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You can't appease bad guys because it will always come back to haunt you.

Israel recently turned a couple of terrorists loose because they staged a hunger strike and got sick, you know, Israel being the nice guys they are. Hey, they are civilized and not a bunch of barbarians.

Today, 80 terrorists went on a hunger strike.

Why was I not surprised by that?

Will Israel be stupid enough to feel sorry for them when the terrorists get sick and turn them loose too?

If they do, next time it will be hundreds going on hunger strikes and then thousands.

You can't appease bad guys. It has never worked but the stupid people making the key decisions never learn.


It is so frustrating to see the blatant corruption in US politics. I see the mess our upper class trash and liberals have caused, know we humans can't fix it, and my prayer is, "Lord, you are our only hope. Save us from ourselves, please."

There is NO ONE I want to vote for and I want to vote against all of them. They are all vile, corrupt criminals in the same filthy bed.

Paul Ryan said, "Yes, I have a soul." But he forgot to tell you it burns in hell.

Gingrich endorsed ultra liberal, McCain, and said he is a national treasure.

Then why don't they bury him instead of sending him back to Congress to betray the people?

Oh yeah, concerning Obama's pallets of cash to Iran, how many nukes do you think Obama bought with that?

Liberal-tarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson has endorsed Black Lives Matter.

Really? Is there a functioning brain cell anywhere at the top?

Trump proves he is in the same bed with the rest of the criminals by endorsing some of the worst Commiepublicans, Paul Ryan and McCain. At least he came close to telling the truth about Hillary when he said she is pretty close to unhinged.


Hillary has been unhinged for decades and getting worse. She is pure evil.

Then there is that twit, Howard Dean, who said that he doesn't consider Iran to be a Muslim country.


I don't consider Howard Dean to be sane.

Obama said to ignore politics and focus on the Olympics, you know, "look over there and not here at our corruption." Then Obama said that the reason the US does so well in the Olympics is because we are a nation of immigrants, you know, "see, it is a good thing for me to bring in Muslim terrorists as immigrants".

No, as a coach, I can tell you that the reason the US does so well in the Olympics is because we are such a wealthy nation in which many more people can take off the time from work to train for activities that most of the people in the world can't take off time from work to watch. Our wealth also makes it possible for us to buy the best equipment and coaching while most countries are using used junk to train and compete with.

Do a little coaching in some third world countries and you will see why the US does so well in the Olympics. Most of our athletes are professionals or neo professionals who make their living from their sports but the third world country athletes are real amateurs who have to work for a living.

For example, I was hired by the FIAC to give a clinic in Belize for their coaches and amateurs. The US beginning amateurs have better equipment, resources and opportunities than Belize's best athletes.

The US success in sports has nothing to do with immigration.

If all of those immigrants are such great athletes, why are they not kicking our butts before they come to the US?

Oops, shot the crap out of that argument with one question.

Besides, most of our top athletes are kids who were born and raised here and didn't immigrate here. In some sports like skiing and cycling, they are spoiled rich kids whose parents pay their way until the kids can make a living from their sports. Many of them have never worked a day in their lives.

Very few people outside of the US have that opportunity.

BTW, the more I see of this Olympic Games, the more convinced I become that God is destroying the Olympic Games because a) they are pagan and b) they are very corrupt with a lot of cheating, you know, dope, and bias. Don't be surprised if this is the last modern Olympic Games.

Politically, we are so screwed with nothing but criminals even close to the top.

Trade Deficit

They are making a big stink about the trade deficit.

Why would we not have a trade deficit when everything we used to make in the US is now made in other countries? If you don't make anything, how can you export anything except your money to buy the things you don't make?

And the all-knowing, all-wise, heavily inbred, highly educated, overpaid, natural elite, extremely corrupt upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities can't figure out why we have a trade deficit and it is getting worse? Uh, quit moving our factories out of country?

Of course we have a trade deficit and it is getting worse and it is going to keep getting worse until we stop moving our factories out of country.


How is your "recovering economy" doing?

I was just wondering because they just reported that more than 94 million people or more than half of the American work force are now out of the work force (read unemployed.)

That doesn't count the people who are actually counted as unemployed and we only have a 4.9% unemployment?

The left never was very good at math...or telling the truth.

Graphic Novels

Have you noticed the increase in the use of graphic novels because so many people have been dumbed down to the point to where they can't read anything other than comic books?

And those people vote.

So, how is that false pagan god, democracy, doing with so many dumbed down people?

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


Why is Merkel still alive? Have the Germans forgotten how to organize a firing squad?

It is easy, you just get a small group of people with guns who can shoot well and line them up facing a wall a short distance away. Then you put the traitor against the wall in front of the firing squad, have the firing squad aim at the traitor and fire. Problem solved, no more treason.


If Israel wants to stop these terrorist tunnels, all they have to do is flood them with water mixed with pig urine and feces. That will quickly put an end to the tunneling.

The War

Remember that I have been telling you that the war our liberals wouldn't let our military win in other countries has come to the US?

Muslims in Michigan threw rocks at Christians, you know, just like Muslims have been doing everywhere else.

Just like I told you, the Muslims are here and are going to do what they have been doing everywhere else. They will kill liberals, especially homosexuals, feminists, and others. It is only a matter of time until they behead their first homosexual. Not if, but when and where.

An ISIS Muslim was captured in...wait for it...Michigan, you know, the land of the liberal socialists. He had a 37 mm grenade launcher (rpg), 37 mm grenades (rpg rockets), an AK-47, six fully loaded 40 round AK-47 magazines(maybe you should get a few large capacity magazines?), road spikes to flatten car tires (planning to stop cars and shoot people?), a shotgun with shell carrier, military body armor, and other weapons.

Since most of that is illegal, so much for gun control stopping violence.

The reason he got caught is because the idiot boasted about having grenades and a "bazooka" on FB. Until then, he had all of that illegal crap flying below the radar. He could have easily staged a terrorist attack to the complete surprise of everyone...again.

How many more Muslim terrorists in this country are as well or better armed with illegal military stuff and flying below the radar?

The war is here, just like I told you would happen.


Recently Hillary froze up while giving a speech and her Secret Service agents had to rescue her and get her talking again. She appeared to have a complete mental melt down. It didn't appear to be staged and none of her brain dead followers even realized she had zoned out and wasn't able to speak. It was very obvious the Secret Service know she has a mental problem and reacted very quickly to get her started talking again.

What are they hiding and why?

I just read a headline that CNN had a poll showing Hillary more than 10 points ahead of Trump.

Of course the Communist News Network is going to have a poll showing Hillary is very far ahead of Trump to discourage Trump voters; have they ever had an accurate poll that showed the truth?


Trump is promising the biggest tax revolution since Reagan.

With a Christian theocracy, I will give you the biggest tax revolution ever; a 10% flat tax on your income and absolutely no other taxes such as sales tax, land taxes, luxury taxes, and such. You keep the rest of your money and spend it the way you want as long as it is legal.

Right now, the average American spends at least 50% to more than 75% of their income on taxes. Imagine being able to keep 90% of your income to spend on you, your family, and future investments. That is what you will get with a Christian theocracy.

You commit a crime, you do the same time as anyone else regardless of whether you are upper class, poor, or middle class. No one is above the law and the pursuit of justice is the main goal of our legal system.

Your Christian government will use most of that money to protect you with a good military and law enforcement.

With all of the extra money you keep, you send your kids to whatever schools you want, there will be no government education and teaching something that is known to not be true will be fraud. For the media to lie is fraud.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


I believe I told you years ago that China was creating the problem of having too many men and not enough women with their one-child program.

It is here with 22 million more men than women and they expect to have 40 million more men than women by about 2020. This one problem could easily lead to a revolution against their government.

Hey, what do 22 million single males have to lose by staging a revolution?

Yep, the all-knowing, all-wise upper class trash in China have screwed things up as bad as the all-knowing, all-wise upper class trash have everywhere else.

Do you still believe the upper class trash, who go the right degrees from the right universities are naturally more intelligent than you? When have they ever done anything right?

It must be all of that inbreeding plus, just what kind of stupidity are they teaching at those right universities?

Actually, it is getting easier every day to see the stupidity the right universities are teaching to their upper class trash students.


There is currently a massive battle taking place for Aleppo with both sides concentrating more and more forces in the area. Keep an eye on this because this battle could be turning into someone's Gettysburg.


Japan has issued orders for its military to shoot down all missiles fired from North Korea towards Japan.

Is someone finally going to show North Korea that their missiles are not going anywhere?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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