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The people in Europe are scared and angry. During a protest in Brussels, a car driver ran down a Muslim woman. The people are fighting back any way they can without guns.

I keep telling you, this is war, it is already going on while being covered up by the traitors in their nations, and it will only get worse until the Muslims either conquer Europe or are driven out of Europe.

Belgium thinks, ignorantly, that they can solve their problem by making Muslims sign a local values pledge.

These twits have obviously not studied Islam and don't know that Muslims are permitted to sign such pledges, treaties, and other agreements with non Muslims and break them at will. As a matter of fact, Muslims are encouraged to sign such things with no intention of keeping the agreements in order to gain an advantage over the non Muslims and then stage surprise attacks.

Again, we have the upper class trash idiots coming up with simple minded, great sounding ideas based entirely on their ignorance. This will only make things worse because the Muslims will have no intention of keeping these agreements and then will stage surprise attacks as taught in Islam. A Muslim's word to a non Muslim is no contract at all and that is Sharia Law.

You know that, when this happens, all of the upper class trash x-spurts will be surprised and claim you are also. I won't be surprised, will you?


Israel is probably the only socialist country in history to be even slightly successful but she is constantly having problems caused by her socialism. The reason for this is because socialism is based on the arrogance of man thinking he is smart enough to micro manage absolutely everything without God when we humans are not intelligent enough to even macro manage anything without God.

Socialism is paganism at its worst.

The vast majority of politicians go into politics because they are too stupid and/or lazy to earn half as much wealth legally in the real world and, because they are too stupid to realize they are stupid, they believe they are smarter than everyone else and will "learn us inferior people how to do everything the way they have decided we should live." It is only common sense that these stupid people will screw up everything they touch and history proves this to be true.

God has also been showing you that the myth about people who have more money are smarter than those who have less money is an arrogant lie dreamed up and promoted by the arrogant upper class trash. Common sense alone should be the proof of that but few people are intelligent enough to use that common sense and see that the differing opinions of the wealthy are that proof. They cannot all be right, because they disagree with each other, therefore, most rich people MUST be wrong and can't be as brilliant as we are taught to believe they are. When you see that ALL of them are regularly wrong and many of the rest of you are right just as often, you should realize that being rich has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence but, unfortunately, the rich have rigged the IQ tests to make it look like they are smarter than you and you have been taught to believe this.

Then, when you study history, true history and not the rich version called revisionist history, you learn that better than 95% of the problems we have faced in history were caused by the upper class trash and their bril-lee-yunt sounding ideas. But you don't even have to study history to see this when you can just follow current events and see them wrong and screwing stuff up every day.

Birds of the feather (stupid people) have flocked together on the left and are absolutely devastating EVERYTHING they touch everywhere in the world and you think they are smarter than you?

Listen, if the upper class trash are smarter than you, then there is no hope for you.

A fine example of stupid people getting rich is Zucky. He was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and became mega wealthy. Now most people believe this makes Zucky a brilliant man because they have been brainwashed to believe this.

If he is truly so bril-lee-yunt, why does he believe such obviously stupid things like "love will defeat ISIS"? If he is truly so bril-lee-yunt, why are his clients on FB always complaining about his service, especially the changes he and his fellow idiots keep making to the service? If he is truly far more bril-lee-yunt than all of you, why is his FB not perfect for everyone with options for everyone to customize FB to their liking? Gee, you mean the Bril-lee-yunt Zucky hasn't thought of such an obvious solution?

With all due respect, and he deserves none, Zucky is just an overgrown, spoiled rich child-man who arrogantly thinks he knows it all, you know, just like a spoiled two year old. Just look at him and watch him and you will realize Zucky never grew up. He is a child-man.

AND the world is full of examples of rich, arrogant fools like Zucky who think they know everything and really know little, if anything. Hey, he was blessed by God to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, it made him wealthy, and he is arrogantly taking the credit for it instead of thanking God for it because, just like the rest of us, he is an arrogant human. He is rich so he loves the lie that being more wealthy makes him more bril-lee-yunt dan the rest of yuze.

Like almost all rich people, he is an arrogant fool and these are the people you want running your planet?

God is also disproving the upper class myth that "getting the right degree from the right university" makes you more Bril-lee-yunt than everyone else. Just watch and you will see on a daily basis people, who have gotten the right degrees from the right universities, screwing everything up. The vast majority of our problems have been caused by the upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities and I make a point of showing it to you every time I can.

First, it is becoming more obvious by the day that those "right universities" are teaching pure crap. Second, an educated fool is still a fool.

When you see what these arrogant upper class trash fools have been taught at those "right universities" being proved wrong on a daily basis, you should know those educations only make things worse because they are being taught stupidity by really stupid arrogant college professors.

This is why socialism has always failed and will always fail. The upper class trash, who will end up running every socialist system, are not as bril-lee-yunt as they tell you they are and will always screw everything up.

History teaches that the only long term functional economic system is a Christian free-market capitalist system but that would decrease the power, control, and ability to steal of the upper class trash. The only system which can work for the long term is a Christian theocracy based on Biblical Law to keep the upper class trash in check, you know, similar to but better than the one the pagans just destroyed in the US.

One of the things the upper class trash loves to boast to prove they should be running things is to say they have experience.

Experience at what, making things worse, destroying nations, destroying economies, impoverishing people, oppressing people, and just plain lying? If you had a business, would you hire someone who destroys everything they touch just because they have experience?

We have been doing that for a very long time. In today's world, if they have experience at governing, they are the problem.

God is waiting for you to give up on your failed human based systems and to want a God based system.


Hilarious stated that unborn children have no constitutional rights but you have to understand that, in her evil little commie mind, neither should you.


Apparently, the great nanny, Obama is going to "wage war on salt". (When you look at his record for waging war, this is scary.) I guess this ignorant twit never heard of Hyponatremia or low salt blood level. I am willing to bet he, like almost all other attorneys and liberals, has never passed even a freshman college biology course.

If your salt blood level drops below 35 milligrams per milli unit of blood, salt starts defusing out of the sodium pump in your nerve and brain cells which causes their cell functions to decline. When your sodium blood level drops below 15 milligrams per milli unit of blood, you go into a coma and better than 90% of the people who go into a Hyponatremia coma die.

All of this low salt and no salt diet crap being pushed by the lefty know-it-alls, who really know nothing, has been increasing the number of people dying from Hyponatremia coma. If your salt blood level gets just a wee bit too low because of idiots like our idiot in chief and you start sweating from a little exercise or it gets a wee bit warm, you can quickly lose enough salt to go into a Hyponatremia coma and die.

Unless you are instructed by your doctor, and even then get a second opinion, do not ever go on a low or no salt diet. It could kill you. Be sure to get plenty of salt in your diet.

The crap about salt causing high blood pressure was scientifically disproved years ago but your ignorant, idiot media and liberals keep beating that dead horse to scare you into a state of Hyponatremia.

Gee, you don't think they are trying to murder you off, do you?

Low salt blood level will definitely do it.

Biologically ignorant politicians should NEVER be allowed to make decisions that have anything to do with biology, including health and environment.

This is just one more example of the rich thinking they are smarter than they really are and them insisting on micro managing your lives concerning things they don't even know what they are talking about like sugar and salt, all based on misinformation. Almost everything they believe and say about science is wrong and yet they believe they should be forcing you to live their glorious way, which will only lead to disaster. I have said before and will say again and again that most of these rich twits are so stupid they couldn't pass freshman or sophomore level sciences courses; all they really know is political science, lying, and whatever just happened to make them rich, especially stealing. Most of them are just rich idiots including Bloomberg, Obama, and Zucky.


Starting March 30, Putin began military actions against Ukraine again with more than 175 attacks against Ukraine in the first three days. These attacks are certainly for probing for weaknesses, softening up the enemy, and tying troops down in one area to attack another area. This is following Putin beating Obama's terrorist organizations in Syria and his continuing victories in Syria.

I am thinking Putin has gained confidence against Obama and knows he has to move against Ukraine before we can get a new president so keep an eye on this.

US War

If you think the war has not started, armed members of the Black Panthers showed up to an armed protest against Sharia Law at a mosque in Dallas, TX proving what I have been saying about black Muslims. Quick actions by the police and good behavior by the protesters prevented our first real gun battle in this war.

I keep telling you that God is using the Muslims to destroy everything and everyone causing this mess such as the leaders and their glorious common laws. God has to use the Muslims because we have let the liberal commie traitors brainwash us into thinking we are too civilized, righteous, and wonderful to do what is necessary to clean up the liberal commie traitor mess, including executing such evil traitors.

On the other hand, the Muslims obviously refuse to fall for that crap and will definitely kill all of the liberal commie traitors because they know that no one, not even them, can trust the traitors and the Muslims will quickly and easily replace the liberal commie traitor common laws with their Sharia Laws so that there will be very little of the mess to clean up by us "righteous" fools.

You won't get a choice in this clean up thingy because the Muslims will force it on you the same way the liberal commie traitors have forced their corruption and evil on you. It is only after the Muslims have been weakened in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 that we will be able to overthrow the remaining Muslims and do away with their Sharia Law.

At that point, you won't have a choice but to trash what is left of the Muslim system and start over with a new nation and laws. By the time our revolution is over, there won't be anything left of our current commie dictatorship for anyone to hang onto, even international law will have been destroyed by the Muslims.

Besides, almost all of your eyes will have been opened to the ugly truth about everything else so that most of you will choose a Christian theocracy over everything else, if for no other reason than to protect you from everything else. You will no longer have a choice because God is right now making that choice for you to save your butts.

BTW, gun sales in the US hit a new high in March. People know a war has broken out and they are arming themselves or "ramping up for war."


Remember that I told you that I had the feeling Trump was throwing the election?

It has become so obvious now that others are asking the same questions.

Is he throwing this election so he can stage an independent run for president to help get Hilarious elected? Gee, I wonder if that is what the meeting with Billy Boy was about before Trump started his campaign? What deal did Trump make with Billy Boy to help Hilarious get elected?

Panama Papers

The Panama Papers prove what I told you years ago, the rich have special places they stash their money so they don't have to pay the taxes you and everyone else pay.

Why am I not surprised?

It is nice to see the information is out and you have to keep in mind that this is just one tax shelter. There are many more like this one proving what I told you about the upper class trash being above the law and the system is rigged against you.


When it is warm outside, I like to sit outside in my back yard looking at the stars because there isn't much light from the local small town of Alamogordo to conceal the stars with atmospheric glare. What I enjoy looking for are what I, just for the fun of it, call "star ships" because they look like the average visible stars in the sky but they move across the sky very quickly in all directions.

These are clearly not normal military, commercial, or private aircraft because they only have one large white light that doesn't flash and there are no red or green lights. Conservatively estimating, they must be at least 100,000 to 200,000 feet (about 20 to 40 miles) in the sky but are not satellites because they do sometimes turn just like aircraft. They are very clearly what we civilians call UFOs or the US military calls top secret US Air Force aircraft.


Tonight, the sun had just set enough that the sky was black and I had only been sitting outside about 10 to 15 minutes with my back to White Sands Missile Range, which is from about 10 to 40 miles from me (WSMR is very wide.) I was facing east, looking up into the sky when one of those solid white lights suddenly appeared flying over my head from the west at a maximum height of 1,000 to 2,000 feet above me so the light was very large. It was rapidly accelerating and climbing to the east and the light quickly shrank and disappeared out of sight within a maximum of 10 seconds. It did not disappear behind anything, it just flew out of site.

This is very important because I can see 30 to 40 miles across the Tularosa Basin and can easily see the flashing lights on F-16s flying night training missions at least 20 to 30 miles away. That means that white light had to climb and fly at least more than 30 miles to be out of sight within a maximum of 10 seconds or a minimum of 10,000 mph.

It was very obvious this craft had just taken off from WSMR and was climbing and accelerating into the sky. It made absolutely NO SOUND. It was already moving so fast when it first appeared in my upper peripheral vision that I first thought it was a shooting star but, when I looked directly at it, it was going the wrong way, you know, up instead of down and it disappeared just as fast, within seconds.

I believe the reason why they are using large, solid, white lights is for a number of reasons. 1) they are probably so stealthy these air/space craft can only be tracked with lights and transponders, 2) they are flying at such a high altitude (over 100,000 feet, normal military operate at a maximum of 40,000 to 80,000 feet and all others operate at a maximum of 30,000 to 35,000 feet) that the flashing lights are not as easy to see from the ground, and 3) to differentiate them from other aircraft from both the air and ground. There may also be other reasons but those would be the most likely reasons.

Renewable Energy

Let me share something about this renewable energy crap.

Whenever you are taking energy from wind, waves, or sun, you are taking energy away from things that cause this planet to function and make life possible.

For example, if you take energy from the sun that goes for heating the planet and causing plant growth, it should only be common sense that the planet will cool and plant growth will decrease, whether in the ocean or on land.

If you take energy from the wind that cleans our air and land, the air flow will become diminished and our air and land will more quickly become polluted plus you will stop the movement of water vapor in clouds moving over the land to water it and droughts will increase until there is no life left.

If you take energy from our ocean currents and waves which are used to clean the ocean waters and keep them healthy, the oceans will quickly become polluted and dead.

These are all fundamental principles of science.

The best energy we can have is oil, natural gas, coal, wood, and nuclear energy but it has to be done right or it will also damage the planet plus they do have their short comings such as being limited.

Renewable energy sounds great but is just more great sounding liberal bull crap that will cause more problems than it will solve.


I was just watching a video by a warm, fuzzy, feel good liberal "prophetess" who says that we should not be spreading doom and gloom prophesies (even though she spreads a few herself), we should be spreading more warm fuzzies than truth and warnings. She believes that anyone warning us about bad things to come is operating under the "spirit of witchcraft".

Really? If I tell you to be careful because the road is slippery ahead and you could crash, that is operating under the spirit of witchcraft?

Gee, when I read through the teachings of the Old Testament prophets, I don't see that much in the way of warm fuzzies and Jesus taught from these prophets.

Does she think Jesus was operating under the spirit of witchcraft?

Almost all of the Old Testament and even New Testament prophets taught warnings about the future for when we fell away from God and not that much warm fuzzies.

I guess this prophetess would have condemned John for writing the Book of Revelation. There isn't much warm fuzzy in that book. It is almost all warnings about bad things to come or, as she put it, doom and gloom. According to her, John was operating under the spirit of witchcraft.

This would be true of all of the Old Testament prophets like Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the rest. Show me one Bible prophet who taught more warm fuzzies than "gloom and doom".

My reply to her is, get a grip, liberal twit. God doesn't send prophets when everyone is walking with God and being blessed by God. Preachers do that job. God sends prophets when the preachers have become corrupted and people have turned away from God to paganism to warn those people of the judgments and punishments heading their way, that the people should repent of their sins or crimes against God's Law and turn back to God, and what will happen if they don't.

You know, there just isn't too much warm fuzzy to that kind of message. "You have strayed from God, you are going to be punished by God for your sins, and you must turn back to God to decrease or stop the punishment." Nope, no warm fuzzies there and that is a true prophet's job.

It is and always has been a prophet's dirty job, and it is a very dirty job, to take evil people who have turned to paganism and lead them back to God. That is not a pleasant job or an easy job because we humans really love our sins and don't want to give them up unless God punishes us hard enough to turn us from our beloved sins and back to Him.

Now, concerning who might be "operating under the spirit of witchcraft", a person working to turn people back to God by warning them about God's judgment, you know, the doom and gloom prophet, or a person chastising those who warn about God's judgment to turn people back to God?

My money is on the latter person operating under the spirit of witchcraft. She is popular because she is teaching what liberal Christians want to hear, not the "depressing truth", you know, one of those false prophets who "tell the people what tickles their ears", as the Bible says.

Can't you just hear Satan giving orders to his people, "Hey, let's just placate the people with warm fuzzy messages while we lead them to death and destruction."

God has given me some good news to go along with the bad news telling what will happen if the people do turn back to God but, until we get through these hard times, most of what you need to hear are the warnings of what terrible things are coming your way. Every now and then we get to give you a little good news about what will take place after we get through these hard times but you really need to know what is going on and why and that isn't the warm fuzzy stuff.

I fought God for 2 to 3 years to give this job to one of you because I knew enough about what life was like for the Old Testament prophets and didn't want that in my life. I lost that fight and have reconciled myself to do my best at what I am going to do. If I have to do it anyway, I might as well make the best of it.

On another note, a Christian I know told me about a sermon by a local preacher where he claimed that God will not give you a job you won't want to do or will not enjoy.


My first thought was: "What bible has this turkey been reading?" Hasn't he ever read about Jonah's and Elijah's rebellions, and the many other times God's people rebelled against God because they didn't want the job God wanted them to do? Did he not read about Moses not wanting his commission to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt? What, does he think that all but one of the Apostles wanted to be killed for Jesus AND they enjoyed it? Does he think that almost all of the Old Testament prophets wanted to be murdered for taking a stand for God and what is right? Does this twit realize that the last two prophets of all time, the two Tribulation witnesses, will be murdered by the most evil man in history, the Antichrist, and does he think they want this and will enjoy it?

I can't believe the insane crap some of these "Christians" are preaching and teaching. They definitely are not getting that stupid stuff from the Bible. I can't find it anywhere in mine.

If you just read the Bible, their crap falls apart and you can see Satan standing behind them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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