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Because of the escalating tensions in the South China Sea, the US has moved a lot of B-1, B-2, and B-52 bombers to Anderson AFB in Guam for the first time in history. Keep an eye on this.

Women and Children

A 12 to 14 year old suicide bomber killed 30 people and injured more than 90 more at a wedding in Turkey.

So, how is Obama's "the poor, safe widdle women and children" thingy doing? Not so safe?

Like I told you, the Muslims use their women and children as suicide bombers and train the children up to commit other terrorist acts.

It simply is not safe to import any Muslims into your country.


Obama's ISIS is failing because of Russia, his other terrorists...uh...rebels are failing because of Russia, and Obama finally starts backing the kurds, who have been more successful with minimal air support than even the Russians, to attack...wait for it...the Russian backed Syrian Army, not ISIS.

Obama finally really starts backing the Kurds and pulls the Kurds from fighting ISIS to attacking the Syrian Army to prevent the Syrian Army from fighting ISIS? Get the picture yet?

You know that Obama has lied to the Kurds and promised them an autonomous state he won't deliver, especially since Turkey has turned on Obama and is making nice with Putin because Erdogan doesn't want an autonomous Kurdish state.

The tangled webs evil people weave.

Of course, you know the Kurds will pay for this with their blood and then get dumped by Obama.

Then Putin retaliates by having the Syrians fly their jets over areas being held by the US backed forces in Syria and then attacked US backed Kurds, then the US scrambled jets to chase the Syrians away.

This is just another one of Obama's games that won't end well for us.

Like I told you, the battle for Aleppo has turned into a major battle. All sides have committed significant troops to the fight.


It has been confirmed that the US is moving its nukes from Turkey to Romania and that Erdogan has changed his stance on the war in Syria, you know, against what Obama wants and to what Putin wants.

This means that Erdogan believes Obama staged the coup attempt in Turkey and Turkey has jumped ship with the US and NATO and is now in alliance with Putin. This is a massive strategic military blow to the US and is clearly another Obama fail, you know, like everything else Obama has done. If Obama had done nothing for the last 7.5 years, it would have been better for the US then what Obama has done.


This is huge. I got this in an article at Breitbart.

"The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party's leader, Frauke Petry, has stressed that Islamist attacks and the July 22nd Munich shooting rampage stand as proof that German citizens need to be allowed to arm themselves for self-defence."

Wow, are eyes opening or what?

The German people are realizing they screwed up by letting their government take their guns away from them. They are starting to demand the right to arm themselves so they can defend themselves because they have realized the government won't protect them. The German worm is turning.

If the German people get the right to arm themselves and do arm themselves, it will be a really huge setback for the evil plans of the upper class trash. Keep an eye on this.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I have been telling you that Europe will and has already broken out into a feudal war caused by the liberals and Muslims and that this feudal war is rapidly accelerating?

The German people are very worried about a "civil war" between the Germans and Muslims with the Germans not having weapons. That is why increasing numbers of Germans are fleeing the country.

While the German government is denying their people guns with which to protect themselves and not providing the German people with protection, the German government is telling the people to stock pile food, water, and cash in case of terrorist attacks, you know, the feudal war thingy I warned you about, which has already broken out. I heard the German government is also handing out iodine tablets for radiation poisoning just in case some form of nuclear device is used.

Mean while, Tony Blair praised the UAE Sharia state as a model nation.

I told you the upper class trash are working to force Sharia Law on everyone for control and power. This is treason.


I have read again and again where some people think Obama is the Antichrist.

If Obama is the Antichrist, why does everything he touches fail?

According to the Bible, the Antichrist will be successful at almost everything he does and will be extremely popular globally.

Mean while, Billy Boy Clintstone has been successful at almost everything he has done in spite of himself.

I mean, really, blatant criminal Hillary as a presidential candidate instead of in Jail? Did you notice that it was Billy Boy who had the meeting with Lynch to make the deal to keep Hillary out of jail?

Hillary is just a stupid, bungling, dying front for Billy Boy to be our next president. Even if she is brain dead, Billy Boy will just prop her up in a corner and run things.

Think about that one.


Good old socialism, destroying everything it touches with a full century of 100% failure. You have seen what socialism has done to places like Detroit and Commiefornia. Today, businesses and people are fleeing Democratically run socialist Illinois just like they fled Democratically run socialist Detroit and are now fleeing Democratically run socialist Commiefornia.

Gee, I wonder what they have in common?

The War

Mean while, the liberals and Muslims continue to escalate the war they are waging against us in the US with impunity. They have increased the violence of the attacks against Trump supporters as more and more people wake up to the reality that we are at war.


Are you convinced yet that there should be no nonprofit corporations?

The left just takes them all over and uses them for their political agenda and to launder cash. That is why there is not one top level nonprofit corporation which gets even 3% of their revenues to where those revenues are supposed to go.

Nonprofit corporations were setup and are run to be rackets for political agendas and they have become blatantly obvious. The best example for this is the Clinton Foundation. The nice-guy stuff about nonprofit corporations is all smoke and mirrors, baby. Nonprofit corporations never were meant to be anything but a means to achieve one or more political agendas.

Tunnel Ritual

I saw a video explaining the satanic tunnel religious ritual for the opening of the Swiss tunnel and it did an OK job. In it, the person referred to the goat god as Baphomet, which is a pagan name for the goat god dating back to about the 12th Century AD. The goat god is also commonly referred to by pagans by a number of names including Kununo, the Horned One, the Luciferians call him Lucifer, and the ancient Greeks called him Pan. Basically, the goat god is Satan, the Devil.

The most important thing about that Satanic ritual is that it was openly filmed and posted on the Internet with the upper class trash not even trying to hide their association with this satanic ritual and Satan worship. It shows their confidence in finishing setting up their satanic dictatorship to rule the world and everyone in it, after purging all but a maximum of 500 million people who will serve as slaves. These upper class trash pagans are so confident that they have enough control that they cannot be stopped and, therefore, have no qualms about exposing the ugly truth about their paganism. Eyes are opening and, yes, the conspiracy theorists were right about this, the Satanic ritual makes that obvious.

You, the world, just got to see the truth about the upper class trash and who they really are and the upper class trash don't care whether you know anymore.

Just know that, if they follow Satan and you follow them, then you also follow Satan.

The upper class trash are right in that they and their minions have done such a good job of taking everything over that you and I cannot stop them but always remember that man plans, God laughs. God is in control, not them, not their false pagan gods, not their system, not anything or anyone except the God of the Bible, Jews, Christians, and all of creation and, with God, nothing is impossible.

God is about to bring these evil people down big time and will do it very soon. Their days are numbered and God knows the number.

Are they in for a really big surprise or what?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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