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The War

The US war is escalating with three Chicago black gangs planning to kill cops. The gangs are planning on setting up ambushes and use snipers. They are hoping to either wipe the cops out or force them to quit to survive so Obama can replace them with his CNSF in order to make it easier to seize your guns.

I am seeing increasing signs that the left is impatient, frustrated, and angry because of the resistance to their beloved commie dictatorship. The left wants their dictatorship RIGHT NOW and how dare we stand in their way for freedom. They are also increasingly desperate because of the many setbacks to their plans. Their desperation generated mistakes will rapidly increase causing their frustration and anger to increase.

You do know why Obama is insisting all European countries take in as many Muslim jihadis...uh...immigrants as possible, don't you?

It is so Obama and his Muslim pals can seize control of the entire West at the same time with one slick move.

In Nigeria, the Christians have had enough, formed a militia, declared a crusade, and are fighting back against the murdering Muslims. The worm is finally turning.


One reason why I believe God is destroying the Olympic games is because the liberals have turned them into a farce. The liberal media have really screwed up just about all sports.

We will have to build our own national sports programs based on Christian morals and ethics.


This morning I realized why Merkel is still alive. The Germans permitted their government to take their guns away for the promise of peace and security.

Yeah, that worked out well.

I have read several different reports that Germans are fleeing to Russia (go figure) and Hungary to get away from the Muslim invasion of Germany.

The upper class trash have turned Germany into a real hell hole with one of the worst crises in German history.

Will any of these European countries wake up and start arming their people so the people can defend themselves against the Muslims before the Muslims completely take over those countries and go after the upper class trash?

If the German people won't kill Merkel, you can bet the Muslims will kill her.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash have set up phony sites putting out misinformation to cause confusion?

I found out that they have put up a bunch of YouTube sites which are saying that all of these terrorist attacks are just hoaxes and didn't really happen. It doesn't take much to figure out why the upper class trash set up these sites to cover for the terrorist attacks and cover their evil tracks.

The real hoaxes are the sites setup by the upper class trash to confuse people. You are being played for fools. The terrorist attacks really are happening.

Just think about it and use some common sense. It is the main stream media, which are owned by the upper class trash, who try to cover up that these attacks are being caused by Muslim terrorists. They do this by saying the attacks had nothing to do with Islam and they are just carried out by mental cases but the other media keep proving the attacks are being carried out by Muslims.

So, what do the upper class trash do?

They use reverse psychology to convince you the terrorist attacks didn't really happen at all and were just "false flags" being created by the main stream media. Either way, you end up not believing the Muslims are carrying out terrorist attacks against you. Gee, what a coincidence.

Guess who owns the web sites that are trying to convince you that the terrorist attacks are false flag events and the Muslims really are not staging terrorist attacks against you? The same people who own the main stream media and are trying to convince you the attacks are being staged by lunatics and the Muslims are not staging terrorist attacks against you?

Either way they fool you into believing what they want you to believe long enough for the upper class trash to get away with imposing Sharia Law on you because, under Sharia Law, all they have to do to justify killing you is say you are an apostate, whether it is true or not. That will give the upper class trash absolute control over you and your families.

Get the picture yet?

Do you think the upper class trash plan on living under Sharia Law?

Of course not, the Saudi upper class trash don't live under Sharia Law but force it on everyone else so they can control everyone. The upper class trash plan the same thing for the rest of the planet with them in control of everyone and, if you disagree with them on anything, they call you an apostate and kill you. End of problem.

And so some of you get murdered by Muslim terrorist attacks between now and then, the upper class trash plan on murdering almost all of you off anyway. It will save them the expense of murdering you later.

I just had another encounter with one of those false news (propaganda) sites (Dailymedia) put up to discredit Christians and conservatives. I saw a FB posting of a "news story" about the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry doing a press release about them finding an underwater graveyard from the time of the Exodus of an ancient Egyptian army at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez, commonly referred to as the Red Sea. It said that Professor Abdel Muhammad Gender, who was associated with Cairo University's Faculty of Archaeology was leading a research team that had found thousands of skeletons, retrieved about 400 skeletons, and there were other artifacts like chariots.

I did a little research and found that Egyptian Antiquities Ministry didn't make a press release about any such find, there is no professor Abdel Muhammad Gender on the faculty of Cairo University's Archaeology department, no press release about such a find was made by the Cairo University, and there is no such research project taking place in the Red Sea or Gulf of Suez. It was a purely bogus story.

In the comments section, the Christians were going wild because such a find would confirm the Bible. This is just what the liberal pagans want so they can claim Christians have no credibility because they believed in such an obviously bogus story. The story was put there to make Christians who don't do their homework look like fools, you know, they will blindly believe anything.

I have noticed that such "news sites" don't date their stories so that people visiting the site will think the story is recent, even though it may have been posted years ago. If you go to a news site and they don't date their articles, be very careful what you believe on that site.


Remember me telling you that the upper class trash is bringing immigrants to drive down the US wages so the upper class trash can increase their profits?

It was just reported that wages fell in both the first and second quarters of this year and the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, upper class trash natural elite x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities are "shocked", I tell you, shocked!

Yeah, right. They have been pushing bringing in the illegals to drive down wages and are only pretending to be shocked so you won't stage a revolution and hang them. All of the upper class trash and their political puppets have been pushing for immigration in part to drive down wages. They have sold you out, everyone of them.

Don't believe a thing they tell you about them being shocked. They are liars and criminals who all belong in prison or on a gallows.

Every few hundred years, the upper class trash get so out of hand and make such a huge mess the people are forced to revolt and kill a bunch of them to clean up the mess. It looks like it is time to kill more upper class trash and clean up their mess they have forced on us but this time we need to set up a Christian theocracy so they can't do this again.

BTW, have you noticed that they keep closing chain stores? Gee, I wonder why? Do you think it is because the economy is recovering and business is increasing?

Probably not. They keep closing chain stores because we are in a super depression and more than half of the work force is unemployed so business is decreasing. The population is increasing and, if the economy were really recovering, business would be increasing and the chain stores would be opening new stores and not closing stores. All of the signs that count say that we are in a super depression. Ignore the upper class trash smoke and mirrors, you know, all of their "economic indicators".


I found out that Putin is building forces in East Ukraine while also increasing forces, troop transports, and heavy equipment like tanks in Crimea.

Gee, I wonder where Putin is going to stage an attack with the troops and tanks he is building up in Crimea, you know, where he parks his Black Sea Fleet? You think that just maybe he is going to attack Odessa, Ukraine's largest remaining port, and take Transnitria, where he has also recently been conducting military exercises with the Transnitrian troops, you know, like I told you a few years ago?

He is building up tanks and other troops in East Ukraine and the Eastern European border to tie down Ukraine and NATO forces there while he attacks Odessa and Kiev. Mean while, China is already making its moves on the South China Sea and Japanese islands to tie down troops there, while North Korea is saber rattling to tie down troops there and may even stage an attack, while Iran is building up Hezbollah and Hamas to stage an attack against Israel from Syria and Gaza, while ISIS is tying down troops in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, while Putin recently made nice with Erdogan.

I am not the only one thinking things are about to happen globally. The liberal commie traitor containment thingy has prevented us from destroying our enemies and permitted those enemies to build really big and strong to stage a coordinated global attack against us.

Yep, that old liberal commie traitor containment thingy is working out really well...for the commies, not us.

Then I have been wondering about Putin and Erdogan suddenly making nice. Today, by the strangest coincidence, right after Putin and Erdogan make nice, I read that Obama has suddenly staged the largest US air strike this year against the ISIS oil program.

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! This is just too much and explains a lot.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that this Arab Spring thingy was all about stealing oil from places like Libya, Iraq, and Syria, you know, like I told you before.

Obama and his corrupt puppet masters like oil man, George Soros, used US tax dollars to start up and fund ISIS to steal the oil from Iraq and Syria, some of which had been going to Russia, then it was being sold by ISIS to Turkey (Erdogan has a brother making a fortune buying and selling that oil, which is one reason Erdogan has been fighting the Kurds to protect his stolen oil), who was selling it to Obama's oil friends for less than these rat hole nations were selling the oil to the criminals. None of them were any good.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

This is why Obama has been protecting ISIS and its stolen oil by not letting more than 75% of our war birds drop their bombs on ISIS with lame excuses about collateral damage (yeah, right, with all the civilians Obama has killed with his UAVs) and his crap about global warming being a greater threat than ISIS.

Then I began wondering why Putin and Erdogan suddenly started making nice buds until this happened. Obviously Putin offered Erdogan more money for the stolen oil than Obama's pals were willing to pay so Obama suddenly finds a bunch of oil trucks he couldn't find before and bombs the crap out of them regardless of "collateral damage" sending up plumes of smoke to cook the planet while sending the message that, "If we don't get the oil, no one gets it."

Gee, Caliph Obama, what happened to global warming being a greater threat than ISIS? Did the planet suddenly change? Maybe it is global cooling now and Obama decided to warm things up a bit? And, Pharaoh Obama, what about all of those innocent civilians you murdered, don't they count any more? And what a coincidence that Obama just happened to find all of these oil trucks he couldn't find before but Putin had no trouble finding them?

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! They are all criminals and traitors and belong in front of a US military firing squad for target practice. I am fed up with these criminals and their sick, twisted games that murder the rest of the people so the criminals can increase their wealth even faster.

Welcome to the upper class trash soap opera, "As the world burns".

Man plans, God laughs.


Muslims believe that, if a Muslim male is killed by a woman, then the male will burn in Hell. Mohammad was killed by a woman, his wife, who poisoned him and, therefore, according to Muhammad and Islam, Muhammad burns in Hell.

Think about that for a while. According to their own religion, their most holy prophet burns in Hell because a woman killed him.

BTW, I hope you realize that, if Muhammad were here today doing what he was doing 1,400 years ago, the world would hunt him down and kill him because he was a ruthless, barbaric criminal murdering, enslaving, and stealing. He was doing the same basic things ISIS is doing today.

If you want to see what Muhammad was like, just watch ISIS.


Suddenly, Hillary is very ill again and can barely do anything. She is freezing up during speeches and having to be helped up steps by the Secret Service. Hillary admitted to "extreme exhaustion following the Democratic Convention."

By the strangest coincidence, this is starting to happen when she is on the verge of facing criminal charges.

You don't think she is about to withdraw from the election and run Chelsea because she is about to become too ill to face charges, do you?

"But," you say, "the primary is over and they would have to have a new primary."

No, the system is so corrupt Hillary could just pass on her candidacy to Chelsea and most stupid liberals would swallow whatever lies were told to sell them on it and there would be a minimal protest. It has already been proven your votes don't count and it is all rigged anyway. To the upper class trash, who run everything, Chelsea will make just as good of a puppet and political whore as Hillary.

Keep an eye on this.

Immigrant Votes

Remember that the really stupid liberal Commiecrats have been bringing in illegal immigrants to increase the votes for them so they can stay in office longer because the number of US liberals has been declining for a number of reasons, the least of which was not abortion, and I told you this would back fire on the liberals because, as soon as the immigrants started getting their people to run for office, the liberals would lose their jobs to the immigrants?

It is happening RIGHT NOW. I saw this headline at Breitbart; "Two Senior Democratic Politicians Lose Their Jobs to Immigrants". I told you so big time.

Two liberal commie traitor politicians responsible for bringing in the immigrants have already lost their jobs in Minneapolis and others will soon follow.

Was that bril-lee-yunt or what?

They just outsmarted themselves and gave their jobs to immigrants because they were stupid enough to think the immigrants would always vote for them. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! It couldn't have happened to more deserving people.

Man plans, God laughs.

Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools.

Now, do you think any of the liberal commie traitor politicians are smart enough to realize they screwed up and will start wanting to deport the immigrants before they lose their jobs to the immigrants? Kind of a catch 22, isn't it, they will lose their jobs if they do and lose their jobs if they don't all because of their own stupidity.

This is absolutely hilarious because they created this voter mess for themselves by killing off their future voters with abortion, legalizing drugs, promoting homosexuality, and other things and try to fix it with another one of their bril-lee-yunt sounding stupid ideas, probably dreamed up by their idiot liberal college professors smoking dope in their white palaces, and it backfires just like all of their other great sounding stupid ideas with them still losing their jobs but to the people they brought in to keep their jobs. They have dug a hole for themselves and just keep on digging.

Do you believe me now when I tell you that liberals are the stupidest people on the planet?

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you that I was seeing signs that the upper class trash was going to "make contact" with space aliens who would tell us to give up our weapons and peacefully submit to slavery under the corrupt upper class trash?

I am now seeing videos telling us that it is the upper class trash who are the superior space aliens, A.K.A. reptilians and shape shifters.

Have you noticed how, throughout history, the upper class trash have always come up with one reason after another as to why they are superior to us and should, therefore, micro manage our lives?

This is just another one of those cons to keep people believing the upper class trash are superior to us and should rule over us.

If they are so superior, why have they screwed up the planet so much?

All of our major problems have been caused by the upper class trash, you know, the "superior space aliens".

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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