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Remember that I told you that the liberal commie traitors have taken over the courts throughout the West and are helping destroy our nations?

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Ramadan (June 2, 2016 through July 3, 2016) is more important than Jerusalem Day, again ruling for Muslims against God's people.

This liberal corruption and betrayal is going on everywhere, not just in the US, but everywhere in the West.


A captured member of the Hamas terrorist organization said that Hamas plans to fight the next war against Israel underground in their tunnels.

My question is, "Why hasn't one of those brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash leaders come up with the idea of filling those tunnels full of water to flush the enemy out where they can be much more easily taken down, especially if you have your troops waiting at the exits, and then, after the tunnels are full of water, set off explosives, which will destroy the tunnels and everything in them via the hydraulic shock effect?"

In high school physics you should have learned that, when you have a container full of water and apply a force to the water at any point in the container, the full force will be felt throughout the entire container because water doesn't compress. Those tunnels are containers.

This means that, if you fill those tunnels with water and set off a significant C-4 charge, especially a directional charge, anywhere within those tunnels, it will destroy all of the tunnels and everything in them. That will be the end of their tunnel thingy.

I guess all of their leaders must have gotten the right degrees from the right universities and never learned anything worth remembering and definitely nothing they could use to solve problems like this.


Liberals are so stupid it is mind boggling and hurts the brain to think about how stupid they are.

Since 1973 Israel has given away better than 95% of the land they captured in wars where they were attacked and, by international law, they were not required to return any of that land. They gave away all of this land for peace and still have not received any peace. If anything, the hostile actions of the Muslims have increased because they know the liberals will just require Israel to give away more land to get the peace they already gave away land to get but never received.

Yet, to this day, liberals believe that, if Israel gives away more land, there will be peace.

Just how stupid are liberals?

Oh yeah, they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.

But, hey, don't worry. When the Muslims take over, they will kill all of the evil liberal leaders and many of the rest of the liberals and then enslave the survivors. The liberals won't be around much longer to cause trouble for the rest of us.

Won't that be nice?

Diversionary Tactics

I do hope you realize that the liberals are using everything they can to divert your attention from the important things they are doing to you. This includes the death of Muhammad Ali, the political bickering between bed partners or partners in crime pretending to oppose each other, and anything else they can dream up.

Mean while, the liberals are permitting polygyny to quietly grow in Europe, which is one of many ways they are slowly imposing Sharia Law on you, one law at a time, and Hillary continues to walk the streets a free person.


On FB, I keep seeing "aw" posts about people getting to see their hairy pets in hospitals and everyone feeling warm fuzzies.

"Aw, ain't that sweet?"

What I am waiting for is for someone else to get an infection because of the warm, fuzzy, hairy pet and either die or get a limb cut off with the hospital getting sued to dust.

There is a biological reason why they stopped letting hairy pets in hospitals to visit their owners decades ago. The number of infections radically decreased when they sanitized the hospitals and the death rate dropped significantly. These idiots are setting medicine back more than 60 years with their good feeling warm fuzzies.

But, hey, if you are a liberal, who cares about biology and medicine when you can have warm fuzzies? So someone dies or loses a limb, who cares as long as it isn't me?

They should take the people out to see the animals, at least in a special part of the hospital, and not the animals in to see the people.

Here is an interesting thought. How would you feel if your pet got something like a flesh rotting disease in their fur and took it home to your family?


I do hope you realize that the EU was created to be a liberal utopia but their bril-lee-yunt ideas have turned their utopia into a horrible living hell.

Well, so much for the liberal utopia and their bril-lee-yunt ideas; they just don't work. If the EU is their version of a utopia or paradise, they can keep it.

Christians in the EU have been told to pray in silence to not disturb the Muslim migrants.

You still think the EU isn't dead and just has not finished kicking yet?


I have noticed that hard core liberals, especially activists and Internet trolls only accept and pay attention to information which supports what they want to believe and almost all of their information is phony or just bad information. You can't even discuss anything with them because they refuse to listen to anything but the lies they want to believe.

For example, on FB, liberals love to pass around a phony pie chart showing that US defense spending is 57% of the national budget. I got tired of getting that propaganda and did a very quick search, we are talking minutes, easily coming up with the government pie chart showing that defense spending is only 21% of the national budget and not 57% or less than half what the liberals love to claim.

I have found this to be true with all of the information they use to support their political agenda and they refuse to even consider anything close to the truth. What little history they know, is "revisionist history" or outright lies, what little economics they know is terribly flawed socialist or Marxist economics, what little science they know, is not even close to reality, and so forth.

Basically, they have professional liars or spin doctors just making stuff up to get people to support their political agenda. For example, in science, they have liberal scientists working with their professional liars to make up very speculative "scientific theories", which blatantly ignore facts, data, and other information, often contradictory to the evidence available and then make up great sounding lies as to why their lies contradict true science and it is OK.

You want to know why my predictions are so accurate and theirs are almost always wrong with them constantly being surprised?

Partly because my science, economics, and such are all based on known facts and reality while their stuff is based purely on liberal fantasies and fairy tales. The liberal x-spurts make their predictions based on what they want to believe and what they want you to believe but my predictions are based on knowing how things work.

If unicorns can't charge over rainbows and you make your predictions based on unicorns charging over rainbows, your predictions will always be wrong.

Almost all of our top x-spurts today, especially the ones the media use, have been brainwashed to believe in unicorns charging over rainbows so their predictions will always be wrong. The reason why the x-spurts, who got the right degrees from the right universities, are almost always wrong is because they were all taught to believe in unicorns charging over rainbows. This should tell you that the college professors who teach those right degrees at the right universities teach unicorns charging over rainbows and not reality, which is why the upper class trash plans keep failing.

They believe and teach the lie because they want to believe and teach the lie. Liberals just love their sins.

I hate lies and God has given me the insight to see through the lies and find the truth because the truth will set you free. God requires me to teach you the truth to set you free.

Crime Increase

I just saw a headline which said, "US Cities experience unexplained rise in violent crime this year".

Let me get this straight, Obama is turning criminals loose by the tens of thousands and the x-spurts can't explain the rise in violent crime? Just how stupid are these x-spurts? Obama has turned loose hundreds of thousands of criminals, as many as 70,000 in one stroke of the pen, and they can't figure out why violent crime is rising? What do they think, that Obama is going to turn lose hundreds of thousands of criminals and crime will go down?

The good old all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, liberal commie traitor upper class trash natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities are always being confounded by the most obvious things.

And you still think they are not the stupidest people on the planet? You still think they have not been inbreeding too long?

The funny thing is that this headline was right below another headline about Obama freeing more felons, you know, to commit more violent crimes.

The things the liberals say and believe are mind bogglingly stupid and cause my brain to hurt. It is like I told you; being stupid is like being drunk because, if you are stupid, you can't realize you are stupid because you are stupid and begin to think you are bril-lee-yunt. That is the liberals in a nut shell.

Now, here is a very important question no one seems to be asking, especially none of the x-spurts.

How many of the hundreds of thousands of criminals Obama is turning loose are devout Muslims who believe it is a good thing to rob, rape, enslave, and murder non Muslims?

Think about that one for a while. You can bet the percentage is pretty high.


I hope you realize that you are watching the death of Commiefornia. They have become so wicked that God is destroying them financially, economically, politically, socially, with fire, with earthquakes, and in every other way. They are right now going the way of other evil societies before them.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


Here is a hint. The Muslims believe you non Muslims should pay them a tax to live on so they don't have to work for a living. They see your Welfare programs as being the tax you should pay them. They believe you owe it to them because you are not a Muslim. They see this as them imposing their Sharia Law on you one law at a time.

And you thought the liberals were bad?

Well, OK, the liberals are really bad but not as bad as the Muslims...though, that isn't saying much for liberals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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