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Common Law

For years I have been watching the Muslims use our own common law against us to beat us. The very things the lefties dreamed up and distorted the law with, the Muslims have become masters at using. They can't do that with Biblical Law.

So, how is that common law thingy working out? Not so well? Ready for some Biblical Law yet?

If not, God will keep working on your terrible common law with the Muslims.

Remember that, under common law, the most important thing is the letter or wording of the law in complete defiance of justice. The old justice is blind thingy. Under Biblical Law, the most important thing is to achieve justice to protect good people from bad people like liberals and Muslims.

Gee, I wonder why the liberals have taught you to hate Biblical Law and love common law?

Have you noticed that the Muslims keep raping our women, even our little girls? Did you know that, under Biblical Law, rape is a form of adultery but only for the one doing the raping?

Under common law, they barely punish rapists and then turn them loose to rape some more. Under God's Law, rape is a capital offense, the rapist is put to death, and they stop raping. The victim is not punished under Biblical Law.

Are you ready for God's Law yet?


The West installed a "unity government" or puppet government in Libya to prevent the former government from asking Putin to bring troops into Libya to clean up the mess made by the West. Basically, they illegally deposed a second government in Libya but, even that government is failing and the problems are getting worse while the West continues to use ISIS in Libya to steal oil from Libya.

Someone will have to depose that unity government and ask Putin into Libya for that mess to ever get cleaned up. It is still getting worse and France recently stated that everyone needs to get ready to fight in Libya because the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, liberal upper class trash natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities can't do anything right. Their plans continue to fail.

Man plans, God laughs.

Western Media

Yesterday, the Western media falsely reported that Putin had agreed to dethrone Assad in order to sew discord between Assad and Putin. Today Putin openly denounced having agreed to dethrone Assad.

You can't trust a thing the liberal media tell you because they are all owned by the corrupt upper class trash and they also have misinformation sites on the Internet with some of them posing as conservative sites.

But don't worry, after the Muslim take over, the Muslims will round up all of those liars and their bosses and kill them to replace them with devout Muslims.

Think not? Do you think the Muslims don't realize the roasting they will get from our liberal media when the Muslims stage a coup against the liberals?

The Muslims are smart enough to put an end to that crap up front. The Muslims will control the media, not the liberals. The liberals are dead meat.


We are about to find out the truth about Pot because Israel has decided to do real, not bogus, research into medical uses for pot. This will be interesting, especially if Israel finds few if any real medical uses for pot. Keep an eye on this.


A recent story from Breitbart sent to me by one of my readers (I am still being blocked from the site) showed that Russia and Israel have been working very closely together in ways that help Israel, even against Hezbollah and Iran. This causes me to think that Russia may not be Gog and Magog and it may be Turkey after all but things can change with one event. This issue is still not settled. Keep an eye on this.

Also, India is really ramping up for war because of the aggressive actions of China. She is currently one of the biggest spenders for weapons in the world. This is causing India to increase her business with Israel, which is helping the Israeli economy with future deals that will involve about $10 billion. It seems India's primary concern with Israeli weapons is in air defense, especially missiles.

You know that China, an ally of Iran, doesn't like this.


Clintstone's aids have all hired her attorney she is using for the FBI probe.

Now, why would such fine, upstanding, law abiding people need an attorney, especially hers, you know to coordinate their testimonies? Gee, you don't think they are all being trained to tell the same lies, do you?

Mean while, Hilarious is saying she will do a $10 billion manufacturing investment to help increase jobs, you know, replace all of those jobs lost by her Marxism.

Yeah, but they will be crony capitalism jobs that will disappear when those companies also leave the country to avoid her Marxism and taxes.

Hilarious said she is so sick of Linen II lying about her.

My first thought: "Has he been saying good things about her again?"


Have you noticed people like Rove saying that a "fresh face" has the best chance of beating Hilarious?

The translation is "there isn't anyone liberal enough running so we need to replace all of them with a liberal."


There were 93,482,000 people out of the workforce in March.

So, this is what the x-spurts call a recovering economy, 1/3 of the people unemployed and many of the rest under employed?

Well, it is only 1/3 if you include children but is actually better than half the working age adults, you know, like I told you.

I would hate to see what they would call a depression.

And, oh yeah, there are 25,741,000 foreign people working in the US.

Uh...why don't they send those foreigners home and give almost 1/3 the unemployed US citizens jobs?

Because the foreign workers will work for less money.


ISIS has officially declared war on Germany with messages telling Muslims in Germany to bomb German airports and even bomb Merkel. Just like I have been telling you, the Muslims are confident enough to start going after the upper class trash and their puppets. It is only a matter of time and some IED will take her car, home, or work place out, it won't be difficult to do. One good car or truck bomb will get the job done and then we will see how brilliant the upper class trash look.

Remember that the media made a really big stink about the US spying on Germany and I told you that everyone spies on everyone?

The German media just made it known that Germany is spying on Israel, the US, and their other allies, you know, just like I told you. Everyone spies on everyone to keep them honest. Hey, if they spy on their own people, they will spy on everyone else.

Remember that I told you that the EU will and is now already breaking down into the feudal system with feudal warfare?

One of my readers sent me an article from Breitbart (I can only get there to read headlines and he sends me the stories I need) about a fascist Turkish group calling themselves the "Grey Wolves" marched 400 strong through the streets in Duisburg, Germany and fought with a group of PKK Kurds, you know, just like I have been telling you will happen.

The different Muslims groups have set up their little feudal states within the EU and are waging war against the Europeans and each other. This is full on feudal warfare caused by our glorious all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid liberal upper class trash natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities.


Obama said the Iranian deal is a "substantial success".

You know everyone is saying "what?"

You have to understand that comment is based on Obama's definition of what is a success which is that Obama got his nukes to use on the US so he can blame Israel, declare martial law, and invade Israel. For what you wanted out of the deal, it is a complete failure but for what Obama wanted out of the deal, it is a substantial success.

Bwahahahahahaha!!! Bwahahahahaha!!! Obama said, get this, "Donald Trump doesn't know much about foreign policy." Bwahahahahaha!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!

How would Obama know?


Our glorious commies have another success story to their credit. They have destroyed another once-prosperous nation, Venezuela. They are right now in a civil war and, according to an article from Breitbart and sent to me by one of my readers, two cops were killed and four others injured when a protestor rammed a high jacked bus into a crowd of cops trying to quell the rioting.

Yep, good old Marxism, still murdering people everywhere.

Doesn't it just make you want to run right out and become a murdering commie traitor?

Mean while, in the EU, under the title of Greenies, the Marxists are murdering at least 40,000 people a year because their green policies have driven heating prices so high the people who can't afford to pay the bill are freezing to death during the winter.

There is not one, absolutely not one thing the lefties have done that has been good for the good people. Everything the liberal Marxists do causes hurt, poverty, and death. There is NOTHING good about them. Marxists are evil people.

Two Marxist countries, Canada and the UK, are now threatening their people for posting the truth on the Internet. Belgium is also cracking down on free speech with threats from the government.

Yeah, good old Marxism, the defender of free speech. The old, "You better believe our lies or we will throw your butt in jail, boy". The upper class trash don't want you to know the truth.


This Apple IPhone thingy gets funnier by the day.

The Apple CEO nobly refused to obey a court order to help the FBI hack a terrorist IPhone "to protect your privacy" with all of the self righteous liberal twits supporting him. Now the FBI and Israel have ownership of the program used to hack Apple's IPhone with Apple not knowing what that program does and...wait for it...the FBI is now sharing that program with other government agencies like the NSA, CIA, and others.

How is that noble privacy thingy going, boys and girls? Still think the Apple CEO is bril-lee-yunt?

If the Apple CEO had obeyed the court order and hacked the IPhone for the FBI, they would be the only ones with access to the program and your privacy would still be reasonable.

How long do you think it will take for Apple to fire the CEO and all of his advisers?

Yep, the good old all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, liberal upper class trash natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities are showing just how bril-lee-yunt they is are be. Just makes me want to run right out and get me one of them thar right degrees from one of them thar right universities. NOT!!!

And you think red necks are stupid?

Believe me, these arrogant upper class trash are no more intelligent than most of you are, they just know lots of them thar big words whut makes them sounds so intel-ee-gent.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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