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Conservation Lies

Remember that I have been telling you that the conservationists, PBS, Disney, and the other nature TV channels, documentaries, and such are lying to you about vicious predators like mountain lions, coyotes, wolves, and bears not hunting you and killing you?

A four year old child on a camping trip was attacked by a mountain lion next to the camp fire. I guess the lion was familiar enough with humans to not be afraid of the camp fire.

Fortunately, the parents started chasing the mountain lion and yelling, which caused the young lion to drop the girl and flee (fortunately, because, if that lion were older or hungry enough, just yelling would not have caused it to drop the girl.)

What did the x-spurts quoted by the article say to do when encountering a mountain lion?

"Experts suggest standing your ground and maintaining eye contact if encountering a mountain lion. Don't run, crouch or bend over, and if a mountain lion appears aggressive people are encouraged to make themselves appear bigger by opening jackets and waving their arms, the National Park Service says. If none of that works, rocks or branches should be thrown in the animal's direction, according to the park service"

And, if that doesn't work? Have a gun to shoot it with?

Oh no, they would rather you and your family got eaten than you shoot a predator in self defense, which, BTW, is a violation of your right to self defense.

I suggest you carry a handgun of at least a 40 caliber to at least slow the animal down so you can get one or two more shots into it.

Suggestion: My grandfather grew up as a young cowboy living in the wild with such animals and taught me how to deal with them and it works because I was hunted by a mountain lion and coyotes.

First, if you can, carry a gun, know how to use it, have it ready, and shoot to kill.

Second, always travel in groups of at least two and stay together. Do not run or separate because that is what the animal wants. The running shows fear and encourages the predator to attack and separation makes you an easier kill, encouraging the predator to attack.

If you are with someone, they panic and start to run, stimulating the animal to attack, trip them and briskly walk by. When they get up to run to catch you, further encouraging the animal to attack, the predator will get them and you can usually safely walk away. If they get stupid and cause the animal to attack, they should be the one who gets eaten, not you.

Third, either have something in your hands or quickly pick up something like large rocks or branches. If the animal has experience in dealing with humans, they will know that humans having something in their hands makes them dangerous. This alone could cause the animal to leave you alone and look for easier prey but may not. This will also give a little extra confidence to your stupid friends to decrease the chance of them panicking and running, causing the animal to attack.

If you are going hiking in an area where you are not permitted to have weapons and you know there are large predators, at least carry a five to six foot walking staff, you know, like a Kung Fu bow staff. It would also help if you study how our ancestors used to hunt these vicious predators with nothing but a long stick with a sharp rock on the end. It could save your life.

Fourth, quit believing liberals about anything.

Remember that I taught you that the number one law for predation is that, "All predators eat meat, if you are meat, you are there, they are hungry, then you are dinner."

Hungry animals don't care whether you are human, they only care whether you are meat and edible.

Saudi Marxism

It turns out that socialism is failing in Saudi Arabia also. Saudi Arabia gives a percentage of their oil revenues to all Saudi citizens (the liberal redistribution of wealth thingy) so that none of them have to work. The only ones who work are those who want to work, such as running their own businesses. Most of the work in Saudi Arabia is done by foreign labor.

The price of oil falling has decreased the Saudi revenues and they are cutting back on their socialist programs, called austerity. This means that increasing numbers of Saudis are going to have to work to maintain their standard of living and many of them have not worked for 20 years or more. This means that very few of them know a trade or know how to work at all. They are a bunch of over aged spoiled rich brats being forced to find work. This could cause a revolution, especially with their upper class living in extreme luxury. Keep an eye on it.


Does Merkel have a death wish or what?

She is demanding that all big businesses hire immigrants. This means those businesses will first have to fire Germans. She is turning out to be a much worse tyrant than Hitler. The woman is pure evil.

Merkel is facing an increasing challenge in the September 4 elections this fall and is trying to convince the voters the mess she caused wasn't caused by her. She arrogantly stated that there is no connection between the immigrants and the increase in terrorist and sexual attacks, you know, insulting the voters' intelligence.

We are about to find out how many stupid people there are in Germany by how many people vote for her.

Syrian Truce

Remember that I told you that Obama suckered Putin into a truce so Obama could rearm and reinforce his terrorists...uh...rebels?

Russia just stated that, during the truce, the terrorists...uh...Obama's rebels received a huge amount of munitions and more than 7,000 additional terrorists...uh...rebels to replace the terrorists...uh...rebels Russia had killed.

Gee, who would have figured?

The end result is that Russia is now doing a major military buildup in and around Syria, including staging strategic bombers in Iran, moving their aircraft carrier to just off the coast of Syria, positioning a number of their missile ships within range of Syria, and beefing up a number of military bases in Syria.

In the short term, Obama's plan worked but is backfiring on him for the long term.


I don't have confirmation on this but this is definitely something you should keep an eye on.

I read that the US may be moving its nukes from Turkey to Romania because the relationship between the US and Turkey is quickly deteriorating.

If this turns out to be true, it means that Erdogan is convinced Obama staged the coup to get rid of Erdogan, explains why Erdogan has since made nice with Putin, and the US military is afraid Erdogan may try to grab the US nukes to become a nuclear power. The fact that Erdogan has had the base where those nukes are kept under lock and key since the coup, means it is very likely Erdogan has plans to steal those nukes. Also, it is important to note that Turkey is "considering military cooperation with Russia", you know, kick the US military out of Turkey and let Russia have use of the bases the US is currently using, which would be a major military blow to the US.

The fact that Obama has staged coups in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and is trying to stage a coup in Syria, makes it very probable that Obama also staged the failed coup in Turkey, partly because all of Obama's other coups have either failed, are having serious problems, or are having serious backlash for Obama.

BTW, if Obama did stage the attempted Turkey coup, he did a very lousy job and, if he does that lousy of a job when he stages his coup of the US, he probably won't kill half the upper class trash and their puppets he needs to kill. I expect Obama and his bunch to make some very serious mistakes in their coup of the US.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I told you years ago that God gave me a dream in which God told me He is making the truth known to open eyes so people will choose which side to be on while knowing the truth, you know, informed decisions instead of decisions based on ignorance and lies.

These e-mail hackings are showing the truth about the left, especially Hillary and Soros, but all of them. Now that people's eyes are being opened, they will have to choose sides and won't be able to say they didn't know the truth.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and "the truth will be made known."

That prophesy is being fulfilled RIGHT NOW. Every time God exposes the corruption of the upper class trash, He is opening eyes so you can make an informed choice between good and evil; between God and all of Satan's people.

God is showing everyone just how corrupt our government is, including the entire legal system. He is showing us that our government is not the answer but the problem and that God is our only real answer.

Eyes are opening and the corrupt upper class trash don't want your eyes open to their corruption. They want you to keep sleeping right through their terrible crimes.

The War

In the Milwaukee riots, the blacks rioting pulled whites from their cars and beat them because they were white. Please note that they did not ask whether the whites were liberals or conservatives and, in Milwaukee, most are liberals, the blacks just beat all of them.

Also, the blacks were beating journalists so the different media had to call their journalists back from covering the riots.

Gee, you mean that, when the black Muslims take over control with their martial law that the black Muslims will purge liberals, especially journalists? Gee, who would have figured?

Also note that these riots are to get rid of Sheriff Clark because he has been outspoken against Obama and the liberal black Muslims. Sheriff Clark has had to call in the National Guard to bring these riots under control. The intensity and persistence of these riots tell you just how bad Obama wants to get rid of Sheriff Clark, you know, make him a "failed" sheriff so no one will listen to Sheriff Clark.

Gee, what a coincidence that Obama's black Muslims are staging such severe and prolonged riots in Sheriff Clark's jurisdiction because a black cop killed a black criminal in self defense.

Remember that I told you that, when a group conquers and sacks a nation, they don't sack the poor side of town, they always sack the rich side of town because there is much, much more to steal?

Black Lives Matters, the black Muslims, said they are going to start taking their riots and war to the middle and upper class neighborhoods, you know, their homes. I guess they got tired of sacking the poor side of town and only getting shoes and toilet paper, now they want your gold and you have much more valuable stuff to steal.

This is about to get very personal to the middle and upper classes who have thus far been safely isolated from the rioting and please note that the black Muslims won't ask whether you are a liberal or conservative before they rape, rob, enslave, and murder you.

One of many things God is doing here is that we have become a nation of arrogant, spoiled, rich snobs and brats whose parents give them everything they want and they never had to work as children. By the time the dust has settled, the survivors will have learned to work, and I mean hard labor, and there will be many fewer arrogant spoiled rich snobs. The survivors will be much more down to earth, the rest will be dead.

Not only will most people's homes and wealth be destroyed and many will be dead, but many will also have been sold into slavery. Life is about to get very real for the survivors in the West as the Muslims continue to escalate this war. Many of you are about to find out very soon that we really are at war, you know, just like I have been telling you.

BTW, as these riots continue, Trump's popularity among blacks is growing very quickly. They say he is now 6 times more popular among blacks since the Milwaukee riots. Nothing like a little backlash.

Man plans, God laughs.

Gun Control

I hope you realize that liberal gun control has absolutely nothing to do with the lame excuses the liberals are using to grab your guns. Those excuses were all proved false years ago. Only idiots actually believe that crap.

The real reason they want to steal your guns from you is so you can't shoot them when they finish stealing your country from you. That is it and only it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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