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Remember that I told you God is using the persecution of Jews to drive them back to Israel?

The last time I saw anything on it, the Israeli population was about 6 million a few years ago. It was just reported today that Israel's population is over 8.5 million.

The persecution is working and driving increasing numbers of Jews back to Israel. The persecution will continue to get worse to drive back increasing numbers of those who are still refusing to return to Israel. At the end, it will become very severe for the last Jews remaining outside of Israel.

Keep an eye on this.


I am becoming increasingly convinced that, when our civil war starts, Mexico will attack us to help the liberals and Muslims and to take the US Southwest. I believe they will get their clock cleaned, we will annex Mexico and clean up the corruption. Keep an eye on this.


I just read that the socialism in Venezuela is so wonderful that people are starving so bad they are killing dogs, cats, pigeons and other animals to have food to eat. Six members of the military were arrested for stealing goats because even the military doesn't have food to eat. Venezuela also has the world's highest level of inflation.

Good old socialism hard at work doing what it always does, you know, impoverishing everyone except the upper class trash. Glorious Marxism fails again. The only people who benefit are the upper class trash.

Me thinks that, just maybe, the people would support a military coup of the nation, especially if the military took the food from all of the liberal commie traitors who caused this mess and gave it to the people...along with hanging the commies for treason.

Keep an eye on this.


The stupidity of the upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities absolutely amazes me. They are setting up "deradicalization classes" to turn the Muslims into Westerners, arrogantly thinking they are so bril-lee-yunt that they will be able to undo decades of conditioning and programming in a simple class that will only last a few weeks. Why, gee, they is are be so bril-lee-yunt all dey has tuh do is talk dem Muslims into being good little boys and girls.

Just how arrogant and stupid are these liberals?

Oh yeah, they invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.

Admit their bril-lee-yunt ideas were wrong and actually fix their messes?

Oh no, that will never happen because they can't even admit they are wrong and will, therefore, just try to fix the mess by doing even more of what caused the mess. It is like shooting yourself in the foot a second time to try to fix the mess you made when you shot yourself in the foot the first time.

"Hey, if that wasn't stupid enough, let's do something even more stupid this time."

Stupid David Cameron claims that the Brexit could lead to WWIII, you know, trying to scare everyone into voting to stay in the EU.

What, WWIII hasn't already started with the Muslims waging war against the rest of us?

Just because we are not fighting back to defend ourselves does not mean there is not a war going on. I just read that a Muslim terrorist in Germany stabbed one person to death and wounded three more.

The Muslims are killing people in the US and Europe regularly and they think we are not already in WWIII?

Increasingly, the Germans want to get rid of Merkel. I am waiting for the French to teach the Germans how to make guillotines.

Connecting Dots

I am watching Trump saying that he doesn't need a unified GOP to beat Hillary, the GOP is making moves to run the idiot Liberaltarian Gary Johnson as third party and to also run ultra liberal Romney as third party to steal votes from Trump and give the election to Hillary, and then I see Linen II drop out of the race but return to the race.

I am wondering, did Trump secretly offer to pay Linen II's third party campaign to draw enough votes from Hillary to win the election?

I wouldn't put it past him. He is smart enough to do something like that. Hey, he has to outsmart those corrupt liberals running the GOP.

Plus you have to keep in mind that Trump knows most GOP voters will vote for Trump and that most of Linen II's voters will vote third party to beat Hillary or for Trump because even they can't stand Hillary. Even with Gary Johnson running, Trump can still get the majority of the votes by playing his cards right.

A big question here is, how many dead people are going to vote and for whom?

My money is on King Tut voting at least three every state.

BTW, I hope you understand the Commiepublicans saying they won't vote for Trump or Hillary as telling you they plan to vote for Gary Johnson or Romney to give the election to Hillary.

Keep an eye on this and remember that all of this drama is just the upper class trash waging psychological warfare against you to make you feel like your vote counted, you know, pacify you while they sack and destroy your nation. Though there does appear to be a power struggle to determine which criminals will reign supreme on top of the ashes when the dust settles, you know, like I told you they would turn on each other when they feel they have established absolute control.

They are all criminals and belong either in prison or on a gallows.


Wow, that didn't take long. London's red buses will now "declare glory to Allah" (Suban Allah on the sides).

So, how long until Londoners are living under Sharia Law? A few months, a year? How long until the Muslims start taking over churches and turning them into mosques, forcing the Christians back underground like the Muslims did before the Christian crusades were staged to free the Christians from Muslim oppression? Are we going to have to fight another Christian Crusade to free ourselves from Muslim rule again?

It is here and happening right now in many former Christian nations. You can thank your liberal families and friends for that.

Bwahahaha!!! Over at Breitbart I found a headline that said what I told you, "Britain has found its Obama". They're screwed.


Remember that I told you the Muslims would go after the liberal media?

They are doing it right now. I have been watching increasing attacks against the liberal media, who support the Muslims, by the Muslims. A TV crew in Norway was just forced to flee a restaurant to get away from a group of young Muslims.

The Muslims have not even seized control and are already turning on the liberals helping them, you know, just like I told you they would.

How much worse will it get when the Muslims have control?


I am going to share something with you that I have never heard of or read any of the x-spurts, especially college professors, address about WWII.

According to your history books and teachers, Britain and France went to war with Germany in WWII because they both had a treaty with Poland stating that, if Poland was attacked, Britain and France would come to Poland's aid. Therefore, when Germany invaded Poland, both Britain and France declared war on Germany, in accordance with their treaty with Poland.

But there is a little problem with this. You see, when Germany invaded Poland from the west, Russia invaded Poland from the east and held almost half of Poland until Germany invaded Russia.

Why didn't Britain and France also go to war with Russia, as per their defense treaty with Poland? Why did they only go to war with Germany?

As a matter of fact, after WWII, Russia retained procession of Poland in defiance of that treaty requiring both Britain and France to go to war with Russia.

Oops, you mean your media, teachers and college professors have lied to you about WWII for more than 70 years? It looks that way, doesn't it?

What else have the upper class trash been lying to you about?

Was Hitler a good person?

No, but obviously the upper class trash are hiding something.

If not, why didn't Britain and France declare war on Russia for invading Poland when they declared war on Germany for invading Poland?

Government Rackets

Our governments have become so corrupt that almost everything they do is a racket to make corrupt people and corporations wealthier.

For example, take animal control. They go around picking up your free roaming cats so bug, rodent, and bird populations will increase so they can cause a disease pandemics and, of course, the chemical companies make big bucks selling you poisons to kill the things the cats would have naturally killed. Plus animal control can make extra money selling your cats to animal research organizations like our prestigious universities.

This is a win-win for all of the criminals involved. The liberals get their pandemic pest populations to cause a disease pandemic, the chemical companies make out like bandits selling you poisons to kill what you cats would have killed and eaten, and the city gets to make good money stealing your cats (hey, free cats) to sell to research organizations.

You know that the rich liberal whackos and chemical companies are going to bribe...uh...make campaign donations to your corrupt politicians to pass the animal control laws their attorneys write and the city will also make money selling your pets AND, if you show up to claim your cat, the city stole from you, the city will charge you a fee and fine to get your cat back.

They do the same thing with dogs except that the consequences are not quite as severe in that the dogs have very little, if any, effect on the pest populations and free roaming dogs are a threat to humans, when they form packs, especially to children.

Any more, everything in government works that way and all you have to do is ask "who benefits from the government actions and programs" to know who owns your politicians and how they are stealing from you.

Many of the things required for housing construction and codes are just laws written by industry attorneys to force you to buy things you really don't need. Some such items really are for safety and other items become required because the manufacturers and installers bribe the politicians to pass codes requiring you to buy and install things you really don't need. There is nothing like companies getting guaranteed sales provided by a corrupt government. No risk, all profit, good old crony-capitalism.

Our corrupt government has become one great big crony-capitalist racket hiding behind the lame excuses of caring for you.


Once again, Hillary has promised to declassify the "X-files" about UFOs.

Here come the space alien lies. You just know that "intellectually superior space aliens" are going to show up to do business with the wonderful, magnificent Hillary Clinton and tell you to give up your guns for world peace and submit yourselves to the upper class trash tyranny, for the good of the world and mankind. Ta-da!!! If you use any common sense, you can see that one coming from a few galaxies away.

I have stated it before and will state it again that, if space aliens will take the side of our corrupt upper class trash, the space aliens couldn't possibly be good and you shouldn't do what they tell you to do.

BTW, DOJ workers have donated $75,000 to the Clinton campaign.

Do you really think they will bring charges against her even with overwhelming evidence?

It's all rigged, everything in government is rigged against you and for the criminals. They are all above the law until it is time to throw them under the bus.

So, how is the false Greek pagan god, democracy, doing? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


You think the liberals are not waging war against Christians?

A liberal Harvard professor is encouraging liberals to treat Christians like Nazis.

It is going to get worse before it gets better.

Remember that I told you Romney is an ultra liberal?

He is defending the Muslim immigrants, you know, just like the liberal commie traitors. Actions speak louder than words.

State Free

I just watched what I could stand of a conservative, atheistic philosopher video, who preaches making decisions using evidence and facts and not religion, you know, worldly wisdom or, in this case, his glorious religion of philosophy, talking about how wonderful a utopia it would be to not have a state. Why, everything would be perfect because all everyone would have to do to prevent anyone from building a state to control others would be to not do business with them and ostracize them. Ta-da!!! Yeah, you know, like no one would be tempted by greed and power.

Darn, don't you just wish life was so simple? My first thought was, "What are these anarchists and liberaltarians smoking?"

Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves simple minded, ignorant, naive fools and wishful thinkers grossly ignoring history. Why, I bet their unicorns have wings to just fly right over their rainbows.

History proves this to be true because, long before there was a state, there were no states. States didn't always exist. That is right, anarchist and liberaltarian boys and girls, there was a time in the history of man before the first state was formed, you know, the anarchist and liberaltarian utopia. Ta-da!!

There was a time when there were no states, only small family tribes, run by ma and pa or grandma and grandpa, scatter all over the planet. There was no state anywhere on the planet because the first one had not yet been formed. It makes you wonder where these anarchists and liberaltarians have been for the last 5,000 years.

Gee, how did that work out?

Horribly and the proof of that is that they all failed and that is the reason why all of the habitable land on this planet is now governed by states. That is right, 100% of the stateless societies in the history of the world failed and failed miserably. History proves that this anarchist, liberaltarian, isolationist nonsense is just intellectual fairy tales dreamed up under the influence of drugs and stupidity because it has already been tried and failed 100% of the time globally.

So, what happened to cause all of those stateless societies to fail?

If you studied any history at all and use some common sense, you should be able to figure it out but, hey, I know that liberals, liberaltarians, and anarchists have no common sense so I will gladly share some of my common sense with you. If you study history, anthropology, and, you know that book you liberal pagans just love to hate, called the Bible, they will tell you what happened.

The first thing they did was wage war against each other over every little difference because there was no state to peacefully settle matters. For example, one family tribe would move into the hunting area of another family tribe and either the two tribes would openly fight to drive the other one off, sometimes wiping out one of the tribes, or, worse, one family tribe would stage a surprise attack against the other family tribe and slaughter everyone because there was no state to protect land rights, you know, prove that one family had the right to the land because they were there first.

Gee, you mean you need a state to protect land rights? Gee, who would have figured?

This went on all over the planet and is recorded in the Bible because, when Abraham moved into the land of Canaan, there was no state to protect land rights. Abraham's family tribe moved onto land that wasn't being used by anyone, dug wells for his flocks, and another family tribe decided they wanted the land for their flocks, after all, they wouldn't have to dig any wells. There was a war between the two families and Abraham's family tribe destroyed the invading family tribe.

Gee, I guess that anarchy thingy didn't work too well...but it gets better or worse, pending your perspective.

Groups of families formed armies to steal land from other families, often wiping those other families out because there was no state to form armies to protect those good family tribes.

What most historians and especially the media don't tell you is that most of the communities that were conquered by those "great warrior tribes" of the past, you know, like Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, the Franks, the Vandals, the Goths, the Vikings, the Muslims, and all of the others, were just helpless little farming and herding communities which didn't have a state to form an army to protect those people. The vast majority of the communities wiped out by these evil monsters were helpless agricultural communities without a state to protect them or what you would call easy prey.

These butchering armies wiped out all of the stateless or anarchical societies until all of the habitable planet was run by states. In other words, 100% of the remaining stateless communities failed because they couldn't defend themselves from invading armies because they didn't have a state to raise an army to protect them.

There are really great and relatively recent examples of what happens without a state to protect good people from bad people. More than 1,000 years ago, there were hundreds to thousands of little Mogollon family tribes in the Southwestern US scatter across Southern New Mexico and Southern Arizona, which had no state to protect them. Almost 1,000 years ago, the larger and much more powerful Apache, Comanche, and Navajo Indian tribes migrated south from the US Northwest, Western Canada, and Alaska to the US Southwest slaughtering small family tribes in areas like Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico because they didn't have a state to protect them. When these powerful tribes got to Southern New Mexico, they completely wiped out the Mogollon Indians because they didn't have a state to protect them.

The Wild West was wild because the vast majority of the communities were small stateless communities run mostly by farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, you know, an anarchist and liberaltarian utopia. The outlaws, Mexican bandits, and Indian tribes raided, slaughter, robbed, and raped until the state sent in the US Army and US Marshals to protect the good people from the bad people. Only because of the state protecting people was there finally peace.

Gee, it doesn't sound like the anarchist and liberaltarian utopia worked out very well, does it?

As a matter of fact, stateless anarchy has failed 100% of the time because of human nature. There are good humans and there are bad humans and the good humans need a state to protect them from the bad humans and history proves this to be true.

Gee, what do you think would happen if we RETURNED to a society without a state?

Probably the same thing that happened everywhere on the planet to every society without a state to protect it.

What the anarchists refuse to recognize is that a state is good, when run by good humans and bad when run by bad humans. When a state enforces laws like the Biblical Laws, you know, thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not murder, it is a good state which protects good people from bad people. When a state does not enforce these laws, it is a bad state which does not only not protect good people from bad people but will also victimize the good people itself.

None of the pagan religions, including atheism, have the same laws and all of them permit their people to victimize good people, you know, like today's liberal pagans are abusing the power of the government to steal, oppress, and censor good people throughout the West right now. All states run by atheism slaughtered more than 100 million people in just the 20th Century. Islam is right now butchering hundreds of millions of people globally including hundreds of millions of Muslims. Governments run by Buddhists and Hindus slaughtered millions throughout Asia for thousands of years.

It was only when the Western governments were run mostly by some version of Christianity, including many poser Christians, we developed the greatest culture in history and the most peaceful time in history.

Gee, why do you think most anarchists and liberaltarians want a stateless society and definitely not a Christian run society? Could it be because they don't want the state to protect you from them, you know, like permitting men in women's restrooms, permitting adults to rape children and animals, allowing them to use the government to steal from you, and allowing homosexuals to persecute Christians?

Look what is happening to our once great Western society and culture developed by Christianity and is being destroyed right now by liberal paganism, atheism, and Islam. Everything is getting worse every day.

Ready for a true Biblical Christian theocracy to create an even greater culture and greater time of peace to protect you and your family yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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