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Obama's Syrian terrorists...uh...rebels are demanding the anti-ISIS forces, you know, Russia, stop air strikes.

Gee, you think the terrorists...uh...rebels are getting tired of getting blown up by Putin? You don't think this is Obama trying to sucker Putin into another truce, do you?


You know those terrorists are not getting tired of being blown up by Obama.


The people of Sweden are angry and finally fighting back. They just burned nine Muslim immigrant camps to the ground. Someone has had enough and they are fighting back the only way they know how.


There is a flaw in Newt Gingrich's plan to deport all Muslims who want Sharia Law. Muslims are permitted to lie about anything including believing in or wanting Sharia Law, converting to another religion, or anything else to promote the cause of Islam. This means you can't believe anything they say because they can say anything to get what they want.

Knowing this, which obviously Newt doesn't, you should realize that the only good plan is to just deport or kill all Muslims. That is the only thing which could possibly work.

I saw a headline that said, "The Teeth in Newt's call to test and deport Sharia Muslims."

What teeth?

The Muslims will pull your teeth with that plan before you can even get a nibble. It will fail just like all of the other ignorance based plans of man.

Disclosing Technology

Remember that I told you that I keep seeing signs that the military is getting ready to release knowledge about the existence of a much higher level of technology such as "UFOs"?

First, remember that I was trained that the military does not disclose the existence of any technology until we have significantly better technology still hidden away.

There is a video on YouTube which shows the structure and function of the SR-71 J-58 engines, which used to be classified top secret. That video means the military considers that technology obsolete.

What do they have that is significantly better?

Think about that.


Wow, talk about intentionally being deceptive in their reporting about the recent shooting.

First, they refused to announce the person's name, even though it was very obvious they knew his name, telling me that he was certainly Muslim. That is the only time they refuse to give the person's name, especially when they so obviously know the name.

Second, the shooter was a German citizen of Iranian descent also telling us that he is probably Shiite Muslim.

Third, a Muslim woman is reported to have said the shooter was yelling "Allah Hu Akbar", while he murdered people.

Fourth, the news refused to even mention that the shooter just might be Muslim, you know, like they are trying to cover it up and we are too stupid to figure it out.

Fifth, they kept stating that the shooter is clearly not associated with ISIS, you know, like ISIS is the only Muslim terrorist organization on the planet while also refusing to tell you whether or not the shooter was Muslim. BTW, ISIS is Sunni Muslim, not Shiite Muslim. There are a number of Shiite Muslim terrorist organizations.

Did you know that ISIS kills Shiite Muslims because ISIS considers them apostates?

So it really doesn't matter that the shooter is not associated with ISIS because he is probably associated with a Shiite Muslim terrorist group instead. Not being associated with ISIS doesn't mean he isn't a Muslim terrorist, it just means he isn't associate with ISIS.

Mean while, the lying liberal commie traitor media are making a big deal about trying to figure out why the shooter murdered people, you know, like he just couldn't possibly be another Muslim terrorist. The lying liberal media are trying to make it look like the shooter was just some guy with mental problems and most people are buying it.

Gee, you think that maybe, just maybe, the guy was a Muslim terrorist and they are working overtime to cover it up?

BTW, I finally found out the name of the shooter, Ali Sonboly, with both German and Iranian citizenships, he has actually only been in Germany about one year. Ali is a Muslim name and, being from Iran, he is almost certainly a Shiite Muslim, who would hate ISIS because ISIS hates and kills Shiite Muslims who refuse to convert to Sunni Islam. He would NOT be a member of ISIS but would be a member of Shiite terrorist...uh...rebel groups, probably equipped and funded by Obama. It has been reported that he may have been targeting Arab and Turkey teenagers, you know, Sunni Muslims.

Gee, who would have figured? Gee, you don't think he just might have been striking back at ISIS (Sunni Muslims) for killing so many Shiite Muslims, maybe some of his family and friends, do you?

After all, the Arabs and Turkey are supporting ISIS killing Shiite Muslims.

And the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash natural elite x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities can't figure out his motivation? Just how stupid are they?

Oh yeah, the upper class trash have been inbreeding for more than a few hundred years.

BTW, the shooter purchased his gun illegal so that gun control laws would not have stopped him and the guy with the axe on a train and the machete dude...well, just do the math on how gun control laws would have stopped them.

Then they arrested a 16 year old Afghan friend of the shooter because "he knew about it" (read, he helped plan it.)

Hold it, two Muslim boys from two different countries plan a mass shooting but it has nothing to do with Islam and is not a Muslim terrorist attack?

I KNOW!!! It is because they are both nuts! Yeah, that's the ticket, they are both nuts because we just KNOW it can't have anything to do with Islam.

Then we have a machete attack in Germany by a Syrian refugee and, of course, they won't release his name while proclaiming it was not a terrorist attack, he is a lone actor, and the geniuses can't figure out his motive for killing.

It is the same story every time there is a Muslim terror attack, cover up with lies and smoke and mirrors.

Then, later the same day, they had another Syrian refugee detonate a suicide bomb pack in Ansback, Germany. This one, they still have not released his name but are admitting he had ties with ISIS. They are up to two Muslim terrorist attacks a day in Germany.

BTW, do you think gun control laws would have stopped him from blowing everyone up?

Have you noticed how almost all of these group killings are being done by Muslims?

As a matter of fact, the attackers being Muslims is the only common factor for all of them, but, no, it can't have anything to do with Islam. It must be Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, atheism, or they're nuts but it can't be Islam. I KNOW, IT'S POKEMON!!! Yeah, that's the ticket. (/sarc)

Gee, you think that, maybe, just maybe, Islam is waging war against us?

Just how much longer do these upper class trash idiots think they can cover up that the Muslims are waging war against us and, fortunately, each other in our countries?

The media and upper class trash insist on insulting our intelligence with their sick games to cover up their screw ups.

Notice that the lying liberal commie traitor media never ask the question, "How many fewer people would have been shot and killed if just one person had been carrying a gun?" No, they really don't want you to think about that question or that their gun control isn't working out too well because then they would be forced to let you arm yourselves and their plans for a coup to set up their global dictatorship would fail.

And you think the upper class trash are not evil and nuts?

I have come to the conclusion that the best thing that can happen to us right now is for Islam to seize control and kill off all of our liberal commie traitors, especially the upper class trash. Then, and only then, will most of the people stand up to Islam and fight for their freedoms.


Remember that I told you that, after Obama seizes control of the US, the Muslims will shut down things like schools because Islam is against such things as education, especially for women?

With Erdogan increasing his Muslim control of Turkey, you know, staging his own coup, he has shut down more than 1,000 private schools with 21,000 staff fired, 15 universities with 15,000 school staff members and 1,500 deans fired (you liberal college professors can kiss your butts goodbye), more than 1,200 charities, 19 trade unions, and 35 medical institutions shut down. It seems that Muslims don't like unions either.

Erdogan is also passing laws without Parliament, you know, like Obama is already doing in the US, restricting meetings so you can't plot against him, imposing curfews so no one can be out after a certain time (there go the wild liberal parties, clubs, musical festivals, and such), ban the media, you know, censorship so you can't find out the truth, search people at will (so much for right to privacy), scrap court decisions and dismissed 3,000 judges so his word is law, thousands of government workers have been fired (I told you that all of you liberal government bureaucrats will be replaced), and Obama is supporting Erdogan's actions; hint, hint.

Thanks to you liberal commie traitors and your Muslim pals, this will soon be coming to the US when Obama stages his coup.

Did I tell you that God is going to use the Muslims to clean up the mess the liberals have made of our nations because the Muslims will purge all of the liberals?

There won't be much cleaning up left to do when the Muslims have finished.


Yesterday, there was a mass shooting in the Blu Club on teen night. They are saying at least two are dead and 17 wounded with three suspects in custody BUT NOTE that they are not releasing the names of the shooters while claiming it was not a terrorist attack and you can bet the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities can't figure out a motive for the shooting.

Are you getting tired of that song yet?

Oh no, it couldn't possibly be anything to do with Islam waging war against us! It must be about them needing jobs or they had a bad childhood but it can't have anything to do with Islam.

It has gotten to the point to where, if they don't release the names of the killers while screaming "it ain't terrorism", they are probably Muslim terrorists. If they are not Muslim terrorists, the cops always give out the names as soon as the cops know the names. I cannot think of one time when they didn't give out the name and it wasn't a terrorist attack. That has become their standard method of operation, if it is a terrorist attack, it is all smoke and mirrors to cover it up.

Did you know that covering up for Muslim terrorists is aiding Muslim terrorists and is a federal felony and an act of treason?

Think about it. You are being betrayed every time they cover up for Muslim terrorists.

When are the people going to quit buying the upper class trash bridges?

One thing the Muslims will do is to stop all of these night clubs, drinking, drugs, and wild parties. Drugs, alcohol, adultery, and homosexuality are illegal and a capital crime under Sharia Law.

Who will dare go to any of them? And you think God is not punishing us for our sins and cleaning up our mess?


Just like I told you, the liberals are continuing to make Israel look as bad as possible to justify an invasion to eradicate Israel. A former Commiecrat representative is blaming Israel for the Nice attacks. This will get worse as we get closer.

"No, it couldn't possibly be the fault of Islam, it has to be Israel's fault."

Olympic Games

They are having a real mess with this year's Olympic Games but also with other professional sports. I think God is cleaning the corruption out of our sports for us. This may be the last modern Olympic Games as well as the last of a number of other sporting events.

If you put anything before God, you will lose it.


Remember that I told you that, under Sharia Law, the Muslims will make you get rid of or kill your dogs?

In Manchester, England, Muslims are putting out fliers telling people to keep their dogs off of the streets, you know, like don't walk them, because dogs offend Muslims.

Just think, this is coming to the US soon because of your liberal commie traitor friends and their Muslim pals. Under Sharia Law, you will have to kill all non-working dogs.

Save Jesus

Remember that, years ago, I wrote an essay about, "if you could go back in time, would you save Jesus"?

I want to share another perspective on this. Jesus did not come here for me to save Him, Jesus came and died so He could save me.

I am the one who needed saving, not Jesus. It was written that Jesus could have called down every angel in existence to save Him but He didn't because He was saving us. You are the one who needs saving, not Jesus.


I just started to watch a video by a preacher teaching that Babylon is the US. I couldn't watch very much of it.

5 times in Revelation 18 Babylon is called a great or mighty CITY and he thinks Babylon is the US?

Pay attention to the details in prophesy, they are there for reasons. This is clearly the case of a preacher ignoring the details in a prophesy, for whatever reason, causing him to come to a really stupid conclusion.

First, this preacher is clearly ASSUMING that the US will still be around during the Tribulation when the Republic of the US is already dead, not finished kicking yet, and about to have a fragmenting civil war. The Republic of the US will either be a tiny fragment of itself now or just not be around at all in about five years.

Second, this preacher CLEARLY ignores that the scriptures call Babylon a city five times in one chapter.

Do you think God can't tell the difference between a city and a nation or that He lied about Babylon being a city?

Get it straight, the Babylon of the Tribulation will be the rebuilt City of Babylon and not the US, Europe, or the Catholic Church. It will very simply be the City of Babylon, which will be the global center for commerce by that time.

Quit trying to read more into that prophesy than is there. Quit listening to the Euro-American prophets. The Bible and prophesy are NOT about Europe and the US, they are about the Middle East.

Very simply, the Muslims are already planning to rebuild the City of Babylon, will rebuild it, and will develop it into the global center for commerce.

I find it absolutely amazing at how obvious all of this has become and that the Euro prophets continue to teach the pagan fairy tales created by the Catholic Church. Clearly God has "closed their eyes" so they can't see the obvious.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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