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Star Ships

A few nights ago I was watching star ships (see News 151) with three other people and having the extra eyes makes a difference. In less than an hour we saw more than a dozen star ships and almost half of them flew up so high that the lights got small enough we couldn't see them any more.

It makes you wonder just how many more were up there so high we couldn't see them. We know that the US Air Force has the largest fleet of military aircraft with thousands of combat aircraft alone but that doesn't include star ships.

How many hundreds or thousands of those do we have?

The first two we saw had clearly just taken off from White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) and were climbing as they quickly sped across the sky, with one clearly following the other hundreds of yards to the rear and they crossed the path of a third star ship heading in a different direction. Most of the time you only see one star ship at a time speeding across the sky or climbing out of sight so seeing three in such close proximity is rare.


BTW, one of my readers lives near an Air Force base in Florida and says he sees star ships all of the time. He is also an Air Force veteran. Star ships are obviously deployed at different Air Force bases along with being at WSMR. There could be thousands of them and I am seeing signs that the US Air Force is getting ready to make these weapons systems publically known as a threat to anyone with plans to attack the US while we are fighting our civil war.


I am wondering if the Feds are waiting until after the DNC primaries are over to indict Hilarious so the lefties can just replace her with another commie whacko traitor like Blooming idiot (Bloomberg) from NYC.

If you think Obama is not trying to throw Hilarious under the bus while pretending to help her, think about this. Obama is giving Bernie campaign tips behind closed doors.


I just saw a headline saying that, "Before Trump, there was Michael Savage".

If you go back to my home page and look at March 2002, you will see I was warning you about Islam before any of today's x-spurts. To me, they are all late comers and most of them used to support the idea of moderate Muslims. I have never supported the lie of moderate Muslims and have always told you that Islam is a ruthless warrior cult and all of those turkey x-spurts still tell you they believe in the lie about moderate Muslims. They still don't have it right.

I was telling you the truth about Islam within months of 9/11 because I do my homework, something these x-spurts clearly rarely, if ever, do.

Before Trump, before Savage, there was Carl, a lone voice crying out the truth in the wilderness because God showed me the truth and told me to tell you.


Remember that I have been telling you that Europe is quickly becoming a series of feudal states formed by different Muslim groups waging feudal warfare against Europeans?

In response to the Soldiers of Odin in Europe, the Muslims in Oslo have formed a group called Jundullaah, which means Soldiers of Allah. They have designed a uniform with the ISIS black flag on the back and a small logo on the front. Almost everyone in the group is on the watch list for the Oslo Police Security Service.

They will be roaming the streets looking for the Soldiers of Odin or any other Europeans they can find to prey on. Both sides have formed armies and will accelerate the fighting in the streets. Watch for the Jundullaah to form in other European nations, Canada, and the US.

I have been telling you that the war is already being fought in Europe, Canada, and the US with the media covering it up. That war just ramped up a notch.

I do hope you have realized by now that the EU is really nothing more than a socialist scam where most of the nations have been getting free money from Britain and Germany via the EU, you know, using "taxes" to transfer money from the wealthier nations to the rest. The old Marxist redistribution of wealth thingy.

The big question here is, "when will the people of those two nations wake up to the reality that their political leaders have been selling them out to the other nations for EU bribes?"


Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet? Remember that I have been telling you we now live in a dictatorship run by the liberal commie traitor pagans who own both political parties?

The corruption we are currently seeing in both the Commiecrat and Commipublican parties should be proof that your votes don't matter, the upper class trash picks who your leaders will be. This is most obvious with Hilarious getting most of the delegates even when Bernie is winning the caucuses and with this recent fiasco in Colorado in which Trump was literally omitted from the ballot in many areas giving Cruz all of the delegates for Colorado.

But, hey, you get to vote, sucker! And the thought that they get to vote appeases the really stupid people.

It should now be blatantly obvious that the Republic of the US is dead and the only reason why the upper class trash have not been able to turn you into their impoverished slaves yet is because most of the people in the military are still loyal to the US Constitution and the people and there are 100 million US citizens with guns.

Of course the upper class trash are working very hard to solve those problems as quickly as possible.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy doing? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

College Degrees

Bwahahahaha. This is just too funny. I have been waiting for this for more than a decade and first wrote about it on this site in March 2000 as the very first essay I wrote under "Observations and Predictions".

Increasing numbers of students are suing their universities because those universities are marketing based on providing quality jobs for those who get a college degree and most college degrees are worthless. The universities are also marketing based on the lie (more fraud) that you can't get a good paying job without a college degree when most people who learn a trade at a vocational school earn more money than most college graduates.

Yes, I believe in a good education but most college degrees are completely worthless and not a good education and increasing numbers of college degrees are nothing but brainwashing with false information, which is not a quality education by any stretch of the imagination, therefore, the universities are guilty of fraud, breach of contract and other crimes.

I have been encouraging students to sue for fraud and the other crimes the universities and book publishing companies are committing for decades. Wait until the students start pressing charges against and suing their professors for damages for teaching them things which are known to not be true along with suing the universities for fraud in marketing the idea that getting a college education will get you a great paying job.

Gee, does this mean the universities and college professors are going to have to start teaching the truth to prevent being sued for fraud?

If this is the case, you can kiss all forms of Marxism, evolution, and any other lies (fraud) goodbye. Anyone teaching any of that is liable for damages, especially with education costing so much today.

And guess what, you can also sue and prosecute your public schools and teachers for teaching you things which are not true and denying you a quality education you are paying for with your taxes.


Yes, I love this. You are about to see liberals sued and prosecuted out of controlling our educational system. The liberal chickens are coming home to roost. Sue, baby, sue and prosecute too!!!

BTW, you also need to start suing the media for providing you with false information, you know, fraud. They are the ones who keep telling you that you can't get a good paying job without a college education, which is obviously false or fraud, and that all college graduates will get good paying jobs, more fraud.

All we need is for one school and instructor to be successfully sued for teaching something that is known to not be true and the liberal house of cards will implode because everything liberal is based on lies.

Here is a little food for thought: Have you ever wondered why the "intellectually superior" upper class trash spend so much money getting their inbred brats a right degree from a right university when the people teaching those courses and getting those degrees are almost always wrong? Have they been inbreeding too long to be able to figure it out?


I just watched part of a video with a liberal debating about immigration and the liberal's entire argument was based on an irrational, out of touch idea. Once these idiots get these ideas in their heads, they will never change and will just keep trying to spread their insanity as long as they live and the old school liberals are proof of this. This is why, to fix this problem on a more permanent basis, liberals have to be killed. If they are not killed, they will ALWAYS regroup, reorganize, and continue with their insanity until they get what they want and destroy everything good.

Their logic is already irrational, do you really think anything will cause any of them to change their minds?

Look at the 1960s US radical liberals who are still leaders today trying to force their universally failed Marxism on the rest of us. If they were rational and sane, they would learn from the failures of Marxism and convert but they obviously are not rational and sane. The only thing which will stop these nuts is death.

BTW, I am also seeing others realize and say what I have told you that the plans of the upper class trash are failing and they are in a panic to try to get things back on track to set up their evil dictatorship.

Man plans, God laughs.

Christian Militias

There are about 30 Christian militias in Iraq with about 100,000 armed volunteers fighting to protect their families from the ISIS Muslims. They were formed in 2014 to stop the advance of ISIS and held their ground while the Iraqi national army was collapsing.

The idiots running Iraq are too stupid to realize they owe these Christians big time.


I was just reading about the rat problem in Chicago and have read about the same problem being out of control in every city in the US. The article said the city was putting out poisoned bait.

My first thought was, "they have been killing cats for decades while using poison and other methods and the rats just keep getting worse. The x-spurts have tried everything they can think of for decades except cats and the problem just keeps getting worse everywhere.

Maybe it is time to put away the poison and stop killing free roaming feral cats to bring it under control naturally?"

But then the lefties, especially the politicians, would have to stop taking the bribes...uh...kick backs...uh...campaign donations from the chemical companies making the rat poisons. Besides, if the rat poison really did work, you would eventually stop buying the rat poison. To keep you buying their rat poison, there must always be a need for the poison.

The lefty way definitely isn't working so we might as well go back to what worked best in the past.

The Bible

You want to know just how stupid the liberal upper class trash academe really are?

They believe the Bible could not have been written before 586 BC because the geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities don't believe the people, you know, the common folk, who would not have been the ones to write the Bible, were not literate enough to write the Bible before that time.

These geniuses recently discovered writing from before 600 BC, you know, by the common folk, showing that many of the people were literate enough to write the Bible before 600 BC.

Oh gee, were the upper class trash academe wrong again?

Now, let's use just a wee bit of common sense and, if you are a liberal, I will loan you some of mine because I know you don't have any. Just read the Bible and you will see that Moses, the author of the first five books, was raised up in the house of Pharaoh as one of his sons. This means Moses got the best education money could buy at that time and was very literate in a number of languages. Moses could have easily written the Bible in a number of languages.

And these all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, upper class trash academe who got the right degrees from the right universities don't think Moses could have written the first five books of the Bible or Torah 3,600 years ago?

Don't waste your time and money getting a right degree from a right university. All it will do is make it so you will always be wrong.

If you think I am wrong about this, all you have to do is study the history for any field of study in college for the last 200 years and you will find out that they have almost always been wrong in every field of study, especially the soft sciences...again and again and again for the last 200+ years.

Green Energy

It seems that China is giving up on wind energy because it is very erratic, they have wasted better than 25% of the energy generated and it has caused damage to their grid. Apparently, better than 25% of the energy was generated when people were not needing it.

That is part of the problem with most green energy, it is very erratic and not dependable. It is often not generated when needed and not needed when generated.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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