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Obama and Hillary

Remember that I told you the upper class trash would go after each other after they had secured absolute power and would purge each other?

They have actually been going after each other for some time but when this thing finally breaks loose, thousands of rich and powerful people involved in this mess will die very quickly. Many of them are stupid enough they actually believed they would get to share power with these other power mad people but power mad and greedy people can never be satiated, they can never have enough power or wealth.

Regardless of whether Obama poisoned Hillary, the best thing that can happen right now is for the DNC to replace Hillary before Obama can suspend the election and attempt to grab another four years in office for himself.


Because, if Hillary is replaced and the elections take place, Obama's hand will be forced and he MUST stage his coup attempt before January AND before he can further destroy the US military and disarm the American people, giving the military and the people the best chance at stopping this insanity.

BTW, if Obama did poison Hillary, it explains why the upper class trash were still running her, even with her being sick and possibly dying. If she gets elected before she becomes incapacitated or dies, her vice president will take office preventing Obama from seizing office. They probably know that Obama is planning to kill them all, especially with his secret racist data base.

Now that her condition is severe and made public knowledge, it is paramount that they replace Hillary with someone, anyone else as quickly as possible, preferably one of them, before Obama can postpone the election giving himself four more years to prepare for and stage his coup.

If Billy Boy manages to get Chelsea selected to replace Hillary, that will pose a definite threat and certain death for Obama. This is a massive power struggle at the top for a dictatorial control of the world by the upper class trash and Muslims.

And you ask,"Do you really think they will select Chelsea as their new presidential candidate?"

Very likely because, Billy Boy is still very influential and it would be easy for them to sell Chelsea to enough stupid people for the voting dead to get her elected. They can easily put together a sales pitch to get the stupid people to buy into this.

Chelsea will be taking over for her ill mother, you know, taking up where dearest mommy left off to fulfill mom's dream, which will be seen by the stupid people as being romantic, chivalrous, brave, and etc. She has very little potential baggage of her own. She has international experience in finance and business along with helping run her parents international She is well educated by getting the right degrees from the right universities. And she can appoint Billy Boy as her right-hand-man and head of her cabinet to help guide her through the minefield of the presidency and you know the stupid people still love good old Billy Boy. They consider him to have been one of the best presidents ever.

Of course, it is obvious now that Hillary is too ill to stand trial so she will stay home and watch the kids while Princess Chelsea fights the dragons and, if necessary, get a presidential pardon from dearest brat.

Believe me, the stupid people will swallow it hook, line, and sinker and the media will play this up more than anything ever before.

BTW, Obama is a devout Muslim and, if you don't know that you have not been paying attention or are really stupid because it is blatantly obvious. Obama has an example of someone being killed by poisoning because Muhammad was poisoned by his wife and it took him a little over a year to die from it.

Sound familiar?

BTW, Hillary is going to resume campaigning Thursday and Obama is supporting her continuing and not being replaced by anyone. They just found out she has been having these health problems for more than one year. I seriously doubt that could be pneumonia.

Here is a little food for thought, the scary kind.

If the upper class trash can get Hillary elected as president and then she is either incapacitated or dies, they can use her obviously well trained double to cause people to think she is still alive while Billy Boy and his criminal pals sack the nation, set up their global dictatorship, and sack the rest of the planet. When they are finished with the double and don't need her anymore, she will probably die in an accident so she won't be able to disclose the truth.

The upper class trash don't need Hillary to stay alive after the election, they have her least one.

Gee, you mean it could be a bad thing to have a body double because they can use the double to get rid of you without the people knowing and use the double as a front to commit crimes in your name?


That answers the question about why the upper class trash would want to get Hillary elected even though they know she probably won't be able to function as president; they have her double. That also explains why Billy Boy immediately went out to raise funds instead of staying home to care for his loving wife. First, she isn't loving and second, he obviously doesn't care for her; they have the double, plus there is always Chelsea and they are going to need that money regardless of which is still alive and running.

Have you figured out yet why Hillary is focused so hard on raising money now instead of campaigning?

In October, they are going to do a last minute PR "surge" to overwhelm stupid people's minds and turn them back to voting for Hillary plus they have a lot of palms to grease to be able to win this election.

The reason Hillary returned to the campaign trail to raise money on Thursday, you know, so soon after her passing out, was to keep the circling DNC buzzards from replacing her. Basically, things are going really bad for her and she is really desperate.

Man plans, God laughs.

I am waiting to see whether she cancels this coming debate with Trump or passes out during the debate. If she passes out during the debate, she is finished, double or no double. They will replace her very quickly. Although, they could use her double with an ear piece for the debate. Most liberals are too stupid to figure it out.


Putin got it put in the agreement for this current truce that he can use his drones to monitor the truce to make sure someone isn't getting ready to attack him, you know, like they attacked Putin during the last truce. This means Putin will be able to see where Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels are positioning their new troops and weapons so he can do a preemptive attack before the terrorists...uh...rebels can attack. He has learned not to trust Obama.


Remember that I told you that, when the Chinese economy crashed, the Chinese military would start hurting financially because the Chinese military owns and depends on the revenues from all of China's major corporations?

China is making a number of military reforms right now.

Gee, you don't think their falling economy is already hurting their military do you? How long do you think the members of the Chinese Communist Party will prevent a military coup and keep their heads?

Hey, they can all become organ donors; it would be the only good thing they ever did.

It is going to get worse.

Here is something interesting to keep an eye on. Russia and China are doing military naval war games in the South China Sea at the same time the US and Japan are doing military naval war games in the South China Sea.

What could go wrong?


I pray every time I think about someone or something. I pray regularly for everyone's salvation, even the bad guys because I know that, if they repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their savior, they will stop their wickedness and they will stop hurting people. I literally pray for the salvation of everyone on the planet.

I pray for everyone, especially the stupid people, so that God will open their eyes so they can see the truth and the truth can set them free.

Then I pray for God to take care of His good people and protect them from the wicked people and to especially protect the children.

Then I pray for people in the cities and areas where I know there will soon be severe punishment like Chicago and Los Angeles, especially for their salvation. I wish those things did not have to happen but we have brought these punishments on ourselves because we turned our backs on God for our sins. We are a cursed nation because we hurt the least of the children, the unborn, and must be held accountable for our crimes against God's Laws or He will not be a just God.

Then I also pray for revival that God's people will turn from their wickedness and start doing God's will to lead others to salvation in Jesus. The Christians MUST turn back to God and His Laws or this mess will just keep getting worse. We MUST take a stand for God for we will fall without Him.

Then I pray for people I know, especially friends and family but even people who cause me trouble because I know that, if those people accept Jesus as their savior, they will stop causing trouble for me and others. I pray for the salvation for those for whom I am not certain they are saved and that God care for those who are saved.

Then I pray to thank God for the many daily blessings He gives me and for just taking care of me in the many ways He does take care of me.

I always pray for God's will to be done in our lives because I know that God knows what is best for each of us. I also remind myself that God said that life is a test and I pray that we all pass God's tests, learn and improve ourselves.

I know that God will take care of everything.

I pray for YOU, no matter who you are or whether or not I know you. I pray for your salvation and for God to take care of you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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