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Here is another great example of the arrogance and failing of socialism.

The cost of housing in Israel was increasing because of supply and demand so some idiot socialists went to the idiot socialist politicians, who went into government because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally, to solve their problem. The idiot socialists turned to their all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities, who gathered a little information and decided with their "superior intelligence" to build a certain number of new apartments to solve the housing problem.

What is wrong with this?

First, you know those over educated fools didn't build enough apartments to even begin to solve the problem because, if the politicians actually solve problems, who will need them? Plus you know that by the time those government apartments got built, the demand had increased, making the problem worse.

But, hey, the politicians are good people because they "SOLVED THE PROBLEM" by building some apartments...and then went golfing to celebrate. In all of the simple-minded people's minds, not the intelligent ones, the problem was solved because something, anything, was done. After all, the idiot media said so. Ta da!!!

Second, you know they gave the job of building those apartments to some of their corrupt cronies who will do the lousiest job they can get away with to maximize their profits.

After all, they really don't care about the project in the long term because those buildings are government buildings and, when stuff begins to break down, who is the corrupt government going to hire to fix that stuff?

That's right, the same corrupt worthless crony capitalist business who built them so those cronies are going to want stuff to break quickly and lots of it. Gotta maximize those profits with your tax dollars.

Third, this discourages people with money from investing in apartments to make money, which would solve the problem by those people continuing to build apartments based on need.

After all, why risk your own money making money when you can use crony-capitalism to use the tax payer's money to make money at no risk to you?

This crony-capitalism destroys the free market, which is based on providing a supply to meet the demand, and causes problems because the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash x-spurts, who got the right degrees from the right universities NEVER guess right and always have to fix their messes with more tax payer money.

Why should they even bother to be concerned about guessing right when it is not their money that is at risk, you know, it is other people's money?

Basically, the ignorant attitude of the liberals is that, the problem must have been solved because the government threw some money at it based on the guesses of the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities in spite of the fact that history teaches that those same x-spurts have never guessed right at anything, have never solved a problem, and almost always make the problem worse.

But, hey, simple minds are easy to appease, especially if those simple minds have been dumbed down and brainwashed.

All you have to do is just watch and you will see that in ALL socialist governments, where the arrogant, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash x-spurts, who got the right degrees from the right universities are micromanaging everything with their "superior intelligence" and you will see that the people are constantly on strike and protesting for those same upper class trash idiots to fix the problems they caused.

It should only be common sense that you do not go to the people who caused the problem to fix the problem because the people who cause problems have never fixed any problems, they always make those problems worse and worse and worse until the project has to be discontinued and they move on with the next doomed bril-lee-yunt sounding project.

In a nut shell, the problem with socialism is that you always end up with the over educated idiots and fools running everything because only over educated idiots and fools believe in socialism.


A picture may be forming that I am keeping an eye on. It seems that Obama, Turkey, Putin, and Assad are pushing the idea that the Golan Heights don't belong to Israel and they belong to Syria.

Is this a picture from hell or what? Let me get this straight, Obama and Turkey are taking the side of their enemies, Putin and Assad, against Israel, their ally? Something is going on here, isn't it?

Just a weeeeee bit obvious.

Is this Obama and Turkey setting the ground work or what the military calls prepping the battle field to invade Israel, you know, for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39? Is the Golan Heights the lame excuse Obama will use to work towards invading Israel?

Keep an eye on this because it doesn't seem to be going away and is growing into a big problem.


You think Europe is not now at war and fighting a feudal war against the Muslims like I have been telling you?

It was just reported that HALF of the French Army is now deployed on French streets. That and all of the killing by the Muslims sounds like a war to me.

There is even a new video game where you defend Europe from an ISIS invasion.

Gee, you think that just maybe eyes are opening?


And, mysteriously, the famous Clintstone cough has returned...again!

Hmmm, things must be getting serious with the FBI.

Is Obama about to throw her under the bus after revealing all of her corruption with the Panama Papers?

Gee, what a coincidence and you thought Obama released the Panama Papers to go after Putin.

What a circus our government and nation have become.

And you think the upper class trash running things are sane? Gee, they haven't been inbreeding too long, have they?

BTW, Hilarious is refusing to discuss Saudi Arabia's complicity in 9/11 and the "28 pages" of classified info proving it.

Gee, could that be because Saudi Arabia has bribed Hilarious with so much money?

It is well known Hilarious is very deep in Saudi Arabian pockets, which, BTW, is a threat to national security if she becomes president and was a breach of national security while she was Secretary of State. We are talking treason, baby.

Hilarious is getting so easy to read and predict.

In a very telling interview, Hilarious was asked, "Do you believe in ghosts?" Hilarious responded, "I believe in spirits," you know, demons, they are spirits. It is well known that she held seances while in the White House, you know, as first witch. She openly claims to have communicated with people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi in the White House while Billy Boy was president. (If she gets elected as president, they will have to designate her broom as Air Force One.)

You Christians should know that, when people conduct seances and "talk to the dead" they are actually speaking to demons who knew those people and their lives while those people were alive. That is why the demons can pretend to be those people and answer personal questions.

And you don't believe that Hilarious and Billy Boy are members of the occult, which explains why they hate Christians?

When another host asked her about the "truth about aliens", Hilarious responded, "I have said, I want to open the files as much as we can" and "If there's some huge national security thing and I can't get agreement to open them I won't, but I do want to open them because I'm interested" and "There enough stories out there, that I don't think everybody is just sitting there in their kitchen just making them up."

I warned you about this, didn't I? Hey, she has already made contact with Eleanor and Gandhi, why not aliens, you know, more of her demons?

And you can bet those aliens will tell you to give up your guns and submit to her dictatorship "for your own good" because "Hilarious cares so much about you." And there are plenty of people stupid enough to buy that bridge.

BTW, by the strangest coincidence, Mark Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking, both liberals, have just launched a $100 million search for space aliens. Talk about timing.

Gee, I wonder where that will go?


There is a prominent atheistic philosopher on YouTube who has been preaching that philosophy is our best hope and he admits that Christianity is our second best hope. I have noticed that he is getting increasingly frustrated because his god, philosophy, isn't changing things for the better.

If he had really thought it through, he would have known that philosophy isn't the answer. First, Karl Marx was a philosopher and his philosophy has caused most of our problems. There are many schools of philosophy, most are liberal, and these philosophies are what have caused most of our problems.

Second, his idea of philosophy is based on evidence and logic related philosophy and not irrational idealistic philosophy or liberalism. It is obvious that liberalism hates and rejects evidence and logic and is based entirely on irrational wishful thinking. Therefore, liberals will never listen to, much less accept, rational philosophy and it cannot solve our problems.

This philosopher has stated in the past that he would prefer to live in a state run by Christians than atheists because atheism has no inherent morals or values where as Christianity has the morals and values which created the greatest culture in history. He recently ranted on a video titled "Why I was wrong about atheism" about the fact that most atheists (better than 70%) are part of the problem because they choose statism over independence and responsibility, while bashing Christians for their slaughter of other people. He pointed out that statism murdered more than 250 million people in just the 20th Century, making the slaughters of Christians pale in comparison. He ended his video by saying he "has statism on the left and Christianity on the right and I wobble", meaning he is on the verge of giving up on atheism and siding with Christianity.

His eyes are opening and he is about to chose. Pray for him.


This philosopher's eyes will open even more, if he knew the truth about the "Christian atrocities" so let's take a little look at real history instead of the revisionist history you are being fed by Christian haters to see why those Christians killed all of those people, especially Muslims and Jews.

Were they crimes or justified homicides?

The first killing to do with Christianity is recorded in the New Testament at a time when all Christians were Jews, right after the death of Jesus, before any gentiles had become Christians, and before the Roman destruction of Israel.

The Christian Jew, Stephen, was stoned to death by the Jews who hated Christian Jews. These Christian hating Jews began hunting down and killing Christian Jews throughout Jerusalem at a time when better than 90% of the Christians still lived in Jerusalem.

This persecution of the Christian Jews by other Jews (not all other Jews, just those who hated Christians and were in control of Israel) caused most of the Christian Jews to flee Jerusalem to other parts of Israel, spreading the gospel of salvation through Jesus the Christ throughout Israel. The persecuting Jews pursued the Christian Jews into the rest of Israel killing them wherever they could find them. This expanded persecution caused most of the Christian Jews to flee Israel.

At this point, I have to insert that the "10 lost tribes" had not been lost but had built Jewish synagogues wherever they had been taken to throughout the world, especially in Europe. It was to these Jewish communities and their synagogues that the Christian Jews fled the persecution by the Christian hating Jews, spreading the gospel to these synagogues.

It was at this point that these fleeing Christian Jews began to witness to gentiles and win them to Jesus as their savior and out of their respective religions, especially the Church of Rome. This caused these religions to lose control of these people, who had converted to Christianity, usually also to the synagogues, which, of course, these other religions didn't like.

Also, at this point, some of the Christian hating Jews got what we would call letters of marquee from the Jewish Sanhedrin and began leaving Israel to hunt and kill Christian Jews in other countries. The New Testament records one such Christian hating Jew, Saul, doing this, being confronted by Jesus on his way to Damascus to hunt and kill Christians and the resultant conversion to Christianity, at which time Saul changed his name to Paul. This persecution of Christians by certain Jews is well recorded in the New Testament by Paul.

It was also at this point that the Church of Rome began persecuting Christians, both Jews and Gentiles, because they were converting people out of the pagan Church of Rome causing the Church to lose control over these people and the wealth that came with these people as members.

It is important to note that these Christian hating Jews began working with the Church of Rome to find and kill Christians, both Jews and gentiles. This persecution of Christians by the Church of Rome and the Christian hating Jews continued for about 300 years with Christianity continuing to grow until Constantine came to power and decided to solve the problem of losing Church of Rome members to Christianity by "converting" the Church of Rome to a combination of Christian-paganism it has been since this "conversion" (if you can't beat them, join them).

This conversion caused most of the Christian gentiles to return to the Church of Rome and, to prevent these Christian gentiles from returning to the influence and control of the Jewish synagogues, Constantine drove a wedge between his newly re-acquired gentiles by turning those Christians against the Jews. Constantine did this by proclaiming that the Jews had killed their God, Jesus, which is only half true.

This divided Christianity into three basic groups. Those who had been assimilated back into the Church of Rome (mostly gentiles; Catholics), the Christian Jews who had already been forced underground by Rome and the Christian hating Jews persecuting them, and Christians (mostly gentiles) who went underground and refused to be part of the other two groups while continuing to be persecuted by the Catholic Church and Christian hating Jews, who became known as Baptists because they continued to practice a version of Jewish emersion baptism that John the Baptist practiced.

Now that the Christian gentiles were in power as the Catholic Church, many began persecuting the Jews who had been persecuting them but this persecution quickly dropped off once the Jews, who had persecuted the Christians, had been dealt with.

This also meant that the entire Roman Empire had become Christian, which meant that the entire Mediterranean area was now Christian along with areas as far away from Rome as England. This included the Western Middle East and North Africa.

Shortly after this, the Roman Empire was divided into two parts, West and East, with the Church of Rome also being divided into the Catholic Church in the West and Orthodox Church in the East. The Eastern Roman Empire included the Middle East, most of North Africa, and Eastern Europe. The Western Empire included the rest of Europe and the Western part of North Africa.

In 474 AD the Western Roman Empire fell and divided into a number of feudal states, under the Church of Rome, causing the Dark Ages and leaving only the Eastern Empire which became known as the Byzantine Empire under the Orthodox Church. At this point, they were both still Christian.

Muhammad formed Islam in the 7th Century AD and began a series of Muslim conquests which continued until now. The Muslims conquered more land than the Roman Empire had ever ruled over. They conquered all the way to Indonesia and Middle Asia to the east.

It took them a few hundred years to conquer the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Christian hating Jews (not all Jews) helped the Muslims, especially following the conquests, when these Jews would help the Muslims round up, enslave, rob, torture, and murder Christians, whom the Muslims had just conquered.

This persecution of Christians by both Muslims and Jews continued everywhere the Muslims conquered Christians. For example, when the Muslims conquered Spain, many of the Christian hating Jews helped the Muslims conquer Spain and for more than 300 years, these Jews helped the Muslims find, enslave, rob, torture, and murder Christians.

When the Christians finally took back Spain in 1492 AD, by defeating the Muslims, they faced a very real threat that the Jews might help the Muslims take back Spain and begin murdering Christians again. Because of this threat, the Christians hunted down the Jews who had helped the Muslims, tortured them to find out which other Jews had helped the Muslims murder Christians, and then killed these Jews to remove that threat to their Christian families.

To the rest of the Jews, who had not helped the Muslims murder Christians and to remove the threat of the Jews helping the Muslims re-conquer the Christians and begin butchering them again, the Spanish Christians gave three choices: 1) convert to Christianity so that the Jews would be loyal to Christians and not help the Muslims conquer and murder the Christians again, 2) leave Spain, or 3) be put to death. Many Jews converted to Christianity, many left Spain, usually with the help of the Spanish Christians, and many were put to death.

This removing of the Jewish/Muslim threat to the Christians is called the "Spanish Inquisition" and told very differently by the Christian hating liberals, portraying Christians as being cruel and barbaric, when they were just in fear of their lives and the threat posed by Jews and Muslims against Christians.

The same thing happened when the Catholic Church sent armies called Crusades to free Christians from Muslim AND Jewish persecution in the Middle East. When the Christian armies conquered cities, freeing the Christians, they found that SOME of the Jews had been helping the Muslims persecute the Christians so they hunted these Jews down and killed them.

Again, this was because of the very real concern about the very real threat that these Jews who hated Christians would help the Muslims re-conquer these towns and begin persecuting and murdering Christians again so the Jews who had helped the Muslims were hunted down and killed by the Christian armies. Again, this was not all of the Jews, just those who had helped the Muslims persecute and kill Christians.

Today, there still remains a large population of Jews (liberal Jews) who hate Christians and are right now working with pagans and Muslims to destroy the Christian West, including Israel, and a large population of Christians who hate Jews.

But it is important to note that there are even larger numbers of both Jews and Christians who either don't care about each other and get along well or work together because they know we are just two different sects of the same religion, reading the same book (the Muslims recognize this calling us both the "people of the book"), and worshipping the same God, and not two different religions.

The main point here is that most of the things the liberals refer to as "Christian atrocities" were really Christians fighting back to free themselves from Islamic oppression and persecution by certain of the Jews. These were not true Christian atrocities but justified "military and civil actions" to protect themselves from real threats to them and their families by specific hostile groups.

Were the Christians perfect angels?

No, Christians are humans just like everyone else.

Did they do some things wrong?

Yes, but they were never as bad as the liberals say. When you know the truth and consider all things, Christians have the best record and have created the greatest culture in history. Christians have done far more good for mankind than all other religions combined, but, then the Christian hating pagans, including atheists, don't want you to know that, do they? After all, if everyone knew the truth, these Christian hating pagans couldn't justify destroying Christianity, could they?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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