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Remember that I have been telling you that we are in a super depression?

Morgan Stanley said that the world economy looks a bit like the 1930s, you know, during the Great Depression.

Gee, who would have figured?


Remember that I have been telling you that the liberals who have taken over the GOP are in the same bed with the liberals running the Commiecrat Party?

Those same RINOs are "hinting" that they will "cave" to gun control because of Orlando, you know, like they were not looking for a way to take guns away from the people before. The GOP RINOs sound more like the Commiecrats every day.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I told you a long time ago that, after the upper class trash seizes control of the US, the upper class trash will purge at least 90% of the liberal commie traitors who helped them get into power and then turn on each other in a massive upper class trash power struggle?

Well, they are importing huge numbers of Muslim terrorists who are staging terrorist attacks against liberals, you know, like homosexuals and feminists, to purge the liberal commie traitors and are having a massive power struggle at the top in both political parties. The upper class trash is already purging and in-fighting for power just like I told you would happen.

Gee, who would have figured?

And all of you liberal commie traitors, you're dead no matter which group of power mad whackos wins this fight and you don't have that much longer to live. But, hey, you brought this on yourselves with your corruption and treason.

BTW, even liberal Bill Maher is asking where are the liberals to stand up for homosexuals and women in the Muslim world.

Oh, have you figured out yet that the reason Obama has tied the hands of the feds, cops, and military so they keep failing is so Obama can show them as being incompetent so he can justify replacing them with his CNSF or black Muslim army?

That is right, Obama is about to try to replace all of them with his glorious CNSF. Obama plans to purge everyone but his Muslim pals and may even purge some of those.

Then I read that Obama said he will veto ANY defense authorization bill from Congress unless Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is shut down, you know, a lame excuse for shutting down the military and replacing it with his glorious CNSF like he said he would before he was first elected.

You liberals better be afraid, very afraid of your own liberal leaders. But don't worry, after they kill you off, we won't miss you.

BTW, you think it is a coincidence a Muslim Saudi prince is traveling around the US getting all of their ducks in a row right at this time?

Gee, you think maybe, just maybe, there really are conspiracies by the corrupt upper class trash?

The very fact that they commit corrupt acts should tell you that the upper class trash at the very least conspires to commit those corrupt acts.

Why not other things too?

BTW, increasing numbers of people are beginning to realize that the upper class trash are not just corrupt but are also incompetent and stupid from too much inbreeding because their bril-lee-yunt sounding stupid plans are failing, you know, like I have been telling you. They have started calling them "incompetent globalists".

Have you noticed that the upper class trash are suddenly in a very big hurry to push through their plans to set up their global dictatorship?

Their plans are failing and they are hoping that, if they rush things, they can still make it happen or just force it to happen. They are getting very desperate.

Man plans, God laughs.

Just a Few

Everywhere I keep hearing and reading that the Muslim terrorists don't represent Islam and most Muslims because the terrorists are "just a few bad Muslims", you know, a very vague term. I even keep hearing this from conservatives who are afraid to go against the PC propaganda of the left.

There is a military discussion site I belong to which is pretty much ruled by this PC idea of the terrorists being just a few bad Muslims. There are officers working in the Pentagon on that site and, if you dare infer that the problem is Islam and Muslims, they jump all over you purporting themselves to be more knowledgeable about Islam "because they were in Muslim countries and had Muslim friends." When you tell them that you read the Koran and studied Islam, they say they also read the Koran and that "most Muslims are kind, peace loving people and the Muslim terrorists are only a few bad Muslims". "Why, Islam couldn't possibly be the problem."

Forget the proven fact about Al-taqiyya where it is a good work to lie to non Muslims to promote Islam and that the Koran says Muslims can't be friends with non Muslims but can pretend to be their friends to deceive them.

In this essay I want to explore what constitutes a "few radical Muslims" because the lying liberal commie traitors are always saying the terrorists are just a few of the Muslims. Therefore, we are going to ask the very important question, "Exactly what constitutes a few?" and then answer the question. Yes, we are going to do the math and you know how I love math.

Did you know that since 9/11 the Muslims have staged almost 30,000 terrorist attacks globally?

Gee, I would think that 30,000 terrorists constitutes more than just a few bad Muslims but it gets much better. First, most of those terrorist attacks were carried out by two or more Muslim terrorists so there were more than 30,000 terrorists involved in carrying out those attacks.

Second, there were many more Muslims involved in the logistics of those Muslim terrorist attacks doing such things as convincing Muslims to do those attacks, providing training in terrorist camps, helping plan those attacks, helping finance and providing weapons and munitions for those attacks so that there were easily more than 100,000 Muslims involved in some way for staging those terrorist attacks, probably more than 200,000 Muslims.

I don't know about you but 100 to more than 200 thousand constitutes more than just a few bad people but it gets better.

When you consider the terrorist armies torturing, murdering, enslaving, staging terrorist attacks, and waging out right war against non Muslims, suddenly we have at least a few hundred thousand more "radical Muslims" or about a quarter to half a billion "radical" Muslims.

There is no way that any honest, rational person can consider that many people to be just a few but it gets better.

Over the last 4 to 5 years I have told you about at least three to four polls showing that anywhere from 70% to more than 80% of Muslims support Sharia Law. In some countries, it is more than 90%.

What does Sharia Law have to do with this?

Under Sharia Law, Muslims are REQUIRED to murder, enslave, or tax non Muslims, kill all homosexuals, kill all adulterers, kill all drug users, kill all non obedient women, you know, feminists, and basically kill all liberals. Under Sharia Law, Muslims are permitted to kill non Muslims any time they want and it is considered a good work, meaning that terrorist attacks against non Muslims are a good thing or good work under Sharia Law.

Now, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say only 70% of Muslims support Sharia Law and, therefore, terrorism against non Muslims. 70% of 1.5 billion Muslims constitutes a little more than one billion Muslims, which is about one out of every eight people on the planet.

I am sorry but a little more than one billion Muslims constitutes more than just a few Muslim radicals. It is better than 2/3 of all Muslims and is the vast majority of Muslims; it is the very core and body of Islam but it gets better.

The Koran states repeatedly that the only way to have guaranteed salvation in Islam is to kill or die trying to kill non Muslims. In the Koran, murdering non Muslims is the best work a Muslim can do towards earning salvation. Therefore, anyone who believes and supports the Koran supports Muslim terrorist attacks and all 1.5 billion Muslims support the Koran.

Do you think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Islam is the problem and you are being lied to?

Remember this the next time the lying liberal commie traitors and Muslims tell you the terrorists are not indicative of all Muslims and they are just a radical few Muslims. ALL Muslims support terrorism by supporting the Koran, their holy book.

Think about this: the military and our government refuse to admit that Islam is the problem.

But, what if Islam is the problem?

If Islam is the problem, they won't be able to solve the problem until they admit that Islam is the problem.

In other words, we won't be able to win this war the Muslims are waging against us until we admit the Muslims are waging war against us. PC is causing us to lose this war.

Personally, I think that any military officer or politician who refuses to acknowledge the true enemy, deal with who they are, and fight that enemy is at least derelict of duty and possibly guilty of treason.

What I see God doing in our military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities is sorting out the good ones from the bad ones. God is cleaning our entire house and not just a few rooms. Also, God isn't just cleaning the US house, He is cleaning every house on the planet including Europe, Israel, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. All houses have been taken over by the liberal commie traitor pagans and/or Muslims and God is reshuffling the deck.

BTW, isn't Loretta Lynch "scrubbing" Islam and ISIS from the 911 tapes tampering with evidence and a cover up of a crime, which are both federal felonies?

Hey, Richard Nixon got kicked out of office for tampering with evidence and covering up a crime.

Lynch and Obama decided not to do this cover up because there was a huge outcry.

BTW, the Muslims have not finished seizing control and are already repeatedly calling for the killing of liberals, especially politicians, journalists, homosexuals, and others...and most of the liberals still don't get it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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