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You still think the DNC is not trying to get rid of Hillary?

I got this over at American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

"Against expectations, the Presidential Debate Commission has adopted rules that do not favor Hillary Clinton. She will have to stand the entire 90 minutes. With no stool. And no commercial breaks. Her campaign's request that she have a booster to make her appear close in height to Donald Trump was turned down.

She struck out."

Why do I get the feeling they want to see Hillary collapse during the debate? Is Obama behind this so he can suspend the election to grab four more years of power? Will the Clintons use drugs or Hillary's double for the debate?

Remember that I told you that the Clinton racket...uh...Foundation laid off dozens of employees?

The FBI has given immunity to five Clinton employees. I hope they don't have a car accident with bullet holes in the backs of their heads.

The trouble is that the FBI can prove a lot of crimes she has committed but Lynch won't prosecute (Billy Boy's airplane bribe?) until they decide to throw Hillary under the bus. It shows how they have corrupted the judicial system so the liberals are above the law.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet where no one is above the law?

Have you also noticed that Trey Goudy has investigated a number of crimes committed by the upper class and has not gotten one arrest or warrant? Is that all smoke and mirrors to appease the people, you know, stage really lengthy and effective looking investigations until most of the people forget what you are investigating and then just quietly drop the investigations?

Is there anyone at the top we can trust?

Only God.


Remember that I told you that God is causing the liberal pagans to come out of the closet to show their true colors so the people can make an informed choice between good and evil?

They just opened another Satanic Temple in Salem. More and more the pagans are coming out of the closet and into the open showing their true colors. You're about to find out how evil the pagans really are and the truth to why our Christian ancestors persecuted them. Eyes are opening.

Oh, BTW, you are currently living in a pagan run nation; how are you liking it? The Christian run nation was a lot better, wasn't it?

Washington Shooting

The Washington shooter is Arcan Cetin. He emigrated from Turkey to the US. He is not Hispanic as was originally reported.

Gee, who would have figured?

They are not reporting whether he is Muslim and you can bet that, if he wasn't, they would tell you. Then I read that witnesses said he was yelling "Allahu Akbar", Allah is greater, while shooting people.

Gee, who would have figured he was an atheist? (/sarc)

It has gotten to where we are having two or three Muslim terrorist attacks in one day along with guerilla skirmishes or "riots" by the liberals and black Muslims on a regular basis. The cops shooting black criminals is just a front or smoke and mirrors to cover for their guerilla warfare activities so most people won't figure out the left and Muslims are actually waging war against us.

Have you figured out yet they are waging war against us?

It is like I told you years ago, it has gotten like it is in the Middle East because we didn't let our soldiers win the war over there, you know, just like our generals told you would happen decades ago. You either win a war over seas or you fight that war at home.

Right now, the only thing missing is the car bombs killing from 50 to more than 100 people at a time. But don't worry, it won't be long before we get our first car bomb mass murder just like in the Middle East. Obama and Hillary will make sure of that.

Where will the Muslims tend to detonate their car bombs in the US?

You know, the trendy places where large crowds of liberals love to gather to maximize the killing with each car bomb.

What, you liberals thought your Muslim pals wouldn't murder you, just conservatives? Yeah, right, it is just like I have been telling you all along, they plan to murder you anyway so why not murder you with terrorist attacks?

But, hey, you liberals brought this on yourselves by crawling in bed with the Muslims to destroy the US.

Didn't figure it would end this way, did you?

Man plans, God laughs.


The Syrian forces are advancing in Aleppo with very heavy bombing.

I guess Putin isn't going to play Obama's no-fly-zone game.

Speaking of Obama's no-fly-zone, this just shows how little Obama knows about and understands military matters...this along with all of his failed military endeavors.

Before Putin ever moved troops into Syria, he sent in Russian S-300 SAM systems, one of the best SAM systems in the world. Since he moved troops and planes in and right after Turkey shot down one of his planes, Putin moved in at least one S-400 SAM system, which can monitor air traffic out to 400 miles and shoot down anything within 250 miles. Just one S-400 SAM system can cover most of Syria, a large part of Turkey, and a significant portion of the Mediterranean Sea.

Just off the coast of Syria, Putin has a growing fleet of mostly missile ships, one of which just blew up a terrorist command and control with US troops in it. Most of those missile ships have the S-300 SAM system and some have the S-400 SAM system. That fleet can cover a large part of Syria, Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea, and any place else they move to within range of.

In the Caspian Sea, just north of Iran, Putin has two more fleets of Russian missile ships with both the S-300 and S-400 SAM systems. That fleet can cover Northern Iran and Eastern Iraq.

Forget about the fighter planes Putin has in Syria and many more nearby in Russia, but, with just the SAM systems, if Obama tries to set up a no-fly-zone in Syria, whose planes do you think will be safest and whose planes probably won't do much flying?

Obama's no-fly-zone will be just like his red line, another bluff, and Putin knows it. Putin will call that bluff too and we will pay for it.

Obama's cute little move of "accidentally" bombing Syrian troops got US troops killed when Putin called Obama's bluff by blowing up the command and control center in Aleppo. Note that Obama has not retaliated for Putin blowing up that command and control center and killing US troops.

If Obama persists in his current insanity, he is just going to get more US troops killed and end up losing a shooting war with Putin, especially since Obama has screwed up every military move he has made.

Someone needs to relieve Obama of duty as Commander-in-Chief before he causes more messes for the US and start cleaning up the messes Obama has already made.

BTW, you do realize that the reason Obama wants to set up a no-fly-zone to stop only Russian and Syrian planes from flying is to stop Russian and Syrian planes from destroying Obama's terrorists, right?

Obama is trying everything he can think of to save his terrorists, including ISIS, from Putin.

This also shows that Obama's terrorists are being destroyed by Putin and Obama is desperate to stop Putin from destroying Obama's terrorists.

You want to know what is really going on in Syria?

Look at where the terrorists have control of the border crossing and with which countries because they are land locked and those countries are where the terrorists are getting their weapons and munitions.

ISIS only has access to the borders of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Al Nusra only has access to the border of Turkey, and the other terrorist organizations only have access to the border of Jordan.

This should tell you that ISIS is getting its weapons and munitions from Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Al Nusra is getting its weapons and munitions from Turkey, and the rest of the terrorist organizations are getting their weapons and munitions from the US, European nations, and Jordan via Jordan.

Guess who is illegally using these proxy "rebel" armies to wage war against Syria and is causing this entire mess?

It ain't Putin.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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