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When you see people like George Koch saying something like Hillary could be better than GOP for president, you know they are not thinking about what is best for the nation but what is best for themselves financially in the near future. These people do not care about this nation or the people and their thinking is only short term and not long term. Such people are only thinking about how they can profit from her being in office.

Hillary has already sold out the US a number of times and would sell her right hand for the right price. There is no way she could possibly be good at all for this nation.

It is just being reported that a Brooklyn election official just scored a really big profit from an real estate deal with Clinton officials.

Gee, you don't think the elections are rigged, do you? How is that democracy thingy working out for you? Not too well? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


The students at Stanford recently voted to ban the study of Western Civilization from Stanford. You know this was started by some of their idiot liberal college professors and carried through by idiot liberal students.

Know the truth?

No way, we only want to be taught great sounding lies and propaganda.

Of course the liberal commie traitors don't want you to study Western Civilization, if you do, you will find out very quickly that Marxism/atheism never works and the best culture and economy in history was created by Christianity. This is the old tyrannical "dumb them down and brainwash them" routine.

As long as our educational system is controlled by the liberal commie traitors, there can be no such thing as a quality education and they will eventually brainwash enough of the population to seize control of the US to set up their liberal commie traitor dictatorship.


I do hope you realize that the liberals supporting men invading women's restrooms by claiming to be transgender is the liberals selling out women and children. Any man who supports this is just thinking of being able to take advantage of women and children in women's restrooms and any women who support it are either sick or have sold out other women and children. Nothing good will come of this except to open the eyes of the women who have been fooled into voting for liberals for warm fuzzy reasons.

One thing good about this nonsense is the women will quickly figure out they have been sold a lie and taken advantage of by liberal men.

In Sweden they are saying "no more gender roles" and are combining men's and women's competitions. This will completely crush women out of competing in sports and turn large numbers of women against the liberals.

I am waiting for the law suits what will come from these actions because the governments, businesses, and other organizations failed to protect women and children from sexual and other predators. You know it is coming.

As more and more of these bril-lee-yunt sounding liberal ideas are forced on us and they completely fail, eyes will open to the insane reality of liberalism.


Remember that Obama said before he was ever elected that he would empty our jails?

The Obama administration just stated that "keeping prisoners in jail hurts the economy".

Gee, you don't think Obama is working to justify keeping another of his many promises, do you?

Nothing like protecting people by turning criminals loose to prey on those people.

Why is Obama going on tour in Europe to keep the Muslim invaders moving into Europe? Gee, you don't think it is because he and his Muslim pals plan on staging coups throughout Europe and the US at the same time, do you?

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, the UN has "condemned Israel" over the Golan Heights. The liberals and Muslims are trying to force Israel to give up the very strategic Golan Heights to the Muslims in order to make it easier for the Muslims to invade and conquer Israel, you know, in the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Will this be at least part of the excuse they will use to invade Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Keep an eye on it.


To give you an idea of some of the crap I have to put up with in this job, for which I don't get paid, Debka Files, which is highly questionable and burned me twice with their bad reporting because a lot of their stories turn out to not be true, recently posted a story about Russia firing on Israeli jets on two different occasions and I have not seen this story reported anywhere else exceeeeept on a "Christian YouTube site", which prophesies for money instead of for God, and just blindly repeated the Debka File report. Then, on another "Christian site", which prophesies for money instead of for God, he repeated the story from the other Christian site and confirmed that story by saying the story was "also" on Debka File, from which the story for both sites originated.

I have to dig through this crap all of the time where one site, which is regularly wrong, posts something not found on other news sites, and other sites just pick up the story and repeat it without confirming the story.

In the first few years of this site, I got burned a couple of times with predictions I made based on bad information from such sites, you know, them sensationalizing with false stories to drive up their viewership and profits. That is what caused almost all of my very few predictions which turned out to not be accurate. I quickly learned to be more discerning about the information I get and have stopped getting information from many of the sites I started out getting information from because they are not dependable. If information is questionable, I will sit on it for a few days to see where it goes before commenting on it.

It is very frustrating digging through the crap being fed to us by so many bad sites. It is increasingly difficult to find the truth.

Even more frustrating is when I see people blindly believing the bad information from these sites and passing it on to others.


Remember that I told you that Muslim women would gladly blow themselves up to get out of this life into a better promised life because their lives here on earth are so terrible?

Terrorism by women, especially suicide bombers, has increased many fold since the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. Some of the Muslim women are saying they are doing it to get a "handsome Jihadi in Paradise", you know, that female romance thingy I warned you about.

It is obvious that, just like I told you, the Muslim clerics are promising women and children a better life in Paradise, if they blow themselves up in this life, you know, just like I told you would happen.

Euro Prophets

The Euro Prophets are still at it saying the last empire that will rule the world during the Tribulation will be the "revived Roman Empire".

First, does it look like the EU is reviving or is falling apart?

Second, this is completely based on the idea that the Roman Empire was the legs of iron in Nebuchadnezzar's dream and the feet will be mixed with clay and iron. They are ASSUMING that the iron in the feet means it will be the revived Roman Empire but Jesus clearly stated that the prophesies include the empire that is (the Roman Empire) and one that is yet to come. In other words, it didn't already exist and was yet to come, you know, like the Muslim Caliphate, which came later, AFTER the Roman Empire and the death of Jesus.

In Revelation, it says that the last Empire was and will be again, you know, the one that didn't come until after Jesus was crucified, which couldn't be the Roman Empire. On the other hand, the Muslim Caliphate didn't come until after Jesus had been crucified by about 600 years, almost exactly, rose, fell, and is now returning, fitting those prophesies perfectly. The Muslim Caliphate was more primitive (the clay) but also has taken technology and knowledge from Europe (the iron) and fits all of the prophesies for the Tribulation one world government AND one world church because Islam is both a government with laws and a religion with churches.

It is because of these flawed Euro prophesies that the Euro-American upper class trash pagans are trying to set up the new world order and church combining all religions to bring their beloved Antichrist and have caused a false Tribulation, all of which God is bringing to an end because it isn't the one world government or one world church of the Tribulation. Yet, the Euro prophets refuse to give up on their Euro prophesies, even with Europe and the Catholic Church dying.

"Why, it just can't possibly be that what they were taught by the Catholic Church is wrong". God is right now in the process of proving the Euro prophesies wrong, and the Euro prophets refuse to give up on their failing Euro prophesies because it will cost them money.

Get it straight, Jesus said that the end time empire is "one that is yet to come" or it won't come until AFTER the Roman Empire falls, which means that it could not possibly be the Roman Empire and the Euro prophets just love to ignore. Then, in Revelation, Jesus said this same end time empire will have previously been and will rise again, which can only be the Muslim Caliphate because they came to power almost 200 years after Rome fell, existed for more than 1,000 years, fell, and are rising again.

Just know this, when God finally does prove the Euro prophesies wrong, most of those false prophets will convert to Islam saying that the God of the Bible isn't real because the false prophets' false prophesies didn't come true. No, those false prophesies didn't come true because they were false prophesies dreamed up by Satan's infiltrators of the church.

Foreign Aid

I keep reading about all of this foreign aid corruption that has been going on for decades.

My opinion is that, no other nation should get foreign aid except in the case of an extreme emergency such as a really bad earthquake and then, only if they really need the help.

You should never give money to a corrupt government because they mismanaged their own money.

Why should you give them your money to mismanage too?

I know the argument about buying allies but it is severely flawed. If you have to pay someone to be your ally, they will only be your ally as long as it benefits them more to be your ally than to be your enemy and they won't be that dependable of an ally. Just as soon as it benefits them more to be your enemy's ally, they will instantly switch, which is never a good thing in time of war.

We currently are calling nations our allies while they wage war against us and keep taking our bribes because our glorious upper class trash leaders are really that stupid.

And you think our leaders are intelligent?


Have you noticed that Cruz is teaming up with ultra liberal, Kasich, to "take out Trump"?

For months, Cruz has been campaigning on stopping Trump instead of on political doctrines. All of this should tell you that he has climbed in bed with the liberal traitors running the GOP for the one reason of winning the presidency. He has sold you out to the liberal commie traitors.

I can't find anyone I want to vote for, not one person.

How is your false Greek pagan god, democracy, doing? Want a Christian theocracy yet?

But, hey, you get to vote, sucker!!!

So what if the elections are rigged and you only get to vote for the people they give you to vote for and your votes really don't matter?

You still get to vote, sucker!!! You know, here, have a pacifier, fool, while the upper class trash impoverish, enslaves, and murders you.

Just remember that the people voted for Adolf Hitler and Mussolini, which didn't exactly make them good guys and now you are voting for more bad guys? What could possibly go wrong?

The ugly truth is that all of our leaders belong on a gallows and not in office destroying our nations. The only thing those traitors are loyal to is their own bank accounts. Everything else is for sale. They are not leaders, they are pillagers and thieves, they are criminals of the worst kind and regularly murder to get what they want.

And you want to keep voting for that slime just so you can vote, even though it doesn't make a difference? Why?

BTW, they are saying that GOP primary votes are up 60% and that is a good thing.


You don't think that, just maybe, most of that increase is liberals registering as conservatives to help vote in Trump because they believe he will be easier for Hilarious to beat?

I have read that is the case and it wouldn't be the first time liberals have voted in a GOP primary to give the GOP a candidate who can't win. They did it for both Romney and McCain and we got two ultra liberals posing as conservatives or moderates who lost the election because the liberals know that a lot of conservatives simply won't vote for any liberal.


I just read a headline over at Arutz Sheva by Batya Medad which said, "Is There Another Holocaust on the Horizon?"

How absolutely clueless can you get? Holocaust on the horizon? My question is, "which holocaust?"

Now you can see why it is so important that the upper class trash are covering up the fact that Hitler actually murdered 12 to 13 million people, including millions of Christians, in his death camps instead of just 6 million Jews. This has caused a lot of people to think that, if they are not murdering millions of Jews, then it isn't a holocaust.

Oh, so it is alright to murder millions of people as long as none of them are Jews?

How about murdering more than 50 million unborn babies in just the US, isn't that a holocaust? Or what about the millions of Christians who are being murdered globally, don't they count? How about the hundreds of millions the Muslims and liberals have murdered since 2001, doesn't that count as a holocaust? Don't the billions the liberal commie traitor pagan upper class trash are right now in the process of murdering off so they don't have to share their planet with the rest of us count?

The ugly truth is that we are right now in the middle of a group of the worst holocausts in the history of man but no one is acknowledging it because they are not Jews. This insane pagan madness is going on RIGHT NOW, not "on the horizon".

The ugly truth is that the liberal commie traitors and Muslims have butchered many times more people since 9/11 than Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and others murdered total and it isn't a holocaust? Just how stupid are these people?

Mean while, all the liberals, especially the media can do is play politically correct word games or semantics to distract everyone from the horrible truth of what they are doing.

The devouring brute beast monsters are in control and are RIGHT NOW committing the worst holocaust in history, possibly even worse than all others combined.

WAKE UP, world, you are being butchered off RIGHT NOW, not on the horizon!!!

But, hey, they are not butchering only Jews so it can't be a holocaust.

To top that all off, Obama said, "This is the most peaceful era in history."


Would someone please put a TV in his golf cart so he can keep up on all of the murdering being done by his liberal and Muslim pals?

Obama will tell any lie to cover up for the crimes he and his liberal and Muslims pals are committing.

Cheater Dopers

I just read about another pro bicycle racer who had to retire from racing bicycles because of a heart condition.

Will they learn and stop using dope?

Probably not. The athletes will probably continue listening to the quack doctors and exercise physiologists telling the athletes that "those other athletes" didn't use the dope right, which is why the athletes died, while those quacks are making a fortune selling the athletes the dope and the athletes will never realize that the quacks really don't care about the athletes and only care about the tens of millions of dollars the quacks make selling that dope to the athletes. After all, when their athletes die, the quacks will just replace those athletes with new athletes to steal from and murder, while laughing all of the way to the bank.

Just do the math on it. The evil quacks sucker the athletes into using the dope with false promises that the athletes will be champions (no, they will be phony cheaters who achieved nothing, not champions) with no risk of illness, injury, or death (fraud.) The quacks know that those athletes will spend most to all of their wealth gained from the sport on those expensive drugs, which will eventually cripple or kill the athletes and then the athletes who have anything left of their wealth will have to spend the rest of it on the quacks to treat the ailments caused by the quacks and their dope.

Who wins with that deal?

Not the athletes, not the sport, not the fans; only the quacks win and they get to laugh all of the way to the bank during the athletes' funerals. It is my opinion that every quack who dopes athletes should be tried for premeditated murder and executed. That would bring this crap to a screeching halt really fast.

Also, the cheating athletes, coaches, managers, and everyone else involved in the cheating should be tried for fraud, theft, and other crimes when they cheat, they should be banned from ALL sports for life, their names should be wiped from all record books, and they should have to forfeit everything thing they made from the sport, directly and indirectly.

If people tend to lose everything they gain from the cheating and more, then there won't be any motivation to cheat. If you can't compete without cheating, go get a real job.


On a funny note, I have a female cat that had her kittens under my couch. I can tell when she is feeding her kittens because the couch starts purring loud enough you can hear it across the room because she purrs while she is feeding her kittens. I now have a purring couch.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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