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Something interesting is happening. Hillary is being "grilled" by the FBI today (these essays are written over a period of one to five days) and it is being said that Lynch removing herself from the decision making for the case has "removed Hillary's safety net".

Did Billy Boy bribe Lynch to prosecute Hillary so he can finally get rid of her? Did Billy Boy decide to take Hillary down so the continuing investigation into Hillary's crimes won't also take him down? Is Billy Boy going to run Chelsea and is getting Hillary out of the way because she is damaged goods?

Then there was a headline which said that Obama is not involved in the Hillary case decision making, you know, while he is flying Hillary around on Air Force One and helping her campaign.

Yeah, right, like he didn't make any decisions and have discussions with those now making those decisions so they would know what Obama wants. You know that Obama told those people what he wants before he backed away from the case to cover his own butt in hopes that Hillary won't take him down too.

Is Obama helping Hillary campaign so he can kill her without him being considered a suspect?

Even Bill Maher is making very negative comments about Hillary and Billy Boy.

Isn't watching the upper class trash eat their own fun?

Welcome to the US national soap opera, "As the World Burns", brought to you courtesy of the corruption of the upper class trash. Hey, at least we get to watch these evil animals devour each other for a change and it is dinner time at the big table.

It was announced by FBI director, Comey, that Hillary isn't going to be prosecuted and the good people of this nation are livid. This proves that the upper class trash are completely in control and above the law, they have established their liberal commie dictatorship, have infiltrated and taken complete control of every aspect of our government so that there is no balance of power, and the Republic of the US is dead, just like I have been telling you.

I am wondering just how close to a shooting war this has pushed this nation. Definitely a lot closer but most people are still willing to try and solve our problems at the ballot box, though less so with each blatant act of corruption by all of our leaders. Even increasing numbers of liberal Commiecrats are turning against Hillary and the other blatantly corrupt liberal leaders. The war will come when enough good people realize their votes don't count and the only thing that can stop the insanity and corruption is shooting the bad guys. History teaches this to be true.

We are definitely quickly getting closer, the upper class trash know this, and they are desperately trying to disarm everyone before the shooting starts.

BTW, the hacker, Guccifer, who hacked Hillary's e-mails and released information exposing the truth about Hillary, was arrested and was facing charges for hacking, has conveniently "committed suicide".

This is what I have been telling you; the upper class trash are so well organized, have moles everywhere, and professional kill teams protecting them so that the upper class trash can take out anyone at any time, including FBI director, Comey, that they just can't be stopped by the good guys. If anyone tries, they are quickly killed, usually making it look like suicide or an accident. They also control most of the media to help them cover up their criminal activities.

That is why God is going to use the Muslims who have been working with the liberal commie traitors for half a century and have been able to put together a "secret racist data base" on the liberals so the Muslims can very quickly take out all of the liberals. God knows what He is doing.

Man plans, God laughs.


Both Austria and Hungary have set October second for referendums so their people can vote on whether to stay in or leave the EU.

With the British economy actually booming because of their exit, the stay group won't be able to use the same scare tactics they tried to use on the Brits and failed. If Britain's economy continues to improve until October, other nations will quickly follow.

The dominoes are falling, just like I told you they would fall.

Food For Thought

When an invading force conquers cities and nations, they don't spend much time sacking the poor side of town because there isn't much to steal. They always sack the richest part of town first followed by the upper middle and then middle classes.

If you have more to take, they are more likely to take it and the liberals have stolen a lot the Muslims will want to take.

Under Sharia Law, when the Muslims take over and impose Sharia Law, they will be able to do anything they want to non Muslims including steal everything from them, beat them up, rape them, and murder them.

Therefore, when the Muslims take over your nation and want to bring their families here to live, what do you think they will do, go over to the poor side of town and kick poor people out of their homes to move the Muslim families into lower income housing?

No, I don't think so. You can bet they will start by stealing the best and moving their families into those homes and then moving down the scale taking the best of what is left. The bigger and nicer the home, the sooner you will lose it. You know, just like the Muslims are already doing in Germany and Britain.

"What," you say, "you didn't know the Muslims were already displacing people from their homes in other countries and will soon be doing it here?"

Pay better attention because that has been going on in some countries for about a year now.

Gee, what will happen to all of those upper class and upper middle class families who will have their homes, wealth, and high paying jobs doing very little, if anything, stolen? Do you think they will be rewarded with new homes and better paying jobs?

No, I don't think so. They will become either dead, enslaved, or homeless and poor.


Because we have been involved in or been permitting the persecution of the poor by the middle and upper classes, especially with innovative ways to steal what little the poor have so God is going to make many of us poor.

You know, the old do unto others as you would have God do unto you thingy.

We have become spoiled with many not even knowing how to do actual work and they are going to learn to work to survive or die. Many of our spoiled children, who never grew up, will be made slaves, which is legal under Sharia Law, and will be sold to people and governments in other countries, just like God told us He does when He judges a nation.

Plus God has to purge all of those overpaid, under worked liberals out of the government, businesses, especially middle and upper management, nonprofit corporations, and other such jobs and God is going to use the Muslims to do it. Yep, this is going to kill the corrupt unions because there won't be any unions left.

And all of those spoiled, rich, liberal commie traitors and their palaces in Hollywood?


BTW, did you know that the Koran says that, if the Muslims coerce you to convert to Islam (you convert to save your butt), they can steal half of everything you own when you convert and then the Muslims can return one year later to steal the rest of what you owned when you converted?

So, after the Muslims take over, even if you convert to Islam to save your butt, they can still steal everything you have, just not all at once. The liberals will lose everything they have stolen from you with many even losing their lives.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

One of my readers sent me a link to a YouTube video about "star in a jar" in which a bubble was created and then, using sound waves, was caused to rapidly expand and collapse generating significant heat and light. The video ended with a person making comments about the stars in our skies actually being just the size of grains of sand in a liquid and we are being lied to by astronomers.

Are we being lied to by some of our scientists?

Definitely, but I don't think the star in a jar is the lie. Their conspiracy doesn't take into consideration the observations of the astronomers for the last few hundred years before their conspiracy would have happened and a little thingy called physics. You know, if our planet is surrounded by a liquid, why has the liquid not imploded in on us and destroyed our planet?

What are the scientists lying about concerning astrophysics?

I already explained some of what they are lying to you about and I had a client who was working on his Ph.D. in Astrophysics while I was working with him but the guy changed majors because he couldn't stand all of the lies he had to tell the public in order to get the government grants to fund his work and pay his salary and expenses.

What should this tell you?

That much of what you have been told about astrophysics is a lie. Hey, PBS stands for propaganda and bull s**t and is run by ultra liberal activist, Bill Moyers.

You have to understand that more than half a century ago, the liberals started a campaign to provide government funding for scientific research via government grants "to more quickly increase scientific research". It was a noble sounding explanation everyone bought into but it was a lie. The real reason for this movement was to gain financial control over as many scientists as possible so those scientists could be extorted to tell the lies the liberals want those scientists to tell or the scientists would not get the government grants to fund their research and pay their salaries and it has worked very well.

I have even met liberal monitors who are paid to sit in on science classes in college, court cases, and other venues the public has access to in order to make sure the professors and scientists tell all of the right lies and not tell the truth. If these scientists do tell the truth the liberals don't want you to know, then the offending scientist or college professor won't get any more government grants to pay their salaries and their careers will be ended.

This is no conspiracy, it is fact because I have had different scientists explain it to me and the monitors admitted it is their job to make sure the scientists say the right things and not the truth. It is fraud and extortion being committed by the liberals, especially the upper class, their puppets, and the activists.

What it comes down to is that, if a scientist or college professor is government funded, you can't believe a thing they say. I believe that the government should not fund scientific research or education except for very limited and brief emergency situations like a disease pandemic. Keep your tax money being used to fund education and use it to pay for a private school or home schooling so the government can't brainwash your kids.

On the other hand, I see conspiracies which are clearly being put out by liberals to discredit conspiracy theorists by making them look stupid, you know, like the conspiracy that the earth is really flat and we are being lied to and this star in a jar thing is probably one such misinformation program.

The way it works is that, when someone finds out the truth and starts to expose the lies, to discredit those people, the liberals lump those people in with the conspiracy theorists who believe the world is flat or they believe in aliens or giant aliens and such, which the liberals secretly promote by putting out phony "evidence".

Yes, you are being lied to but not about the things the liberal generated conspiracies make you believe you are being lied about.

Do you see how the liberals create the confusion in order to frustrate you and cause you to give up and just blindly believe their lies? "Hey, why fight and dig through our misinformation and confusion to find the truth when you can just much more easily shut up, believe our liberal commie traitor lies, and be a good little liberal commie slave."

Some of the things liberals are very good at are creating confusion, distractions, and misinformation along with dumbing people down to better brainwash them. They are very good at deceiving people but God is also very good at eventually exposing the upper class trash lies, which is what God is doing right now. Eyes are opening. But this is going to take a while because the liberals have succeeded to the point that most of what most people believe is wrong.

Liberalism is lies, lies, and more lies.

Now do you understand why God put so much emphasis on "Thou shalt not lie"?

Lying is fraud and everyone who lies should be prosecuted for fraud because lying or fraud is one of the most powerful weapons evil people use to get what they want, especially power and wealth.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslims will kill the liberals after the Muslims seize control?

ISIS just beheaded a man convicted of witchcraft, which is a liberal thing and anti-Christian.

Gee, you mean the Muslims will kill all of the liberal members of the occult?

Well, the Sunni Muslims will but in Shiite Islam, witchcraft is considered good and is practiced by some religious leaders. Just remember that no non Muslim will be permitted to have authority of any kind over any Muslim.

Upper Class Trash

People are really getting angry and Hillary getting a pass on all of her crimes is making the people very angry.

Are they angry enough to fight yet?

Stick around and we will both find out.


There is a myth that power corrupts.

The truth is that power draws those who are already corrupt.

The myth that power corrupts was created by the upper class trash so they could play the victim by blaming power for corrupting them so they would not be held accountable for their actions. Those corrupt people chose to go down the road of corruption and then were drawn towards power because of their corruption.

There are plenty of people who have had or currently have power over others and have not been corrupted by the power.


I have been seeing posts on FB from Brits about the US fourth of July. One type of post says, "Happy treason day; ungrateful colonists" and the other says, "Happy treason day; peasants/traitors".

For fun, my comment for all of them has been a courteous, "Thank you, oppressive tyrants" followed by a smiley face. For some reason, the posts seem to have disappeared with no further comments.


If you don't know Jesus as your savior, you better accept Him soon because a lot of people are already dying and millions more will soon with none of us knowing when and where the next attack will take place. You don't want to spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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