War 3


I keep seeing people saying that there will soon be a war in the US.

WILL be a war?

These people need to pay attention. This war by the left and Muslims has been going on in this country for decades and is just now escalating.

This war began decades ago with what the military calls psy-ops, psychological operations or psychological warfare when they took over the media, including Hollywood, and secondary education and the liberal commie traitors began dumbing us down and brainwashing us. Then they took over public education and began dumbing down and brainwashing almost everyone even earlier while trying to stop things like home schooling so they could also dumb down and brainwash those kids.

Why do you think the last one or two generations love Marxism/communism/socialism in spite of the obvious fact it has failed everywhere?

We have all been brainwashed at least a little bit and it took me years of research and studies to realize this and undo it just with myself. The reason for this site is to help you to 1) realize you have been brainwashed at least a little bit and 2) help you undo that brainwashing so you can see the truth.

The black riots in Los Angeles in 1992 were a dry run by the black Muslims aided by the liberals (remember that in 1992 the FBI stated that all black gangs in the US were Muslim) were a dry run to see what would be necessary to overthrow the US (Rodney King was just the lame excuse for the riots, which were actually a lefty/black Muslim military operation to test the waters or what the military calls probing for weaknesses.) I was told this by black Muslims and they said they found they had to do two things; 1) destroy the US military and 2) disarm US citizens. Bush I, Billy Boy, and Obama have been working very hard to achieve both of these goals.

This war was recently engaged and escalated at Ferguson with what the military would call minor excursions probing for weakness and has been escalating since. Get a clue, Ferguson was our Fort Sumter. The first shots have been fired, military attacks or commando operations like San Bernardino and others are happening on a regular basis probing for weaknesses, and people are being killed by the lefties and Muslims.

Look at the recent protests where the left and Muslims have being increasing their aggressiveness and attacks against conservative protestors or supporters. These are minor military skirmishes, you know, like the Minute Men, between the good guys and bad guys and are getting worse on a daily basis with people already being hurt and killed.

Then we have psy-ops similar to Tokyo Rose during WWII putting out all kinds of false information like teaching you to fear and hate the military and law enforcement. They are telling you things like the military and police will round you up, put you on FEMA buses, and send you to the FEMA death camps.

It won't be the military or law enforcement who will do this and Obama told you so before he was ever elected but no one paid attention to what he was saying.

Obama told you that he felt his glorious Citizen National Security Force (fancy commie name for Gestapo, SS, Brown Shirts, Red Shirts, and etc.) should be as well trained and armed as the US military to "protect" the people...from whom?

To protect the people from the military and law enforcement, you know, just like these liberal psy-ops sites posing as conservative sites are telling you.

Gee, you are getting the same lies and misinformation from both the good guys and the bad guys?

No, that is the big clue that they are all bad guys. Some are just posing as good guys.

Gee, why would these "conservative sites" be turning you against the military and law enforcement?

So, when Obama sends his CNSF to "save you from the military and law enforcement" you will go right along with Obama and help destroy the military and law enforcement. It is called psy-ops or psychological warfare. It will be Obama's CNSF which will be rounding you up and putting you on the FEMA buses to send you to the FEMA camps.

Clue: EVERY SITE teaching you to fear and hate the military and law enforcement is a liberal psy-ops site. You can bet on it. I have seen this all before and it is very familiar but most people have not studied their military history and had the kind of military training required to recognize what is going on.

I have read several times that the FBI, military, CIA, NSA, and law enforcement have stopped better than 90% of the lefty and Muslim attacks against us. When you look at the number of lefty and Muslim attacks that have succeeded against us and multiply that times more than 10, you realize just how much these groups have been protecting you and they are your enemy? Doesn't make sense, does it? Then why are these "conservative" sites teaching you to fear and hate the organizations that are protecting you from the liberals and Muslims?

They are very clearly liberal psy-ops sites turning you against the people who are stopping them.

Are there bad guys in those organizations?

Yes, but the vast majority, about 80%, are good guys working to protect you.

Listen, why does Obama need a CNSF if the military and law enforcement will do his dirty work for him?

Get it straight, the war is going on right now with increasing attacks by the liberals and Muslims against good people and people are dying. This is not something which will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. It is happening RIGHT NOW!!

The only reason the lefties and Muslims have not already enslaved all of you is because of the US military, law enforcement, and citizens owning guns.

Now, who will be in Obama's CNSF?

Obama told you who those people will be. They will be the liberal activists and Muslims already waging war against you. But, they will include someone else.

Remember that Obama said he will empty our prisons before he was ever elected?

The vast majority of those people in prison are Muslims, especially black Muslims, and Obama is already releasing increasingly larger and larger groups of them RIGHT NOW!!! Not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year but RIGHT NOW!!! This means that Obama is already building his CNSF RIGHT NOW!!!

Obama will make them swear an oath to him and join Obama's CNSF and then he will turn them loose on you.

Now, the military isn't stupid. They know what is going on and I am seeing that, for every move the liberals and Muslims make, I see the military makes counter moves. For example, to counter Obama's CNSF and Obama destroying the military, the military has been putting good people out of the military to build and organize citizen militias so you, the people, can fight back for your freedoms and rights against the liberal commie traitors and Muslims.

In recent years, there has been a massive explosion of civilian militias in this country with thousands of these groups across the nation. These people are being recruited, professionally trained for combat and organized into a nationally organized and coordinated citizen fighting force by very good US veterans and it will be even better than Obama's CNSF. These will be our Minute Men and Women and front line forces in this already escalating war for freedom.

The military's strategy on this is for the citizens to start fighting back for their freedoms and then, when things get really bad, the military will come to your aid and help you finish the fight. You will have to do most of the fighting in house-to-house combat and that is what the military is training citizens to fight.

Have you noticed that Obama and his lefty/Muslim pals, who have been trying to turn you against law enforcement and the US military, are also waging a Psy-ops war against these militias to turn you against them, calling these militias terrorist organizations?

Gee, what a coincidence!

What will this war be like?

Our first Civil War was fought mostly in farmer's fields and empty meadows with some fighting in and around a few major cities. This war will be the opposite with almost all of the fighting in our cities, especially the medium to large cities, with massive citizen casualties you can thank your liberal families and friends for. This will be an incredibly bloody war with entire families and neighborhoods being wiped out very quickly by your liberal commie traitor and Muslim families and friends while they try to blame the good guys. We could easily lose 1/3 to 1/2 of the people in this nation in this war with more than 100 million deaths, mostly in the larger cities. Everyone will lose people they know and probably members of their families. Again, thank your liberal families and friends for this war.

But you must know that this war has already started and is gaining momentum. We are at war and the fight is on!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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