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Mars Theory

Something I forgot to mention in my last essay about the research project confirming my Mars Hypothesis is that my hypothesis has now been tested and supported by the test results so that, by scientific definition, it is no longer a hypothesis but is now a scientific theory. Therefore, it is now, by scientific definition, my Mars Theory or the Mars Theory of Carl Cantrell, published and dated November 1999.

Also, I wish to give credit to God for this because He has given me the insight to understand such things along with a good quality education.

That is the problem with those scientists who get such things wrong. They listen to their own rattling heads and the rattling heads of other humans instead of seeking the wisdom of God or common sense and end up being wrong and surprised when they should be able to reasonably and accurately guess what will happen.

Come on, they prove that water can't last long on the surface of Mars and then discuss moving water on the surface of Mars via open canals instead of through pipes and then don't get it that you can't farm ANYTHING in 5 to 10 millibars atmospheric pressure?

It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out, just a little common sense. You can forget about the Hollywood sci-fi Terra farming an atmosphere on Mars.

Their problem is that they hate God, the Bible, God's Law, and Christians so much, they let it affect their logic and reasoning negatively. They are so busy trying to disprove God with fantasies about life on Mars and other planets that they don't think through their reasoning and their logic is flawed.

The added benefit of taking a stand for what I know is right about God is that I have the distinction of having a scientific theory to my credit. That is a real blessing from God and confirmation that my science is good science and works. All I had to do was state the obvious truth and stand by it for 17 years.

I bet you won't find that on too many web sites, especially for the false prophets who prophesy for money instead of for God. It is like the Bible says, God proves his prophets or messengers.


I also want to share something with you concerning my field research I am doing with the free roaming feral cats, which have now been free roaming on my property for two years and turned into a fairly good sized cat clan.

Contrary to what the conservationists, PBS, Disney, and other liberal propagandists tell you, they have not "devastated" the local ecosystem on or near my property, by any stretch of the imagination. I still find such things as lizards and geckos on my property while watching the cats continue to hunt a variety of bugs and regularly bringing in rodent kills.

Also, there is a road runner which comes onto my property almost daily to hunt during the day, even with a clan of free roaming cats here. Obviously, the cats have not devastated the ecosystem on or near my property or that road runner wouldn't risk death to hunt on my property and cats are not the threat to birds the liberals tell you. If the cats had devastated the local ecosystem, the road runner wouldn't be able to find anything to eat and wouldn't keep risking death to hunt on my property. Obviously, it is finding plenty to eat to keep it coming back.

Gee, you don't think the liberals are lying to you about free roaming cats devastating ecosystems to promote their evil liberal agenda, you know using the lies about free roaming house cats devastating ecosystems so they can justify killing off free roaming cats to increase the rodent populations to cause a deadly pandemic to kill most of you off, do you?

It sure looks that way. I am not seeing ANYTHING that even comes close to what the liberals are telling you. Something about that liberal fairy tale is looking very fishy right about now.

The Worm

Eyes are opening, just like God told me they would, and college students are standing up to their liberal college professors. Today, college students across the US staged a "Socialism Sucks Day". Even in the universities, the conservatives are fighting back against the tyranny of the liberal commie traitors. The worm is turning.


Do you know why China is looking for slave labor?

Because their bril-lee-yunt one child per couple policy has created a quickly aging population which will quickly cause their economy to plunge and the Chinese liberal commie traitor upper class trash to fail, which will probably cause the commie leaders to be toppled.

Man plans, God laughs.

Now they need a labor force to drive their economy so they can build a powerful military to conquer and rule the world.

Their answer to that?

The same answer it has been for the upper class trash for thousands of years, slave labor.

Now do you believe me when I tell you that the upper class trash and their bril-lee-yunt sounding idiot ideas are the problem? Will they ever stop because they suddenly get smart?

Oh heck no, they have been inbreeding too long to ever be intelligent. The only way they will ever stop with their evil, insane ideas is if you kill them. History proves this to be true.

So, either you make them pay for their evil plans with their lives or you will pay with your lives.

Remember that this is not all of the upper class, only the corrupt members of the upper class. There are good people in the upper class.


Remember that I told you that Obama would use this truce in Syria to rearm and reorganize ISIS to stage quick attacks to regain ground lost to Russia and Syria?

ISIS has recently recaptured a number of towns and just captured a new major gas field in Syria.

Gee, who would have figured?

It is an old commie trick from Nam.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I told you that God told me that He is letting the liberals and Muslims gain power so they will show their true colors and eyes will open so people can make an informed decision in deciding which side of God's line to choose?

As these issues about things like men being permitted to use women's restrooms, homosexual marriages, homosexuals waging war against Christians, the results of legalizing drugs, the liberals working to legalize such things as pedophilia and rape, people are seeing the very ugly truth about liberals and, after Obama takes over and imposes Shiria Law, eyes will open about Muslims and Islam.

I see more and more people waking up to the reality of liberalism and Islam and not liking what they are seeing, you know, just like God said would happen.

BTW, watch what happens now that London has elected its first Muslim mayor.

Oh yeah, remember that I told you that the Muslims will only vote for the liberal commie traitors until they can start voting other Muslims into power and the liberal commie traitors out of power?

It just happened in London, didn't it? And do you think the liberal commie traitors will figure out they are putting themselves out of business by importing Muslims?

Of course not, the liberal commie traitors have been inbreeding and using dope too long to figure out something like that. And, if you really want to know just how stupid they are, they didn't even see something so obvious coming. Well, so much for getting the right degrees from the right universities.

Man plans, God laughs.


The violence is increasing in Europe, mostly between the liberals supporting the Muslims and the conservatives fighting back against the Muslims. This war is escalating with a variety of weapons, not including guns yet, being seized.

Mean while, London has elected their own Muslim mayor so they could have their own Obama to destroy their city. This will be interesting to keep an eye on.


Obama said that the US is in a better place than when he graduated from college.

Better for what or whom?

Everyone is thinking that Obama means that it is better for the nation and its people but Obama doesn't speak that way. He always makes such statements meaning things are better for him and Islam but not for you and the nation.

Basically, the US is in a better place for Obama and Islam to seize control of the US and impose Sharia Law on everyone.

Mean while, it is being reported that the US Army is at the lowest level since WWII.

You think that, maybe, this is what Obama was talking about?


Remember that I have been telling you that all of those fancy economic indicators are just smoke and mirrors?

Jeff Gundlach said that his favorite economic indicators say that everything is fine, you know, while more people are losing jobs and than finding jobs.

Fine for whom?

Not you. Not for the people losing all of those jobs.

Yep, just more smoke and mirrors to keep the little people happy while we rob them blind.

What economy?


Is Putin smart or what?

He is offering free land in Eastern Russia to conservatives who are fed up with their liberal commie traitors destroying their nations, especially in Britain. He is doing this to increase the population in that part of Russia and to decrease the relative Muslim population in Russia.


If you think democracy is so great, just remember that it has been your elected officials who have screwed everything up so badly.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

And you think this presidential election has not been rigged and isn't just show to pacify you?

First, after a visit from Billy Boy, Trump decides to run and gets himself elected as the GOP presidential candidate with a lot of liberals switching over to the GOP to vote for Trump. Then the GOP establishment starts running Liberaltarian Gary Johnson as third party to steal votes from Trump so Hillary will win. Gee, what a coincidence.

Get the picture yet?

Hey, at least you get to vote, sucker!!!

How much longer will that keep you pacified while they finish destroying your nation?


Obama's ISIS is continuing to take towns in Libya. The West's new Libyan "government" isn't being affective at all. This is just one more huge mess the upper class trash has made of everything.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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