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Military Probing

Concerning the two Russian SU-24s doing fly bys against US warships, what they don't tell you is that the US weapons systems on those US warships started tracking those planes long before they were in site and even had weapons lock on both of them before those planes were in sight. If either SU-24 had released or fired any weapon, they would have both been vaporized in a heartbeat and both sides knew it.

Russia isn't the only one playing these games. The West regularly sends planes and ships close to Russian territory and ships to get the Russians to bring up their weapons systems so we can record their signals so we can figure out what they have and where it is at.

Now the militarily ignorant lefties throw a fit about this screaming that "one mistake and we will all be plunged into all out nuclear war and certain death". "Waaaaaaaaaah!!! Panic, run for the hills!!!"

Nope, not even close. Such "accidents" have happened and they have always been taken care of diplomatically because NEITHER side is willing to start an all out nuclear war over an accident. If anything, this makes it much safer because both sides know the other side is watching and will see the other side ramping up for war. It takes both sides at least a few weeks to ramp up for an all out nuclear war.

It is like I have told you before, the president doesn't just push a little red button and we go plunging into all out nuclear war like is portrayed by the sensationalist idiots in Hollywood and TV. Too many safeguards are built into the system. If the president of the US pushes his little red button, all it does is send a signal to the Pentagon where a team of our best generals evaluate the situation and decide whether or not to go to war. Unlike what Hollywood shows you, the Pentagon military professionals make the final decision about going to war and the proof of this is that the Pentagon has already refused a number of bad or illegal orders from Obama that we know about.

In spite of what the upper class trash have done to destroy this nation, Obama is still not a dictator whom the military leaders MUST mindlessly obey like stupid little robots. The Pentagon can and has refused orders by Obama, they can arrest him to protect the US, and they can even kill him to protect the US because their sworn oath is to the US Constitution and people, not to dictator Obama.

This is why Obama is trying to get rid of all patriotic military personnel and replace them with liberal commie and Muslim traitors and the military will only permit that to go so far before they put their collective feet down. Yes, our nation has been destroyed but the traitors have not seized final control of the country and people because the Pentagon and 100 million armed citizens won't permit it. You need to know that the Pentagon developed procedures for building a new nation to protect the good people of this nation in the event the Republic of the US was ever destroyed, especially in a nuclear war. They have everything required to form a new government within hours.

It is things like this, which Hollywood doesn't tell you about and they are why I keep telling you that, if you believe 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed.

Remember the original "Red Dawn" liberal commie traitor propaganda

That movie was a lefty fantasy and propaganda piece telling us that we should just surrender to their glorious Soviet Union and be good little commies because the Soviet Union could just waltz right into the US and take it over at any moment. It was meant to send the message that a guerilla resistance would be futile because it would lose and we would end up being assimilated. "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!!!" The lefty commie traitors love that movie because it was their fantasy end game...but it was pure fantasy.

I laughed all of the way through that stupid flick because I knew it would never happen and I knew why, much of which may still be classified. Just like the commie traitor beloved "The Day After" propaganda, it was stupid and not even close to reality, you know, just like stupid liberals are not close to reality because of the idiot liberal propaganda they love to believe. The type of nuke war portrayed in "The Day After" was made obsolete by the mid 1950s and the movie was made in the mid 1970s, decades later, AND the ignorant, brainwashed liberals still believe today that that idiot movie accurately portrays a nuclear war. What the idiot liberals believe today is about as realistic as the worst 1950s sci-fi movies and the 1950s sci-fi movies were really bad compared to reality.

It is absolutely amazing that the idiot liberals believe that, if just a few nukes are detonated, all life on planet earth will cease to exist because we will go into a "nuclear winter". What most of them don't know is that, between the West, Soviet Union, China, and other nations, we detonated hundreds of nukes globally and we didn't even have one nuclear fall day, much less a nuclear winter. It is like Reagan said, everything liberals believe is wrong, very wrong. Liberals don't get anything right, which is why all of their bril-lee-yunt sounding stupid ideas always fail. Liberals really are idiots.

When you see waves of Russian planes and missiles heading our way, things just got serious. Until then, don't let the lying liberal commie traitor media scare you. They are full of crap and know very little that isn't fantasy based. Their idiot movies and TV shows are entertaining but definitely not educational. The liberal system is like this really huge machine pumping out tons of manure. Don't believe it.

One thing I am noticing about these fly bys is that they are getting extremely close and causing safety concerns. The reason why Putin is doing this is because he knows Obama won't do anything about it and Putin is taunting and humiliating Obama by flying his planes so close to our planes and ships. Putin is playing with Obama the way a cat plays with a mouse.


The Pope has taken a dozen Syrian Muslims into the Vatican. That is meant to be an example for everyone else to take in millions of Muslim invaders.

First, it doesn't impress me because the Vatican can easily house at least a thousand Muslim invaders. Second, how long do you think it will be before some Muslim kills the Pope and possibly blows up the Vatican? Third, how long do you think it will take just one of those Muslims to map out the Vatican and develop time tables for using mortars and rockets against the Pope and Cardinals?

I figure that, within a month, at the most, an undercover CIA trained Jihadi should be able to develop a reasonable map in relation to the daily routine of the Pope and Cardinals for outside sources to put mortar rounds within a few yards of the Pope and Cardinals.


Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell hundreds of billions of dollars in "assets" if Obama signs a bill permitting Americans to prosecute or litigate Saudi Arabia for their involvement in 9/11.

By assets, they mean all US government debt instruments like bonds and any holdings in businesses which would destroy our economy.

This is why it is important for non citizens to not be able to own anything inside or part of your nation. They can use those assets to extort you into submission of their will or collapse your economy. This is a serious threat to national security. All US assets owned by such people or nations need to be nationalized and resold to citizens.

Panama Papers

I have been watching this thing about the Panama Papers and wondering, "exactly what is going on here?"

It looked like they were using it to go after Putin but that turned out to be pretty lame very quickly.

Then I just read that that intel has exposed the Clintstone corruption with most of their corrupt contacts.

What I am seeing is several possibilities. First, it suddenly looks like Obama is throwing the Clintstones under the bus...again...or still while trying to make it look like he is going after Putin. Obama seems to be undermining the Clintstones a little at a time to make it less obvious while trying to make it look like he is supporting her. You know, he said he isn't going to prosecute her but won't interfere with the DOJ prosecuting her and, oh, btw, she can keep her doctor, if she wants.

If I were her, I wouldn't be sleeping too well at night.

Second, I am seeing the liberal white Euro-American upper class trash being exposed for their corruption turning a lot of people even more against the upper class trash.

Gee, you don't think this might be Obama and his Muslim pals (read Valerie Jarrett) exposing the corruption of the upper class trash so Obama can justify purging the upper class trash after he sets up his Muslim dictatorship in the US, do you?

So far, I have not seen anything exposing Obama's corruption. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that this information was leaked to the media by an "unknown source" (I am thinking Valerie). Somebody is selling somebody out to purge them.

I'm keeping an eye on this one.


It seems that Iran has received the Russian S-300 SAMs. They showed them off in a military parade. The S-300s will make it more difficult for Israel to destroy the Iranian nuclear program. This will be interesting.

Linen II

Linen II has said that Obama is not far enough on the Palestinian side against Israel.

This should tell you that Bernie is a self loathing or self hating Jew in bed with the Muslims trying to destroy Israel and the US. Linen II is a devout liberal commie traitor who wants to bring down the US and Israel.

So, of all of the presidential candidates, which one would be the best one to vote for?

We know that Hilarious is also a devout liberal commie traitor who wants to destroy the US and set up a dictatorship with her being the head of all crony capitalists.

Trump is clearly an ultra liberal pretending to be conservative to fool conservatives into voting for him. All you have to do is look at his policies and most are ultra liberal.

Cruz has consistently had the most conservative message but recently stated he is thinking about running with ultra liberal Rubio as his vice president, which should tell you that Cruz has crawled in bed with the ultra liberal GOP establishment to beat Trump, you know, he already sold you out to the devil.

There isn't one person running for office I want to vote for because they are all in this for their own gain in wealth and power. None of them care squat about any of you, not one. It isn't a question of who will finish destroying America but how fast.

How is the false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy doing? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are all in the same bed?

It turns out that Trump and Hillary are both descendants of John of Gaunt, the duke of Lancaster, and his third wife Katherine Swynford and John's father is King Edward III. Trump and Hillary are distant cousins, members of the same royal family.

All of the Euro-American upper class trash are related to European royalty, they are all part of the same heavily inbred Euro-American royal family. To ALL of them, you are nothing more than their lowly peasants, surfs, and peons who are beneath them.

Get the picture yet?

They aren't just in the same bed, they are in the same royal family.

Now do you believe me when I tell you that the Euro-American upper class trash are trying to get their slaves back by destroying our nations and setting up their one world dictatorship? You still think their inbred FAMILY is not conspiring to enslave all of us and that they are not all in the same bed?

Heck, they are all in the same family!!!

Now, can you think of anyone of these inbred royal family criminals you want to vote for?

It doesn't matter who you vote for because they are all members of the same royal crime family or puppets of that family and they own our nations. The only reason they have not finalized their dictatorship is because most of the US military are loyal to the people and Constitution and there are 100 million armed US citizens. These royal criminals are terrified of starting another shooting revolution because they know they will lose their heads.

Do you believe me now when I tell you that they all have to be eradicated to prevent this from happening again?

You have to wipe out the entire corrupt royal family or they will just very quickly regroup, reorganize, and start all over again.

So, how is that failed democracy thingy working out? Always voting in corrupt members of the same inbred royal crime family, are we? Ready for the Christian theocracy those corrupt inbred royals have taught you to hate?

Now do you better understand why Obama and his Muslim pals KNOW that they must stage a coup and purge all of the liberal commie traitor royals and their puppets?

The Muslims know that, if they don't, they die.

And you ask, "What about politicians like Cruz and Rubio?"

Either they are puppets owned by the Euro-American royalty or they are descendants of Spanish royalty and they see you as their peons.

Get the picture yet?

Following the US, French, and other revolutions about 200 years ago, the European royals began working to get their little slavies back, you know, you, and they have been working on this for more than 200 years.

And you think there isn't a conspiracy by the very corrupt inbred Euro-American royal crime family to seize control of the planet and get all of their little slavies back?

It's all family, baby, it is all family. None of them care about any of you.

But, hey, you get to vote, SUCKER!!!

Ready for that Christian theocracy the corrupt upper class trash royals hate so much? Is it time for another revolution?


Remember that I have been telling you that the war in Europe has already started?

The Europeans are fighting back in Sweden. They recently burned down nine refugee camps in one night.

The trouble is that this will do little good, if the people don't also start burning down the upper class trash homes and killing the upper class trash who are bringing in these invaders. Then and only then will the upper class trash back off.

BTW, they are now openly referring to this as a civil war but it needs to turn into a revolution against their corrupt upper class trash rulers.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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