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Know that I stand with God on Israel. Israel has not and will not be replaced by Gentile Christians but not all Jews will go to Heaven and the scriptures, both Old and New Testament, tell you that. On a per capita basis, probably as many of them will burn in Hell as Gentiles.

I need to point out that, right now, Israel is anything but a Biblically correct nation, you know, just like Israel of old. The nation of Israel is every bit as pagan as any other nation on the planet.

When God expelled the first ten tribes and then, later, the last two tribes, from the land of Israel, it was because they had become pagan and were no longer a Biblical nation. God did not expel them from their land for grins and giggles; He did it to punish them.

What did God punish them for?

Because they turned their backs on God and the Bible for paganism, you know, like we Gentiles just did.

Please note that, when Jesus, the Son of God, came to Israel, He did not one time say, "Hey, you guys are doing a great job." Every time Jesus, an orthodox Jews, spoke to the Jews, He condemned them for their paganism, which is why they hung Him on the cross. The Jews did not hang Jesus on the cross because He went around complimenting them on being Biblically correct. Jesus went around chastising the Jews because of their paganism and tried to get them to turn back to the Bible and God because, after 1,600 years, the Jews still didn't have it right.

Note that God did not return the Jews to Israel because they finally got it right. He returned them to Israel to give them one more chance to govern themselves and to fulfill Bible prophesy to prove He is God. It should be blatantly obvious the Jews still don't have it right and that is why Jesus will not return at the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Jesus will not return until right after the Jews finally get it right just before the Battle of Armageddon.

The vast majority of Jews, even in Israel, are more pagan than Biblical and almost all Jewish sects are from slightly to very pagan. When God expelled the Jews for being pagan, they did not stop being pagan and many increased in their pagan practices. Many of them are very corrupt just like many Gentiles.

Why would God replace pagan Jews with pagan Gentiles?

A really great example is Karl Marx, who was a God hating Jewish pagan, is called the father of communism, and, according to scripture, certainly burns in Hell. His Marxism has failed terribly everywhere, costing the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world in just the 20th Century, but the pagan members of the Jews, which is almost all of them, still believe that he and his communism are wonderful simply because he was a Jew and, to the pagan Jews, it means he couldn't possibly be wrong (the wisdom of the world and not the wisdom of God).

Therefore, they are forcing their Marxism to "work" in Israel making Israel one of the most Marxist states ever and it is failing but those Marx loving pagan Jews refuse to quit beating their dead Marxist horse. And, as all Marxist states have, it has become a fascist state because Marxism and fascism go hand-in-hand. In Israel, the government runs absolutely everything, which is fascist. The government controls everyone's wages and raises, they control the price of everything, they control whether you can buy land or build on land you own, they control your speech, and they control every aspect in your life, which is both Marxist and fascist.

This means that the upper class trash Jews believe they are superior to everyone else and they should control every aspect of everyone else's lives, which is pure arrogant fascism.

The most powerful entity in Israel is their supreme court and you can't do anything without permission from those tyrants. If you do something and they don't like it, it gets undone. Even the rest of the government and the military answers to them on everything AND it is blatantly obvious that most of them are God hating Marxists.

And this paganism is why Israel will be taken over by the Muslims at mid Tribulation. Once again, the Jews will not have gotten it right and God will punish them by giving control of their nation to Islam. According to scriptures, what will happen is that Islam will have just finished conquering the rest of the world, will break their treaty with Israel, and turn on Israel. The pagan Jews will submit and convert to Islam while a small "remnant", who do have it right, will flee into the wilderness.

Does that sound like most of the Jews will have it right even by then?

Do not hate the Jews or Israel for they were chosen for a job they have not yet done and we Gentiles finally had to do but it is alright to hate their paganism and the Jews who are evil pagans. There are a lot of good Jews just as there are a lot of good Gentiles. Always pray for the Jews, after 3,600 years of not getting it right, the idiots need it, but, hey, we gentiles just screwed up what God gave us so be sure to also pray for ourselves, you know, the Gentile idiots.


Remember that I told you years ago that God is almost certainly going to divide China up into two or more nations?

I got this over at Newsmax by F McGuire:

"China is in the midst of one of the biggest borrowing binges in history, which is eerily similar to that of the United States before the 2008 financial crisis.

China's pile of public and private debt soared to $26.6 trillion in 2015, 'about five times what it was a decade ago, and more than two and a half times the size of the country's entire economy,' the New York Times reported."

Good old Marxism destroying everything it touches. China is even more screwed than we are, they have a smaller economy and greater debt. When that economy implodes and their military suddenly runs low on cash to sustain itself, the generals will kill the Communist Party leaders and divide up the country, probably after some pretty serious fighting.

Keep an eye on this.


France's PM, Holland, said, "France's secular laws can accommodate Islam".

Is that a surrender to Islam or what?

"Oh, don't hurt us anymore and we will give you whatever you want."

It is an act of cowardice and treason. France is screwed.


Remember that I told you that the Shiite Muslims believe Babylon must be rebuilt and Mecca be destroyed to force the Sunnis to accept Babylon as the Muslim most holy site before the Mahdi can come and set up their global Muslim dictatorship or Caliphate?

Iran and Saudi Arabia are having another quarrel over Mecca.

Will the Shiites use this as an excuse to destroy Mecca and probably blame Israel?

Keep an eye on this.

US Military

Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that 80% of the people in law enforcement and the military are good people.

88 US generals and admirals wrote a letter supporting Trump rebuilding the US military Obama and the liberals have all but destroyed.

There is a story about the US military "losing $6 trillion" which the liberals are trying very hard to get everyone excited about but most people are too occupied with Hillary's criminal activity, the liberals trying to make Trump look worse than an obsessive, compulsive hardened criminal, and the Muslims murdering everyone and everything everywhere.

My first thought was, "I sure hope that was the US military stashing away money to fight a 10+ year war we are already involved in to protect US citizens."

You have to understand that the US military officers are not stupid and they have studied more history than most other people, including the upper class trash. They know what is going on better than you or I know and have seen this before in history, especially the fall of Rome. They have been watching the liberal commie traitors and Muslims build towards this destruction for more than half a century and I see signs the US military has been planning for it.

They know this war has already started and that this war will reach a point at which they will no longer get enough or even any government funding to fight this war. Very soon, they will have to start fighting this war with whatever they have squirreled away for this terribly rainy day so they better have a lot squirreled away.

Then you have to understand that, if this just remains an internal civil war, it will probably last at least 3 to 5 years, for most of which, they will probably be financially cut off by the government which has already been taken over by the liberal commie traitor upper class trash. This is what happened early in the fall of Rome. The Roman Army was racked with a vicious civil war that weakened it enough so that the barbarians could invade and conquer Rome and the Roman upper class trash had pillaged their nation into such poverty that it couldn't rebuild its army, you know, like our upper class trash has already done to our nation.

Our military officers know that our current and quickly escalating civil war will weaken our military, they know that the barbarians smell the blood of our dying nation, which our military can also smell, and they see the barbarians knocking at the gate. Our military knows that, when we get completely immersed in our civil war, the barbarians will start trying to invade the US to get as big a piece of the US pie as possible.

Our military understands that even our allies will be tempted to invade, conquer, and sack the US, especially because their nations have also already been taken over by the power mad, greedy upper class trash. It won't be most of the people of those nations who will want to invade and sack the US, it will be their current corrupt leaders.

Our military knows that, when our civil war gets at its worst, even our best allies will probably try to invade the US and this includes nations like Britain, France, and even Canada, especially with Trudeau as their leader. We KNOW Mexico will make a grab for at least the Southwest and probably more because they have wanted to take back what we bought from them since we bought it from them in 1849. We KNOW China will grab all of the land she can partly because she has already started grabbing land as our nation crumbles. We KNOW Russia will grab all of the land she can partly because she has also already started grabbing land and what makes things even worse is that China and Russia signed a military pact a few years ago.

Now, for whom to you think they signed that military pact, in case Fiji attacks one of them?

No, it was very obviously signed in anticipation of the US attacking either one of them either in a preemptive strike or self defense.

The Muslims are already waging war against us and our liberal traitors have opened the gates, are herding them into our nation, and we will have to fight them on our own streets because of our glorious liberal commie traitors planning to use the Muslims to help the liberal commie traitors win this civil war against us. This is why our military has been "playing war games" on our city streets to familiarize the troops with those cities and streets in which they think the worst fighting will take place, you know, like Jade Helm.

Obviously, this US civil war is already quickly growing into a global war or WWIII, thanks to our brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, natural elite, liberal commie traitor upper class trash. This means that this war we are already fighting could easily last another 10 to 20 years and our military better have enough money and other resources stashed away to fight anyone and everyone for the next 10 to 20 years.

I believe that a couple of things which will contribute to the Mexican standoff God told me will happen following Obama declaring martial law will be 1) the liberal commie traitor and Muslim moles jumping ship from the US military to Obama's CNSF to invade Israel and 2) the military drafting all US veterans to rebuild the US military. I just read an article on a military site I belong to encouraging vets to reenlist and it was a pretty good recruitment article. In other words, it is already happening and the US military is ahead of the game. Those two things will probably take about one year, which will buy Obama enough time to invade Israel.

Note, the same military site is also recruiting intelligence people and others along with teaching self defense and survival skills. This is already going on. They are right now quietly rebuilding the US military and intelligence and ramping up for war.

Shots are already being fired, people are already dying, and the fight is on. This is going to get more nasty than you can even imagine with a very strong probability of nukes being exchanged between two or more nations, maybe even within our nation between sides. This won't be an "all out nuke war" but it will be a nuke war with hundreds of millions of people dying and you can thank your liberal commie traitor families, friends, media, educators, upper class trash, and others. Hang on tight; this is going to hurt...a lot. By the end of this insanity, everyone will know people who were killed; most will lose family members.


Remember that I told you that liberals are the stupidest people on the planet?

I read a headline, "Brown University providing tampons in men's restrooms because 'both sexes menstruate'."

Really? Did these all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, upper class trash intellectuals flunk Biology 101 or what? And these are the whackos educating your children, you know, turning your children into whackos?

Even dogs are smarter than that.

I don't even want to know where these liberal whackos expect men to put tampons.

Gary Johnson

Thursday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Liberal-tarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, was asked, "What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?"

His response?

"And what is Aleppo?"

Oh yeah, he is paying attention to presidential matters, you know, what is going on in this world. While Obama is off playing golf and Valerie is busy destroying the world, Gary is hiding in the back room smoking pot (yes, he admitted he smokes "a little pot" when he was governor of New Mexico.) The man is completely clueless.

What do you expect from an apathetic pot head?

But the stupid dopers who hate Hillary and Trump will vote for him.

It is like I said, I don't know anyone I want to vote for who is anywhere near the top.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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