News 16


So, how is that pagan democracy thing doing?

Oh, that is right, you don't have any kind of democracy any more, Obama is creating laws without Congress so you now have a dictatorship, you know, just like I told you. The Republic of the United States is dead and you now live in the United Soviet States of America, deal with it. BTW, I hope you realize that the minimum wage law Obama just illegally wrote is buying Commiecrat votes from the government contractor's employees by raising those employee's minimum wage. Obama really knows how to buy people off and use them, until he doesn't need them any more, then he dumps them. It amazes me that so many people are so willing to play the whore and keep selling themselves down the river for very little money, they deserve what they are going to get.


How did you enjoy that very Satanic pagan show for the Grammy Awards? Still think I don't know what I am talking about when I tell you it isn't just liberals verses conservatives but is pagans verses Christians? If it isn't pagans verses Christians, why are these liberal pagans openly waging war against Christians, especially Christian owned businesses?

I hope you realize that Grammy show was just the pagans testing the waters to see what kind of response they will get. You will see more of it soon because, just like I told you, the pagans are coming out of the closet and you will see their true colors. Don't be surprised when you start seeing faked human sacrifices and, just as soon as they can get post birth abortion legalized, you will see real human sacrifices of babies and infants under the guise of marrying religion with abortion. When they get assisted suicides legalized, you will see teens and adults being publically sacrificed. Stick around, it will get worse, the pagans are determined to make it worse.

Are you finding out the ugly truth about paganism yet? Do you believe me now, when I tell you that God is letting the pagans have enough control so they feel safe enough to come out of the closet and show you the ugly truth so you will stop believing their lies?

Now, think back to before the time when Christians had enough power and control to even begin fighting back against pagans and pagans were openly sacrificing humans, like they will very soon be in the US. In those days, they would grab Christians and sacrifice those Christians to their false pagan gods, which forced the Christians to go underground. Do you understand now why the Christians fought to get rid of paganism? You will soon because history is already repeating itself. In the near future, you are going to see Christians who are afraid to publically admit they are Christians, the way Peter did before Jesus was crucified.

BTW, how is that tolerance thing working out? What, you say the pagans insist Christians be tolerant and pagans don't have to be?


Scientist just finished some research showing that two of the worst plagues in history at 600 and 1,500 years ago were both the Black Plague or bubonic plague. They stated that such plagues can happen again but they are not too worried because modern medicines will keep such a pandemic from becoming so terrible, you know, like when the Black Plague killed from 1/3 to 1/2 of the people on the planet 600 years ago.


Did you know that there are at least two strains (that we know of) of bubonic plague which our medicines have no effect on and have a mortality rate of better than 80% (better than 80% of the people who get them die)? Well, so much for putting your faith in the false pagan god, medicine, especially when we have never created a cure for even one virus and there are many bacteria for which we still don't have cures, you know, like those strains of bubonic plague.

Did you know that we currently have a massive rodent pandemic or population in all of our cities, especially the medium to large cities, especially with lots of rats? You know, just like they had large populations of rats 600 and 1,500 years ago, which is what caused those plagues or pandemics to be so terrible. Did you know that having a larger, more congested population, like we have today, and being extremely mobile (we travel a lot) causes pandemics to be worse? And those scientists think that, if one of those resistant strains of the plague get into our rat populations, it won't cause an even more deadly pandemic? Does that make sense to you or do you realize it is just smoke and mirrors?

Did you know that there are two basic ways to get bubonic plague? You can get it directly into your blood when an infected flea bites you and directly into your lungs (airborne) when an infected person coughs or sneezes on you. Did you know that the bubonic plague via flea bite will take from about one to three weeks to kill you with from a 20% to a 90% mortality rate pending the strain of bubonic plague you get? Did you know that, when infected by bubonic plague via airborne, known as pneumonic bubonic plague, it kills within 24 hours and has a mortality rate of almost 100%, regardless of the strain? And they are not concerned about another Black Plague pandemic?

How many of you realize that is all smoke and mirrors? How many of you realize you should be putting your faith in God and not man's false pagan gods, you know, like medicine, democracy, tolerance, and such? See there, the truth set you free from worshipping all of those false pagan gods.

Global Warming

I just had a friend in Northwest Florida contact me. He told me that icicles started forming at around noon with rain that freezes on contact and it being 30 degrees. My friend said he has never seen icicles form in Florida during the day. He said that, by nightfall, it will be ice and snow and Florida doesn't have any salt for their roads or snow plows so that, when it ices or snows, everything shuts down.

You know, it is that global warming thing. Don't you wish the planet would cool off so our winters would get warmer?

It is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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