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Remember that I have shown you in the past how the liberals are trying to increase the rodent populations to pandemic levels in order to introduce one or more pathogens to cause a human pandemic and depopulate humans so the liberals don't have to share "their" planet with the rest of us?

Remember that I showed you that the liberals are trying to depopulate cats with such things as city ordinances and animal control killing cats so the rodent populations would explode, creating a rodent pandemic?

Remember that I showed you how the cat people started fighting back and were gaining ground against these liberal psychopaths?

God Recently put me through a pretty bad experience to show me how the psychopaths are fighting back against the cat people.

I recently got a couple of new born kitten litters to bottle feed and they no longer carry Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk (KRM) at Walmart so I had to buy their Pet-ag (small town, limited selection.) All of the kittens starved to death because, even when starving, the kittens wouldn't eat the Pet-ag. They would lie dying from starvation spitting the Pet-ag up and I couldn't force enough down them to keep them alive.

So I put some in a bowl and put it out for the older kittens and cats to eat. Three hours later I had to pour it out because none of the cats would touch it.

So I went to to order Hartz KRM and found some really terrible "reviews" about it saying that Hartz kills kittens and causes all kinds of medical problems while promoting Pet-ag. The "reviews" were exactly the opposite of my experiences in using both products so something seemed pretty suspect.

I have given Hartz KRM to dozens of kittens and cats with not one side effect caused by the Hartz KRM and none of the cats will eat the Pet-ag. I have raised entire litters of kittens on Hartz KRM with not one side effect and just held nine new born dead kittens in my hands because they wouldn't eat the Pet-ag.

My first thought was that these "reviews" were being done by the very unethical and disgusting marketing people for Pet-ag and other brands of KRM to destroy Hartz and steal market share, you know, use character assassination to destroy Hartz and steal market share instead of producing a better product and earning market share. But I kept digging, thinking, and connecting dots. There was something more sinister here, though the first idea would have been almost as evil.

If my observations are correct, and they almost always are, this is the liberal commie traitors fighting back against the cat people by destroying Hartz and replacing the Hartz pet products with products that will kill your pets so they can depopulate cats and cause their desired rodent pandemic required to kill off most humans, you know, you.

If I am wrong and the Hartz products really are killing your pets, why has there not been a massive class action lawsuit proving their claims in a court of law and making some greedy attorney filthy rich? What, can't the liberal commie traitors find a greedy attorney who would like to make a fortune destroying Hartz? Why do I not believe that?

There has not been a major class action law suit against Hartz because these people's claims are not true. Instead, they are using character assassination to destroy Hartz and replace the Hartz products with stuff that really does kill you cats and it seems to be working very well. This is a typical liberal scare tactic to achieve the evil liberal agenda.

This needs to be investigated by the FBI for fraud and conspiracy to commit animal cruelty by starving kittens to death along with conspiracy to commit and attempted premeditated murder of the human race on a global scale, genocide, and other such horrific crimes. I am convinced that these are absolutely the worst criminals in the history of mankind.

They go around murdering humans and killing animals while pretending to be the caring guardians of both. The only thing they care about is their evil selves. They have no souls because they sold them to Satan. These people are definitely not human and not even animals. It is my opinion that they are the spawn of Satan and evil incarnate.

Remember that these are the same evil people who have brutally murdered more than 50 million unborn human babies in just the US and no telling how many hundred millions more globally. No evil is beneath these people. They will do anything and everything to achieve their evil agenda.

I am going to keep an eye on this.


I just read that retired British Colonel Richard Kemp, who is serving as an adviser for the High Level Military Group, just stated that Europe is in a "spiral downward to being obliterated", you know, just like I have been telling you for years.

Get it straight, Europe is not going to survive this and most European nations will divide because they forced Israel to divide up her land "for peace". Now their lands are being divided up in war.

He also stated that Israel must destroy Iran's nuclear program on her own because the West can't or won't help her and Iran's nuclear program must be destroyed soon.

Then he explained that he asked a group of students whether it is illegal to kill civilians in a time of war and that they all thought it is illegal to kill civilians in a time of war. He explained to them that it is not illegal to kill civilians in time of war. It is undesirable, unpleasant, and, unfortunately, necessary to kill civilians to take out bad guys, especially when bad guys hide behind civilians.

Austria is threatening to close Brenner Pass if Italy doesn't control their immigrants and Switzerland is threatening to post tanks at the Italian border.

Oh yeah, this bril-lee-yunt liberal immigration thingy is working out so well. Europe will soon be singing the chorus to the 1960's DC5 hit, "Bits and Pieces"; "I'm in pieces, bits and tiny pieces...".


Fatah is "giving glory" to female suicide bombers, you know, Obama's nice, kind, caring, safe Muslim women. They are now reporting Muslims increasingly using women and children as suicide bombers.

We are about to see the burka become outlawed along with the deporting of all Muslims in all non Muslim countries...well,the nations which survive.


Remember that I told you that Israel will become a super power following this next war, the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Keep an eye on all of the best technology research and development businesses setting up shop in Israel. Increasingly, some of the best R&D is taking place in Israel, especially for weapons. In some areas, Israel already has better weapons technology than the US.

This is God moving Israel towards Israel becoming a super power after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Oh, this is not good. I got this over at Arutz Sheva by Gil Ronen.

"A group of IDF air force, navy, and infantry cyber cadets recently took part in an intensive exercise modeled on the fantasy world of Harry Potter, the famous book series by J.K. Rowling, according to the IDF Blog.

The IDF computer wizards were split into four groups, each named after one of the school houses in Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft from the renowned fantasy series: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

One of the exercises was modeled after Quidditch, the extremely rough semi-contact sport played by wizards and witches on flying broomsticks in the Harry Potter world. In another exercise, the soldiers dueled against Severus Snape and the Death Eaters. In the exercise, Snape launched the central attack and the Death Eaters attacked "from the edges". The IDF cyber warriors had to defend against incoming attack and launch a simultaneous counterattack."

Gee, I wonder how God will feel about His nation, Israel, turning to witchcraft to solve their problems instead of turning to God?

You know this isn't going to turn out well.

This proves what I have told you before, after 3,600 years, the Jews still don't get it and you want to follow their advice about living by the Bible? Would someone please let me know when the Jews start living by the Bible again?

It has been more than 2,000 years since the last time they even tried to live by the Bible. Oh, as a nation, they pretend really well but it should now be obvious they still don't get it.

This proves what I have been telling you, get your information about the Bible from the Bible and God and not from x-spurt humans because most Bible x-spurts are just posers who are clueless hypocrites. There are some good ones out there but it takes significant Biblical discernment to find them, meaning you have to know the Bible to be able to know the teacher. Do what Jesus told you to do, study the scriptures.


A protester for Black Lives Matter told a journalist that the "peaceful protests are soon going to end". This is a declaration or war and warning that the liberals are about to take this war against us to the next level.

My first thought was, "when was the last time we had a truly peaceful protest by the left?"

This should be a warning that the left is about to turn this thing into a full scale shooting war. They have been trying to sucker punch the right into starting the shooting but have failed, are obviously giving up on that strategy, and are going straight to starting the shooting first.

The left has just given notice that they are about to start guerilla warfare against YOU. The left and Muslims are about to start killing YOU.

Eyes will definitely open concerning the wickedness of the left very soon.

I am seeing increasing numbers of parents fighting back to stop the Muslim indoctrination of their children by the public schools. People are fighting back because eyes are opening.

Do you still think the liberals are not in bed with the Muslims?

BTW, I am watching to see which nations will become part of our new Christian theocracy and it looks like almost every nation in North, Central, and South America along with much of the Caribbean is about to implode. Keep an eye on this.


Ah yes, another great success story for Obama. Al Qaeda has re-emerged as a power in Afghanistan under Obama's watch. Everything thousands have died and been crippled to achieve has been undone by Obama.

You still think he shouldn't be tried for treason?

Obama owes an apology to every soldier who fought in that war but don't hold your breath waiting for that apology because traitors don't apologize for treason.


Trump's supporters are backing a third party run by Trump. I guess they believe they can get enough people to vote for Trump and start a third party to compete against the Commiecrats and Commiepublicans.

By the time this mess is over, many eyes will have opened and many people will have stopped worshipping at the altar of that false Greek pagan god, democracy.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

In a truly Biblical Christian theocracy, everyone will have to live by the same laws which were written to protect good people from bad people. No one will be above the law, not even the leaders or mega wealthy.

Wouldn't that be nice for a change?


Hilarious is threatening to create the first ever Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Yep, that is what we need, even bigger government to screw up more things quicker. Liberals never learn.

This is really big. Hilarious is saying that Obama is to blame for the messes in Libya and Syria. She is trying to dodge the bullet with those and other messes by blaming Obama and it is also part of their power struggle between Obama and the Clintstones.

This is not just Billy Boy and Princess Chelsea talking anymore; it is the queen, herself, throwing Obama under the bus. It will be interesting to see what Obama's response will be.

Will he prosecute her or just kill her?

This is getting more and more interesting. Welcome to "As the World Burns", brought to you by the liberals. Well, at least life isn't boring right now, though, I could use just a wee bit of boredom right now.

Bill Nye

Even Bill Nye is coming out of the liberal closet as a crazy liberal commie traitor. He is wanting everyone who denies climate change to be imprisoned.

Hey, Billy boy, I don't deny climate change. I know that the climate has been changing ever since the global flood, so nothing new there. But I think you and your liberal commie traitor buddies should go to prison for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and treason.

But, hey, the Muslims will take care of your treasonous butt when they take over.

Minimum Wage

After the minimum wage hike in Commiefornia, ultra liberal UC Berkley is cutting 500 staff positions out of only 8,500 staff members. That is a 6% reduction in their workforce because of an increased minimum wage. Oh yeah, that increasing minimum wage thingy is working out well.

Great job, commies, great job.


Remember that God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out"?

I saw a series of posts on FB by doper former pro athletes who are all having heart problems caused by their dope and they are blaming the cycling instead of the dope.

Oh no, they would never admit that their cheating using dope is what caused their heart problems. No, it has to be cycling's fault in spite of the fact that previous bike racers who didn't have access to those drugs because they had not been developed yet but did race bicycles didn't have those heart problems.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Add to this that the older racers rode longer races under more difficult conditions with a lower quality equipment so they had to ride longer hours without stopping and they did not have as much knowledge about training and diet. Yet, under far worse conditions, the bicycle racing made their hearts stronger and healthier, not weaker and sick.

I studied exercise physiology and raced bikes. There is no way that bike racing should cause heart problems without drugs and dieting, it should have made their hearts stronger and healthier. Doing just either drugs or dieting during training, but especially both at the same time, will cause heart damage and other problems but, with a proper training program and diet, the cycling will cause your heart and cardiovascular system to get stronger, not weaker.

Even after 25 years of struggling with a virus I got from my ex-wife, my cardiovascular system was tested a few years ago and found to be healthier than better than 90% of you. No heart problem at all and quite the opposite at 67 years of age with a virus, from which the doctors said I should have died at least nine to ten years ago.

The doctors think that the only reason I am still alive is because of the cardiovascular system I built from racing bikes and these cheating doper racers in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s have developed very serious heart problems with the only significant difference being they used dope and/or dieted while training and racing and think it is the bike racing?

With them already having heart problems, they will probably all be dead within 10 to 20 years and that is being conservative. That is the price they pay for cheating, their sins are finding them out, just like God said and I predicted years ago.

The Bible said we are stewards of this world and everything in it including our bodies. If you don't take care of your bodies, you pay the price and liberals don't want to live by God's Laws He gave us to help us take better care of this world and everything in it, including our bodies?

They are paying the price for it now with their bad health and lives. Your sins will find you out but we just love our sins and liberals just can't do without their immediate gratification brought by those sins. I see this more and more every day.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Here is a little FYI. 3,600 years ago, God said we are to work six days per week and rest one day.

I learned from a combination of exercise physiology and experience that the best training system is to train six days a week and rest one day and I am not the only exercise physiologist to learn this.

Gee, what a coincidence.

God told us this 3,600 years ago and we are just discovering this now?

Think about it.

And you think the being, God, is just a myth and old wives tale?

We humans didn't know enough to write that law 50 years ago, much less 3,600 years ago. The very existence of the Laws in the Bible is proof that God is a real living being, He is much more knowledgeable than we are, and that He does communicate with us. There is no other way those laws could have been written more than 50 years ago.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Fly Bys

Everyone is making a big deal about the two Russian SU-24s flying close to US military ships. They were just trying to get those ships to bring up their defenses so the electronics on the planes could record any signals being given off for analysis. You can bet those planes had electronics warfare recorders on them. We did this all of the time during the Cold War. It is called espionage and probing.

Listen, Putin is not stupid enough to start a shooting war by sinking one or two US war ships. If he decides to attack us, he will hit everything he can at the same time to minimize our counter attack.

You better be more concerned about the CIA giving terrorists stinger missiles to shoot down the Russian aircraft. Those things can just as easily be used against us.

It is becoming increasingly obvious why Obama set up this Syrian truce.

Remember that I told you Obama would use the truce to stage a counter attack against Syria and Putin?

Obama's ISIS is right now staging a counter attack against towns near Aleppo to use those towns to stage a counter attack to take back Aleppo. Aleppo is a very strategic town near the Turkish border for keeping the ISIS stolen Syrian oil flowing to Obama and Soros.

The CIA has said they are "considering" giving Stinger missiles to the terrorists...uh...rebels.

You know what will happen next. Those missiles will "mysteriously" turn up in the hands of ISIS, just like the other weapons they gave to the terrorists...uh...rebels and all of the x-spurts will be "surprised and amazed".

I won't be surprised and amazed, will you?


It is absolutely amazing the things I am seeing journalists say about all of these things taking place right now, especially the news which has to do with Islam. It is so obvious what is going on and will happen next but the journalists keep writing articles asking questions and making comments which are clueless.

I realize that most of this is just misinformation being put out by the upper class trash to confuse you so you won't figure out what the upper class trash is really up to but some of the journalists clearly really are that stupid.

How did these liberals live long enough to get out of diapers? Oh yeah, they are still wearing their diapers, aren't they?

OK, that explains that, they never grew up. They are still chasing unicorns over rainbows, oblivious to reality.

Where art thou, oh liberal Utopia?


Remember that I told you that a lot of loser male athletes would use this transgender thingy to get easy wins in women's sports?

Fallon Fox is kicking women's butts in MMA fighting while posing as a woman. These are easy wins for a man who couldn't win as a man against men. It must make him feel really tough to go around beating up women.

You are going to see more of this and you can thank all of your liberal families and friends for it.

Food For Thought

Remember that God showed me in a dream that the Tribulation will end with the Battle of Armageddon in 2032?

Look at the increasing seismic activity going on in this world right now with such things as increasing "earthquake swarms". This planet and the sun can't last another 20 years. If Jesus doesn't return before 2033, this will all end in a big bang and we will all be dead in 16 years.

You better pray that Jesus is real because He is our ONLY hope. Jesus is the only one who can heal this planet and our sun.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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