Punishment 4

In the scriptures God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." That can rightfully be paraphrased to say, do unto others as you would have God do unto you, because God includes Himself as one of the others who will do unto you.

You always hear the self righteous, God hating pagans ask the question, "How can God permit such wickedness to happen?"

My answer to that is, "How can you permit such wickedness to happen?" You and the leaders you support are the ones who caused that wickedness to happen and God is just letting you have the wickedness you caused to happen. God uses your own wickedness to punish you, that is why He lets your wickedness happen. If you don't like the wickedness, don't cause or permit it to happen.

In reading the scriptures, I have noticed that God always uses a sense of irony and humor in punishing us for our wickedness and you can see that taking place today.

For example, your nations voted corrupt people into power because they promised to abuse the power of government to steal from others and give that stolen property to you, making you complicit in their crimes. You voted irresponsibly so God has taken your right to vote from you.

Oh, you get to vote but the elections are clearly rigged by the corrupt people you voted into power so your votes don't count.

What? You thought the corrupt people you voted into power wouldn't eventually corrupt your government and take away your right to vote?

There are no true democracies left on this planet because all of their elections are now rigged but, hey, you get to vote, sucker. Nothing like permitting the fools who voted them into power to feel good by permitting them to vote in already rigged elections, you know, appeasing the stupid people who voted them into power.

After the dust has settled, there won't be any true democracies again. You may get to vote but the elections will be rigged to appease the people just like they are today. Most governments will be either outright dictatorships or theocracies of some kind.

Because you abused your right to vote to vote for evil, you won't get the right to vote again.

Then we have the matter of the upper class trash working with the Muslims to destroy Israel and kill Israelis.

God is right now using those same Muslims to destroy the upper class trash nations and to soon hunt those evil upper class trash down and kill them. The upper class trash will lose everything they committed their crimes to get and then their lives.

Do you see the irony in God's justice?

If you choose to dance with the Devil, God will permit the Devil to destroy you.

God is using the Muslims to divide our nations as we used those Muslims to forced Israel to divider her nation, the Muslims have set up Islamic pockets within our nations to wage war against us just like we forced Israel to permit the same Muslims to set up pockets within and around Israel to wage war against Israel, and you are right now having to fight those same Muslims to protect yourselves and your families the way your nations refused to permit Israel to fight those Muslims to protect herself and her people.

As your nations did unto Israel, so God is doing unto you. The wickedness that God is permitting to happen is the wickedness our nations insisted on causing and God is just permitting us to have that wickedness.

How does it feel to be treated like you have treated others? How wonderful is your wickedness when you are on the receiving end?

Your only escape is to acknowledge your crimes, repent of your crimes, and turn to God BEFORE it is too late and you are killed by your own wickedness.

You can thank all of your liberal pagan families and friends for all of this excitement. It will get much worse before it gets better.

If you think I am wrong, think about this; your nations are already divided with the Muslims holding thousands of feudal states from which to wage war against you and your people are turning against each other, the Muslims are already waging war against you in your own streets as are your own evil liberal people, the Muslims already have secret data bases of all of your wicked liberal people so they can hunt them down and kill them, the Muslims are already killing your evil liberals in their favorite places of sin AND calling for more Muslims to kill more liberals, and more Muslims are invading your countries by the millions, being aided by the very liberal upper class trash who will soon be killed by those Muslims.

This isn't something which MIGHT happen in the future. This is something which is taking place RIGHT NOW. I am just explaining what you are seeing.

Your world is falling apart right now because of the wickedness of our nations, the leaders we elected, and most of the people. You are at war right now but most are still in denial of being at war. Very few, if any of our nations will come out of this in one piece because of our wickedness and millions of people are already dying, being rapped, robbed, and tortured. This is already nasty and will get much, much worse before it is over.

What is going on in this world right now is that God is using your own wickedness to punish you. I warned you about this and now it is happening.

Turn to God, call on His name, and He will hear you and come to save you. It is either that or death, slavery, poverty, torture, and complete ruin of everything you know. Most of you don't know real fear yet but you will all know it soon.


Ready for a Christian theocracy yet or would you prefer a Muslim theocracy, which will kill most of you, especially the liberals?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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