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The liberal pagan insanity is getting worse by the day and those who have chosen that side of the line, just keep drinking the Kool-Aid. It has reached a point to where the liberal insanity is raging out of control.

Space Aliens

The insanity of it all, it is mind boggling the bull crap they feed us.

A group of scientists at SETI, Ph.D.s working for the government, are saying we should be monitoring the star farts from that star that is 95 light years away from us. They think space aliens are "trying to reach out to us."


Let's do the math, you know I like math.

That star is 95 LIGHT YEARS AWAY from us so that star fart had to leave that star 95 years ago, in 1921, to get here now. For anyone at that star to have known there was anyone here to "reach out to", radio signals would have to have left here 95 years before that star fart left there or 190 years ago in about 1826, when we humans didn't even have light bulbs. The wireless telegraph was invented in 1894 and that first signal would not have reached that star until 1989 and any response to that first signal could not reach here until 2084, at the earliest.

NO ONE IS REACHING OUT TO ANYONE, it is just a star fart getting here from 95 years ago.

I know, they must have seen an Indian smoke signal from a few thousand years ago wafting through space. (/sarc)

And it gets better...

I got this over at Breitbart by Deborah Danan.

"TEL AVIV - An Iranian Grand Ayatollah recently said that the Mahdi - the Shi'ite version of the messiah - will arrive in a 'super-modern vessel like a spaceship' and that until that time there will be no 'peace, security, or decency' on earth."

So, now the Muslim messiah is a superior space alien who will bring peace, security, and decency to earth? What you wanna bet he will be the pagan goat god, you know, Baphomet, Kununo, the Horned One, Satan?

Get the picture yet?

You know this will be staged with some futuristic phony space ship that is hidden away. It may even fly enough to get to a very public place, you know, to get in front of all of the propaganda...uh...TV cameras.


I have been wondering why so many Muslim women are going along with and even promoting the use of burkas.

This morning, I woke to the realization that it is to get around Sharia Laws. We know that Muslims smuggle weapons and bombs under their burkas but you can bet they use those burkas to smuggle other things to get around Sharia Laws, which are very restrictive.

The Muslims are human just like the other liberal pagans and Christians. They are going to want to do things the law forbids and one way to get around that is the burka.

For example, if your family likes using illegal drugs, smuggle them to your family under burkas.

Who's going to check?

We also know that Muslim men are sexual perverts, are obsessed with sex, and you can bet Muslim women are also. The men can have up to four wives, sex slaves, have sex with children, have sex with animals, and legally rape non Muslim women and rape Muslim women to punish the Muslim women. They are every bit as sexually perverted as other pagans.

So, if you are a married man and women keep coming and going to and from your house while wearing burkas, how can anyone tell whether they are your wives or other women? If you and one or more other guys decide to swap wives, who can tell?

As sexually obsessed as Muslims are, you know they are swapping wives and using burkas (modesty) to cover it up AND you know it is going on a lot.

But who can tell when all women are wearing burkas, especially the burkas that also cover the eyes? How can you, their neighbor, tell who is in the sack?

All of those sacks...uh...burkas look the same. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you Turkey would attack Al-bab to prevent the Kurds from using it to link up their western and eastern provinces and forming Kurdistan?

Yesterday, I saw it reported that Erdogan has finished securing the Syrian side of his Turkish border and is now moving to take Al-bab.

You mean Erdogan is invading Syria for reasons other than to destroy ISIS? Gee, who would have thought?


Merkel's party losses in the German election are a big setback for the upper class trash globalist Luciferians. I am waiting to see how this works out.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I told you about a year ago that Putin was going to take back both Ukraine and Transnitria and he would take Transnitria by first taking Ukraine's largest remaining port, Odessa, then sending his troops 10 miles north of Odessa to Transnitria, and would take Kiev with an airborne assault the way he did Crimea?

Putin has been staging military exercises in Transnitria, especially crossing over into Moldova territory to practice taking back the land with Russian speaking people Moldova seized before Russia intervened in the 1992 civil war. At the same time, Putin is staging military maneuvers and attacks in Eastern Ukraine and out of Crimea to tie down Ukraine and NATO troops, just like I told you he would before he attacked Odessa and seized Kiev with an airborne assault like he did Crimea. I also just found out that Putin has moved his Black Sea Fleet out of port at night.

Gee, what a whole bunch of coincidences!

Keep an eye on this, it looks like this will happen very soon because Putin has to make all of the moves he can to take all he can while Obama is in office so Putin doesn't have an abundance of time left for his mischief.

The thing about Erdogan playing around trying to decide whether to be on Putin's side or Obama's side is Erdogan playing Russia against the US to get what he wants. By being "undecided about being on either side", Erdogan is keeping both of them from jumping into him with both feet and kicking his butt.

Erdogan is convinced Obama staged that failed coup to replace Erdogan with a US puppet to stop Putin in Syria so is not trusting Obama. Putin is intelligent enough he understands all of this so don't be surprised if Putin is right now working on a coup to replace Erdogan with someone friendly to Putin to kick the US out of Turkey and turn the tables in both Syria and Turkey on Obama.

People keep underestimating Putin's intelligence. He isn't perfect but he isn't stupid either.

You know that Putin beating Obama at every turn is God turning the tables in favor of Putin. Not because God likes Putin but because God likes Obama even less. I mean, it is Obama's ISIS that is murdering tens of thousands of God's Christians right now.

I think that is pretty obvious, don't you? If you were God, who would you favor?


Remember that I told you the black Muslims will stab the liberals in the back?

Black Lives Matters is now saying that the liberal climate change thingy is racist. Oops.


Remember that I have been telling you that our economy is worse than the Great Depression and is a Super Depression?

In an article by Jim Hoft, he quoted Nicholas Eberstadt, an economic and demographic researcher at American Enterprise Institute who wrote the book Men Without Work: America's Invisible Crisis as saying, "One in six prime-age guys has no job; it's kind of worse than it was in the depression in 1940."

Gee, who would have figured?

The x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities are finally telling you what I have been telling you for years. We have the worst economy in the history of this nation and it is a super depression and NOT a recovering economy. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors, baby.


Remember that I told you that, after Obama declares martial law and sets up his Muslim dictatorship, he will replace judges, even liberal judges, with Muslim judges to enforce Sharia Law?

He isn't even waiting. Obama just nominated Muslim judge, Abid Riaz Qureshi, to the US District Court bench. He still has to be confirmed but you know he will show a Sharia Law bias in all rulings.

I told you so, didn't I?


I just saw a YouTube video on a site owned by an atheistic philosopher in which he and another intellectual discussed the roll that Christianity played in creating our modern culture prior to the current mess created by paganism.

It was very interesting because they both agreed that the US and the rest of the West could have only been brought about by Christianity and nothing else, not philosophy or anything else, and how paganism is destroying it. They both stated emphatically that there is nothing in all of history to replace the morals, values, and ethics of Christianity and the goodness they caused in the Western culture before the pagans regained control.

For a devout atheist to realize the importance of Christianity in maintaining our level of civilization, is a huge step and shows that, increasing, eyes are opening. Even though they don't believe in God, they know that Biblical Christianity is irreplaceable in creating and maintaining a great society, culture, and nation and that destroying Christianity is destroying the really great Western culture.

This video came about because the philosopher did some research and found out that we are being lied to about the effects of Christianity in society. He found that Christianity has done more good than any other religion or philosophy in history and done much less evil than we are being told. He also found out what I have taught you about most of what has been contributed to Christianity as being evil was actually Christians reacting to invasive evil in self defense such as the Christian Crusades.

Eyes are opening and even atheists are choosing Christianity over paganism. They would rather live in a Christian run nation than a pagan run nation, especially with everyone seeing firsthand the results of the increasingly pagan West, because, as the pagans increase their control, everything gets worse, not better.

Believe me, by the time the pagans have shown their full true colors, everyone else will choose a Christian theocracy, if for no other reason than protection and sanity. They definitely won't choose any form of paganism, especially not atheism.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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