Problems 3

I have been teaching you the plans and strengths of our enemies and now it is time to share their weaknesses. The best military strategy for war is to defend yourself against your enemies' strengths and attack their weaknesses. Therefore, you also need to know about your enemies' weaknesses. I will focus on their most prevalent weaknesses.

One of the things you have to keep in mind is human nature. Human nature doesn't vary between races or based on where you live. Basic human nature is the same around the world and the greatest weaknesses of men and women are power, greed, sex, and ego, not necessarily in that order. Always remember than anyone who gets caught up in one or more of these weaknesses to the point of it becoming an obsession, their desires can never be satiated and they will always want more, which always leads to making bad decisions.

Euro-American upper class

The Euro-American upper class trash liberal commie traitors think too much of themselves and too little of everyone else. For centuries, to keep the lower classes in line, the Euro-American upper class trash have been teaching that they are rich, we are poor, and they are in power because they are intellectually superior to the rest of us. It couldn't possibly be because they murdered and stole their way into power and wealth. The problem with telling people lies to control those people is that you will also begin to believe those lies and make bad decisions based on those lies, especially after a few generations.

Our upper class trash are no different from the rest of us but actually believe they are superior to the rest of us in spite of the fact that many very intelligent people have risen from the lower classes over the last 200 years and ALL of the upper class have advisors and consultants who they or their ancestors rose from the lower classes.

If you are intellectually superior to other people, why do you need any of those people as consultants for anything? They missed the ship on that one, didn't they?

The natural progression for thinking you are smarter than any one else is for people to begin to think they are smarter about one or more things, then smarter about everything, and then to begin to believe they are the only ones who can think and that will always eventually bite you where you sit.

One of the most important lessons God taught me decades ago is that I am not the only person on this planet who can think. When you begin believing you are the only person who can think, you stick your head up your butt, lift your feet off the ground, and go flying off into La La Land. You will stop listening to others and stop anticipating that others are also attempting to out think you, at which point you will stop trying to anticipating their actions and that they might figure out what your plans are. God taught me a long time ago that, if you go around with your head up your butt, all you can see or hear is your own crap, which is never always right.

The Euro-American upper class trash have reached that point to where their egos are so huge in relation to reality that they believe they are the only ones who can think (in spite of their many failures) and that no one can figure out what they are up to and can stop them. That is exactly what their white supremacist eugenics is all about. I am sure you have heard them say insane things like they are the superior race and they are gods. That is entirely because they believe their own superiority crap and are using their heads for suppositories.

This is their greatest weakness and is what is already causing their plans to fail. That is why God says that pride goes before the fall.

The Euro-American upper class trash have convinced themselves that they are so intellectually superior and everyone else is so intellectually inferior that the upper class trash can easily fool all of us into believing everything they want us to believe and none of us can possibly figure out their insane plans in spite of the fact that many of us already have. Because of this, the West's favorite asylum believes it has fooled the rest of the power mad looneys around the world into believing the lies the Western asylum sold everyone else on to get those other crazies to agree to set up a global dictatorship and that no one else will be able to figure out that the Western asylum has lied to them. Therefore, the Western asylum believes it is safe to tear down the economies and militaries of their own nations, which have been protecting the Western asylum from the power mad whackos around the world in order to prevent the militaries of their own nations from stopping the Western asylum from setting up their dictatorship.

You have to remember that most of the Euro-American upper class trash have been inbreeding for at least 1,500 years. They prefer to call it selective breeding but, I don't care what you call it, biologically, it has the same end results, it decreases intelligence and increases insanity. The symptoms are very obvious, all you have to do is listen to them talk and watch what they do. They are nuts.

Clues have been hitting these arrogant supremacists in the face for several centuries now and they still don't get it, you know, with things like them losing control of us with revolutions. You would think they would have gotten the clue by now. The only reason most of them are wealthy is because they worked together to steal it, which doesn't require much intelligence, only dishonesty, or they were born into it, which doesn't require any intelligence. Mommy and daddy got horny, daddy got laid, and mommy got pregnant, no intelligence required on the part of the child. The very reason why they came up with the fairy tale of eugenics is to use them getting born into wealth as a proof that they really are intellectually superior to people not born into wealth. It is just an upper class trash fairy tale.

In spite of what these whackos want to believe, the rest of the power mad whackos around the world have figured out what the West's favorite asylum is up to and are only going along with the West's favorite asylum's plans until the West's favorite asylum has destroyed our militaries to the point to where our militaries cannot protect us from the rest of the power mad whackos around the world, which is right about now. That is why Russia, China, and the Muslims are testing the military waters. (That is what the Muslim riots in Europe are all about.)

Because of their arrogance, the upper class trash are in for a rude awakening but still don't get it that the other power mad whackos have absolutely no intention to share power and have every intention to conquer and plunder the West. Now, just who do you think Russia, China, and the Muslims will plunder, us or the upper class trash who control better than 95% of our wealth? It doesn't take a rocker scientist to figure that one out, does it? You see, the militaries of our countries actually protect our upper class more than they protect us because the upper class are the best to plunder and our upper class are tearing down our militaries?

Therefore, the greatest weakness of the West is the corruption of our upper class trash and governments, they are our worst enemy....and their own.

Man plans, God laughs, especially at the upper class trash.


One of Russia's greatest weaknesses is that she has a relatively small population in relation to the other top powers, less than 200 million, and it is an aging population, which means that there are not as many younger military aged males as in a younger population. This means Russia can't build as big of a military, which is why she is currently going around "freeing" Russian populations from other nations by invading those nations and annexing the parts of those nations with large Russian populations. Get the picture?

It is also why Russia is building military bases in other countries, especially communist and socialist countries, like Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, she needs a lot of allies to help her fight the coming wars.

Putin reads the writing on the wall and knows that, regardless of what he does, the Euro-American upper class trash, China, and the Muslims are going to wage war against Russia and the rest of the world. It isn't if, it is when and Putin knows it is show time. Putin is doing the best he can to prepare for those wars and knows he needs more soldiers, really bad.

Russia is in a very bad spot and Putin is trying to change that. She is surrounded by the Euro-American upper class trash on the west, Muslims to the south, China to the east, and ice and polar bears to the north. Putin has a lot of land to defend and a small army to defend it with. For some time, Putin has been withdrawing his forces from eastern Russia, next to Alaska, to the west to defend the home land. Putin pretty much has come to grips with the fact that China is going to get eastern Russia and doesn't plan to waste troops defending it. That is one of many reason Putin signed a military defense treaty with China a few years ago. Putin knows that China will eventually turn on Russia but they both know they need each other's numbers to defeat the Muslim horde.

Except for a port on the north side of Russia which is only open for a few months during the summer, a small area on the Baltic Sea which is open about half the year, the port in Crimea, which is open all year, and the eastern end of Russia Putin knows China will take, Russia is land locked. Putin knows that a powerful navy is very important to take the fight to enemies like the West, Islam, and China which is why he is fighting for ports and paying France billions to build 4 nuke carriers. Putin knows that, if you just sit back defending your land with the enemy destroying your ability to make war and don't take the fight to your enemy to destroy their ability to make war, you will eventually lose that war.

Putin is between a rock and a hard spot and is fighting to get free and win this coming series of wars.


Right now, with the West rapidly declining, China is one of the two greatest threats in the world but she has her problems also and is about to make them worse because she didn't get to know her most deadly enemy, Islam, the other of the two greatest threats in the world.

The best known weakness for China is that she is very low on natural resources, especially energy. China has to import a huge amount of her energy, especially oil from the Middle East, South America, and any where else she can get it and that is being done by ships. The most obvious way to defeat China is to attack her supply lines and prevent enough supplies from getting to her for China to wage war. When China runs out of those supplies, she will be defeated.

That makes the US Navy VERY CRITICAL because China gets most of her supplies by ship and it will be the responsibility of our Navy to stop those supplies and at least slow China down, if not completely stop her. The US and Russia know this which is why they are trying to maintain large and powerful navies. Get the picture?

Most people don't know it but our military has identified that Afghanistan is resource rich but just has not even begun to develop those resources because their country has been held back socio-economically by a war lord political base for so long. Why do you think Russia fought such a devastating war in Afghanistan for so many years? It is estimated that Afghanistan has more than one trillion dollars in just minerals and they can't even guess at how much oil and natural gas she has.

Do you know why the Afghan government is refusing to sign a deal with Obumbler for NATO to keep troops in Afghanistan after we withdraw the rest of our troops?

I didn't think you knew because the US media won't tell you. the Afghan government and the Taliban have made a sweet little deal with China to permit China to develop Afghanistan's resources, AFTER THE US WITHDRAWS ITS TROOPS, under the condition that the Afghan government and the Taliban get a nice fat fee from China. China has already developed a big copper mine and is right now building a railroad into Afghanistan.

Gee, why would China do that?

To establish a supply route by land, which will be much more difficult to cut off during a war and, over which she will be able to move supplies more quickly by truck and rail. Get the picture?

China's military knows what China's greatest weakness is and is working to eliminate that weakness. You better bet that China also plans and has agreements with the Taliban to build military bases, especially air bases, along that route to protect those resources and that supply route during war. But this comes at a price for China.

First, remember those 300 to 400 million Muslims living in China and those 17 Al Quaeda leaders I told you about infiltrating into China more than a decade ago?

Those 300 to 400 million Muslims constitute approximately 25% of China's population or about 1 in 4 people living in China is Muslim and they constitute almost 25% of the Muslims on the planet. That is really huge. For at least 3 to 4 years now, I have been watching human rights reports, China is trying to quiet down, which have been telling about a very blood and vicious civil war those Muslims are waging against the Chinese government with China slaughtering thousands that we know of. At this time, this may be the largest war on this planet.

Now, the Taliban is a Muslim war machine. Where do you think at least some of their profits from China developing Afghanistan's resources are going to go? Light bulb time?

You know that a fair amount of that money will go to those Muslims fighting China, which will increase the severity of that civil war and tie up more Chinese troops. Plus those Chinese supply rails and roads go right through those Muslim territories in China. Oops!

I think what China is hoping to do is develop the Afghan resources while building up bases to protect those resources and the supply routes and eventually take over Afghanistan with a very bloody and ruthless war (nothing as restricted as the wars fought by Russia and the US), wiping out entire populations. After all, China plans to conquer the world, wipe out everyone except for Chinese, and repopulate the world with Chinese. Why not get started early?

Now, what do you think the Muslims will do?

If you have been paying attention, you will know what the Taliban will do. The Koran requires that, when any Muslim makes a treaty or contract with a non Muslim, as soon as possible, that Muslim must break that contract and destroy the non Muslim.

What should that tell you?

The Taliban will use their share of the profits to quickly build a very strong Afghan military, including an air force (the US taught them that one), while giving some of that money to the Muslims in China to tie down Chinese troops with their civil war, and, then, when the Chinese have developed the Afghan resources well enough and the Afghan military is strong enough, the Taliban will stage a surprise attack against the Chinese forces to destroy or drive them out of Afghanistan and the Muslim parts of China and then begin selling the Afghan resources to the highest bidder, which could be China, or use them within Afghanistan.

Who do you think will win that extremely bloody war? You have to understand that China will not play nice or by any of the rule we Westerners play by. China will just wipe out all Muslims in Afghanistan, every man, woman, and child. But then again, the Muslims won't play nice either.

If I were Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, or India, I would have started pouring gasoline on that Chinese civil war fire a long time ago to increase the intensity enough to tie down enough Chinese troops so China couldn't start waging war against its neighbors. That is one reason why China signed that military treaty with Russia a few years ago, to keep Russia from aiding the Muslim civil war against China.

If I were in charge of the US and China started waging war against her neighbors, I would start selling weapons to the Chinese Muslims and even provide enough training to tie down Chinese troops and put an end to the Chinese war against the world. I would put just enough gasoline on that fire to force China's fire fighters to stay in country but not enough for the Muslims to burn China down.

Do not be surprised that, after the dust settles on all of this, China is broken up into half a dozen or more countries run war lords, you know, like they were just before Japan swept through China picking off Chinese war lords one at a time. I have read that there are a number of different military factions in the Chinese military which could easily divide up the nation, especially if their global conquest plans fail. Let's pray they fail.


The single greatest weakness of Islam is their own religion. Their greatest strength is their greatest weakness. Islam is a ruthless warrior cult which must always be at war with some one. Therefore, they make up excuses to fight and kill each other. Muslims have been fighting each other for more than 1,300 years. The failure of every Muslim Caliphate has been because Muslims have always eventually turned on each other and started fighting each other, destroying their Caliphates from within.

Therefore, the greatest weapon to use against Muslims is psychological warfare to turn the Muslims against each other so they will start fighting and killing each other, instead of us. And we don't have to do that much either.

Remember that I told you that better than 90% of the Muslims on this planet which are killed every year are killed by other Muslims? All we have to do is turn the other 10% of Muslims against each other so they will start killing each other instead of us.

Remember that I told you that the Muslim population declined from 1.6 billion in 2000 to 1.2 billion in 2010? Then I told you that 400 million liberals "converted" to Islam to artificially drive that number back up to 1.6 billion. At that rate, if we can keep the Muslims fighting each other, their liberal converts, and our other enemies for just 30 to 40 years, they will wipe out their own religion. End Game.

Man plans, God laughs

It is increasingly necessary to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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