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Rigged Election

This is hilarious; Bernie Sander's donors have filed a class action law suit against the DNC and a number of DNC individuals, you know, like Debbie Wasserman, for rigging the primary election. We have liberals, who have always committed voter fraud, suing liberals for committing voter fraud against the first group of liberals. I guess the donors want their money back and feel like they have been cheated out of it because it wasn't a fair election.

Personally, I feel like I have been cheated out of my nation by their corruption.

If the donors win their case, then anyone and everyone involved in committing voter fraud can be litigated against for damages AND people should be able to go back decades to litigate for voter fraud in previous elections, you know, like rigging voting machines and losing ballets. It also means that people could litigate against any groups like the New Black Panthers for intentionally interfering with the voting process.

This could be a really big game changer for the conservatives. If you start hitting the liberals in the wallet, they will think twice about stealing from you. Keep an eye on this.

Women and Children

There has recently been a sharp increase in Obama's safe, innocent Muslim women and children staging terrorist attacks in the US and Europe.

Gee, you think that any Muslim is a threat?

Planet Dying

Remember that I told you this planet is dying and won't last until 2033? Have you been watching the rapidly increasing numbers of very large earthquakes all over the world, you know, 5.0 and larger?

It wasn't that long ago that we almost never had any 6 or higher earthquakes. They are happening on an almost daily basis now. Now, we are having 6 and 7 earthquakes but it will soon go to 9 and 10 earthquakes. Before you know it, we will all be living in teepees because nothing is going to survive these earthquakes. Keep an eye on it.

Sharia Law

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash, who are imposing Sharia Law on everyone else, are above the law and won't live under the same Sharia Law?

A group of Muslim politicians, who have been preaching chastity, got caught having sex near a beach.

The old, "do as I say and not as I do" thingy. It is all about power and control.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet where everyone has to live by the same laws?

Eyes Opening

There is a growing group of life-long Commiecrats who are breaking ranks with the Commiecrat Party to support Trump because of Hillary Clinton. These people are being called the Trumpocrats. I guess she is just a little too evil for them.

Personally, I am looking for a SAM system to use against brooms.

Formal Ball

Hillary's fifth annual formal ball and fund raiser in NYC is scheduled for Saturday, October 29, just two days before one of Satan's most holy days, Halloween. One of my readers appropriately dubbed it Satan's Ball. You know that many of Satan's evil upper class trash will be there.

The DNC is protesting her having the ball so near and before the coming election on November 8 and insisting she change the date to an earlier or later time because it is just a wee bit more difficult for them to sell her as a candidate for the people and against the upper class when she is having a formal ball for the upper class less than two weeks before the election.

You know, people might get the right idea and the upper class trash don't want that.

Yeah, when I read about this, my first thought was, "Will it be changed to an earlier date on a Monday during normal work hours because everything else will be booked on such short notice?"

You thought the same thing, didn't you?

Keep an eye on it.

Can you imagine Hillary in an evening pantsuit?

I prefer not to.


Red Cross is admitting they are "struggling" to raise money for the Louisiana flooding problem. Eyes are opening to the corruption of the nonprofit corporations and the people are stopping giving. The people are getting tired of giving the nonprofits money to help people and less than 3% of that money is helping anyone other than the people running the nonprofits. The nonprofits are drying up as eyes open and wallets close.

Do you think that, maybe, just maybe, their corruption is coming back to haunt them?

The War

Ah yes, the war continues to get worse while most sleep, especially the sheep. I got this over at Breitbart by Warner Todd Huston.

"Police in Akron, Ohio, have charged a group of men with a variety of violent offenses after accusing them of viciously beating several white people while chanting, 'Black lives matter.'

Officials reported that the attacks occurred early on August 22 in northern Akron near the University of Akron.

In their reports, police said a group of seven white men were attacked by a group of five black men and two white men. The latter group began yelling, 'Black lives matter' before launching their assault."

Please note that, in spite of the gang having two white liberal commie traitors, they didn't ask if any of the people in the group were liberals or conservatives and that this attack took place near a university where there would be a lot of liberals.

Home Schooling

I read that an increasing number of parents are home schooling their children to get them out of the public brainwashing...uh...I mean, school system. I guess they want their children to turn out to be human and not brain dead android minions.

All White TV Shows

I keep reading where TV is constantly having to justify having new TV shows with all white casts.

Gee, what happened to all of that liberal diversity?

Dear black people; that is a hint that the liberal commie traitors plan to eradicate you. The liberal commie traitors really do hate blacks and are just using blacks to achieve their agenda. When they have achieved their agenda, they plan to dispose of you all, you know, just like I have been telling you.


This is interesting.

Remember that I told you that Turkey has changed sides from Obama to Putin?

Turkey just "invaded" Syria to drive Obama's ISIS from a town near the Turkish border. This incursion is also bringing Turkey into confrontation with Obama's newly backed Kurds, whom Erdogan hates. It looks more like he is using a blocking action trying to prevent the Kurds from gaining more ground from ISIS in Syria to expand the Kurdish territory. This also brings Turkey between the Kurds and being able to attack the Syrian Army. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Obama's soap opera, "Stealing Oil from Syria", is getting very interesting.

Mean while, Obama golfs while Valerie continues to destroy the US.


It should be obvious to any Christian why God is going to destroy most of the greater LA area with a super swarm of earthquakes, they are the modern Sodom, are extremely evil, and must be destroyed.

You should also understand that such violent seismic activity will cause other earthquakes and destruction all along the West Coast from Baja California to Alaska and inland for up to several hundred miles. This super swarm earthquake will be felt at least across the US and probably in other countries. It will probably create a major Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean. Don't be surprised to see significantly increased volcanic activity throughout the area.

There will be such huge aftershocks all along the coast for years that much of it will be barely habitable and some of it uninhabitable. They simply won't be able to rebuild the greater LA area because of so much damage to the infrastructure and continuing massive aftershocks. It would cost tens of trillions of dollars to rebuild the area.

But, why cause so much damage to the entire West Coast and not just Commiefornia?

Because the liberals began migrating out of California, after they had caused such a terrible socio-economic mess, to get away from the terrible socio-economic mess they caused and have been largely moving to places like Oregon and Washington, causing the same kind of terrible socio-economic messes in those states, which is why the West Coast has become known as the left coast.

God is going to shake the liberal tree from border to border.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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