Obama 11

This is one of my famous 2 am essays because I just woke up to a very important realization.

What if Obama poisoned Hillary to 1) get rid of her in their global power struggle and 2) buy himself a third term by killing or incapacitating her just before the election so Obama could justify delaying the election four more years to give himself the third term he clearly wanted?

Remember how Obama kept talking about him having a third term and how he could win the election for a third term?

Obama was sending a message to the upper class trash that he wanted a third term but they turned him down and appointed...uh...I mean got Hillary elected via a rigged election as the DNC presidential candidate. Obama probably knew the upper class trash had already decided Hillary would be the DNC presidential candidate more than a year ago, after all, the primary was clearly rigged. So, to set this all up, more than a year ago, Obama had Hillary poisoned so that she would either become completely incapacitated or die just before the current election so he could justify postponing the election for four more years to give himself a third term, you know, like he repeatedly said he wanted.

I have read a number of times about his high school classmates saying Obama was a high school bully and he is acting like a typical high school bully. Most high school bullies are cowards and will only pick fights they are absolutely certain they will win. They will NOT pick a fight they MIGHT lose. Such bullies always pick fights with much smaller kids and usually still gang up on them. They will back down if they feel like there is even the slightest possibility they MIGHT lose.

Obama is showing the signs of being a typical bully and coward in a number of ways. First, in bulling and beating up on smaller and weaker countries like Libya and Egypt, he had to gang up on them with other European countries via the UN and NATO.

Second, he backed down on his red line in Syria when Putin showed up to take a stand for Syria.

Third, he has continued to back down against other weaker nations like Russia, China, and Turkey.

By now, it should be blatantly obvious to anyone that Obama is a coward and will only pick a fight with someone whom it is absolutely certain he will win and this is very important for Obama to seize control of the US and set up His Muslim dictatorship.

In setting up his Muslim dictatorship in the US, Obama will be picking a fight with two groups he is absolutely afraid of; the US military and armed US citizens. Obama made it very clear earlier this year that he wanted a third term to finish destroying the US military and disarm the US citizens. Obama WILL NOT take either of these two groups on in a fight and MUST destroy them before he starts the real fighting.

Did you notice that, when he suddenly became quiet about being president for a third term, he also stopped trying to destroy the US military and disarming US citizens?

He decided to wait until his third term to finish those two jobs and this was a very strong indication or hint he had rigged things to give himself a third term, in spite of the wishes of the upper class trash.

What I realized Obama may be doing is that he poisoned Hillary to cause her to die or become incapacitated just before the current election and then, "to be fair to everyone", he will postpone the election four more years to give himself four more years to finish destroying the US military and taking guns away from US citizens so he can much more safely seize control of the US to set up his Muslim dictatorship.

Plus you have to keep in mind that the upper class trash has had a number of serious setbacks such as the Brexit thingy, the mess with Russia and China working with other nations to set up BRAC to get out from under the financial control of the Euro-American international banking system, Syria not working out the way he wanted, some of his executive orders being stopped, and others. Obama needs more time to get these and other things taken care of before he makes his move to seize control of the US and the world because his plans have not exactly been working out the way he thought they would work out. That is why Obama kept harping about a third term as president.

Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this and be ready to respond by 1) demanding the DNC choose a replacement or 2) Obama only gets one more year to run the elections, at the most.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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