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In my last essay, I showed that the wars and civil actions fought by Christians were mostly justified in protecting themselves from the slaughter by others. These actions were not evil Christians just butchering pagans.

I forgot to tell you just how bad that slaughter of Christians was to better drive home my point and I have since realized that is very necessary so let's look more into the ugly truths of history.

When all Christians were still Jews, right after the death of Jesus, and the Christian hating Jews turned on them, the Christian hating Jews butchered at least tens of thousands and probably more than 100,000 Christian Jews over a period of just a few decades. This was no small slaughter.

After the Romans started murdering Christian gentiles and Jews, the Romans, with the help of the Christian hating Jews, who did not stop their war against Christians, easily murdered tens of millions of Christians. There were reports of crucified Christians lining both sides of Roman roads for several days travel out of Rome (about 50 to 60 miles) and most of you have heard of the millions more Christians who were fed to wild animals, like lions, in the Roman coliseums by pagans for entertainment. This was a massive slaughter and persecution by the Romans with the help of Christian hating Jews (not all Jews) that lasted for about 300 years. With the help of the Christian hating Jews, the Romans easily slaughtered tens of millions of Christians in that 300 years.

This easily explains why, after the Christians gained the power of the Roman Army, when the Church of Rome "converted" to Christianity, the Christians did some "persecuting of Jews". The Christians wanted to kill the Jews who had been killing Christians.

It also helps explain why some of the Christians refused to assimilate into the Church of Rome, you know, those who stayed underground and became known as Baptists; these Christians clearly remembered that most of the Christian slaughter was caused by Rome and still saw Rome as evil.

By the time Rome fell in 474 AD, Christianity had spread throughout all of Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East and almost all of Asia. When the Muslims started their conquests in the 7th Century, there were Christians everywhere. It is conservatively estimated that, with the help of Christian hating Jews, the Muslims butchered more than 125 million Christians plus more than 100 million pagans over more than 800 years. Just in Spain alone, the Muslims, with the help of Christian hating Jews, butchered tens of millions of Christians over a period of about 300 years.

This is why the Christians fought back with the Christian Crusades to free themselves from the tyranny and slaughter by the Muslims and the Christian hating Jews. Suddenly, the Spanish Inquisition becomes a very different story from what you are being taught and the killing of more than one million Jews just in the Middle East by the Christian Crusaders is understood. The Christians were eradicating an extreme threat from those who had spent hundreds of years hunting Christians down and murdering them. Note that the Christians didn't kill all Muslims and Jews, only the ones who they believed killed Christians.

Gee, you mean the Christians were not just a bunch of blood thirsty murderers like the Christian hating liberals teach?

Oh, and how about "witch hunts"?

Let me share the meaning of a Germanic fairy tale, "Hansel and Gretel". It turns out that this little fairy tale was created to warn children about witches. The key elements of the fairy tale are that, in those days, in Germanic countries, they didn't have candy and ginger bread cookies were their sweet treat, which is why ginger bread was a key element in that fairy tale. The witches would entice children into their homes with ginger bread cookies and use the children as human sacrifices to "the dark forces", just like the witch using ginger bread to entice Hansel and Gretel into her house in the fairy tale, which is why the Christians referred to witch houses as ginger bread houses, you know, like in the fairy tale. As part of the human sacrifice ritual (which still takes place today by witches and Satanists behind closed doors), the witches would tie the children up and slice the souls of their feet to drain the blood from the children. The witches drank most of that blood as part of the sacrifice ritual but saved some of it to make their next batch of ginger bread cookies, you know, "turning the children into ginger bread cookies" like the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

Oooo, I bet one or two light bulbs came on there.

Also, they are still finding bodies from human sacrifices in the peat bogs of Europe, especially Northern Europe. These sacrifices were usually kidnapped Christians sacrificed by various pagan groups to their pagan gods. In those days, it was not safe for Christians to travel alone, especially at night.

There is a period drawing of a human sacrifice by Celts in Southern France where they built a huge wooden effigy of their primary god and burned more than 100 people alive in it, almost certainly mostly kidnapped Christians.

Now do you understand why Christians hunted down and killed witches and other pagans, commonly referred to as "witch hunts"?

The pagans were murdering Christians and their children as human sacrifices and the Christians were rightfully terrified. They were trying to protect themselves and their families by killing the pagans who were murdering Christians.

Then you have the five to seven million Christians murdered by Hitler in his death camps the Christian haters conveniently forget to tell you about. They only tell you about the six million Jews Hitler murdered so they can falsely make it look like Hitler was a Christian when he was really a pagan Luciferian. They also conveniently forget to tell you about the more than 100 million people the atheists murdered in places like the Soviet Union, Communist China, and other glorious Marxist or statist countries, many of whom were Christians.

Suddenly, it isn't the Christians who were the bad guys, but the Christian hating pagans don't want you to know that. For two thousand years, almost every pagan cult, including atheists, has been butchering Christians and, when the Christians fight back, the pagans always lie to make it look like the Christians are the bad guys for defending themselves.

Were the Christians perfect?

No, but they have a much better record than any pagan group, especially atheists and Muslims, I have been able to find.

As Jesus said, "the truth will set you free." Note that, in Luke 24, Jesus also said you should buy a couple of swords with which to protect yourselves.

Now do you understand why?

Jesus knew this would happen.

With the pagans having regained control of the world and currently working towards establishing a global pagan dictatorship, you know, their new world order thingy, with plans to murder all Christians as part of the more than seven billion people they want to murder, maybe it is time to obey Jesus and arm yourselves?

The pagans have butchered hundreds of millions of Christians and now want to butcher a few billion more.

BTW, as further proof for this, a recent "white privilege conference" blamed everything on...wait for it...Christianity.

No, the liberal pagans aren't still waging war on Christianity while blaming Christianity for all of the evil the pagans have caused, are they?

BTW, the liberal pagan Jew hating Israeli Jew, Tzipi Livni, was talking at ultra liberal Harvard and found out the hard way that being a liberal Jewish pagan does not make her a gentile. She was insulted with anti-Semitic comments by liberal pagan gentiles who hate Jews, ALL Jews. Guess what, just like I have told you again and again, being a liberal does not make you a gentile, a black, a Muslim, or anything else you are not already. You are still what you are and the other hating liberal gentiles and Jews will still treat you the way they treat non liberals from your group.

That is why there is currently a power struggle between all of the different liberal and Muslim groups, they all hate each other and just being in bed with a viper will not keep that viper from eventually biting you too.

Besides, it is fun watching these liberal pagans eating their own instead of eating Christians. I still pray for their salvation but, when they stage a feeding frenzy on each other instead of on Christians, I stop and savor the show. It is so much fun to watch the evil monsters get some of their own medicine from their own kind that they love giving to others.

Will Livni learn?

Probably not until it is too late, you know, just like the rest of them.

Upper Class Trash

I just saw that the Secret Service agents are quitting faster than they can be replaced.

First, eyes are opening and fewer people are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the corrupt upper class trash criminals. The upper class trash criminals aren't worth saving and definitely not worth the lives of good people.

Second, this will not only provide Obama with an excuse to replace the Secret Service with his New Black Panthers, like he said he will do, but will probably even necessitate Obama replacing the Secret Service with his New Black Panthers just to stay alive.

BTW, I do hope you know how to resolve our national debt the easy and right way?

You just arrest, try for treason, and nationalize the wealth of the upper class trash crony capitalists and politicians who stole that money to cause that debt. The money is still there, it is just in criminals' pockets instead of yours and you just need to take it back to pay off the debt they caused.

Cheater Athletes

Another retired pro athlete I know just found out he has heart problems. Surprise, surprise.

Nah, couldn't be the dope causing those heart problems, could it?

I know, all of these cheating doper athletes with heart problems is just a coincidence. (/sarc)

I warned you about this years ago and it is happening now.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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