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Now they are saying that there are 27 countries considering leaving the EU. There are only 27 countries left in the EU. Think about that one.

What EU?

I told you that man's efforts to set up their own one world government would fail because it didn't fit scripture. You cannot force Bible prophesy because God is in control, not you.

Man plans, God laughs.

Now, about those Euro based end time prophesies...

What prophesies?

Gee, you mean all that money you spent on books and videos about Euro based prophesies was wasted money?

Pretty much, because those profits were prophesying for money and not for God.

But, hold it, the Euro profits are working very hard to re-spin their lies and they are really reaching to do it, twisting and bending scripture like you wouldn't believe.

The Brexit "economic crash" continues! Suddenly, there is a surge in Chinese tourists going to Britain.

You just know that will devastate their economy!!! That will learn those stupid Brits to leave the EU! (/sarc)

Oh, the British pound has risen in value for the second straight day now. Oh well, so much for economic devastation.

You think the upper class trash are not obsessive, compulsive about power and wealth, are beaten because of the Brexit, and will just quietly go home and be good little criminals?

Just days after the beating they took with the Brexit, the upper class trash released their new plans for further EU expansion, an EU army, and Turkish membership in the EU.

Gee, the upper class trash regrouped and reorganized really fast after that loss, didn't they, you know, just like I have been telling you. History teaches that the only way to stop the evil and insanity of the upper class trash is to kill them. Dead bad guys can't hurt good guys.

If the upper class trash find a way to stop the Brexit, which is increasingly likely, the people will see that voting and democracy did no good because the upper class trash have corrupted the system and that the only remaining solution is revolution and killing the upper class trash. Eyes are opening because of the behavior of the upper class trash.

That is why God is going to use the Muslims to kill the upper class trash and their puppets.

It just became more clear as to what the upper class trash are up to with the EU. They are bringing in Muslim terrorists to cause attacks against the middle and lower classes to scare people into accepting the EU having its own military to "protect the people" so the upper class trash can get rid of each nation's "obviously ineffective police and military" (you know, they are ineffective or they would be protecting you from the terrorists) so the upper class trash can use their EU military to oppress the people and force the EU dictatorship on the people.

It is a slight of hand to quickly set up their dictatorship before they lose any more EU members.

BTW, one week after the Brexit, only the UK stocks are higher. The rest of Europe isn't doing so well.

Gee, that really devastated the UK economy, didn't it?


The upper class trash idiots who got the right degrees from the right universities keep telling us that our economy is either "recovering" or "starting into a recession".



We KNOW that more than half of the US workforce is out of work, i.e. unemployed. We also know that at least 20% of those who have jobs are working part time jobs but want full time jobs and it is probably much worse than that. That means that better than 60% of our workforce is either unemployed or under employed.

Wow, what a recovery!!!

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, under employed people were counted as unemployed. In spite of this, at the very height of the Great Depression, the national unemployment never exceeded 25%.

So, during the 1930s, less than 25% unemployment by 1930s standards was classified a great depression but, during 2016, by the same standards, better than 60% unemployment is a "recovering economy" or "starting a recession"?

Yeah, you are going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I am not buying it.

Listen, even if we don't count the underemployed for 2016, the current true unemployment rate is better than twice what it was during the Great Depression and the gee-knee-uses with the right degrees from the right universities think that is just a recession?

Remember the thingy about giving an inbred fool an education and you just end up with an educated inbred fool?

With a true unemployment rate based on 1930s standards, 60%+ unemployment isn't even a great depression because it is 2.5 times what they classified as a great depression. The ONLY thing our economy can be is a super depression and, if it gets any worse, we will have to call it a super duper depression or a black hole economy.

Just in case you have not figured it out yet, you are being lied to and all of those "economic indicators" are just smoke and mirrors so you will believe their lies.

The ugly truth is that we barely have an economy, our economy is dead and just has not finished kicking yet, and you can thank all of your liberal socialist families, friends, media, politicians, college professors, and activists.


We are going to have to start all over again because the upper class trash traitors have destroyed our economy.


I am currently wondering why Erdogan has just apologized to Putin for shooting down and killing the Russian SU-24 pilot.

Has Turkey been stiffed by the US and fellow allies, you know, like Obama stiffed Saudi Arabia?


If Obama is not so obsessed with power and greed, why does he keep talking about a third term? Gee, you don't think Obama is obsessive, compulsive about power and wealth, do you?

Obama recently arrogantly stated, "I'm the populist, not Trump". The narcissist in chief just has to be the center of attention and loved by everyone.

You think the upper class trash is not getting ready to throw Obama and the Clintons under the bus?

Every day it becomes more obvious the upper class trash are getting closer to getting rid of both because they have become too powerful and remember that I told you that there would be a power struggle at the top when they feel they have enough control they no longer need the puppets.

The Benghazi Reports show that both Obama and Hillary were "derelict of duty", which is a federal felony and disqualifies both from being president. Also, Hillary is now angry because the Commiecrats, you know, her buds in crime, "accidentally" released her Benghazi transcripts.

I have yet to figure out how you accidentally release something to the media. "Oops, I accidently gave you the wrong huge stack of papers or flash drive."

Have you noticed how it always accidentally happens at just the right time? Gee, what a coincidence?

There is a massive power struggle going on at the top on a global basis and it will get very nasty with upper class trash and their puppets dying before it is over, you know, just like I told you would happen. Obviously, the upper class trash and their puppets feel they have enough control of our nations that they don't need each other anymore and the power struggle is getting well under way.


A prominent celebrity said that Jesus would vote for Trump.

My first thought was, "What would Jesus do?"

Then I realized Jesus would grab a whip or other weapon and drive them all out of office the way He drove their corrupt predecessors out of the Temple Mount, you know, like you should do.

But that is moot because we know that what Jesus is going to do, because we didn't do our job, is very much like what he did with Israel, He will use a vicious, ruthless, barbaric, pagan cult, Islam, to kill them all and punish us for being so stupid.

Jesus is voting against all of them...and sending them to Hell, where they all belong.


There is a class of people, mostly liberals, who revel in technology and feel they must be the first to try all new things before the bugs can be worked out just so they can tell others they had it first.

I just read that a Tesla car on autopilot ran into the back of a truck killing the car driver.

Yeah, that worked well.

I have a rule with technology, which is to let others waste their money and lives working the bugs out of new technology before I purchase it. Therefore, I always wait until such technology is proven before I spend my money and risk my injury with it.

But, unfortunately, things like these autopilot cars will kill many of the rest of us getting those bugs worked out.

I can't wait for the family lawsuit on this one.

Hillary E-mails

All of these people who keep hiding Hillary's e-mails are tampering with evidence and covering up a crime, which are both federal felonies and they should all be facing charges but they are above the law.

Obama and Hillary are already blatantly guilty of at least several federal felonies, which should automatically disqualify both of them from being president. Obama should be impeached and removed from office to face charges and prison while Hillary should be arrested and facing charges.

Then there is the matter of Lynch having a very private and secret meeting with Billy Boy on a private jet where no phones or recording devices were permitted.

Then some liberal twit said that only the conspiracy theorists, you know, "the nuts" who think for themselves, think they met secretly on a private plane under armed guard for reasons other than to talk about grandchildren.

Yeah, right, like Billy Boy and Lynch met on a private jet restricting access to any device which could record the conversation under armed guard to only talk about grandchildren?

I'm sorry, but you are going to have to sell that bridge to someone else, you know, like a stupid liberal, because I am not buying it.

My first thought was, "How big was the suitcase full of cash Lynch carted off that plane?" There was no other logical reason for them to have met on that plane under those restrictions other than for Lynch to demand a bribe to not prosecute Hillary. You can bet that Lynch is now set for life with a very full off-shore account in some distant land.

Then Lynch publically "recused" herself only to find out that she didn't really recuse herself and is still in charge of the case, meaning she lied...again.

Nothing like a little sleight of hand or magic by Lynch Houdini. It is all smoke and mirrors and the idiot liberals swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Even Trump said that this meeting shows the system is rigged.

BTW, I hope you realize that all Lynch has to do is put together a really lousy prosecution of Hillary and Hillary will win the case, go free, and be considered cleared of charges by her stupid liberal followers.

"But," you say, "that would ruin Lynch's career."

Who needs a career if the suitcase of cash she carried off that plane was big enough?

Do you understand now why ALL government corruption should be treason and punishable by death?

They all belong in prison for interfering with a federal case.

God's Line

Remember that I told you that God is causing all of the posers to come out of the closet to show their true colors so you will know the truth?

Mitch McConnell just openly praised Hillary Clinton again, showing his true colors as a liberal commie traitor and not a conservative. Eyes are opening just like God told me they would as God exposes more and more of the truth.

National Security

I personally believe that every law abiding citizen, both men and women, should be required to serve at least one year of Military/police/fire fighting/EMT training, should be issued a military assault rifle with ammunition and be qualified to maintain, use and carry it or a hand gun, be required to qualify with that weapon every year, serve a few weeks of the year with the regular military, cops, fire fighters, or EMTs, and be part of an organized neighborhood militia, which would meet about once every three months.

With a standing reserve army of 200 million well armed men and women, who would mess with us? Who would dare to rape our women and daughters? Who would dare to try to oppress the people? Who would dare try to seize control of your nation in a coup?

Let's see organized crime take over those neighborhoods. The first responders will be your neighbors, who will be there in seconds. Besides, all of you would be better able to help yourselves.

Now can you understand why the liberal commie traitors want to disarm you?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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