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Something very serious is going on with Hillary. She fainted at a 9/11 memorial and it was reported she "stumbled" while getting into the van. I looked at the video carefully and she didn't stumble, she collapsed and had to be lifted up and into the van by two men. She either fainted or passed out while getting into the van. She completely collapsed in their arms.

Then later, she was shown leaving the hospital looking very good, as if nothing, not even fainting, had happened. But, either Hillary suddenly lost at least 30 pounds or that was Hillary's double, especially around the butt and hips. Plus that woman was too energetic to have just fainted.

If you think this was my imagination, I just saw an FB post by someone else who saw the differences between the two Hillarys. It has side-by-side photos of the two women with a caption below that said, "90 minute facial? New hairdoo, and lost 30 lbs." And, if you look really close at the two pictures, you can see Hillary also got her two front teeth straightened in those 90 minutes. The real Hillary's two front teeth are not perfectly straight across but turn in just a little in the middle. The second Hillary's teeth don't.

Gee, can you believe someone else noticed she lost 30 pounds in 90 minutes?

One of my readers agreed she lost weight but said she looked and sounded like Hillary. Simple, cosmetics and voice impersonation training.

How many people have you seen who can impersonate the voice of other people?

I am sure a double would have to pass that kind of training, especially for some one like Hillary.

The exit scene from the hospital was very clearly staged to make it look like Hillary was alright and there was nothing seriously wrong with her. They even sent a little girl over to her double, you know, the cute little kiddy thingy to get the warm, fuzzy idiots to go "aw".

They are claiming she has pneumonia, you know, since the beginning of the year. She must have the worst doctors in the world for them to not be able to cure pneumonia for this long, keeping her from having press conferences.

They also said that, after she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she spent time playing with her grandchildren and hugged the little girl after leaving the hospital. I hate to tell you this but pneumonia is contagious and she just infected her grandchildren and that little girl, if she really has pneumonia.

Something is going on here and her condition is getting worse.

Are they getting ready to replace Hillary with Chelsea? Does Billy Boy plan to lean Hillary's dead body up in a corner and the world?

There is now talk about replacing Hillary with someone else.

Gee, who would have figured?

Most are talking about Biden but, if Billy Boy gets his way, it will be Chelsea because he doesn't want to lose this chance for looting the US, you know, keep it in the family. Watch for Billy Boy to bribe certain members of the DNC, you know, on an airplane or something.

Keep an eye on this. I think Hillary is screwed.

BTW, did you notice how she went from having Parkinson's to having pneumonia? Does she really have pneumonia or something more serious? What is she going to have next week, athletes foot? But then again, is this Hillary trying to convince everyone she is too sick to stand trial because they know something even worse is about to be leaked?

They said her problems are that she was dehydrated, then she had Parkinson's, and now she has pneumonia.

Why do I think it is none of those and is something else? Are her doctors really that stupid?

It is all smoke and mirrors, baby.

BTW, I really like comedian, Jackie Mason's comment, "Did Hillary Clinton get Excellent health letter from a doctor or plumber?" Now that is funny.


Since 9/11 happened, I have not see one person of any importance, one journalist, x-spurt, or any other person identify who the enemy is in this war on terror.

Let's do the math, you know how I love math.

No hostile entity can function for very long without money and weapons. If you take away the money and weapons, the hostile entity implodes, plain and simple.

Therefore, it is only common sense that our most significant enemies are not the terrorist themselves but the people providing them with money and selling the terrorist weapons. If you kill the people providing the terrorists with money and weapons, the terrorists themselves will become very easy to kill and get rid of. It is just that simple.

Who is providing the terrorists with money?

Rich Muslims, Muslim nations, corrupt Western governments, and rich liberals are the entities providing the Muslim terrorists with the money.

Do you see the problem now?

You have to get rid of the rich liberals who are protecting themselves, their corrupt Western governments, their rich Muslim friends, and the Muslim nations so you can get rid of the rich Muslims and Muslim nations. That is the ONLY strategy that will work in this war. Absolutely nothing else will work.

Then you have to go after the people and groups selling the Muslims weapons.

Killing those two groups will end this war very quickly but don't expect it to happen any time soon, at least not until Obama seizes control of the US and purges these evil people who are also running our nation.

See why God is going to use the Muslims to purge these evil people?

Because these evil liberals have gained control over us while we slept so it would be almost impossible for us to purge these evil liberals. Therefore, God caused the liberals to crawl in bed with the Muslims so the Muslims would build a data base on who all of the liberal traitors are so the Muslims could effectively purge the liberal traitors, including all of their moles.

Man plans, God laughs.


Have you noticed that, when Russia and Syria start beating Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels, Obama always works hard to obtain a cease fire so he can rebuild his terrorist...uh...rebel armies but, when Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels are gaining ground, Obama could care less about a cease fire?

China and Russia

China and Russia just launched an eight day naval drill in the South China Sea. This is showing that Russia is supporting China's claims to the entire area and that Russia will militarily back that claim with China.

Gee, who would have figured that China and Russia are in the same bed?

US Mess

You want to know just how bad the US mess is that the liberal commie traitor pagans have caused?

I got this over at Newsmax by Cathy Burke:

"Americans overwhelmingly think it's inappropriate for pastors to mix politics and preaching from the pulpit, a new report shows."


"79 percent of respondents said it would be inappropriate for preachers to endorse a candidate in church. "'Americans already argue about politics enough outside the church,' the evangelical research firm's executive director, Scott McConnell, said in a statement. 'They don't want pastors bringing those arguments into worship.'"

When God created His church in the Sinai Desert, IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT; it was a theocracy. The Bible tells us about good and bad rulers and the effect they have on nations. If our rulers read, believed, and lived by the Bible, we wouldn't have half the mess we currently have.

Thou shalt not covet?

Marxism is all about coveting what others have.

Thou shalt not steal?

Marxism is all about abusing the power of government to steal from others.

Thou shalt not lie?

Marxism has to lie to get enough people to believe in it.

Thou shalt not murder?

Marxism has murdered more people than any other religion except for Islam, more than 100 million in just the 20th Century alone.

And you don't want God and the Bible involved in our government?

This tells me that 79% of Christians have been dumbed down and brainwashed by the liberal pagans into believing your preachers shouldn't teach on the morals and ethics of our leaders.

"Yeah, the political world is their world, just let them destroy our once great nation with their corruption while we hide like hermits in our church caves."

Yeah, you hide in your churches until the pagan government comes, rounds you up, and burns down your churches because that is exactly what they will do when they get their corrupt pagan dictatorship set up.

That attitude MUST change for us to ever have a great nation again and be even reasonably safe and secure. With this attitude, we Christians are screwed. It is exactly that attitude which caused this mess.

The Purge

Remember that I told you that, when the upper class trash have enough control of the people, the upper class trash will purge the liberals who helped the upper class trash set up their dictatorship?

Obamacare is pressuring California University to fire US professionals, you know, the liberal college professors and staff members who helped them get into power, and hire foreign H-1B workers.

So they are already starting to purge the liberal "professionals" from the California University system.

What should this tell you?

Just like I have been telling you, the liberal commie traitor upper class trash have almost finished setting up their dictatorship and the purge I warned you about is already starting. They don't need those liberal college professors any more.

But, hey, they started laying off and replacing government bureaucrats with Muslims years ago so the purge I warned you about has been going on for at least a few years; they are just moving on to a different phase now.

It is like I told you, all of you liberals are dead people walking and it isn't if they are going to purge and kill you but when. We just got to when for some more of you.


I got this over at American Thinker by Rick Moran:

"A startling report from the chiefs of the British National Health Service who say without an infusion of cash, hospitals in the UK will be forced to lay off staff and implement 'draconian rationing' to survive."

In other words, the glorious socialized medicine of socialist Britain the US lefties want the US medicine to be like is failing terribly and about to go bust.


Because corrupt big government politicians and bureaucrats can't do anything right.

Good old socialism, destroying absolutely everything it touches.


I have taught you the truth concerning sugar in prior essays. I hope you have figured out by now that the reason the chemical companies are spending so much money on bogus science research about sugar causing you harm and even trying to get sugar use regulated and outlawed is to scare or force you to buy their artificial sweeteners.

Everyone involved should go to prison for fraud.

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Everything is smoke and mirrors.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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