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ISIS Air Force

Remember that ISIS has been training pilots in Libya? Remember that Qatar is a major sponsor of ISIS and other terrorist organizations?

Obama just approved sales of fighter planes to Qatar.

Gee, do you think those fighter jets just might end up being flown by ISIS pilots against Russia, Syria, and the Kurds?

Keep an eye on this.

Athletes Doping

One of the things I predicted years ago on my commercial site, "Coach Carl" at, and maybe even on this site concerning athletes taking EPO to increase their blood cell count and rate of recovery for stage racing was a condition called hypovolemia or low blood volume caused by the body not producing enough red blood cells. I expected this because EPO hyper drives the bone marrow to increase the number of blood cells and any time you over drive cells with drugs, you tax them to the point of wearing them out and killing them.

It is only common sense physiology that, if an athlete over drives his bone marrow with EPO to increase his red blood cell count to give himself an unfair advantage against his competition, he will kill off bone marrow and cause hypovolemia because he won't have enough functioning bone marrow to maintain his red blood cell count.

The long term is that they will continue to lose bone marrow until either they get a marrow transplant, which doesn't always take, especially with residual drugs in the body, and, after three tries, they won't try any more, or enough of the bone marrow dies off until his body suffocates and dies because he can't move enough oxygen to his cells, which won't be a pleasant way to die.

I am already seeing pro athletes dying from things like heart and kidney problems caused by doping and now I am seeing pro athletes with hypovolemia. The doper athletes' health problems just keep getting worse, you know, like I said they would.

Doping to win sports events is cheating or stealing from clean athletes and God said, "Thou shalt not steal." God also said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

These cheating athletes' sins are finding them out and they are dying at increasing rates and younger. I sure hope they enjoy the money and fame they stole with their dope because they are increasingly paying with their lives.


Did you know that almost every nation in North, Central, and South America is in upheaval and at war with its own people?

Increasingly, this is also happening globally. Almost every nation on the planet is in turmoil because of the upper class trash, their liberal activists, and Muslim pals. Believe me, when the wars reach full force, the upper class trash who escape the coups in their nations, won't have any place to run and hide because just about everyone will want to kill them. Their sins will find them out.


A crowd of angry people chased their president at a routine political event in Venezuela.

If those people had guns, they would take their country back. A few thousand guns in the hands of the right people would improve that county over night.

So, how long do you think Maduro is going to live before someone gets him?


The God haters or pagans have admitted that it is not possible to prove God does not exist and countered by starting a myth/lie that it is also not possible to prove God does exist.


Yes, it is scientifically impossible for anyone to prove God does not exist but, it is possible to prove He does exists in two ways.

The first is to find adequate evidence that He does exist, as in the Bible.

Gee, do you think the reason the God haters started the lie you cannot prove God exists is so you won't try to use the Bible to prove He exists? Yep, that should be pretty obvious, shouldn't it?

The other way to prove God exists is to...wait for it...find God or make contact with Him. We are promised (the God haters are warned) that we will find or meet God at the Battle of Armageddon.

For example, let's do a hypothetical analysis about proving the pencil exists.

Can you prove the pencil exists?

Yes, very easily. First, if you find evidence that the pencil exists such as things written by the pencil, pencil shavings, or marks left by the pencil, that should be adequate proof the pencil exists. It would be for any scientist or judge.

Second, if you find a pencil, you absolutely prove the pencil exists because you have one.

Gee, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Another example would be that sunlight, growing plants, and shadows prove the sun exists or you could just look up in the sky, find the sun, and prove the sun exists.

Wow, that was easy too.

We have proved and still do prove things exist all of the time. The military does this all of the time with espionage. In the same way, you CAN prove God does exists and there is a huge amount of evidence that God really does exist with much of it, but not all of it, being in the Bible, which the God haters don't want you to use because it really does prove God exists, especially when you apply it to history, archaeology, and everyday life.

Therefore, once again, the pagans are lying to you when they falsely claim you cannot prove God does exist and they really push this lie because they KNOW the Bible proves God exists.

Foolishness of Man

Archaeologists have proved that evolution could not be true and don't have the intelligence or honesty to admit it.

They have found dozens of great buildings and other massive structures with such massive stones and exceptional stone working skills required that these x-spurts claim, "we could not build these structures today", and they think these massive structures were built by the near descendants of cavemen? What, these x-spurts believe that the cavemen knew more about technology than we do? Let's see, we evolved from beating our food to death with a stick to building really massive structures to not being able to build really massive structures? It doesn't make sense, does it?

The scriptures tell us that God gave man a lot of knowledge to build and create more than 1,500 years before the flood. That would mean that man was very intelligent and skilled when those things would have been built, possibly more so than today. Gee, that makes a lot more sense.

But archaeologists tell us that we have become less knowledgeable and skilled than cavemen, whose descendants built those things, because "we couldn't build those things today".

Which makes more sense to you?

The evidence proves that we could not have evolved from apes and then cavemen. God created man as a very intelligent being and God gave them the knowledge to build such incredible things, just like it says in the Bible, or else those things could not have been built that long ago. There is no way that a bunch of low IQ, primitive post-hunter-gatherers could have built things we cannot build today. They had to be at least as intelligent as us to build things we can't build today. That is just common sense.

So, how are the pagans explaining this?

We got help from...wait for aliens. That way, they don't have to admit that the God of the Bible is real, He lives, He exists.

"No, it was space aliens who came from a sun that farted or a planet too small to hold an atmosphere. Yeah, that's the ticket."

Are these people getting desperate or what? Where are their space aliens today? What, did the space aliens come here, help us, and then leave? Why didn't they stick around and help us develop a better culture, governments, and economy? Did they just get tired of helping us?

Oh, but don't worry, we are going to make contact with them again soon and these brilliant beings will tell us to submit to slavery to our corrupt, evil, upper class trash. Gee, how helpful, though I would think that superior beings could do better than that.

"Hey, why don't you superior space aliens just come on down? Why wait? We peasants just can't wait to subject ourselves to slavery to the cruel, inhumane, brutal, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, natural elite, heavily inbred, intellectually superior, arrogant, narcissistic, upper class trash. Why, I just can't think of enough good things to say about the selfish, power mad, greedy, child raping, animal raping, lying, murdering, thieving, goat worshiping, evil, bonkers mad, pagan upper class trash."

And they keep making up all of these whacko pagan fairy tales because the previous whacko pagan fairy tales were all proved wrong and they really need some lies to not believe in God because they love their sins too much.

Wait until THEY prove God exists by finding Him on Judgment Day.

Space Aliens

Yes, just like I told you, the space alien thingy just keeps getting better.

They are now claiming they found a "possibly habitable planet" orbiting the nearest star to our solar system, just four light years away, so that, at the speed of light, it would only take you four years of space travel to get there.

Remember these are the same people who thought Pluto was half its true size buuuuut can tell you wonderful fairy tales about planets light years away they couldn't possibly know anything about, you know, like they even exist.

Gee, I wonder when they are going to fake contact with superior space aliens who will tell you to submit to a dictator rule by our evil and corrupt leaders?

BTW, this potentially habitable planet is a fraction of the size of Earth, even smaller than Mars, its sun is a fraction the size of our sun and puts out less light and heat, and the planet is close enough to the sun it orbits that sun every 11 days. The God hating pagan liars claim that this, in combination, puts that planet in the fabled "golden zone" where it would be "possible" for life to exist.

Really? Using science, what should this really tell you?

First, the planet is even smaller than Mars, which means it won't have enough gravity to retain enough atmospheric pressure for liquid water to exist on the planet surface, so no chance at having life. This is just another great sounding pagan fairy tale and that doesn't even begin to take into consideration such things as the planet's rate of rotation, magnetic fields, and other things required for life.

Possibly habitable?

Not even close.

But, hey, you know those pagans can make their fairy tales sound so wonderful that the stupid people will believe them anyway.

"Facts? We don't want facts. We want great sounding pagan fairy tales that always screw things up, you know, like Marxism. Anyone want to go riding unicorns and chasing fairies with me?"

Tell the people in Venezuela that. They believed the liberal pagan fairy tales about socialism and are now paying the price. Be careful what you believe because the truth really is important, which is why I teach the truth. Someone has to.

Hey, you want to know the truth about colonizing Mars?

With what I have seen of their current plans and ideas, if they send a group to Mars within the next few years, they will all be dead within a year, probably much less. And that is giving them the benefit of the doubt. What happens won't be pretty and you can bet the upper class trash will "lose contact because of technical difficulties" so they can keep lying to you about how great a success the Mars colony is.


If you think we are not undergoing punishment for our sins, just look at the mess we are in.

Massive earthquakes, hurricanes hitting us from every direction, the social chaos, a dying economy, a dead government, our evil upper class trash trying to set up their global dictatorship, and on and on and on.

Do you think we are being rewarded for being good boys and girls?

It doesn't sound like it to me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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