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Russia's Next Move

I have been wondering how Putin would stage a military incursion into Transnitria to "rescue" his fellow Russians because Transnitria is land locked and doesn't have one airport in it. To send troops into Transnitria, Putin will have to send those troops through either Ukraine or Moldova, both of which would be met by military force, cause a serious outcry, and increase the potential some one might actually do something other than talk tough. All of this would also deny Putin the element of surprise. In researching this, I came across some interesting information and a possibility.

First, remember that the Dnister River runs through Transnitria but I found out that it flows into the Black Sea only a few kilometers southeast of Transnitria in Southwestern Ukraine so Transnitria isn't land locked by more than a few kilometers. A few kilometers east of where the Dnister River meets the Black Sea is the Southwest Ukraine city of Odessa. Odessa is the third largest city in Ukraine and is a very important port city for Ukraine. Odessa also has a series of highways which go directly into Transnitria, only a few kilometers away.

Russia has used her control of the natural gas she provides to Ukraine to control Ukraine by turning off the natural gas going into Ukraine when Ukraine didn't do what Russia wanted. To get around this and decrease the amount of control Russia has on Ukraine, Ukraine plans to modify the Odessa port for large shipments of natural gas from other countries. You know Putin doesn't like that.

Remember that Putin is very smart and tricky. To keep the US from launching missiles at Syria, Putin positioned his ships between the US fleet and Syria so any missiles launched at Syria would have first gone towards the Russian fleet and could have easily started a shooting war between the two fleets. Obama backed down and didn't stage his threatened missile attack.

To get Crimea, Putin staged 150,000 troops and almost 900 tanks on the eastern border of Ukraine. To protect against what appeared to be an impending invasion of eastern Ukraine by Russia to get to Crimea, Ukraine positioned her military on her eastern border facing the Russian troops. This freed up Putin's Black Sea Fleet to launch a successful invasion of Crimea without firing a shot.

Right now, Ukraine has its relatively small army divided up facing the eastern border of Ukraine, where Putin still has his 150,000 troops and 900 tanks, and southeast towards Crimea, which just requested Russia to annex Crimea. It would be very easy for Putin to very quickly and quietly sail his Black Sea Fleet the few kilometers southwest to Odessa, seize Odessa to prevent Ukraine from importing natural gas from other countries, send Russian troops a few miles into Transnitria to occupy and free it Moldova, and take the small leg of Ukraine extending southwest from Odessa providing Transnitria with a Black Sea shoreline and large port city, meaning Transnitria would no longer be land locked and would be accessible via the Black Sea.

Ukraine would be forced to remove her forces from guarding the Eastern border of Ukraine and Crimea to free her third largest city, Odessa, which would permit Putin to invade his 150,000 troops and 900 tanks into those two to three Ukraine states which are mostly populated by Russians with no or minimal military resistance from Ukraine.

Ukraine's north, eastern, and Black Sea sides would be controlled by Russia with Ukraine permanently dependent on Russia for all of her natural gas making Ukraine a vassal state of Russia, the two or three eastern Ukraine states with a majority Russian population would become Russian property, Crimea becomes Russian property, Transnitria would be freed as Russian property with a major sea port, and Putin knows that no one will do anything but talk tough and threaten, you know, like roosters crowing at the fox, especially our chicken in chief. Checkmate Putin. Keep an eye on this.

US Military

With Russia's version of venture capitalism taking place, Obama is still gutting the US military. Obama told you he would take the US down to where it wasn't any better than most other nations and, therefore, inferior to the top nations, you know, like Russia and China. No surprise there.


One of the military projects Obama is gutting is a special missile defense system being developed by the US and Israel in Israel. This anti missile system will make it easier for Israel to stop an EMP attack by Iran against Israel. With Obama and Valerie being Muslims and the recent treaty between Obama and Iran, why am I not surprised by this? Keep an eye on this.


Mean while, I am keeping an eye on China waiting to see when she will start plundering her neighbors, especially her first few moves. I still expect to see her first move to be an invasion of the Senkaku Islands in Japan, especially because China expanded her air defense zone out over those islands. We will soon see.

Other Countries

Mean while, I am also keeping an eye on other countries such as Iran (to invade Iraq) and Pakistan. Also, don't be surprised to see Central and South American countries who are currently allies with Russia and China to stage attacks against their neighbors to complicate things for the West, especially the US. The more fires there are, the fewer fire fighters we will be able to send to any of them, we don't have many fire fighters left, and Europe is proving useless in this area because they will be lucky to be able to defend themselves.


Years ago I found out about and told you that there are an estimated 300 to 400 million Muslims in China and that Al Quaeda sent 17 experienced leaders into China by sneaking them across China's western border. The known mission of those 17 Al Quaeda leaders was to 1) recruit and train Muslims in China and 2) organize the Chinese Muslims to start working to overthrow China from within so Islam can use China's military and very large population to conquer the world. You know, the way Obama and his Muslim buddies are doing to the US now.

For years now, I have been watching the Chinese government fight their Muslims, killing thousands of them. You can bet this war is much bloodier than we are hearing. This is creating a wee bit of a problem for China which could help the rest of us. If China sends too many troops out of country to conquer the world, these Chinese Muslims could bring China down or at least split China into two or more nations with a very bloody civil war that could easily last years.

If China were to start on a rampage conquering her neighbors, this would be one time I would consider helping the Muslims JUST ENOUGH to plunge China into a very long and costly civil war and stop China from trying to conquer the world, but not enough for the Muslims to conquer China. That would tie up two very terrible enemies while we deal with the rest.

Play enemies against enemies and let them kill each other off. If anyone is left standing and still poses a threat to us, we nuke their butts.

It is always a great time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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