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Putin has really pulled a fast one on Obama...again. He only removed half of his fixed wing aircraft in his "Withdrawal" from Syria, sent in more of his best attack helicopters, military cargo ships going to Syria are very heavily laden (sitting low in the water) and the same ships returning from Syria to Russia are empty (sitting high in the water), with more combat ships near the Syrian coast than before the withdrawal to protect the cargo ships and, if necessary, fire cruise missiles and SAMs into Syria.

Well, after he put in his S-400 and S-300 SAM systems, he did withdraw most of his fighter planes. I guess he didn't need them to keep Turkey from shooting down his bombers any more.

And, again, Obama took the sucker punch right on the chin.

I just pray that the US not get involved in a direct conflagration with Russia or China while Obama is our idiot in chief. There would be a lot of very unnecessary dead US military personnel and we would lose that conflagration, though you can bet Obama would later claim he won the war.

Obama's prowess consist entirely of 1) he has a great, mesmerizing voice, 2) he is handsome, 3) he can read fairy tales off of teleprompters very well, and 4)he is black. That is all of the qualities Obama has that are worth talking about.

We know that the Saudis, whom Obama later stabbed in the back, bribed Columbia and Harvard to give Obama college degrees to at least make it appear he is intelligent and Obama arrogantly believes his own lie about being intelligent, which should tell you he can't be very intelligent.

He thinks he is a great athlete because he is black in spite of the fact that the only activities he was involved in during high school were chain smoking dope, being a liberal version of cool, and being a bully. He quit pretending to be a great basketball player and playing with pro basketball players when a pro coach publically said Obama wasn't very good. Now he is pretending to be a top golfer even though another black, a real athlete, said he is lousy.

The ugly truth is that, if Obama were not black, he would be turning burgers somewhere or sweeping floors but, he is allergic to work, so he would probably be some doper parasite living off of other dopers until they kicked him out of their pads and would have ended up homeless to eventually die from an overdose or being shot during a store robbery...and he is our president, which should tell you just how corrupt our nation has become.

But, hey, we brought this on ourselves by turning our backs on God so God gave us an arrogant, narcissistic jester and fool for president, you know, a spoiled rotten two year old brat.


Remember that I told you the upper class trash helped Hitler commit his crimes and try to conquer the world?

Newly released documents show that the ultra liberal Associated Press worked with and helped Hitler.

Gee, who would have guessed?

They aren't the only ones. Almost all of the current older members of the liberal upper class trash worked with and helped Hitler, the best known of which is George Soros who works for the Rothschilds, who also helped Hitler by loaning him money, which got Hitler into the financial crisis, which forced Hitler to go to war to steal money from other countries for which the Rothschilds and Rockefellers loaned Hitler even more money along with making a killing loaning his enemies money to win that war.

Yep, that is right, Hitler built his Auschwitz ovens with borrowed money from the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, among others.

"But", you say, "The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are Jewish, why would they finance murdering Jews?"

Because, just like I have told you before, like Hitler, they are Luciferians and hate orthodox Jews, you know, just like Jewish George Soros. A person's religion really does matter.

This goes much, much deeper than just the Associated Press helping Hitler and, yes, it is true, the liberals are the real Nazis, not the conservatives; just look at liberal Jew, George Soros, who openly admits he helped the Nazis murder Jews and has publically stated he has no regrets for helping the Nazis murder Jews.

And this man is loved by the same liberals who call conservatives Nazis?

Yep, pretty much so.

Please note that it isn't the orthodox or Christian Jews who are helping the Muslims cause all of this trouble for Israel. It is the pagan Jews, including atheists, who hate God, the Bible, orthodox Jews, and Christians, who are helping the Muslims murder Jews and Christians.


I have posted a number of essays dealing with street fighting, which includes fighting terrorists, who are trying to murder you and I want to add just one more thought.

When you are fighting for your life, you better win the fight because, if you don't, you are losing your life.

Think about that and learn to fight. Street fighting isn't a game, it is survival.


Obama recently made a statement that should have liberal commie traitors concerned but they are too stupid to understand its true meaning. He said that communism and capitalism are the same.

Now, Obama has made no bones about him hating capitalism so does this mean that he also hates communism and has just being lying to his liberal commie traitor pals along with the rest of us? Does this mean he plans to purge all of the liberal commie traitors the way I have been telling you he will?

Please note that Obama is NOT bringing in illegal communists but is bringing in illegal Muslims. Obama is not appointing communists to top government positions, replacing Muslims but is appointing Muslims to top government positions, replacing liberal communists.

If you stupid liberal commie traitors had done your homework, you would know that ALL devout Muslims, including Obama, hate both communism and capitalism and only like Islam, which is a religion, government, and economic system. You can't be a devout Muslim and love communism and Islam at the same time, you can only love Islam and hate communism so that, to a Muslim, communism and capitalism are the same because they hate both.

You mean Obama just told you what I have been telling you for years, that he and his Muslim pals plan to purge all of you stupid liberal commie traitors, you know, using his secret racist data base?

Yep, he couldn't get any clearer without just flat saying he and his pals are planning to kill all of you stupid liberal commie traitors and replace you with Muslims, which Obama has been doing for more than 7 years now.

Many people still believe the lie that Obama is not a Muslim but a Christian in spite of the fact that it was just reported that Obama has been sending tens of millions of US tax dollars over seas to build, maintain, and rebuild Muslim mosques and not one Christian church.

Oh yeah, and Obama is using your tax dollars to build the largest mosque in the world right here in the US.

How many super large Christian churches is he using your tax dollars to build in the US? What, not one?

Yeah, that sure sounds Christian to me. (/sarc)


BTW, it seems that the liberals' beloved communist state of Cuba is on the verge of imploding. The foreign aid being provided by other now bankrupt communist countries is no longer able to stave off an internal revolution. It seems their upper class trash is at odds with the core rulers and are on the verge of deposing them.

Oh well, I guess the stupid liberal commie traitors in the US will have to find another "example" of a successful communist government to cling to in order to continue to believe the lies by their liberal college professors and leaders trying to turn the US Marxist.


It turns out that an Israeli tech company helped the FBI break into the terrorist IPhone because Apple stupidly refused to obey a court order. Now Israel and the FBI have the software to break into your IPhone because of the geniuses who opposed Apple helping the FBI.

Yep, the good old liberals proving they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. It isn't just the FBI who has access to the software to hack your IPhones now but also Israel, thanks to the geniuses at Apple and those twits who supported them. Add to that the fact that Apple may now never know how the FBI hacked their IPhone, because, after all, it is now classified government information for both the US and Israel.

Gee, that was smart. Those all-knowing, all-wise, highly educate, grossly overpaid, intellectually superior, elite liberal upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities showing us once again just how bril-lee-yunt deh is are be.

Keep it up, people, soon you will have everyone knowing just how stupid you really are. Oh, you have definitely convinced me.

Zuckerberg just proved one more time that you don't have to be very intelligent to get mega wealthy.

Gee, was he one of those upper class trash twits who were in the right place at the right time doing the right thing that got him mega wealthy?

It sure looks like it. He naively stated that love will defeat ISIS.

Oh, how noble sounding! I bet the idiot liberals just fell to the floor drooling all over the place and wet themselves when they heard that. Why, let's all form a circle, hold hands, and sing commie songs.

Yeah, Zucky, love will stop all of the bullets, bombs, and throat slitting.

Why don't you go to Syria and show us how it is done, Zucky?

Just go right over there and give those murdering suicide bombers a great big old love hug, Zucky. I want video. Rich twit.


With 73% of the liberal commie traitor voters backing Linen II, 60% of the superdelegates backing Clinton and the liberals being so violent, you know, with street riots and all, if the Commiecrat party doesn't elect Linen II as their presidential candidate, I am expecting some pretty serious rioting in the streets following the Commiecrat convention, possibly even a little liberal internal revolution. Who knows, maybe some of those violent liberal commie professional demonstrators will give their glorious liberal commie leaders some special order designer tar and feathers. I want video.

What, you mean the liberal commie traitor people don't like their own corrupt political system being used against them the way we conservatives said it would be some day? You mean the liberal upper class trash commie traitor leaders are not loyal to their loyal followers and will screw them?

If you create a monster, someday it will turn on you and bite you.

Some of those lefties are talking about voting for Trump if Hilarious is elected as the Commiecrat presidential candidate. I guess they are beginning to figure out that their glorious liberal commie traitor leaders are not loyal to them, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. Yes, the liberal upper class trash will purge you liberal commie traitor useful idiots when you are no longer useful.

This is getting interesting. You can bet that at least a few eyes are opening to how corruption always comes back to haunt you.

BTW, more and more people are becoming increasingly angry at the liberals and their Muslim pals, very angry.


Remember that one of the most important reasons we are being judged as a nation is because, as a nation, we have murdered more than 50 million unborn babies.

Remember that Jesus said that to harm the least of the children (the unborn) is to be cursed.

Remember that makes this nation cursed so that it must be destroyed and a new nation built. We cannot save this nation from its due judgment, that is too late because the punishment has already started. We have to take our punishment, repent of our crimes or sins, and start over by building a new Christian nation.

Remember not to cause harm to the children again.

Muslim Moderates

Remember that I told you years ago that there cannot be any Muslim moderates because the Koran forbids it, the Koran brands such Muslims hypocrites, and all devout Muslims are required to kill such Muslims?

A Muslim in Britain wished all of this Christian friends a happy Easter and another Muslim killed him for doing so, you know, just like I told you would happen.

Muhammad made it very clear in the Koran that he hated all Muslims who were not devout, murdering Muslims and he did so repeatedly. Muhammad made it very clear that he hated such Muslims worse than non Muslims. It is one of the most talked about things in the Koran. Muhammad stressed it a lot. Islam does not permit there to be moderate Muslims and the Koran says repeatedly they will burn in fire, you know, hell.


In Israel, a soldier shot a wounded terrorist in the head because the soldier thought the terrorist was wearing a bomb and was about to detonate the bomb, killing the soldier and others.

Of course the lying liberal commie traitors, especially the media are having a feeding frenzy over this. This is a great opportunity for them to further aid the enemy by tying the hands of the soldiers and get a bunch of soldiers killed.

One liberal journalist asked, "Is shooting someone in the head self defense?"

This is liberal holy war, a crusade against everything good, intelligent, and rational.

First, if you think a terrorist, wounded or not, is wearing a bomb and is about to detonate, you better blow his brains out before he can blow your brains out. That is the best and only way to stop them.

Can't you just see the liberal commie traitors getting their way 100% with ROE?

"You can only shoot the enemy in self defense in the left little pinky above the first knuckle and only after consulting with us liberal commie traitors for at least three days, not including weekends and holidays."

Second, they should tie everyone of those liberal journalists, activists, and others to suicide bombers, give them a gun with one bullet, and video what they will do.

This is aiding the enemy and treason against the soldiers and the people those soldiers are sworn to protect. They should all be tried for treason and executed...via suicide bomber, if possible.

Israeli Tank

Something very interesting just happened in Israel. One of their tanks was shot by another one of their tanks during a live fire training exercise, was damaged but not destroyed, and none of the crew were injured. Either their tank shells are not very good or their tanks are. I am waiting for the analysis on that.

Liberal Twits

Here is food for thought for you idiot liberal twits who want government health care.

Do you really think the government will take better care of you than they are already taking care of veterans?

That should give you idiot liberal twits nightmares.

Of course the idiot liberal twits are having a hey day with Trump refusing to say he will not use nukes against our enemies, including Europe.

Listen, jerks, I will use any weapon necessary against any enemy of my people to protect my people from that enemy and I want my enemies and allies to know that. It is called survival, stupid.

The most important function of government is to protect the good people from bad people and to not use whatever weapons are required to protect your people from any and all bad guys is criminal negligence and treason because you are aiding the enemy.

If you mess with me (including my people), I mess back, I mess better, I mess last, so don't mess with me or my people. If you don't like the way I fight, don't pick a fight with me. If you pick a fight with me, you deserve everything you will get and more.

The liberal twits are now making a big deal out of China's new super duper long range nuke missile. Why, everyone must be terrified because it is now the longest range nuke missile in the world. It can travel 14,500 km (8,700 miles) before disgorging its nuke warhead.

Super duper, whoopy wow, I am so terrified!!! Not!!!

Listen, our nuke missiles can reach anywhere on the planet.

What are the Chinese going to do, orbit the planet a few times before blowing it up?

Listen, with a range of 14,500 km, they can nuke the moon or Mars.

Is China's Xi really Daffy Duck and is now fighting back against that little Martian dude?

Run, run, the sky is falling!!! Or so the left wants you to believe.

The left was doing the same thing with their glorious Soviet Union commie pals during the cold war. The liberal commie traitors kept telling us how terrified we should be of the vastly superior commies (Soviet Union) and that the vastly superior commies could walk right in and take over any time they want so we should all just surrender and peacefully become good little commies.

That was right before Gorby surrendered to Ronnie because the Soviet Union had the better stuff. (/sarc)

Here we go again with more liberal commie traitor lies to scare everyone into submission, only this time to Communist China.


Socialism is doing so well in France that, last year alone, 10,000 millionaires or 3% of France's richest people left France.

Yep, you can bet their economy isn't doing well.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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