of it hanging around with liberal upper class trash natural elites and knew their culture.

I was informed a few weeks later by the principal that I had passed all three parts "with flying colors" and it was absolutely ALL liberal culture and had absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.

You have to understand that the liberals control our educational system and government. If you are a test writer and want to make the big money writing "intelligence tests", you write those tests as culturally biased as you can to make those idiot liberals in charge look more intelligent than they are and the rest of the people look stupider than they are for upper class ego, PR, and control.

Middle and lower class people taking those rigged tests will look at least 20 points dumber than they really are and the idiot liberal upper class will all look at lest 20 to 30 points smarter than they really are. When you adjust those tests for cultural bias, the upper class is no more intelligent than the middle and lower classes but the upper class doesn't want you to know that so they can intimidate, control, and claim they must run your lives for you because they are so smart and you are so dumb.

Get the picture yet?

Oh yeah, the studies based on those biased intelligence tests are worthless garbage but the upper class trash sure love to use that bogus science to intimidate you and convince you that they know what is best for you. Why, if you would just live the way they tell you to, it would be paradise, in spite of the fact that none of their great sounding stupid ideas have ever worked.


I have noticed recently that things have slowed down a bit and I have been writing fewer essays.

You know why?

Because all of the upper class trash bril-lee-yunt sounding stupid ideas have been failing forcing those all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, highly educated, grossly overpaid x-spurts to regroup, re-organize, and start over again.

All of this is why man plans, God laughs.

BTW, whenever I see someone say something like "Hillary would make a good president" my first thought is, "what kickbacks is that jerk getting?"


I believe I told you that the dope problem has gotten so bad in sports that it is only a matter of time until they start dropping dead during competition from heart attacks.

I have been seeing riders as young as 30 to 40 years of age dropping dead out on training and group rides because of prior or current dope use. I just read about a 22 year old pro bicycle racer dropping dead during a race in Europe. It is happening and will increase as they keep making more and more potent witch's brews to beat the other dopers' witch's brews.

Mean while, organized crime and the upper class trash, who own modern pro sports, laugh all of the way to the bank with their blood money.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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