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I want to take another look at what is going on medically with Hillary because none of the currently proposed ideas make any sense. They are saying her problems are caused by dehydration, Parkinson's, allergies, and now pneumonia.

Whatever it is, it has kept her from having any press conferences this year, nine months, because we now know that some things can cause her to have brain freeze. We also know that it is causing her to get weaker because she is increasingly having trouble climbing stairs. We just learned it has advanced to the point where she passed out and collapsed in public. We can rule out pneumonia because, if she has had pneumonia for the last nine months, she has the worst doctors on the planet. Pneumonia is easily treatable today and can be cured in weeks, not months.

The dehydration is also bogus because she would just need a staff member like Huma to remind her to hydrate. She has not been consistently dehydrating for nine months without someone coming up with a solution.

Then she said she has "seasonal allergies", you know, that have lasted all year. I think we can rule that out too unless she is allergic to every season.

I think we can rule out Parkinson's because she has not shown any of the shakes and shimmies that come with Parkinson's and she was wearing her blue sunglasses when she collapsed, which are supposed to prevent Parkinson attacks. Gee, what a coincidence.

I am convinced that everything they have told us is just smoke and mirrors, including her wearing the Parkinson sunglasses. They are hiding something much worse.

And, if you think I am wrong, after I wrote the above, I found an article at Breitbart by John Hayward:

"Dr. Jane Orient, the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and a number of callers who identified themselves as doctors called into Monday's edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM to offer their opinions on Hillary Clinton's collapse Sunday morning."

This gets very interesting and proves what I was thinking. Some of the most interesting comments were about her stroke.

"Dr. Orient referred to reports that Clinton has a blood clot near her brain, noting that anti-coagulant medication prevents clots from spreading, rather than dissolving those which already exist.

'Does she have a residual problem getting blood out of her head, which causes high pressure on your brain?' Dr. Orient asked."


"Dr. Orient called the diagnosis of pneumonia, announced to the public on Sunday afternoon but reportedly delivered by Clinton's doctor on Friday, 'kind of odd.'

'Generally, a doctor will not say, well, it's perfectly okay for you to go outside, to a very crowded event, two days after she's diagnosed with pneumonia,' she noted."

Gee, who would have figured?

"A caller named Andrew who identified himself as a stroke neurologist who has worked with patients who have blood-clot diagnoses similar to Clinton's mentioned that the former Secretary of State has also suffered from blood clots in her legs, requiring a lifelong course of anti-coagulant medication.

'My largest concern is, you see her having these spells of near-falling and then stumbling as we saw yesterday. If she is on these blood thinners for life, she's a very high risk, if she were to strike her head, to have massive - even life-threatening - hemorrhage in her brain, which could leave her with a lot of damage, or even death,' he said.


"A caller named Eric who identified as an ear, nose, and throat doctor said that Clinton's fall on Sunday was a 'neurological event,' either from the brain or brain stem, 'which would be consistent with her previous history of the fall and then the blood clot.'

'It would also be consistent, let's say, with her cough - which, if it's affecting the brain stem, which would go all the way down to, let's say, cranial nerve 10, which supplies sensation to the throat, which would give you that irritating cough on and off,' he added.

'What you saw yesterday was very, very serious, and people better start taking this seriously,' Eric said. 'This is big time now. This is really, really big time, so I hope that somebody really gets after this.'"


"'What you saw was not even remotely close to pneumonia,' Eric said firmly, citing his own experience at dealing with upper-respiratory infections. 'That was an immediate event that caused, obviously, a complete, almost like paralysis of her lower extremities. It's insulting to not only physicians in the people that saw that, but also to everyday folks.'

'I do teach occasionally. If I had a medical student tell me that was pneumonia, I would have asked them to go back to school. Go back to the library, because you obviously are clueless,' Eric said."


"A caller named James from Arkansas who identified as an emergency-room physician described his profession as 'medical detectives' who have to 'find out what's occurring with someone, what's threatening their lives, and we have to find it out usually within thirty minutes to an hour, so that we can treat them and save their lives.'

He said a woman of Clinton's age with her medical history suffering an event such as the one witnessed on Sunday was 'a very serious situation - you don't just go to an apartment for 90 minutes and come out and smile at people.'"

Gee, you think that woman smiling, waving, and hugging the little girl was a well trained double? Who would have guessed?

"James said it was 'shocking' that Clinton's doctor would allow her to repair to her daughter's apartment for a mere 90-minute rest period after the event she suffered, saying she should have been checked into the hospital for tests including a CAT scan of her brain, given the danger of her blood-thinner medication inadvertently producing a condition where her blood has been thinned out too much."


"'I told my wife last night, I said I won't be surprised if I wake up today and find that Hillary Clinton has passed away,' James said. 'She wasn't appropriately checked into a hospital and investigated appropriately.'"


"'I really think there's something seriously wrong with her health that's not being fully disclosed,' said a caller named Mitch from Pennsylvania who identified as an E.R. doctor. 'Unfortunately, we're left to speculate as to what that is, because she's not being forthcoming about releasing the truth about her medical condition.'

'That was not just a typical passing-out episode, where you just have a vasovagal event, where, you know, you pass out for a second, wake up, and hey, I'm fine,' he said of Clinton's distress on Sunday. 'She could not walk. I think there's something neurologically wrong with her.'"


"'When you look at her falling into that van, she couldn't walk. She couldn't move. This is not just somebody who passed out. This is somebody who they're trying to keep standing and have to basically throw into a van. It's really concerning. I'm very concerned for her health,"'said Mitch."


"A caller named Tony from Pennsylvania who identified as a physician pointed out that 'It's very easy to establish the fact that she has pneumonia with a chest x-ray.'

'If somebody has pneumonia and they're faint, meaning their blood pressure is low, she should be on intravenous antibiotics in a hospital,' he said. 'It is absolutely the standard of care with somebody that is hypotensive from pneumonia, to be on antibiotics in a hospital.'

'So her doctor is claiming that and she is doing a horrible job of treating her,' said Tony.

'I don't have an idea of what it is. I have an idea that it's a systemic disease, not pneumonia,' he ventured."

Note that a systemic disease is one which affects your entire body, including internal organs and is life threatening.

And there is much, much more in this article at Breitbart. It just goes on and on.

Also, a Dr. Noel said, "Hillary is being kept alive, or at least physically presentable, by some medication that suddenly wore off on Sunday."

You still think I am wrong that there isn't a cover up and it isn't something much worse? Just how power mad and greedy are Billy Boy and Hillary?

Insanely power mad and greedy.

And what about the corrupt upper class trash who are part of this? Why would they not replace her with someone who might stay alive for the next four years? What sick reasons do they have for continuing to run someone so ill or were they lied to by Billy Boy and Hillary?

So, let's look at something I have been watching and thinking about because, whatever this is, it is progressing slowly until now.

We know that Obama and the Clintons are deadly enemies who really hate each other. This regularly rears its ugly head in statements by both sides. Obama knows that, if Hillary becomes president, he is dead, they will kill him the way the Clintons have killed more than 100 others. He will probably die in a plane crash or a car accident with a couple of bullets in the back of his head.

Therefore, it would only be natural for Obama to try to kill Hillary to prevent her from becoming president.

She is showing symptoms of some of the very exotic poisons used by the KGB and CIA. If Obama had someone give her a small dose, it will gradually kill her over a period of time and there is probably no treatment or cure for it. She is dead and just has not finished kicking yet.

She may be dying faster than they expected so she probably won't live long enough to get elected and for Billy Boy to lean her body up in a corner and sack the world.

Note that Billy Boy has taken over fund raising for Hillary in both Nevada and Los Angeles. He is determined to get her elected and regain control of the US.

Stay home and care for his wife?

Oh heck no.

Mean while, among the upper level ranks of the DNC, the vultures are gathering and discussing Hillary's removal, even many of her former supporters are looking to get rid of her. They all smell the blood and are moving in for the kill so Hillary is about to go for the big DNC bus ride, you know, under the bus, and Billy Boy doesn't want to go with her.

Watch Billy Boy try to get Hillary replaced with Chelsea when he realizes he can't save Hillary. You can bet Billy Boy is already working on that deal, you know, to save his own butt.

We may never know what is really wrong with Hillary but keep an eye on it. This is getting very interesting.

Christian Sites

I have been watching some of these money oriented "Christian" prophesy and news sites. It has reached a point to where I must speak out against a few of them to make you aware of what is going on. I won't name names right now but you need to know some of the stunts they are pulling to sensationalize their YouTube videos and increase viewership to increase their wealth.

I was watching one of these sites where the woman is always on the verge of hysteria claiming this, that, and something else is the end of the world, they are coming to get us tonight!

She just released a video about China joining BRAC, which China is a core member of BRAC and has been for some time. She was trying to make it look like China just joined BRAC to destroy the US. She showed a list of the 51 nations which belong to BRAC but only really focused on China and Russia while very quickly scrolling past the rest of the members so you couldn't see them, some of whom are our allies we have been abusing, you know, like Israel.

I explained to you before that a number of nations set up BRAC, an international banking system, to get out from under the control of the international banking system the very corrupt Euro-American upper class trash have been using to control and extort every nation on this planet into subjecting themselves to the global dictatorship of the Euro-American upper class trash, you know, their little one world government thingy.

These nations realize that, if the Euro-American upper class trash set up their global dictatorship, the upper class trash will purge the leaders of all of the other nations. BRAC is these nations fighting back to save their lives and some of the BRAC nations are good and some are evil, it just that they all crawled in the same banking bed to save all of their butts from the Euro-American upper class trash.

BRAC is a good thing God is using against the Euro-American upper class trash to shoot down their plans.

This person is constantly crying wolf, trying to scare everyone to drive up her viewership to increase her profits.

Then there is an Israeli news site where, every time Putin farts, it is fulfilling Bible prophesy. EVERYTHING, EVERY DAY is fulfilling Bible prophesy. He is beating beyond death the clearly failing Euro-prophesy crap, which everyone should be able to see by now just won't happen.

Again, this person is constantly crying wolf, trying to scare everyone about everything being Bible prophesy to drive up viewership to increase his profits.

Then there is the site where the guy is constantly yelling and crying out that everything is an apocalypse and fulfilling Bible prophesy. If a few birds fall out of trees, it is a massive animal die off and fulfilling Bible prophesy and is apocalyptic. If a stream or small pond turns red because of a red algae, it is the waters of the world turning red, fulfills Bible prophesy and is apocalyptic.

Again, this person is constantly crying wolf to scare people into viewing his YouTube site to increase his profits.

There are several problems with these types of "Christian" sites. First, they are crying wolf again and again and many people are learning that none of their predictions are coming true so the people turn off to the real crises in this world and turn to being placated by the upper class trash with entertainment so that they will not see the real wolves when they get here.

The other thing is that it discredits the true Christian sites so the frustrated people won't listen to them either. This, in conjunction with the bad information they are putting out, like this person attacking BRAC, makes me wonder if these sites are being financed by the left to destroy the good Christian messages out there.

Check out their predictions to see whether they are Christian sites. Just make lists of the things these sites keep predicting and check off the ones which actually come true to see how accurate their predictions are.

One trick these sites use with their predictions is they bombard you with so many new predictions that it confuses you and makes it easy for them to cause you to forget about the many predictions that don't come true. If ANY of their predictions accidentally come close to coming true, they boldly claim their predictions happened exactly like they said they would. They use confusion and chaos just like Satan.

Your list will make this very obvious very quickly and will tell you whether these people really do have any Christian "in site" from God or are they just making crap up to scare you to increase their own wealth. For example, all three of the above mentioned sites said that the military exercise "Jade Helm" was the US military going to seize control of the use and cart us all off to FEMA Camps.

Did the US military seize control of the US during Jade Helm and cart us all off to FEMA Camps?

No, just like I told you they wouldn't. Then think about it.

As a matter of fact, they don't even mention Jade Helm any more. When Jade Helm came and went without the US military seizing control of the US and carrying us off to FEMA Camps, these sites just went off crying wolf about other things to cause you to forget about Jade Helm.

This kind of crap causes good people to think that everyone trying to warn them about our corrupt upper class trash is nuts, you know, tin-hatters, so the good people just stop listening to everyone trying to warn them about the real crisis we are facing. This is not a good thing and will only make things worse. These people are doing a lot of harm, very little, if any good, and turning people away from hearing the truth.

I am now wondering and waiting to find out which such "Christian" sites will convert to Islam when Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship. We will soon find out.

On my site, all of my essays are still there, unchanged and dated all the way back to when this site started in November 1999. You will also notice that, at this time, I have 171 "I Told You So" essays, with some of them having as many as half a dozen different predictions which came true. You will also see references to other predictions which have come true, especially on my "News" essays. Some of those "News" essays could have easily been "I Told You So" essays because of the number of my predictions they show that came true. I have probably made more than 200, possibly 300, successful predictions in the last 17 years.

In more than one decade of research, searching, and reading, I have not found one site which has had the accuracy in predictions of my site. I have read a number of times that the best think tanks in the world, made up of the best all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, upper class trash x-spurts, who got the right degrees from the right universities, don't have a successful prediction rate of more than a maximum of 10% to 20% of their predictions actually coming true with the vast majority of them having less than 10% of their predictions coming true, you know, using the wisdom of the world. These people are considered some of the best in the world and sought out by the upper class for advice.

My prediction rate is very close to 100% accurate predictions and you can check it out yourself by just readying the essays. I don't hide anything, which is why I do the "I Told You So" essays, so you will know that almost all of my predictions come true. It is all there. This is where you get tomorrow's news today and it is free.

This is God telling you that He has and still is giving me good Christian in site. It isn't because I am more brilliant or better than anyone else but because God shows me things He is not showing anyone else, primarily because they aren't listening and I am. God will also show you these things, if you are His Christian and seek His wisdom. As a matter of fact, if you read my site, God is using me to teach you these things.

Know that prophesy is not about me, the prophet, it is about God. I am just the messenger, God is the message. Let all glory be to God because, without God, I would be putting out the same stupid crap these "Christian profits" are putting out. What I have learned is what God has taught me through various means plus His in site over the 67 years of my life.

This is part of why God uses prophesy to 1) prove God is real, He lives, He exists, 2) God sees the future in detail just like the Bible says, which also confirms the Bible, 3) God picks and uses people like me to be messengers or prophets to provide you with information, and 4) I am one of those messengers or prophets. My job is to teach you the truth God shows me so you can see through all of the pagan lies and confusion created by Satan to control you because Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free." My job is to help you free yourself with the truth.


You want to know how to stop the US national anthem protests?

Quit watching football, which will cause their TV viewerships to drop, which will cause their profits to go down, which will cause them to crack down on the protesters and then you can go back to watching football. It is that simple.

If they protest your national anthem, you protest them playing football until they quit protesting your national anthem.

Tell them to go play football in Saudi Arabia or Iran and see how well that works out.


I just found out that the pipeline, which the American Indian tribes are waging war against, doesn't even cross any Indian reservation land, you know, like the liberals are making it look like the pipe crosses Indian reservation land. The "ancestral lands" and "burial grounds" which are being "desecrated" by the pipeline were never known about before and the government says they simply don't exist. This was all proven in court but the Indians and lefties just keep repeating their lies so the stupid people will keep believing those lies.

I also found out that the dogs are attacking people because some of the people are attacking the dogs with sticks to cause the dogs to attack people.

I saw actual video of this happening and want to know why those people attacking the dogs with sticks are not being prosecuted for animal cruelty?

Oh yeah, they are liberals and liberals are above the law.

In other words, what we are being told about the confrontation between American Indians and the pipeline is all lies and this is really nothing more than the left using American Indians (probably paying them) to stop the pipeline the lying liberals failed to stop by other means, including Obama's illegal actions, so they can drive up the price of gas to force you out of your cars and better control you.


The people of Catalan are staging massive protests for independence from Spain. This is slowly turning into a revolution with increasing numbers of people burning Spanish flags.

Keep an eye on this because you know it is interfering with the upper class trash plans for their one world government.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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