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The truck attack in Nice, France seems to have finally awakened people to the fact that Islam is waging war against us, but only "radical Islam". This will turn even more people against Muslim migrants and Muslims in general.

It is beginning to look like this was not a lone wolf attack. I read that the windshield had been replaced with bullet proof glass, which is no easy thing to do, and the French have arrested two more suspects. They have also been reported to having raided about 200 mosques in France.

The French upper class trash are afraid that the French people are gearing up for a civil war. The people are arming themselves and joining gun clubs. I guess the French upper class trash are hearing guillotines in their sleep. The upper class trash never learn because they are so arrogant.

If the French people stand up and stage a revolution, freedom will sweep around the planet.


The crisis in Venezuela caused by their socialism has become so severe that their food supply has been put under military control. They are in a state of martial law.

People are fleeing Venezuela to neighboring Columbia by the tens of thousands. So far, it is being reported that more than 100,000 people have fled their wonderful socialism and the number is growing quickly.

Good old Marxism, murdering people all over the planet.


An attempted military coup in Turkey just failed. It was pretty poorly organized and planned. I have been wondering who was behind the coup and why and everyone else seems to be still guessing.

Was it really just a few thousands soldiers trying to stop Erdogan's tyranny?

If Putin was behind it and it succeeded, it would have just about been the end of the globalist efforts to set up their global dictatorship. Putin would have had a proxy running Turkey who would have stopped the flow of weapons and money to ISIS and the stealing of oil from Syria and Iraq by ISIS, Turkey, and the West. Putin would have been able to fly his planes over Turkey to supply and reinforce his troops in Syria, the US and NATO troops would have been expelled, and Putin troops would have been invited in to Turkey. The coup seems to have been too poorly planned and managed to have been something Putin would have done.

Erdogan has been taking advantage of the mess he helped create in Europe with the immigrant invasion to extort deals with the EU and the European upper class trash may have decided to replace Erdogan with someone more to their liking, you know, the way they did in Ukraine with a rigged election and tried to do in Libya and Egypt and are now trying to do in Syria.

Erdogan believes he should be the ruler of the Ottoman Empire II, which poses a threat to every significant Muslim ruler, especially in the Middle East.

Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah all want to get ride of Erdogan, the Kurds want to get rid of Erdogan, and the Armenians want to get rid of Erdogan.

Erdogan has been causing trouble for Israel and even Obama may have wanted to replace Erdogan with someone more compliant.

Erdogan is blaming the coup on a Muslim religious leader in the US who says Erdogan staged the coup himself to justify purging a bunch of top people in Turkey.

Maybe Erdogan knew there was going to be a coup against his increasing tyranny and headed that coup off by staging a fake coup so he could justify killing the ring leaders for the coming real coup?

It may not do Erdogan any good because it only takes one sniper to remove a despot like Erdogan from power, not an army.

It seems that Muslim Erdogan had his purge list setup before the coup started, you know, the way Muslim Obama has had his secret racist data base purge list for more than a year.

You liberal commie traitors better think about that one long and hard. But, hey, it is too late for you liberal commie traitors to worry about it because you are already on Obama's kill list. They know where you work, where you live, where you keep your money (so they can quickly steal it so you can't run and hide), and everything else they need to know to quickly kill you. You liberal commie traitors are just dead traitors walking, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Basically, Erdogan has been stepping on a lot of very powerful toes and it could be just about anyone or even everyone behind the coup. Right now, only a few people really know what happened.

Don't be surprised to see an assassination attempt against Erdogan.

BTW, I have conclusive proof that Obama was behind the coup attempt in Turkey (wink, wink).

First, we know that Kerry is an obsessive, compulsive liar who cannot tell the truth and he said that Obama was not behind the coup, therefore, Obama MUST have been behind the coup. Second, Obama is our Failure-in-chief, the coup failed, so Obama MUST have been behind the coup. If the coup had succeeded, we would know that Obama couldn't have been behind it.

OK, all joking aside, Obama has been involved in the coups and coup attempts for at least Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and others, therefore, it would not be a stretch to believe Obama was also involved in the coup attempt in Turkey but it was very poorly planned and organized, as were the coups in the other countries. Please note that all of these coups were in violation of international law but, hey, Obama is above the law.

I am seeing more people thinking Obama was involved in the Turkey coup attempt.


Remember that Putin agreed to a truce with Obama and his terrorist...uh...rebel groups and, like I warned you, Obama used the truce to rearm and prepare for an offensive to retake ground they had lost because of Putin bombing Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels and that Obama and his terrorists...uh...rebels did just that, regaining quite a bit of ground.

It was just reported that Putin upped his bombing campaign again, destroying almost 400 terrorist...uh...rebel targets in just a few days with Obama's terrorist...uh...rebel groups losing ground again.

Now Obama is having the UN try to get Putin to agree to another truce because Obama probably knows that Putin won't trust him again.

Watch, every time Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels start losing ground, Obama and the UN will start trying to get a truce but won't say a thing about a truce as long as Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels are gaining ground. The left uses truces for sucker punches.

US Debt

The US debt has reached 141% of US GDP.

You think this country isn't dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

There is no saving this country. We are a cursed nation because we have murdered more than 50 million unborn babies as human sacrifices to the false pagan goddess, free sex. This nation must die and we will have to build a new nation from the rubble.


Recently, officers in New York City's 110th precinct, stopped car with two men and a loaded tech 9 with the two men admitting they were out hunting cops.

One or more gunmen staged an attack near a police station in Baton Rouge. Six officers were shot and three were killed. The cops believe there were three gunmen and one black male with body armor is dead. This was an ambush by another Muslim black military (Marine) veteran who was a member of the Nation of Islam. This killing is being celebrated by BLM.

You think this isn't open warfare by the black Muslim groups of BLM, New Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam?

When they are staging attacks near police stations, it can be nothing but open warfare.

If cops are not safe, you are not safe.

BTW, are the lefties using former military black Muslims to try to turn people against and discredit the military so the government can take weapons away from all former military?


CAIR has joined forces with Black Lives Matter and is calling for a Muslim revolution in the US because, just like I told you, BLM is a black Muslim organization just like the New Black Panthers.

The truth keeps getting more and more obvious so, how much longer will it take for everyone to realize the truth about what is going on and why?


I have recently gotten a little concerned feedback from a few of my readers that they are getting a little antsy about my prophesy concerning Obama nuking Chicago because we are quickly running out of time.

Well, Obama is running out of time but God always has plenty of time.

First, God loves to make you wait until the very last moment to fulfill prophesy to test and build your faith. The Book of Revelation is a great example in that it says that, if Jesus were to delay His coming for the Battle of Armageddon, there wouldn't be any flesh or life left on earth. That is about as last minute as you can get.

Plus, there is plenty of time for Obama to nuke Chicago. All he needs is one Monday that isn't a holiday. He doesn't need a whole year.

Then there is the fact that I have been watching Obama work towards causing this to happen. If you pay attention to the shadows moving in the background, you will see things moving towards this happening so that, in a manner of speaking, it is already taking place.

You don't just buy a 10K nuke at your local hardware store, drop it off somewhere, and remote detonate it. Such things take time and planning, especially if you are doing it covertly, you know, secretly.

First, I have read of three attempts by Obama to steal US nukes via liberal commie traitor moles in the US military to nuke different US cities but all three attempts failed because the military has built too many safe guards into the nuke safety system so that when any nuke is moved, the Pentagon is notified immediately. So Obama learned that he is going to have to get his nukes somewhere else, you know, like Iran.

"Iran?", you ask, "But the lying liberal commie traitor media, politicians, bureaucrats, x-spurts, and others are telling us Iran still doesn't have even just one nuke warhead."

And you believe it?

Math Time!!!!

Iran has been trying to build nukes for almost 35 years now, almost all of that with the help of other nations which have nukes, and, according to the liars, is the only nation to try to build nukes and not have achieved building a nuke within 6 years.

Just how stupid do you think their Euro-American college trained nuclear physicists and engineers are?

Just common sense alone should tell you that, if they could only build one nuke every 6 years, they should have half a dozen nukes by now.

You mean to tell me Iran has had thousands of centrifuges spinning 24/7 for more than three decades and they have not created the 16 pounds of weapons grade U-238 nuke dirt it would take to build just one little 10K tactical nuke?

Sorry, I quit buying bridges a long time ago.

I have told you before that, pending the percentage of U-238 in the soil, it takes about one year to spin out enough nuke dirt from mined soil for commercial grade nuke dirt for things like nuclear power plants. It only takes another three months to spin commercial grade nuke dirt into weapons grade nuke dirt. That is less than 1.5 years to turn uranium soil into weapons grade nuke dirt.

And you think that, after about 35 years, Iran still doesn't have enough nuke dirt for even one tiny little nuke? How much longer are you going to believe that blatant lie?

One thing you can bet on is that Iran has hundreds of nukes and is building an arsenal to conquer the world to achieve their Muslim goals, just like I have been telling you. Iran's repeatedly stated goal is to conquer the world for Islam and murder all non Muslims and you are not going to do that with anything short of a very large nuke arsenal. I would not be surprised to suddenly find out that Iran actually has a few thousand nukes.

Also remember that it took me more than a decade to find out what size nukes Iran is building for their arsenal and they are building 10K nukes just like God told me would be used on Chicago in my first dream about Chicago being nuked, posted in November 2008 right after Obama was elected.

Gee, what a coincidence!!!

Then, years ago after Saudi Arabia's Arab Spring failed, Obama stabbed Saudi Arabia in the back and crawled in bed with Iran giving them 1.5 billion of your tax dollars to build nukes and lifting the embargo so Iran could get the supplies to build those nukes AND we found out that Valerie had been secretly negotiating with Iran for several years before that.

Gee, nothing like buying a few 10K nukes from Iran to use on the US and maybe even Europe, huh?

You can bet that, somewhere, there is a team of people planning the formal ball for the upper class trash to be held in the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and another group planning to nuke that formal ball and they could be the same group using the ball to get all of the puppet masters in the same place.

Remember Obama's Secret Racist Data Base?

You can bet that, when the dust settles, arrogant, narcissistic, power mad, Pharaoh Obama plans on no longer being the puppet but on being the supreme puppet master, which means he has to kill everyone who has as much or more power than him and probably also everyone who is even close to having as much power as him. Obama is going to purge really big time and nuking that ball will just be the start.

This is all going on right now and the only question is when will Obama nuke Chicago, not if. There is still plenty of time.

Besides, Obama and his Muslim pals are typical cowardly bullies who don't want to have to fight to win, which is why they have been putting their coup off until they can disarm the US citizens. But, he is soon going to reach a point to where he must stage his coup and fight the citizens. He only has until January 2017 to seize control of the US and set up his Muslim caliphate or dictatorship and he will. He will soon get short enough on time that his lust for power will over ride his fear of us. It will be one of those "now or never" moments, which are always last minute.

Besides, you have to understand that Obama is under pressure from his Muslim pals. This is their last and best chance to seize control of the US and use the US to conquer the world and set up their Muslim dictatorship and you know they are not going to let Obama cause them to miss this opportunity for global power.

Every day, we get one day closer to the fulfillment of all prophesy.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible was about a prolonged and devastating drought and the king of Israel requested Elijah to pray for rain. Elijah took his assistant to the top of a mountain, posted the assistant to watch for clouds with instructions to regularly report to Elijah while Elijah prayed for rain. After a significant period of prayer and repeated reports of there not being a cloud in the sky, the assistant finally reported to Elijah that there was one small, distant cloud. Elijah immediately told the assistant to run and tell the king it was going to rain and it did.

There isn't a meteorologist on the planet who would predict rain based on one small, distant cloud. They all look for massive weather fronts and still get it wrong most of the time.

While most people have been watching for a massive weather front, I have been watching God's small clouds and could see the storm coming. The storm is here.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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